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Bouncing Tits

This is a true story (more or less). I’m a writer who has written a few erotic tales and in this case it led to something more!

I live in a neat, small housing complex which is made up of only four little bungalows in a wooded area. They are situated around a little patio with lots of vegetation and a spa for the four little houses. Its in a quiet, suburban area and I have found it an ideal place to live and work. I’m a writer, mostly of non-fiction, but recently I’ve enjoyed writing erotic short stories, too. The other residents are all pretty quiet, unobtrusive people, so we get along fine. An elderly couple lives across the patio from me. On the left is a young man who works for an accounting firm and whom I hardly ever notice. It is the bungalow on the right, however, that I have always noticed most. The occupants of this little house are a young married couple, but the man is apparently some sort of traveling salesman who is often away for extended periods. His wife, Cinnamon, is a graduate student at the university, who spends quite a bit of time working at home, as do I. I often sit on my front porch with my laptop, writing or researching, and I see Cinnamon coming and going. We usually wave at each other and occasionally exchange a few words. Sometimes we soak in the spa at the same time, too, so we have gotten to know each other on a casual basis, although until now it was nothing more than that. I’m quite a bit older (in my late 40s) than Cinnamon, who must be around 25. Cinnamon is a luscious looking woman, however, and I have not failed to envy her man, even if he isn’t around much. She’s about five feet five and has a body that makes you look twice and then your cock starts swelling. She has short, reddish-brown hair that frames an angelic face with blue eyes, long lashes and red lips that you can’t help but imagine around your stiff cock. Her breasts are round and firm above her slim waist. Her ass is pert and round, too, and when she walks it wiggles with a sensuousness that can make you horny in a hurry.

All this might suggest that I have been eager to get into her panties and fuck her all night. I can’t deny that that thought has crossed my mind, especially when she is in the spa with me in her skimpy bikini. I can’t imagine that she hasn’t noticed my enormous stiff rod bulging from my swimming shorts, but neither of us ever had the courage to make a direct pass at each other. In part out of respect for the tranquility of the place and not wanting to do anything to spoil the good relations among the neighbors, I kept my lascivious thoughts to my erotic story writing, where Cinnamon indeed became my inspiration for orgies and orgasms.

I actually had not seen Cinnamon for a couple of days when after lunch I walked out to the road where our four mailboxes are lined up to pick up my mail. There was the usual collection of junk mail and political flyers, but as I walked back through the patio I came to a thicker envelope with a note scrawled on Kıbrıs Escort the outside:

Dear Roget,

I’m so sorry, but this envelope was in my box by mistake and I opened it before realizing that it was addressed to you. I couldn’t help but notice the story inside and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop until I finished. I REALLY LOVED IT!!! You weren’t home when I stopped by your place to deliver it, so I am just putting it back in your box. Please forgive me.


What the envelope contained was an erotic story I had written and submitted to a sex magazine. The accompanying letter notified me that it had accepted the story, but suggested a few revisions. My erotic stories are published under a pseudonym, for I prefer not to have my friends and neighbors know I’m writing that stuff. I wasn’t sure whether to be angry or flattered by Cinnamon’s invasion of my postal privacy. In the end, her friendly comments outweighed my concern for her knowing that I had such a dirty mind. My cock stiffened just thinking about her reading the story. I went into the house and poured myself a stiff scotch and water and then went back to my porch where I began a new erotic story with Cinnamon on my mind.

Whether coincidence or fate I do not know, but within moments who should come walking in from the driveway but sexy Ms. Cinnamon. She smiled and waved at me, and I called out to her, “Thanks for returning my story, Cinnamon.”

She turned toward me and gave me a very big grin as she replied, “I didn’t know you had such literary talent. Do you have any more I can read?”

I raised my glass to her and asked her if she’d like to come in for a drink. She responded favorably and said she could use a gin and tonic. She hopped up onto my porch and I held the front door open for her as we entered my little living room. I went to the bar and mixed her drink. I admired her figure as I handed it to her. “I’m glad you liked my story,” I said, “but I’d rather not let it be generally known that I write that kind of stuff.”

She took a long draw on her gin and tonic before she answered, “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul. But I was serious about wanting to read more.” She smiled a very sexy smile, her tongue coming out of her mouth and licking her beautiful lips and her eyes twinkling.

We sat down on the sofa and I asked her if she read a lot of erotic literature. She said not really, that she didn’t have much time for that with all of her studies at the university. Then she said, “You must know a lot about sex to be able to write so beautifully about it like that.”

I smiled wryly and replied, “Its mostly fantasy. My imagination is over-sexed.” Then I added, seeking a little more information about this comely woman sitting close enough to me that her fragrance was adding to my horniness, “I guess you don’t have to depend on your imagination; you have a spouse.”

She laughed out loud at that. “Ha! He’s hardly ever Kıbrıs Escort Bayan here, and anyway he’s impotent – totally celibate.” When I expressed my surprise, she told me that he had suffered an accident a while back that left him that way and apparently could do nothing about it, or didn’t want to. “He’s a great conversationalist when he’s here, and a very nice man, but he’s told me in so many words that I may as well go elsewhere for sex.” My already-stiff cock gave a little jerk as more blood surged into it at the thoughts that this statement stimulated.

I fixed us another round of drinks as we continued to chat mainly about her, her husband, and her doctoral dissertation that she was working on in the Classics Department. But when my hand brushed against her breast she sighed ever so slightly and leaned back against the sofa as if to say, “Mmmmm . . . that’s what I want.” At least that’s what I took it to mean as I let my hand cup her breast and my fingers begin to pinch on the hard nipple that I found easily through her shirt.

“I guess we can fantasize a bit here, then,” I said, and leaned over her to kiss her lips. She responded warmly, wrapping her arms around my neck as our tongues leapt out to lick each other’s and for a long time we held each other closely, tongue-fucking each other’s mouths. The cool taste of her gin and tonic contrasted with the hot passion of her mouth. My hand slipped between her legs and up against her crotch. Even through her jeans I could feel the dampness of her warm pussy.

“Let’s get naked,” she whispered breathlessly and peeled off her polo shirt and unsnapped her jeans. I was dressed in nothing but a tee shirt and shorts, which I quickly shed before helping to pull her jeans away from her long, beautiful legs. She had already kicked off her sandals and now deftly yanked off her sports bra leaving only her pink satin panties between me and her pussy.

Her breasts were firm and round and lovely with large areolas and stiff extended nipples that revealed her sexual excitement. My mouth closed over one of them as my fingers tore her panties down around her knees until she kicked them free of her body. She moaned heavily as I sucked on her nipple and kneaded the other one with my fingers. Then her hand found my stiff cock and she began to stroke it. I didn’t want to cum yet, but she was building a boiling heat and churning in my testicles.

I pulled my mouth away from her tit and kissed her belly as I turned on the sofa. She pulled my cock toward her mouth as I pushed apart her legs to bring my own mouth to her pussy. As my tongue licked the length of her cunt slit she moaned again and screamed with delight. Her mouth then closed over my cockhead and her tongue swirled around it bringing it to an even harder erection. I plunged my tongue deep into her wet, pink hole, the sweet flavor filling me with even more passionate desire for her. As I fucked her mouth with my cock I fucked her Escort Kıbrıs cunt with my tongue, holding her ass cheeks in my fingers and pulling her pussy more and more into my mouth. I found her swollen clitoris and began to suck it between my teeth, whipping it with my tongue and feeling tiny fountains of juice squirting into my mouth. I could hold my own orgasm no longer as my penis erupted to shoot streams of cum into her mouth. As her own orgasm overcame her I continued to lick her pussy gently, feeling her whole body shiver in ecstasy.

Righting ourselves from our 69 position I embraced her tenderly and kissed her again on the mouth, tasting our love juices as I licked her face and neck. She cooed in rapture as she pushed me back on the sofa, on my back. My cock had gone a little soft, but she now leaned over it and licked it up and down and it once more sprang to life and became hard and stiff once more. She turned around, her back to me, and straddled me, holding my cock in her hand and lowering her cunt over it until my cockhead pressed against her labia. I thrust my hips upward to push my shaft up into her eagerly, as she pushed back against it and enveloped my entire cock deep into her warm, wet cunt. We rocked back and forth. Her cunt was magnificent. She seemed to control the muscles of her vaginal walls so that they massaged my cock, giving me fantastic pleasure. I found her asshole and pushed in my finger, fucking her there and feeling my own hot cock next door in her hot cunt. She moaned and begged me to fuck her harder. “Fuck me, please, oh fuck me harder,” she screamed. Waves of vibrations surged from my cock and balls through every inch of my being even before I built up to once more spurting my cum into her body, just as another orgasm spasmed through her body.

When it was over she turned back and lay atop me, her sopping cunt pressing against my flaccid, wet penis. She bit my nipples and smiled cheerfully. “That was great,” she said, “and I don’t think I fantasized it.” I kissed her face and agreed that it was real. I could feel my cock already stiffening again and I became obsessed with fucking her doggie style.

I pushed her off me and told her to get on her elbows and knees on the sofa. She complied obediently. I stood next to the sofa and rammed my hot pistol back into her cunt once more, holding her firmly by her hips until I had penetrated her deeply. Then I grasped her by her breasts and began to bang my cock hard back and forth in her hot hole. She shrieked with delight as my cock pounded her in a violent fuck that brought me once more to the ecstatic sensations of cumming.

This time I felt exhausted and spent once I had cum. I extracted my now-limp cock from her and simply lay back on the floor, breathing heavily, but enormously satisfied. Within a moment or two she was kneeling over me, he tongue licking my glistening cock, my balls, and my thighs, my knees and even my feet. She licked my belly and my nipples and my face. She licked me all over, like a mother cat, leaving me feeling clean and washed. Then she got up and dressed herself.

“Let’s fantasize again sometime,” she said as she walked toward the front door.

“Anytime, Cinnamon, anytime,” I said softly.

And I know we shall.

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