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Church Elder

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I grew up in a small town. Everyone I knew was involved in the church. I was eighteen and had just graduated high school. There was a conference taking place in another town. My parents decided that I should go. This was a sign that I would begin to become an adult in church affairs.

I would be travelling with Elder Stevens. His first name was Jeff. On the drive to the conference Jeff said to call him Elder in the presence of other church members. Otherwise when we were alone he was Jeff. We had left early on Friday and we checked into our motel room. The church where the conference was to be held was just a block away.

I should say that Jeff was a younger man, in his early thirties. He wasn’t married and it caused people to talk. It didn’t matter as Jeff was well educated and owned a business in town. He was also considered to be handsome. I would sometimes hear the church ladies talking about him.

We got checked into our room and then found someplace to eat. We went back to our room afterwards. We had a room with two bed in it. Jeff went to the bathroom and when he came out, all he had on were his briefs. I have to admit to staring. His bulge was showing and he had a big cock it looked like.

Jeff said I should get comfortable. He said I wasn’t at my parents house any longer. He was treating me like an adult when I was with him. I decided that I would get out of my clothes as well. I got everything off but my undies. Jeff was looking at me as I undressed.

I was going to get on the other bed but Jeff patted his bed as if to join him. I went over and sat on the edge. Jeff began to talk to me. He came right out and said he was a gay man and he would like it if I didn’t tell other people. The towns folk weren’t very happy about gay men in their town.

I asked him why he didn’t just move somewhere else. He said he grew up here and he didn’t like idea of others forcing him to move.

“You can move closer to me Matt,” he said. “I don’t bite.”

I slid over nearer to Jeff. His large cock was just a few feet from my face. I was looking hard at it. Jeff asked me if I ever thought of men in a sexual way. I told him a few times I thought about it but I didn’t know any gay men and it seemed dangerous to try and find them.

He said there were a few gay men in istanbul escort our town but they kept a low profile. He then told me that he had chosen me as his church companion for the weekend. I asked him why me. He was truthful and said he was attracted to me. He thought I might be gay.

Jeff drew closer to me and he pulled me into his body. I experienced my first kiss from a man. I have to say I liked it. Jeff forced his tongue into my mouth. Our bodies were touching now. I could feel Jeff’s cock rubbing my dick through the underwear material. We were both getting hard.

Eventually Jeff pulled back and pulled my undies from my body. He did the same and I finally saw his large dick. He was long and thick and he put me to shame. I was a skinny guy at the time. Jeff complimented me on my cock. We went back to kissing and rubbing. Jeff took our cocks in one hand and he stroked them together. I had to control myself so I wouldn’t cum suddenly.

“I want to make love to you Matt, will you let me?”

I was so floored at the time. I just nodded my head. Jeff got up from the bed. He went to his bag and brought back a bottle of lotion. He lubed up his erection and then spread my legs and applied some to my hole. Jeff got to his knees and he guided the tip of his cock to my opening. He began to push into me.

God, it hurt. My virgin ass was so tight. Jeff said to relax, he would take it slow and easy. I am betting it took a half an hour until Jeff finally was totally inside me. I just remember crying out as he filled my bottom with his fat member. Jeff took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs forward. He drove into me right up to the hilt.

I screamed as Jeff left his fat cock stationary in my hole. Slowly he began to stroke my hole. It was painful and pleasure able all at once. Jeff was a skillful lover. He stirred his cock around in order to loosen me up. I just remember squeezing his hardness with my ass muscles.

He asked me if I wanted him as his lover. I blurted out that I wanted him badly. That’s when Jeff sped up. I was feeling his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. Jeff lowered his face and we kissed briefly. He soon broke away and moved to my nipples. He went from one to the other, sucking and biting them.

Jeff must have been hitting just the right spot. halkalı escort I couldn’t control myself and I shot some streams of cum. I am guessing they flew three feet into the air and mostly landed on my chest. That must have set Jeff off. He grunted and arched his back. He released his seed into my body. It felt like there was a lot of it. He kept cumming and cumming.

So this was what gay man sex was about, I thought. Jeff left his cock in me for a long time as we kissed one another. Finally Jeff became soft and pulled out. I could feel his load dripping out of my sore hole.

“That was very nice,” he said to me.

I had to agree. Jeff was the perfect partner for my first time man to man. We did shower together and Jeff didn’t waste any time. As the water poured over us, he took me again. Jeff had me place my hands on the shower wall. I bent at the waist and then felt Jeff’s cock buried in my hole one more time. This time was a quicky and Jeff really didn’t have much cum to give me. We finished showering and we got dressed. We went out to have dinner.

I couldn’t believe my appetite. I was so hungry. We finished our meal and went back to our room. There was no more wild sex that evening. We got up Saturday morning, got cleaned up and dressed and walked to the conference. To be honest, I don’t remember much about it. Jeff and I were giving each other looks the whole time.

When we got back to our room we got right to business. I had my cock sucked by a man for the first time. Jeff told me to lie back. He took hold of my shaft and he took all of me down his throat. It felt fantastic having a man arouse me like that. Jeff brought me to a boil. I told him I was getting close. Jeff didn’t back off. I finally let go into Jeff’s mouth.

I kept shooting my cum load until I was spent. Jeff swallowed every drop I gave him.

“That was quite a load you had there,” he told me.

Jeff then had me get on all fours. He pulled my ass up and I could feel his mushroom knocking on my back door. This time went somewhat easier. Jeff placed his hands on my waist and he entered me. This time was harder and faster. Jeff also talked to me.

“Your ass is mine from now on Matt,” he kept repeating.

I told him I only wanted him and his big cock. mecidiyeköy escort All that hot talk set us over the edge. I was squeezing Jeff’s dick until he could no longer hold back. I felt the heat of his cum load coating my bowels. He was right. I was all his.

The next morning was a short service at the church before we left for home. Jeff had me one final time. I sucked his dick and then mounted my lover. I rode up and down his thick love muscle as Jeff moved his hips upward. Jeff reached up and played with my nipples. I found out that I really did like that part of man sex. Jeff had more of his spunk to give me. I took it all and tried to hold it inside me for as long as I could.

The conference finally ended and we drove home. Just a few miles from arriving back Jeff pulled the car over onto a back road.

“This might be the last time we can see each other for awhile,” he said.

We had another male kiss and then Jeff went down on me. He unzipped me and freed my cock. He ended up bringing me off. I blew a big load down his throat. We got back to town and Jeff dropped me off at my parents house. I was already missing Jeff. It was like he said. We didn’t see each other for some time. Jeff was busy at his business and I was preparing to go to college. We would text each other but it wasn’t the same as making love.

We only hooked up a few times that summer. We had to drive some distance away in order to get a room with some privacy. I finally got to make love to Jeff. He said he wanted to feel me in his ass. Jeff was very tight but he said he enjoyed me taking his bottom. He was on his back when I dumped my load into his greedy ass. That was the last time we were able to hook up for some time.

I went off to school and Jeff faded into the distance. I found the gay community at college and I have a lover there. His name is Brad and it ended up I am the top in our relationship. I only saw Jeff one last time. I came home for a visit and ran into Jeff. Things had changed between us and we both knew it. I told him I now had a partner at school. We did have one final lovemaking session together.

I had forgotten how enjoyable it had been with Jeff. He used his thick cock on me that one last time. He made me beg and scream for it. My ass took a hard pounding and I was rewarded with hot loads of Jeff’s steamy cream. We ended our day together with a final kiss.

Time has passed and I have graduated college. I also left the church and the town I grew up in. I still think about Jeff and how he taught me how men make love together.

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