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Church Trip Ch. 01: The Pastor’s Wife

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I was on the church field trip and everyone, I mean everyone had hooked up. I had looked forward to this day for months. Monica, my hot classmate and I were planning to get busy for most of the trip.

We knew things were going to be very lax because the 55 year old Mrs. Abbie Wood, the pastor’s wife, was the chaperon. At most weekend trips she would disappear on Friday when we got our room assignments, and reappear on Sunday when it was time to go home.

No one knew what she was doing, and no one really cared. It was drinking and fucking all day.

Well on the bus ride Monica told me that she needed to see other people. I was floored and angry. On top of it all her new boyfriend was on the trip with us. She went and sat next to him for most of the trip up.

There were nine other classmates on the trip. And everyone was coupled up except me and I was pissed.

When we got to the hotel in the next city over we got to the hotel. I could hear a few girls giggling in the back and I knew what was going on. Mrs. Wood told us to stay in the car with the van driver while she went into the hotel to get the keys.

I could distinctly hear Monica’s voice as she and that asshole she left me for were already going at it.

The elderly bus driver acted like he couldn’t hear anything.

A few moments later, Mrs Wood got back to the van. She gave a key to Joe, the elderly driver and he got off the van and walked on presumably to his room.

OK, the boys have 2 rooms, three in one room and 2 in the other. The Girls have 3 rooms and one of you will get your own room.

Monica immediately said, “That’s mine.” She jumped up and took one key from Mrs. Wood and looked back at her new beau and said, “Bring my luggage Carl. And I will see you later.” She ran into the hotel giggling.

The other girls split up into two groups and Mrs. Wood gave them keys.

With my dumb luck I ended up as Büyükçekmece escort the third man in one of the two rooms.

“Now I’m in room 454, but only bother me if you have to. All of you are over 18 so I don’t expect that I will have to babysit any of you.” I could see everyone looking at each other smiling.

“Tomorrow I will get you all at 8am for breakfast before we go to the church.” She then left.

We all got our luggage and loaded up into the rooms.

Well it wasn’t long before folks were settling in for the night. I called down to the front desk asking for a cot since I was the third person in the room. The person at the front desk said that they already delivered a cot to us in room 454 and told me to go over there to get it.

I walked over to the room and knocked on the door. Nobody came. I then knocked again and Mrs. Wood came to the door. She seemed a little out of it. I could smell a little alcohol on her breath.

She had on her nightgown, much as I would expect a 55 year old women to wear, but the nightgown was a little tighter than it should have been. It was showing a little more than I think she wanted to show. Her nice full breast that I had not really paid attention to before were on full display.

Her golden white hair seemed to set off her deep blue eyes. Her tummy had a little pouch, but beside that it was very nicely proportioned. I couldn’t help myself, my 19 year old erection began to emerge in my pajamas as I thought that I might have to beat off thinking about Mrs. Wood tonight.

She looked down and couldn’t help but see my member.

She asked nicely, “What do you need?”

“Uh the front desk said they delivered a cot to you. I need it to sleep in.”

She smiled and asked me to come in.

She led me to where the cot was. I saw her nice ample behind a little flat but still showing through her nightgown. Çatalca escort bayan

I was trying to angle myself in such a way as to hide my member.

I looked over and saw the alcohol that she was drinking. She saw me look.

“Do you want a drink?” She asked.

I had never had alcohol before and sat there stunned.

“No…I ah.”

“This cot seems a bit hard, are you sure you want to sleep in it?” She asked.

I looked at her and said, “I ah…where else could I stay?” I looked down and my dick was then at full attention going straight out. I put my hand down in an attempt to hide it.

She said, “Well, as long as you don’t try anything, you can stay here in my bed.”

I was shocked. I said nothing.

“You won’t try anything will you?” She said as she walked over towards me. She then lightly touched my shoulder.

I said, “I uh…”

“You don’t have to, that’s fine.”

“No…No…I mean Yes…I would love…I mean because I don’t have a bed.”

“Well then why don’t you make yourself comfortable, I am getting ready for bed right now.”

I jumped in the bed and got under the covers quickly, still trying to hide my erection.

She then cut out the lights and eased in the bed next to me. I was so hard at that point I felt like my member was going to be sore all night. I kept trying to reposition myself to find a comfortable location when I finally found one and began drifting to sleep.

Then I felt Mrs. Wood slowly back her backside up against my penis. I stood as still as I could. She then slowly moved her backside up and around and I was totally struck. My penis was awakened back to life.

She then continued to move and I needed some relief, but I wasn’t sure what I could do.

“OOps, sorry, I didn’t mean to take up your space.” She said.

“No, that’s allright.”

A few minutes later I felt Escort Esenler her hand grabbing my package and slowly squeezing and jerking it. I then knew it was on, but I wasn’t sure exactly the next step.

“Ahh a shy one.” Mrs. Wood said as she threw the covers back and then she put her leg over my head and went down to take my penis into her mouth.

She angled herself with my mouth right near her female organ. I began to lick and kiss as she began sucking my member.

It was blowing my mind. She started moaning as I continued to suck. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long in this position, but it felt so good. She seemed to anticipate that I couldn’t last much longer so she stopped and got up off of me.

“I’m gonna get you in me.” She said.

She then straddled me as I laid there on my back. She angled my erect member into herself and began moving forward and backward and up and down.

The view was amazing. Her nightgown was still on, but I could then see her breasts moving as she moved.

She rocked and I was again trying to hold back with every once of my being.

I reached up and took those big full breasts in each hand. I thought about how much better this was than Monica and her skinny scrawny body.

I then took on a little bit of initiative and put Mrs. Wood on the bed as I got up.

It was time to enter her missionary style. I slowly went into her at first, but I was in control then. I thrust into her as I kissed her breasts.

Our lips finally touched and it was magic. I was kissing her as I was screwing her. Each thrust was deeper and deeper.

She moaned as I continued. I felt her finally cum. And I knew that I was not going to be far behind. I told her, “Mrs. Woods, I’m about to cum.” I said.

She said, “Cum…go head…cum…”


“In me…”

I then continued pumping until the moment finally arrived, I then grunted as the long stream entered her.

I then fell down on her.

She laid there with me still in her and on her. She rubbed my head and back and said, “Go to sleep now, we have a busy day tomorrow.”

I fell asleep right there laying on Mrs. Wood. And I was looking forward to what the next day would bring.

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