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Cindy and Mindy Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Cindy

I woke up in the guest room of my house, and it took me a second to figure out what I was doing there. After Mindy left I took a shower to wash of the generous coating of cum that she covered me in, I managed to clean the tiled hallway, that part was easy, it was tiled, and Mindy only came once there. After cleaning that I practically passed out in the guest room bed.

I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom because Mindy’s queen came at least 6 or 7 times, spraying incredible amounts of cum all over the place. There were lines of her cum all over the walls in viscous elongating drops, the floor was full of puddles, and new ones were forming as the cum was dripping from the ceiling. My bed seemed completely ruined, it was not only wet it,there was an inch deep pool of cum in the middle of it, you could easily scoop a full glass of the stuff.

The smell of sex in the room was electrifying, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand, and I could feel my own erection growing at the memory invoking smell of Mindy and her Queen. Just as I was about to start cleaning up when I heard the phone ringing….

“Chris, it’s me Cindy. is that you.” Cindy was asking

“Hey Cindy, yes it is me” I replied. “Weren’t you supposed to be on a trip with Mindy. ” I continued, and peering through the window at their house I could see Cindy, well I could see everything from below her shoulder level since she was taller than the window.

“No I’m still at home as you can see if you look out of your window.” Cindy answered bending over to show her radiant smile through the window. “I wasn’t really in the mood for another long trip, besides I seem to have overgrown all of my clothes lately, and I really have to go shopping. So I was wondering if… um, you might want to hang out with me today. That is if you don’t have anything better to do.” She continued trailing off at the end.

“Sure Cindy, I’d love to keep you company today. I really have nothing smart to do.” I answered grabbing for my phone to cancel any and all arrangements I might have had, unconsciously rubbing at the erection in my pants thinking of the possibility that Cindy was also a futa. I wasn’t hoping for anything at Mindy’s scale, but Cindy was so hot I would love to have sex with her regardless.

“Oh… excellent, I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes, be ready.” Cindy spoke hanging up before I could protest.

“No time to clean up the room now.” I thought, I have just enough time fire a quick shower to wash out any traces of money still left.


We packed into my car’ and headed for the nearest mall. Once there we agreed to split up for a while. We met up an hour later, Cindy had her hands full of clothes. We were in the large portions store, this was apparently the only place where Cindy could still find of the shelf clothes for her size.

“I’m just going to try these few things out and then we can go. Hey don’t wander of too far, I need you to help me choose.” Cindy spoke disappearing behind the curtains.

“I was lucky to find a bra in this store, it was the biggest size they had. At the rate they are growing I will soon have to have everything custom made.

“Grow.. you mean they..” I gulped loudly..

“Bigger… sure they do, I am only 18 you know, I’m still a growing girl. So is Mindy, she told me before she left that she grew an inch since we last measured so she is now 7’5″, she’s catching up. She was the bigger one most of the time up until recently.”

“Both of you are still… holy fuck” that was a bit too much, I just had to sit down a bit

While Cindy was talking I was trying to catch a glimpse of her behind the curtains, all the while pretending to not be looking. I leaned against the wall and found a good enough angle to peer at the amazonian goddess.

She was trying out some shirts, so when she took of her own close I gasped silently at the size of her breasts, overflowing the obviously too tiny bra.

The next item was apparently something below the waist as she began slipping her dress off. What I saw then made me gasp audibly, there was just no way to keep my reaction quite. Cindy was also a futa, and her cock was huge, even compared to Mindy. Tied top her thick muscled thighs was a prescript relaxed lump cock, hanging down to her knee, and as thick as Mindy’s when it was fully erect.

Hearing my gasp, Cindy looked at my stunned face, then down between her legs, and slowly back up to me. A tight lipped smile spread on her face, as she closed the curtains Ataşehir Escort all the way. She said nothing but instead emerged from the dressing room in a few minutes in a pair of spandex pants.

“So what do you think, do they look OK on me…” she said making a small twirl, the spandex accentuated absolutely every single curve on her body, including the thick monstrous rod tightly bound to her right leg.

“I.. em.. it’s lovely..” I stumbled on my words, there was an elephant in the room and she was pretending that it wasn’t there fully enjoying the effect it had on me.

“You’re such a cutie..” she said bending over to kiss me on the forehead. I swear I could see the thing in her pants growing longer and thicker as she was posing for me.

“OK, now for my new dress, no peeking Chris.” Cindy said with a smile disappearing into the dressing room again.

“Now, how about this one, do you think my ass looks too big in this one” Cindy said coming out in a very tight knee length dress. She walked straight to me and turned around pointing her ass at my chest, bending over slightly.

“You should be just the right height to give me a good judgement” she said looking back at me….

I was totally speechless at the massive round globes of her cheeks distorting the thin soft fabric so close to my face. My hands were acting on their own reaching for the wast expanse of ass, but before I could reach I was interrupted by a tearing sound, a pop, and another tearing sound with a pop. Her dress suddenly got much tighter, as two torn pieces of cloth fell down.

“You know Chris I really like you, you make me feel very special” Cindy said as the massive bulge straining her skirt was growing thicker stretching the material even further.

“I just have to try out these bra’s and then we can go, Sorry for bothering you with this shopping trip” Cindy said entering the dressing room, and in the sudden silence between the shopping mall music jingles I could hear the silent “splat” as the first drop of pre-cum fell from Cindy’s cock.

Seconds later a her impressively huge bra flew out over the dressing room wall falling on top of me, Cindy was looking at me amused over the dressing room walls. One of the bra’s cups was directly on my head and it fit without any problem, her breasts were easily bigger than my head, and it was painfully obvious.

“Chris, you cannot imagine how cute you look now. My bra is almost as tall as you are.” Cindy spoke from over the dressing room wall.

“But come closer I have something to show you now” Cindy spoke, and I obeyed coming close to the dressing room, but instead of appearing in the door Cindy rose over the wall bending over bringing her breasts to just within my reach, they were clad in a brand new bra.

“What the.. how did you get so high…”

“I used a bench, now how do you like this bra… try it..” she said poking her breasts with a finger. I stood on my tiptoes, and she bent a bit lower to help me, finally I reached the soft goodness encased in the bra. Her breasts felt just as good as Mindy’s but they were so much bigger and heavier.

The touch of my hand was soon followed by a tearing sound and a thud as something heavy impacted the dressing room wall shaking it.

Mindy stood up in surprise, as she did another impact, thus time more violent, soon followed by a silent “splish”.

“Oh no.. no.. no… no.. no… not now..” Cindy spoke, quickly getting down from the bench.

“Is everything all right, do you need help” I asked,

“Oh.. fuck.. fuck..” Cindy was mumbling “splat.. splish” the sounds were coming from the inside…

“Chris… I have a problem” Cindy spoke carefully, “Could you.. um.. help me.. with something” she continued, and pulled me inside the dressing room with her.

As I was dragged inside the tiny dressing room I bumped with my chest into the biggest cock I could ever imagine. And when I say face to face I mean face to face. Cindy was so impossibly tall that her erecting was pointing straight at my face. The rest of Cindy was however over two feet away from me. Her cock was monstrously huge, it seemed to be as long as my whole leg, and about the same thickness. The veins running along it’s length were as thick as my fingers, and the urethra was as thicker than my entire penis.

I reached out to touch it, barely able to cover one half the diameter with my entire hand, and as I stared at it in confusion, it twitched jumping up out of my hand and landing quite heavily Kadıköy Escort on my forehead. I was taken completely by surprise at how heavy the thing was, and what an impact it made, as a result I fell down on my ass, followed by several very large drops of Cindy’s pre-cum.

“Oh..I’m so sorry honey.. I’m sorry I have no control over this thing, and if you keep touching it I will never be able to get it down” Cindy was apologizing. I was knocked down on the floor by Cindy’s cock.

“But.. Cindy.. what the.. what..” I was trying to form a sentence

“Oh.. I’m so sorry Chris, I’m so sorry it turned out like this. I wanted to show you my Princess. I really did, but not like this. I know Mindy was at your place yesterday, and she told me you weren’t scared of her. So I was hoping maybe.. well maybe you wouldn’t be scared of me, even thought I am so huge. And I enjoyed hanging out with you so much… I’m so sorry I just wanted to tease you a bit, now I cannot go anywhere with this thing like that. I really ruined everything… I wish I didn’t have this thing.. and….” Cindy was speeding up, and I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

“Cindy, Stop!” I yelled… “You are amazing, don’t cry, you are a goddess. I have never seen anyone or anything so hot.” I said honestly, this seemed to calm her down somewhat.

“You do, really, even with this giant thing.” She asked and continued “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it because it was so huge. It used to be much smaller, then I grew taller and this thing just exploded in size.” Cindy continued in a a hyperactive manner.

“I love it Cindy” I said my hands absently palming the great head, trying the weight, it must have been at least 10 to 15 pounds “I’ve never seen something so magnificent, and never a woman more beautiful.

“Oh, you lovely little man, I knew you were the one.” She said picking me up and lifting me to her face for a kiss. As she let me down, the splish sound of my feet landing in a puddle brought me back to reality.

“So.. what do we do now… You can’t really leave the store looking like you have a cannon in your skirt. Can we.. um.. bring it down somehow” I said my hand still absently going over the gigantic head. It was completely engorged with blood, and pulsing with each heartbeat. If I tried I could go about 1/3 of the length of the head, but anything beyond that seemed totally impossible.

“Well, if you keep touching it like that it won’t go down any time soon. Maybe… well normally it goes down when I… well.. you know.. when I cum…” Cindy trailed off…

“OK, so if we get you to..” I tried but was interrupted

“No, no.. if I do that here I would leave a huge mess.. there’s no way nobody would notice….”

“So maybe we can hide it somehow.. how about if you put it.. um.. well.. between your breasts and put on a shirt.”

“Oh.. that could work, we could do that.. except.. well.. let me show you… ” Cindy said pulling the thick rod up under her chin. It would be painfully obvious..

“We’ll put a scarf.. and hide it.. I’ll go buy one quickly… I said running out”


I was back 5 minutes later, Cindy was sitting in the dressing room, the head of her engorged cock sticking out of her cleavage and poking her in the chin. Pre-cum was leaking heavily from the tip coating her breasts in the sticky fluid.

“Maybe if we put a condom on it, to contain it.” I said

“That’s a good idea, but um.. can we find one which would fit.” She said absently rubbing at her tummy where the monster lay hidden. She had a point, there was no way we could find a condom which could fit around her impossible girth, not even considering the length. This line of thinking brought a question to my mind.

“Cindy, how big is this thing actually” i asked.

“Princess is 20″ long and 3″ across… when it is flaccid, she reaches slightly lower than my knee then. And when it’s like this she is 28″ long and 4” across, or at least she was that size the last time I measured.

“Princess…?” I asked my mind refusing to comprehend the dimensional she just told me.

“Well, me and Mindy wanted to give them some nicknames. Mindy insisted that since she was bigger she has to be the queen, and I though princess was so cute and adorable that I accepted that name.” she responded, to which I thought that if anyone was supposed to be the queen then it should definitely be Cindy, and there was absolutely nothing cute about a 28×4″ slab of meat.


All the preparations Bostancı Escort ready, we walked out of the store luckily no one saw us, Cindy was in a hurry and I had to practically run to catch up to her long strides.

We were already close to the exit when Cindy turned running into the nearest bathroom. I checked if anyone was watching and went in after her. Cindy was standing in the middle of the room violently trying to free her cock from between her breasts, unhooking the bra. Meanwhile her cock was spurting large drops of pre-cum coating her breasts like a volcano about to erupt.

And erupt she did, she released the beast just in time. The first spurt was flying out as it was swinging free of its confines, painting the ceiling and wall with a stream of viscous white liquid add thick add my thumb.

She held on top the wall with one hand and used the other one to aim the monster at the toilet bowl. She was so much bigger than the toilet bowl, and the shaking and jacking completely ruined her aim. As a result she was coating the bowl and everything around it.

And looking from the side the view was absolutely brutal, as if she was using a tiny fire hose. Just imagining being on the receiving end of those blasts made me contribute my own modest squirt in my pants. If I was on the other end I would be absolutely drenched in cum,

“Holy Fuck Cindy, that was monstrous, you must have been holding that I’m for a long time considering the amount.” I said waking up to get and putting my shaking hands on the still spasming monster. This caused Cindy to let out a squeal of delight.

I raised the now quickly deflating cock to my mouth. And licked of the large drop hanging at the end. As a final wave passed through Cindy’s body she let out a final tiny squirt of cum. Well tiny compared to the rest of her orgasm but it was still two or three times more than I could produce, and enough to cover my face.

“Oh, Chris sorry about that” Cindy said, I ignored her completely, letting my hands pass over the endless expanse of the Princess. I lovingly kissed the gigantic tip and tried to fit it in my mouth, even as it was reducing I could barely fit a tiny part. And to my surprise, instead of reducing, it was expanding again.

Cindy put her hand on the back of my head gently ruffling my hair as I kissed and licked the again expanding Princess.

“Oh god, I can’t believe what you are doing to me Chris. I love your lips on the princess so much. I have never been able to recover so quickly. But now we cannot leave again, oh I hate this thing.” Cindy spike, but continued holding my head near the cock tip.

A few seconds later her cock was again fully erect.

“Ohhh I just love your lips on my princess, and I live being sooo tall for you, when I put on my heels the princess will be right above your head” Cindy said standing on her tiptoes. I cold now look above myself top see Mindy’s massive glans, a heavy drop falling on my head.

Cindy put her palm on the root of her chock and gently rocked it slamming the 10 pound meat into my forehead.

“Ouch, that hurts.” I complained, more for show than in real pain.

“I’m sorry Chrism, but you have to be careful, the princess is a very big girl and she could hurt you accidentally of you are not careful. And while we are here I have to try something. I hope you don’t mind” Cindy said and then lifted my entire body and turned me upside down.

“Open your fly, you’ve seen mine, I want to see yours” Cindy said holding me upside down…

“But, compared to you…”

“I won’t take no for an answer” Cindy interrupted me shaking me like a rag doll.

I quickly obeyed taking out my own cock, even fully erect it was less than one quarter of the length and less than half the thickness of hers. These girls really have a way of making you feel tiny.

“Ohhh.. it’s so cute. I absolutely love it. I love every single part of you my tiny hottie” Cindy spoke hungrily wrapping her thick lips around my tiny shaft. I in turn held on to her steel hard 28 inch monster, barely reaching around it with both hand and kissed, sucked and caressed as much as I could.

A few minutes later, Cindy was once again ready. I was still at her cock level so the blast of her orgasm hit me right in the face. It was like being blasted by a garden hose at full blast. I was certain that the impact was going to leave a mark. Having left another blast in the tiny booth I thought we were about ready to go home.

“Chris, we still have a problem” Cindy said interrupting me, her erection, although still dripping cum was growing again.

“Oh fuck, we’ll just have to hide it like before and move fast.” I suggested, and we did just that rushing for the car, leaving the unexplainable mess in the toilet.


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