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Clarissa and Owen: Mile High Club

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For as long as she can remember, Owen has been infatuated with her presence in his college life. How can he not? Her medium-cut brown hair, her petite yet perky figure, her slender and toned belly, and, his favorite part-her long slender legs, has made Clarissa his fantasy all day long. Since the day they befriended each other, Owen has always been her go-to photographer. At 5’2, she has been insecure about her small breast and short height, but every compliment and playful praises from her boyfriend has made her confident despite her size. A popular athlete, she was more proud of her accomplishments rather than her physical aesthetic.

On the summer break, the two lovebirds decided to embark on a trip to Bali. An island of paradise, they say, shall be the perfect getaway from the college life, and allows Owen to see a new horizon for his photography hobby. Both young and adventurous, they look forward to this holiday. Especially Clarissa, who can’t wait to—fulfil Owen’s desires. Although, she wanted to do an exploration of her own — as naughty and as hungry as she seemed, she was still a virgin down there.

The night of their departure, Clarissa was busy packing her stuffs on her bag. She occasionally looked at herself in the mirror, from head to toe, to mix and match all the outfits she’s going to bring. For the longest time, she’s been wanting to unleash his beast, yet often times she found him too shy to do so, even though she knew his desires burrowed deep inside his heart. After all, she knew him better than most. She has caught her boyfriend staring at her legs a couple of times, especially during their high school prom where she wore a high slit long dress. She knew his tastes better than himself, she thought. She has been waiting for the day that shy kid to make a move on her. And to that, she hatched herself a plan. With a big grin and no regret, she made one last configuration to her bag.

The next morning, Owen arrived at her apartment, and they both hailed a cab to drive to the airport. Along the way, she noticed him peeking a few times at her thigh. She wore his favorite white T-shirt that he gave her, her navy blue denim shorts, and a pair of flip flops. She teased him by sitting cross legged, and she knew he couldn’t handle it. Yet, for now, she restrained herself. However, she didn’t know she was herself hungry for him. She always finds him different and attractive, even though he was by most known as a typical college student who focused on his studies.

Although a carefree soul, Owen since high school had gathered quite some eyes on him. He isn’t the typical ankara escort jock, or the popular kid; he is just a no-bullshit guy who just wants to get by in life doing what he likes while having fun along the way. But that sincerity and passion is what draws some of his female friends to him, and wants to be photographed by him. He is quite oblivious to that, although his closest friends had told him that. Owen didn’t know he has what it takes to drive his high school crush crazy, and thought that while he had desires about her, she loved him in a platonic manner.

As Clarissa moved closer and hugged him, she could see his bulge getting bigger, and how flustered he is at attempting to hide it. As carefree as he is, he still wants to be seen as a respectful guy by his girlfriend, at least that’s what he thinks.

When the cab stopped at the airport, Owen took their belongings from the trunk and walked into the check-in area. When Owen thanked the cab driver, Clarissa used this opportunity to slip her flip flops off and hid them beneath the driver seat. She walked away barefoot from the cab.

Adrenaline rushed through her veins when her feet touched on the hot asphalt. She didn’t think it will be this endearing. However, her tough soles could sustain the heat — she’s a trained track athlete after all, and had ran barefoot a couple of times during the races. When she thought of it in retrospect, it was when she ran barefoot when one handsome photographer took her first picture. It was actually their conversation opener, when she wanted her pics from the event photographer, whose name happened to be Owen. She thought he was just curious why she was running barefoot, as the other female racers wore sneakers. But, in hindsight, perhaps that’s what bewitched Owen.

When they were checking in to their flight, Owen finally noticed that his darling was wearing nothing on her feet, and was walking barefoot this entire time. “Where are your flip flops?!” He exclaimed.

“Finally, I was waiting when you would notice it,” Clarissa smirked.

“You liked it, didn’t you? Don’t think I don’t know about your thing on my feet,” she added.

“No, I-“

“Come on, admit it. I’m fine with it by the way, and besides, I like to go barefoot”

“Yeah but not in here—uh forget it, come on, take your flip flops from your bag, it’s getting your feet dirty”

Owen grabbed her bag and opened it. He searched but found nothing — even anything resembling any footwear.

“Oh…I think I forgot to bring any shoes or sandals with me, I’m sorry” teased Clarissa.

She ankara genç escort was planning it all along. As they waited for their plane, Owen couldn’t help but fall into confusion and arousal at the same time. The whole damn trip? He liked her feet, and the fact that she likes to go barefoot, but, not the entire week!

As they boarded the plane, Clarissa walked in front of Owen, teasing him by tiptoeing every now and then. She felt adrenaline again, she knew he was aroused, and anytime now, she would unleash his beast. She couldn’t wait to be dominated and living one of her bucket list.

The airplane carpet was soft, yet dusty. Before even reaching her seat, her soles were black from all the walking. She saw the flustered look on Owen’s face, and asked “what’s wrong?”

“You’re crazy”

“Aw, that’s why you liked me”

“Alright fine, you got me. But do you really think this through? Are you really going to another country with no sho—“

“Just think on all the photographs you can take of me.”

She shut him up with that sentence. As the plane took off, so does his hormonal system, as his desire on his crazy girl just went up a notch.

“I’m planning to clean my feet. It feels itchy and dirty” she said to him midflight.

Clarissa walked to the bathroom, and sat there. She waited and waited. She gambled on this. She teased him enough, she sacrificed her feet enough for this. She wanted Owen. She wanted his inner demon. If she needs to get her feet through pain and dirt, she will do it. She doesn’t care. She waited and waited, if he would pick up the signal. He didn’t come.

She waited.

She doesn’t care. She was disappointed, but she did it, and she has to reward herself. Maybe in Bali. Maybe in the hotel room. Maybe later. But now, she has to self-reward her brave and shameless ass for the shenanigans she pulled.

She starts rubbing herself, slowly pleasuring herself without trying to moan. She then took the shower and cleaned her feet, and washed her clit too. She was becoming wet herself, and she could only play the fantasy she desired on her imagination, until—


She was startled. She quickly pulled up her short pants, and stood up. Her washed feet stood on the wet bathroom floor, as she turned to the door and..

“Owen? What—“

“Ok. Now stop with that. Now I am the one who knows what you want. You’ve given me my desire, now let me pleasure yours. Now shut up, we don’t have much time”

She can’t believe it. She did it. She locked the door, hoping no one would antalya escort see it. Owen timed it right, though, as he went there when the stewardess was onto something else.

He opened his khaki shorts and pulled down his undies. She could see his throbbing rod, ready and eager to enter her already wet pussy. She laid herself on the toilet, and spread her legs. Her pupils dilate, her heart rate increased. When he thrust downwards, she quickly stopped his penis with her feet, as if it was pure reflex. She rubbed it up and down, to the surprise of Owen. He can’t believe he’s having his first footjob, and losing his virginity to the girl of her dreams on a plane, miles up in the sky. His erection finally felt it first hand — the feet of his dreams — the soft yet calloused soles of Clarissa. Her toes gracefully clutched his dong, her arch smoothly rubbed his shaft, and her calloused heel occasionally landed on him. He was on cloud nine, both literally, and figuratively. They both wanted to scream, and moved around, yet they knew they shouldn’t gather much attention, or else their short escapade would come to an end.

She pulled her bare feet down and signaled him to push forward, but he knew what to do as if it was instinct. He thrust deep into her wet hole, and in a chaotic yet harmonious motion they moved up and down in this voracious intercourse.

Clarissa couldn’t believe it either. She let her boyfriend took her virginity — no, she made her boyfriend took her virginity — on an airplane. She finally could check the mile high club bullet point on her bucket list, and had the best first sex she thought anyone would ever had. It was worth it. The wait, the embarrassment, her lost flip flops, it was all worth it.

It was a moment of silence, yet in that silence, their heart spoke through their interconnecting organs. She felt it was approaching, and he felt it too. Together, they finished each other in a massive burst of wetness, both finally held a sigh of relief.

Quickly, they washed and tidied themselves, as they took turns to exit the bathroom. Now that her feet has been washed, Clarissa stepped on the carpet with a new sensation. It was cold, as her feet was wet, and the plane was air conditioned, and she was thrilled in every step she took on the dusty carpet to reach the seat of his virginity taker.

As the flight continued on, not a single soul knew what had happened, only a certain athlete and an adventurous photographer, who smiled sheepishly to each other, that had another meaning to that fateful flight. It was only the start of their adventure in the island of paradise. The heat of the Bali summer, the hard trail they would trek to get to the soft white sand, and the embarrassment would surely pose a challenge to her bare feet, yet Clarissa will brave it all, as she knew that it all would be worth it, as the beast has been unleashed.

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