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Claude’s Fountain

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“Damn it mom, I’ve got to find out about sex sometime. I’m a twenty year old virgin! It isn’t natural. All my girlfriends are having fun and I’m just sitting uselessly around doing nothing,” I whined.

“Now Mary Ellen, be patient. You don’t want to rush into anything. Try not to think about it.”

“Oh yeah? Well what were you thinking about at my age? I was born when you were seventeen. I want a boyfriend!”

‘My mistakes are not the issue here. It is important that you don’t have an illegitimate child. As soon as your brother was born, your father took off. We were never married. I don’t know where he went and I don’t want the same thing to happen to you.”

“By the way, when I washed Claude’s sheets, I noticed some strange stains on them. He isn’t sick is he?”

“No, sometime when eighteen year old boys dream, they have what’s called a ‘wet dream’ and they have a climax while they’re sleeping.”

“Oh wow! Can I watch him do it? I’ve never seen a boy do that!”

“No, you may not. I don’t want you near his room at night. He could easily seduce you.”

“But he’s my brother! He wouldn’t do that to his sister, would he?”

“Boys will stick their cocks into anything that holds still long enough. Now go do the ironing and forget all this nonsense. You are a good clean girl and I intend for you to stay that way.”

The conversation I had with mom had really piqued my curiosity. I knew I would have to at least try to watch him. Every time I thought about it my skin tingled and my pussy got wet.

That night after I was sure mom was in bed, I crept down the hall and listened at my brother’s door. I could hear him snoring, so I quietly entered his room and sat down in his computer chair. He was laying on his back with just a sheet covering him. As I watched he moved around and the sheet came off.

There it was! His cock was lying limply against his belly. I moved closer so I could get a good look at it. As I watched, it twitched and started to get bigger. It kept growing and growing until it was almost nine inches long and standing straight out. He moaned in his sleep and his hips started to move a little. Suddenly he jerked and his cock started spewing that white stuff they told us about in sex education class. His cock shrank back to its original size. I stuck my finger into some of the goo on his sheet and smelled it. It didn’t smell bad so I tasted it. Not bad!

I got up quietly and stole back to my room where I rubbed my pussy until I came. I knew I would be back in Claude’s room again soon.

Two Kağıthane Escort nights later, I sneaked back into his room and watched in fascination as he repeated his performance. This time, though, I caught some of the stuff as it squirted out. I took a big lick of it. Boy, I just loved it. I wanted more. I rubbed some of it on my pussy when I got back to my room.

I didn’t get a chance to visit Claude for a whole week. I was going crazy wanting to taste some more of his cum. At last I sat by his bed and waited for it to rise. When it did, I stood and moved very close to it. When his hips bucked, I clamped my lips over the end of his cock and sucked. All that semen came charging out and I swallowed it all. Satisfied, I went back to my room and rubbed off again.

I repeated that performance about every two or three days. It got so I couldn’t bear to miss my night time feeding. Then, one night as I was bending to suck him off, his hands pulled my head into him and I almost choked as his cock slid into my throat.

“Gee sis, if you wanted to give me a blow job, why didn’t you just ask?”

Well, I was caught! I couldn’t deny anything because his cock was in my mouth and starting to spurt. When it was over, he took his hands from my head and pulled me onto him. My pussy was soaked and needed attention. I was embarrassed at having been caught in the act.

“Oh Claude,” I sobbed, “I’m so sorry! I just wanted to know what sex was like and so I tried sucking you off to see if that was all there was to it, but each time I did it, I had to go back to my room and touch myself. I’m so ashamed. I won’t bother you again.”

I wanted to get up and run to my room, but Claude held me tightly to him. Claude was a pretty big guy and he was very strong.

“Mary Ellen I think you are just about the best sister a brother could have. I’m going to help you learn about sex. Now that I know what you want, I’m sure I can help you.”

“Mama said you would fuck me if you could. Is that what you’re going to do Claude? Are you really gonna fuck me?”

“Yeah, and I’m gonna do it now. Take your pajamas off and crawl into this bed with me.”

I shyly stood up and peeled off my pajamas. This was the first time a boy had ever seen me naked. I crawled into bed with him. He started by kissing my breasts. It felt wonderful when he sucked on my nipples. His hand drifted to my crotch and his fingers massaged my wet slit. I was almost at the point of no return. He slid down my body and engulfed my whole pussy in his mouth. His tongue Kağıthane Escort Bayan was doing a dance on my clit. I couldn’t hold it.

“Oh God, Claude, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I squeaked.

Strange, new sensations flooded me and I knew for sure that Claude was gonna get my cherry. After I came, he slipped back up and kissed my lips. His tongue invaded my mouth. I hugged him to me and clung to him for dear life. I felt his cock pushing against my labia. I reached between us and guided it in. I felt a little pinch when my cherry popped. Claude slid it all the way into me.

“Are you okay?” he inquired.

“I’ve never been more okay. I love you Claude. Fuck me hard.”

His cock started sliding in and out of me. There was a little pain at first but when I got used to his size, it was all too good. I hadn’t even suspected that anything could be this good. No wonder everyone was doing it! The longer he stroked me the wetter and hornier I got. His hips were moving at the speed of light as he pounded into my pussy and I just loved every second of it. I felt my orgasm building deep down in my center.

“I’m gonna cum Claude!” I excitedly squealed.

I sort of lost track of time and space as the most tremendous orgasm I had ever had flooded me. Claude was still fucking me hard. My entire universe was his cock and my pussy. I bucked against him. Suddenly he shuddered and I felt his hot seed squirting into me. He was frozen against me with his cock as deep into me as it could go. What a sensation! What a feeling of power! I felt his cock throbbing as he emptied his balls into me. I reached down and gently massaged his nuts. They were sucked up tight against his cock.

To my dismay, his dick started shrinking within me. Oh God, I’ve killed it, I thought.

“I’m so sorry Claude,” I sobbed as his now limp cock popped out of me.

“What are you sorry about sis? You are a great piece of ass,” he declared as he hugged me to him.

“But I broke your cock! How can I fix it?” I wailed.

“It’s not broken! That happens every time I have sex. I don’t have a bone in my cock, only high blood pressure. It’ll be back!” he laughed.

What a relief! I reached out and gently grabbed his flaccid dick. It was still kind of throbbing. I bent down and kissed it. It twitched and I giggled.

“See? It’ll come back before you know it.”

“Are you gonna fuck me again brother? I want you to fuck me again,” I told him.

I rubbed my tits on his chest and we engaged in a deep lover’s Escort Kağıthane kiss. I couldn’t believe how dumb I had been about sex, but I was learning fast. I cradled his sex in my fingers. It was soft but it was hot. His finger was in my pussy. He slowly finger fucked me. I got hotter and hotter. He smeared some of our juices on my clit and rubbed it hard. My hips flew off the mattress as I absorbed some major sensations.

“Cum on my finger Mary Ellen!” he whispered as his finger did a dance on my clit.

I humped into the air with his finger still on my clit. I had never rubbed myself off this good! My hips were jumping of their own volition as the orgasm overcame me.

“Oh hell yes!” I squeaked and collapsed onto the bed.

Claude was still playing with my pussy when I came to.

“Whatever caused you to come into my room in the first place?” he asked.

“I asked mama about the stains on your sheets and she told me that you squirted in your sleep. I had to see it so I sneaked into your room and waited. Sure enough, your cock got hard and started to squirt. It was like a little fountain. A couple of times later I tasted it. It was great, so I got into the habit of drinking from your fountain every two or three days. Then, tonight you caught me and the rest, as they say, was ecstasy.”

“If you want to see it squirt again, you can jack me off,” Claude suggested.

I thought that was a great idea! I started squeezing his cock and it started getting hard. As it swelled up in my hand, a little dribble of juice came out of the end so I licked it off.

“What do I do now Claude?” I asked.

“Just keep squeezing it and run your hand up and down on it. I’ll tell you when to go faster. Unless you want a cum facial, keep your head away from it when it starts to spurt.”

I squeezed his cock a little harder and started jacking him off. It just got harder and harder.

“Faster now, faster!” he groaned.

Soon my hand was a blur on his dick. Suddenly I felt it swell.

“Here it cums!” he announced.

Long strings of boy juice flew out of Claude’s fountain. I caught some of it in the air. Some of it splattered on my face. It felt great! I rubbed it in like lotion. I was fast becoming a cum slut.

When Claude regained his breath, he panted, “That’s enough for tonight. Anytime mom’s gone, we can do it again.”

I had to admit I was tired. I slipped back into my bedroom. Sleep claimed me. I hadn’t slept that well in years. I loved sex! It was so brutal and so sweet at the same time. I would visit Claude’s fountain many times in the next year and drink of the sweet elixir from it. I got on the pill so he wouldn’t knock me up.

Claude went away to the army after a year, but we would fuck like minks anytime he came home on leave. I still got to drink from his fountain. I love it!

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