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(authors note: This story was inspired by the sensuous voice of Claire 2010)


I walked up to the door of this pleasant looking ranch house, in a nice neighborhood. I pushed the button, and , as I heard the chime from inside, my mind drifted back nineteen years, to when I was in high school.

After a lackluster, uneventful (and sexless) career as a public school student, my parents, in their infinite wisdom, packed me off to a year of post-graduate study at a private school in rural Connecticut.

The class sizes were small, with eight or nine students to a class, so it was virtually impossible to goof off, sleep, or ignore the instructors. And so I found myself in an Elementary Algebra class with seven other eighteen year old males and a somewhat severe looking instructor by the name of Claire Eastwood. Ms Eastwood always arrived for class wearing her hair tied up in a bun, and a blouse buttoned up to her neck. In spite of the conservative nature of her dress, it was hard not to notice her top-heavy figure. The buttons on her blouse, at times strained to keep closed, and when I was up at the board trying to make sense of the alphabet soup of algebraic equations, I could sneak a peak at the hint of breast that showed through the puckered plackets of her blouses. She was not a native of the United States and had an accent that made me hard just listening to it.

Within two weeks, it was obvious to everyone that I was drowning, but I kept trying my luck at the board, and straining my eyes, hoping for a wardrobe malfunction. It was then that she caught me staring down her blouse. Glaring at me, she had me sit down, and at the end of class she suggested that I stop by her apartment for some badly needed tutoring.

Eighteen, naïve, and inexperienced, it never occurred to me to think of this opportunity in any way other than a career educator trying to help a lost student. Boy was I wrong!

Arriving at her campus apartment after diner, I was greeted by my unsmiling math teacher, still in her uniform of the day, a narrow mid-calf length skirt, topped by a high necked blouse. Only, it was not buttoned to her neck, but opened generously down the front, showing off ample cleavage I couldn’t help but think how different she looked, just by unbuttoning her blouse and letting her hair down. Much softer, more feminine! Rather pretty, actually. I tried not to stare. In spite of my efforts, I was developing a raging hard-on, which I tried to hide with my math book.

“Come in Mr. O’Dell, and have a seat at my kitchen table.” she said, indicating where she wanted me to sit. Sitting across from me, she leaned over, showing off even more of her large creamy breasts. “Like what you see?” she asked.

Blushing mightily at being caught, I was speechless. “Never seen tits before?” she added, reaching for my hands, clasped together and laying out on the table. “Well?”

“I…uh…I….haven’t Maam. At least, not the real thing ..just some pictures” I stuttered. “I’m, I’m sorry.”

Taking my hands and pressing them against her breasts, she softened her tone, “It’s O.K. In fact, I’m flattered that you noticed”

I could feel her nipples stiffening under my palms and I stared directly at the thin line separating her breasts as it disappeared behind her blouse. “Your hands feel nice. Would you like to see more?”

Still unable to speak, I lifted my gaze to her face, and nodded slowly.

“Good!. Come with me, young man, we have a lot to teach you tonight. And we’ll get to the Algebra later.”

Taking my hand we got up from the table. Awkwardly, still attempting to conceal the lump in my pants as she led me to her bedroom. Turning to face me by her bedside, she dropped her gaze to my crotch. “There are some things you just weren’t meant to hide.” she said as she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and slid them and my boxers, off my hips. Cupping my balls with one hand and caressing my stiffened prick with the other, she invited me to help her take off her top as she slid kartal yeni escort out of her skirt..

I fumbled with the buttons, but managed to free her breasts from the confines of her blouse. To my surprise, she was not wearing a bra. Her large breasts stood out, her nipples large and hard. “Oh, my God! They’re…they’re…beautiful!” I stammered, my eyes riveted.

“Why don’t you kiss them?” she said softly, shrugging the cotton blouse off her shoulders. I leaned in, shyly, and kissed the upper slope of her left breast. I felt her hand on my head, pressing downward as she added, “The nipple, silly, kiss the nipple.” As my lips came in contact with the dusty rose colored flesh, she hissed, “Yesssss! That’s it! Suck on it!”

I began feasting on the ample flesh, gently chewing, swirling my tongue all around the stiff marble sized bud that topped her magnificent chest. Taking a deep breath, I plunged my face into the crevasse between her bountiful tits, kissing my way to the other side. “Its Shalimar!” she said, “My favorite perfume. You like?”

With my face nuzzled between her breasts, I couldn’t talk, so I just moaned, “MmmmHmmm!” as I continued to explore her chest. Her encouraging murmurs spurred me on to take her whole nipple in my mouth and tease it with my tongue. “Ohhh! God! You’re making me sooo wet!”

I froze! Without letting go of her stiff nub, I looked up at her, fear in my eyes. Smiling, she softly said, “That’s a good thing! Let me show you” She took my hand and slid it inside her panties, past her bush and pushed a finger inside her pussy. “There!, push it in! Deep” My finger slide effortlessly inside her warm, wet pussy. She let out a moan as she felt my finger invade her. “Oh, God! That feels so good! I can’t wait to feel you inside me!” she said, pressing against my hand, forcing my finger in and out of her wetness. “Keep that up and I’m going to cum!”

Still sucking on her nipple, I sawed my finger in and out, in and out, feeling her cunt clasping on the slippery digit. “Ohh fuck! Ohh yesss! Don’t stop! Don’t …stop!” she groaned as I felt copious amounts of warm sticky liquid coat my hand. “Damn! That was good! Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

I pulled my hand from her now soaked panties and let go of the nipple I had been chewing on. Sliding to the floor, her face was directly in front of my stiff cock. “Now, it’s my turn to get you off.” she said as her smiling mouth ovalled and she leaned in to my manhood. “Watch!” she said. “Watch and learn!”

I let out a loud moan as her lips surrounded the head of my cock. I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy the moment, but I kept focus on my dick as it slid deeper and deeper into her throat. My cock, now thoroughly lubricated with her spit momentarily slid from her lips. “I want you to fuck my face!” she said, as her hands caressed my shaft and balls. “I want you to cum in my mouth!”

Thrusting my hips forward, my helmet brushed against her half-opened lips, before disappearing into her oral cavity. She moaned and hummed as my hips jerked forward. My hands fell, naturally to her head, gently holding it in place as I sawed in and out of her face. Being young and inexperienced, it didn’t take but a minute of this heavenly motion before I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. She sensed it, too, and began sucking harder, and humming, while scraping my nut sac with her fingers.

I grunted as my cock twitched, spitting its warm, creamy contents into her mouth, coating her tongue, filling her cheeks, emptying my balls.

My grip on her head softened and she rose from her knees, smiling, licking her lips. “Thank you! I needed that!” she said as she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue forced its way in between my lips and I tasted myself. Not my favorite flavor, I thought, but she was so enthusiastic, that I let her continue.

Breaking the kiss, she said, “Now that that’s over we can concentrate on extended pleasures.” She sat down on her bed kartal escort with me standing directly in front of her. Slowly opening her legs, she showed me her panty clad pussy. They were quite wet! To the point where I could see the outline of her lips against the almost invisible fabric. “Take them off.” she said. Still staring , I moved my hands up to her hips and slid the garment off. Her mound was covered by wiry brown hairs that outlined the entry into her womb. “You like?” she purred. Unable to speak, I just stared. “If you like it, why don’t you kiss it?”

Tentatively, I leaned over, my face getting closer and closer. “Go ahead!” she said, “It won’t bite!” Her hands went to my head and guided me into the damp cleft. The scent was overpowering, making my cock come back to life. I pursed my lips. I gently kissed the wet slit before me. “Tongue!” she said, “Use your tongue! Taste me! Like I tasted you!” I slid my tongue out, tracing her lips, tasting pussy for the first time. It was like nothing I ever tasted before. It was sweet. It was tangy! It was salty! And when she moaned and pulled my face tighter to her, letting me know that she liked it, I plunged my tongue deeper. She rucked her hips up to meet my tongue thrusts, smearing her essence all over my face, her bush tickling my nose.

“Ahhhh! Yesss! Eat me! Eat my pussy!” she said, holding my head in place as she rocked back and forth. Eager to please, I swiped my tongue along the crevice of her pussy, licking up the residue that leaked from it. The taste was new, strange, but not unpleasant. In fact, the more I tasted, the more I wanted! Knowing that she wanted it made me more eager to eat her. I thrust my tongue deeper inside her as her moans grew louder. Lifting my head and looking me in the eyes, she said, “Suck my clit!”

A look if consternation crossed my face. She could see that I had no idea what she wanted, so she pulled open her weeping pussy, exposing the little nubbin just below her bush. “Suck on this! That’s my clit!”

Her free hand, guiding me forward, I wrapped my lips around the hooded button, and gently rasped it with my tongue. “Ohh! God! Yess!” she moaned as she placed her other hand on my head, holding it in place while I sucked and licked the wet, pink flesh of her sex. “Your fingers!…. Put them in me!” she panted. I slipped one in as far as it would go. “No! …Two…two fingers!” I pulled out enough to slip my ring finger inside next to my middle finger. “Yess! Oh fuck! Yes!” she encouraged me, rolling her hips to get me in deeper. “Palm up!” she said. And moaned as my fingers twisted inside her cloying pussy. “Now scratch! … Scratch my cunt!” I flexed my fingers, feeling the soft pebbly surface of her g-spot. “Ohhh! God! Yessss!” she cried I continued to rub her clit with my tongue, coming up for breath every few seconds, taking in the heavy musky scent of her womanhood. “Don’t stop!…Make me cum!”

Her hold on my head was vise-like. Not that she needed to hold me there, I wanted to be there, making her moan and flail, proud of my ability to bring her this close. I brought my free hand up to her left breast, and kneaded the ample flesh, rubbing her nipple against my palm as I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit.

Unable to hold out any longer, she wailed and bucked against my face, her cunt muscles clasping around my invading fingers, while issuing a fresh supply of warm juices. “Fuck me!….Fuck me now!…Please?” she begged as her hands let go of my head. It was a request! It was an order! I had to comply! My cock was rigid to the point of painful. I wanted, …no. … I needed to be inside her!

I crawled up her body, kissing and licking the beads of sweat that formed on her belly and between her breasts. By the time my lips reached her neck, my cock was poised at the lust swollen entrance to her vagina. She wrapped her thighs around me, locking her ankles behind my back. Grabbing my face in her hands and pulling me up to her waiting lips, she whispered, kurtköy escort “Make love to me!” and kissed me as my cock slid effortlessly inside her tight, wet sheath.

Establishing a slow, deep rhythm, she offered me her breast. Accepting the invitation, I surrounded her areola with my lips and massaged the captured nipple with my tongue. The sensation of her cunt caressing my cock, the heavenly heat surrounding my member, the warm comfort of her breast, her heels urging me deeper and deeper, her hands on my back, lightly scratching, drove me to increase the pace. Our bodies slapped together, my balls teasing her cunt lips as they met briefly, parted and met again, and again. Soon, she was moaning about how good it felt to have a man inside her. My mind was blank. All I wanted was for us to cum. I wanted her to cum. I needed to cum, as well. “So hard!… So big!…. Oh my fucking God!” she moaned I felt her tense up, her cloying wetness, like a velvet glove urging me to let go, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. Her fingers raked across my back, leaving a chevron of welts as she came again, triggering my orgasm.

I felt the rush of sperm course up my shaft, my cock expanding and contracting as it pushed my essence deep into her still pulsating pussy. My helmet exploded, splashing great gobs of warm white cum deep in her demanding birth canal. I kept thrusting, still sucking on her nipple, groaning into the soft mound of flesh, washing the walls of her cunt with every ounce of sperm in me. As suddenly as it came, the rush was over. I lay spent on top of her, letting her breast go and rolling off, my cock still leaking as it pulled free. Both of us were panting from the exertion, as I looked toward her, a peaceful smile on her face. She rolled toward me to kiss me, her tongue delving into my mouth, and mine into hers. Breaking the kiss, she whispered, “Thank you” and smiled. I returned the smile until I saw the great bruise on her breast. Seeing my expression of horror, she looked down. “It’s OK”, she said stroking my face. “The pleasure-pain of you suckling me uncontrollably was a major turn on! It helped me get off!”

“Let me clean you up” she said after a couple of minutes cuddling together. Kissing her way down my body, she lapped up all the evidence of our tryst, smacking her lips as she went from one testicle to the other and sucking up the small pool of cum on my stomach. Then she kissed me again. I could taste the combined juices of our mating, as I kissed her back.

Later, she told me to return the following week for more tutoring, joking that we just might get in some algebra before the end of the semester.

My reverie was interrupted, by a young lady opening the door. “Yes. Can I help you? ” she asked. Standing in front of me was a young clone of Claire. Trying not to stare, I stuttered, “Is this the home of Claire Eastwood?”

Turning her head, she called to no one in particular, “Mom! There’s a gentleman here to see you!”

“You must be her daughter! You look a lot like her!” I said, still trying not to stare.

“You know my mom?” she said, her stare unwavering.

“You could say that!” was all I was able to stumble out of my mouth.

At that moment an elegant woman in her mid fifties came to the door. When she saw me, she smiled, saying “Come in Mr. O’Dell. We have a lot to talk about.”

Letting me by, the younger woman followed us into the kitchen. “Can I get you some coffee?” she asked, being the perfect hostess.

“Yes, thanks! Two creams, three sugars, if you would.” I answered. To Claire, I said, “You haven’t changed much!”

“Flatterer! My hairs going gray, and I’ve put on some weight.”

“I hadn’t noticed!” I replied, still staring into the pretty face that I remembered from all those years ago.

Changing the subject, she asked why, after all these years, I looked her up.

“Well, when I saw you got the state award for teacher of the year, I just had to see you. After that semester at Prep, you disappeared and no one could tell me why you left, or where you went.”

Sipping on her coffee and looking at me over the rim of her cup, she said, “I took a leave of absence. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Michael, this is my daughter, Clarissa. Clarissa, this is Michael O’Dell, your father!”

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