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Church of Swallowing: Tracy

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I tried to block out the buzzer to my door. I really did. I flicked an eye open and looked at the time. I was only under for about two hours as I wiped the sleep from my eyes and went to the speaker.

“Who is it?” I said.

“It’s Tracy,” the voice said, “Took you for fucking ever to get to the buzzer.”

“Sorry, I was sleeping,” I responded, and I buzzed her up. Tracy’s arrival here I wasn’t sure to I was blessed or I was in trouble. I would find out soon enough though. Tracy was in another department at the company I worked for, in fact she was one of the company’s lawyers. She was what many considered an ice queen and when news came out about her part time gig, wreckage was left in it’s wake.

Two years ago Tracy’s husband had hired a private detective to see if she was cheating on him. The private detective found out Tracy regularly went to an S&M club, but while he saw things such as whipping, stepping on, kicking in the nads, he found no signs of actual cheating. Yes, the company’s lawyer turned out to be a part time Dominatrix. It was one of those things that surprised you, and at the same time seemed like it was bound to happen.

Imagine the fear I had when a month after the news broke out she pulled me over in the name of the Church of Swallowing. Hey, I don’t mind getting tied up. I don’t mind a little bit of a use of candle wax. The stuff everyone said? Oh hell now. I like my cock and balls unharmed. It was an arrangement like others. She would blow me. I wouldn’t say anything. I wouldn’t complain. Besides with her, if I did say anything, not only would I be out of a job, she’d probably get me kicked out of school on some technically then locked up in jail. While she was hot and gave good head, the fear she projected made me shut up.

A knock came at the door of my apartment and I opened the door. She threw her coat at me and stepped into my apartment. After the news broke out she stretched the business appeal of her wardrobe so things worked to her advantage. Her normal short stature of 4’10 was now boosted up to 5’4 with 6 inch stiletto boots. She kept her skirt long, but the top was a corset top that made her breasts almost spill out. Her brown hair flowed over her breasts, but framed her face nicely. Her makeup was minimal except for some dark red lipstick. She was carrying a paper bag that had handles on it. She dropped the bag with a small thud.

“Don’t just stand there ogling at me,” she said sternly, “Hang up my coat,” she walked over and sat down, putting her booted feet onto my coffee table. A slit in the skirt hung down revealing the knee high black boots. Black stockings stretched over the side, “So I was told you called in sick. What did I say about ogling?”

I put my eyes back in my head and hung up her coat, “Yes, I felt kind of flustered and…”

“…and you’re going to give me a list of excuses. You were asleep, you could have been working on your thesis. You probably haven’t eaten anything… nutritional,” she said raising both eyebrows, Nevşehir Escort “Is that true?”

“Yes ma’am,” I responded.

“I don’t plan on sitting around and babysitting you all night while you play sick, go to your start doing work on your thesis. If you are going to call out you’re going to actually do something. First you will get me a drink, Scotch, neat.” She was all business. At least she didn’t pull out a cattle prod, “Now!”

That word was like a whip crack and pulled me out of my gawking. I went to my kitchen and made her drink. It was a man’s drink really, but because of her I wound up keeping a bottle of 18 year old scotch. At least her drink was easy to make in comparison to the other things my dates or my ex came up with. I went over to her with the glass and placed it next to her on an end table, and went to do my thesis. I pulled out a couple of books and went to sit down in the living room thinking that at least I’d have something to look at. She picked up her drink, walked over and picked up the bag, saddening me for her bending at the knees to do so, and proceeded to go into the kitchen.

She was in the kitchen long enough that I actually started paying attention to what I was reading. I took my notes, formulated passages for the thesis, made notes on other things I had to look into, when Tracy came back into the room with a tray of assorted diced fruit and a container of Cool Whip.

Cool Whip…I somehow stifled a chuckle that came to my throat. She placed the tray down on my coffee table and picked up a peach half. I watched from the corner of my eye as I saw her eat the peach slices. She didn’t make a show out of it, but the peach did have a juicy bite sound to it.

“This isn’t going to do,” she said, “I could not find any paper towels in your kitchen along with the lack of fruit. How do you expect not to be sick without things to clean or healthy food to eat?”

“I…” I started and looked up at her. She had peach juice running down her jaw.

“No, don’t even bother lying to me. Put your pencil down, you’re going to have to do something about this. Come, clean me.”

I read about this kind of thing on the internet, this could be a trick question. I could go off and assume and get beaten, or not assume and go and get a towel, “What would you like for me to clean you with?” I asked.

“Your tongue will suffice,” she said with a dissatisfied sigh. I approached her, not being eager, and proceeded to lick and suck at the juices on her chin and down her jaw. I wish I was able to see her face properly as I did this so I could see what type of look was upon her as it was happening. Immediately after I finished the last drop of juice, she pushed me away, and took a strawberry and placed it between her breasts.

“You need to get some vitamins in you, eat.” she said, “and I better not get anything on this so make sure you clean up.”

I spent the next 15 minutes licking and eating off the shelf that was created with Nevşehir Escort Bayan her breasts. Orange slices, peaches, strawberries, a cherry dropped down too far causing her to have to pop her breasts out of the corset so I could retrieve it properly. She made everything cut enough to leave juice wherever it went, needless to say, I had wood and her chest was nice and slick from my saliva from licking over her breasts and nibbles. She took a piece of apple and slid it up her skirt. I went to retrieve it wordlessly. I started to kiss up her thigh when she spoke.

“The apple isn’t on my thigh,” she said, “no time for games.”

Except this was just a large game in itself, so I went straight for the apple that she had slid between her lips. I pulled it out slowly, tasting her juices on the apple. Seeing that she said there was no games I went to pull my face up after I ate the apple, but she then locked her knees around my head and pulled my face into her pussy.

There’s something about getting your head locked in leather boots toward hot pussy that makes one hungry. She didn’t need to bring me much prompting as I went and started to lick up and down the length of her slit with abandon. The only change in her seemed to be heavier breathing. I brought my hands up to her thighs and she smacked me on top of the head, and it hurt!

“No hands, just you lips, mouth and tongue,” she said calmly like this was an everyday occurrence. So I went as directed. My tongue slipped into her pussy thrusting and twisting and scraping her inside, my lips massaged her clit along with my tongue and a minor bit of sucking. Her legs behind my head made me feel like I was forced to eat my favorite foods or I’d die. It would be a great way to go though.

She didn’t make a sound. She didn’t grunt or moan. She pulled me with those legs into her pussy as she thrusted up at my face. I had to use my hands to brace myself with the floor or the chair she was sitting on so she didn’t snap my neck. While she didn’t make a sound, parts of her body betrayed her. Her legs grew tighter, her hips stiffened, and juice flooded onto my tongue.

“Make sure you clean up all the juice,” she said as if I just finished eating a roast. I kissed and sucked around her cleft and made sure the juices were all cleaned up. She seemed to have a sixth sense about it because it wasn’t a second later that she unwrapped her legs and pushed me away. She looked down at the tray that had only one more piece of fruit on it, a slice of orange. She went over to my coach and laid back, and squeezed the juice inbetween her breast. I quickly went over and started sucking and licking.

“Bad boy,” she said, “You ate all the fruit. You don’t get to have any dessert.” She reached over for the Cool Whip, “Drop your pants, I’ll decide what your punishment will be.”

Oh shit, she was going to spank me I started to protest but like a whip crack she said it again, “Now!”

My pants were down and my cock sprung Escort Nevşehir out and smacked her on her booted knee.

“Hmmm, bring that over here,” she said, “I’m going to put this on your penis, and if it shrinks due to cold, well, the worst punishment I could give you is leaving you with a case of blue balls and ordering you not to touch it until I allow you to.”

She took the tip of my cock, and used it to spoon out Cool Whip. I just looked down as she slowly licked it all off, and repeated, and repeated, and repeated. I just watched as she snaked her tongue over and around my cock, never going and putting it in her mouth.

“Hmm… I think I need more flavors,” she said. She took her finger and put it in the Cool Whip Container. She scooped up some of the creamy substance and started to smear it between her breasts. “Let’s take that thing of yours and see if it can bring out the flavors from your meal.”

Tracy didn’t need to ask me twice. I quickly straddled her chest and slid my cock between her breasts. I don’t know there size, all I know is that on her they were massive. She ran her hands over her tits and enveloped my cock, causing cream to come out one side to coat my balls, the other the tip of my cock. After a few thrusts she started talking.

“Good boy, fuck my titties with your cock,” she cooed as she licked at the head with each thrust, “Let me taste the flavor…I want all your flavor.”

I fucked out as much of the Cool Whip between her breasts as possible. She pushed me off the couch and onto my knees. Tracey got off the couch and laid down on her stomach. Her tits hung down toward the ground as she cleaned my balls of the whip and then took me completely into her mouth. She swallowed me whole and started to hum as she sucked and licked around my cock, spanking me if I started to thrust or move. It was getting uncomfortable being down on my knees and I was getting close to cumming myself.

I felt a bit of coldness probe my ass as a cold finger slid up it. The shock of everything set me off as I started to cum with only my gasp as warning. I felt her head swallow more around my cock as I let my cum go directly in her throat to her stomach. She licked and sucked a bit more and before pulling it out completely. She stood up on her own knees and looked down. She still didn’t have a spot on her. How she did that with the cool whip trick I don’t know to this day. She stood up completely, placed the sole of her boot to my forehead, and pushed me down to the ground.

“Hmm… you do look a bit sick,” she said, “I left some chicken soup in the kitchen. I order you to eat it when you wake up from your nap.”

She put her breasts back into her corset top, and took her coat, and left like nothing happened. I stayed where I was for a few more minutes just soaking things in, before I got up and crashed down on the couch.

An hour later, the buzzer hit again. I groaned at it and had to prepare for what was going to happen next. It took me a couple of minutes to crawl over to the door.

“Yes?” I said.

“It’s Hanna,” was the reply to my query, “I heard you were feeling ill, let me up and lets see what we can do about it.”

I realized at this moment what they were all plotting.

They were plotting to kill me, but what a way to go.

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