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Christmas with Summer Ch. 01

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This story picks up where my “Summer” series left off, so I strongly encourage you to read those two chapters before you begin this series.

~ ~ ~

“If I were all yours, you would still want me to dress this way around other men…even your friends?”

That was the million-dollar question, and it had always been the defining element of our relationship.

My very own Isla Fisher look-alike exhibitionist, Summer was pure crazy enthusiasm. Blessed with an insatiable lust for flirty adventures, she had wild auburn hair, a criminally sexy body, and an enchanting smile that could melt even the coldest heart. Always ready with a kind word, eager to share her joyous spirit, her fun-loving motor seemingly had no redline.

I was hopelessly addicted.

We met when I was renting a place with her former boyfriend, and from our very first moment together she loved to flirt with me. Right from the start we established a nice little teasing relationship, then we became lovers. Always, though, her main question centered on the issue of whether I would really still want her to dress so sexily and be so flirty around other men if she were mine?

Well, we were about to find out.

Having left her boyfriend to be with me, we were fortunate to find a semi-affordable three-bedroom rental house near the beach. The thing is, yes, we were together, but we didn’t have any roommates for her to flirt with while bopping around in her skimpy clothes. That’s really where she wanted to see if I was full of shit, since she no longer doubted that I loved the way she dressed for going out. Clubs, concerts, dinners? The beach, the museum, or the park? People we didn’t know? No worries. We’d done plenty of that already as a couple, so she knew that at least where showing her off in public was concerned I’d been telling the truth. Her issue was she wanted to find out whether I’d also been telling the truth about how I would still want her to dress so sexily and be her normal flirty self around roommates, or even my friends.

We were deeply in love, and very happy together. Her innate playfulness meant she was always coming up with new ways for us to have fun, and a large part of our happiness had to do with the fact that I loved her teasing games. She could do ‘serious’ when the occasion called for it, but that really wasn’t who she was. A child at heart, her greatest joy came from making people laugh and feel good. An inveterate flirt, she couldn’t help but try to have a blast with everyone she met.

She was admittedly both intrigued and excited by my desire for her to enjoy being herself, including playing her sexy games. In her experience this was an entirely novel concept, and it quickly became the glue in our relationship. Her other boyfriends had always tried to control her, wanting to suppress her natural playfulness and flirty nature out of fear of losing her to some other man. That was the exact opposite of how I felt. I wanted her to be as free and crazy as possible. I loved when she was bouncing off the walls with happy, flirty energy, and the more she saw that attitude from me, the happier she became.

A definite win-win situation, I’d say.

Her basic question, however, was about to receive its answer. A confluence of events meant we were to be hosting three of my four best friends over the Christmas holiday season, which meant Summer and I would finally enter the ‘test phase’ of our relationship.

My other best friend, Sonny, was getting married. He and I had grown up together, having been friends since the age of seven. He was a Sikh, and his family had managed to rope him into an arranged marriage. Of course I was going to attend his wedding ceremony, as were Dave, John and Aaron. The five of us played baseball together in high school and had remained friends into our adult lives. There was no way we weren’t going to be there when Sonny tied the knot.

Truth be known, we also wanted to watch the USC-Oklahoma national title football game. For once in our adult lives, we wanted to be in the same room together when USC played for the championship. Using Sonny’s wedding as our excuse, it was decided that the guys would stay at my place during the week of Christmas and on through the New Year, all the way up to the big game on January 4th. That meant they’d finally get to meet Summer. Conversely, it meant Summer would play hostess to a houseful of my friends…for nearly two weeks.

‘This ought to be interesting,’ I thought, grinning to myself.

~ ~ ~

“Oh my god! Really? They’re all going to stay here? Baby, that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you!”

When I told her the news, of course Summer was never going to respond any other way. It was just impossible not to love her. Plenty of other women would’ve instantly fretted over the imposition, not to mention the possibility of being ignored during the holidays. Nope, not Summer. She was out of her mind with excitement, and it was so genuine. All she could talk about was how great it was that my friends and I were going to be able to spend an entire New Year’s Day watching Kıbrıs Escort football together. She couldn’t wait to see what sorts of “adorably juvenile” things we would do to each other, and she thought it’d be a blast to go to a Sikh wedding, especially as an honored guest.

At no point did either of us ever mention the prospect of Summer spending nearly two weeks alone in our house with me and my friends. What she might wear or do given such a golden opportunity to test me were subjects never broached. She was just thrilled to death over how much fun we were all going to have over the holidays, and she was dying to meet the guys.

~ ~ ~

“Dude, I fuggen hate you,” John said, taking Summer’s hands while looking over her shoulder at me. “What on earth is a gorgeous creature like this doing with a dork like you?”

It was December 24th, Christmas Eve, and Summer and I had gone to the airport in the early afternoon to pick him up. We were doing our introductions at the baggage claim at L.A.X.

“Be nice to him! He’s the reason we’re all here, you know. And it’s great to meet you too,” smiled Summer, giving John a big hug, but only after she stuck her tongue out at him for saying such a “mean thing” to me.

John gently returned her hug, his hands drifting to her lower back. Because we were enjoying an unseasonably warm late December, Summer wore only a short, light sundress and a pair of three-inch heels. Her smooth, tanned legs were bare, but in a concession to it being “…that time of the month…sorry, baby!” she also had on a tiny pair of white cotton thong panties.

When we arrived back at the house, Dave and Aaron were already there, having driven in from parts unknown. Finally, all five of us were together in our living room.

“C’mon you guys, group hug!” grinned Summer.

We all looked at each other for a moment. “Okay!” I said. Forming a tight circle around her before moving in closer to squeeze her between us, the four of us started bopping her around.

“Not me, you idiots! Hug each other!” she giggled, laughing as she was pinballed from one guy to the next.

“Aaron, grab her feet!” laughed John, and Aaron immediately understood the plan. Dave and I moved to either side of her, and before Summer knew what was happening Aaron and John had tossed her high in the air! She squealed in shock, then she laughed with glee when we all caught her in a basket of arms. “Again!” barked John, and we tossed her into the air a second time. Her dress flew up over her hips, exposing her sheer panties. When she landed in our arms, her large breasts bounced crazily, and a button popped open. She’d already left the top two unbuttoned anyway, revealing a nice bit of smooth cleavage, so when that next one came undone it left her dress open to the bottom of her braless breasts. Though nothing too serious was showing, she was a gloriously disheveled sight as she lay laughing, panting and squirming in our arms, her tiny panties shining like a beacon beneath her flipped-up skirt.

“Let me down, you big galoots!” she giggled, and we all set her down. She stood with her hands on her hips, grinning as she tried to catch her breath. “Okay, guys, first rule: Playing with your Summer is allowed and even encouraged, but just be careful with her. A Summer is a fragile toy, so please don’t break her!”


“Perish the thought.”

“We’re always careful with our toys.”

The obligatory assurances from the peanut gallery given, Summer just giggled at them. “I think I like your friends, Jake. They’re all completely retarded!”

“Hey!” they said, almost simultaneously.

I was about to say, “Uh-oh, now you did it…” but before I could even get it out they’d pounced on her again, attacking like a pack of wild wolves!

“Aaaaeeeeiiiii!” she squealed, collapsing to the carpet in front of the couch when they all swooped down on her, tickling her everywhere. “I didn’t mean it! Stop! Aaaaaeeeii! Ahahahahaha!! Stop!Stop!Stop! I’m sorryyyy!” she shouted, rapid-fire, and finally they let up on her.

“Jeez!” she said, shakily coming to her feet. Fully flushed, she was beaming gorgeously. “Guess I’m gonna have to watch what I say around you guys, huh?”

Panting while smoothing her dress, she was fucking ravishing. She glanced down, and if she noticed her top had come undone to well below her breasts, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t button it back up, though, either. All she did was give me a quick, furtive smile.

“Okay, she’s a keeper! You done good,” Dave said to me, and the others added their boisterous approval.

“Gee, thanks,” grinned Summer. “All a girl has to do is get attacked by you barbarians, and you say Jake’s found himself a winner. Nice. You guys are way too easy.”

“Well,” Aaron added, “it helps that you’re also stupendously gorgeous, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

She gave him a fake southern-belle blush and a semi-sincere, “Thank you.”

“Jake’s also told us that you’re the most fun woman he’s ever met,” John said, “which doesn’t hurt your Kıbrıs Escort Bayan cause either. Fun is good. We like fun. We sort of look after each other, and we all have to agree on a girl or else the guy can’t seriously date her. It’s kind of our little rule.”

He had an even smile, and she couldn’t quite tell whether he was being serious.

“So, do I have the group’s approval?” she asked, smiling uncertainly.

“Oh, I wouldn’t go quite that far, not just yet,” I chided. “One tickle-fest does not serious approval make.”

“Let’s just say you’ve definitely passed the preliminary rounds,” chuckled Aaron.

Grinning, Summer folded her arms. “I swear, you guys are the weirdest group of knuckleheads I’ve ever seen. Okay, so how will I know when I’ve passed all your tests? Is there some kind of final exam? Will there be a cap and gown ceremony, with ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ playing in the background? Just so you know, if I do graduate, I’ll want something a lot more fun than a silly sheepskin.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t sweat it too much,” smiled John. “You’ve got a pretty good ‘in’ with the judges. I think they already like you.”

“Hmmm, so I’ve got that going for me. Good to know, good to know…” she smirked, absentmindedly caressing her hips and tummy where the guys had been tickling her.

~ ~ ~

The guys played paper-rock-scissors to see who would get the two extra bedrooms. Aaron lost, so he got the couch. Dave and John high-fived each other, then Summer high-fived them too. Noticing Aaron mock-pouting, she breezed over and took his hand. “Ohhh, poooor Aaron, stuck out here on the couch all by his lonesome! I’ll tell you what, sweetie. To ease your loneliness, I’ll come out each night and give you some hot cocoa before tucking you in for beddy-bye, okay?”

“Hey, fuck that! I’ll take the couch!” Dave said, and we all laughed.

“Too late, loser!” chortled Aaron, and Summer hugged herself against his arm. Reaching around her shoulders to hold her close, Aaron grinned when she pressed her breast into his side. Glancing down her sundress, I noticed he could see past her full, bare breasts and smooth tummy, all the way to her white panties. Though her nipples weren’t showing, they were definitely erect, making obvious points through the thin dress.

Summer was clearly turned on. Pressing herself more firmly into his side, she gave him a warm, sexy smile.

Aaron smirked at Dave, who flipped him off.

It was 5:00 p.m., and I reminded everybody that we needed to start getting dressed for Sonny’s wedding. The women in his family wanted me to bring Summer over early so they could get her ready for the ceremony. They were going to do her make-up and clothes in traditional Sikh style, which apparently was going to require a good bit of time. In particular, Sonny’s little sister couldn’t wait to cover Summer’s hands and forearms in henna tattoos.

After dropping Summer off at Sonny’s house, the four of us went to a sports bar near the wedding hall. With a couple of hours to kill before we were expected back at Sonny’s place, we watched some football and played a few games of pool while catching up with each other’s lives.

Finally, inevitably, the talk turned to Summer.

“Seriously, Jake,” Dave said, “how did you ever land a catch like that? She’s insanely gorgeous, plus she’s an absolute blast. I don’t know that I’ve ever met a woman with a better attitude. She’s a total doll.”

Dave was the serious one of the group. He was our baseball team’s catcher, with a dark, brooding look and a muscular, stocky build. He owned a construction company, and due to the amount of hours he put into his work he’d always said that he just didn’t have time for any serious relationships.

Once again I told them how Summer and I had gotten together, leaving out some of the more salacious details. Still, they shook their heads and whistled over some of our antics. They especially seemed interested in hearing about Summer’s clothing choices.

John asked, “So, whatever happened to Bill? You never heard from him again even though you sort of skipped out on him, and Summer just up and left him?”

John was a bit of a stunted adolescent. He bounced from job to job and girlfriend to girlfriend, most of whom were beach bunnies, strippers, or both. The very definition of happy-go-lucky, he was our team’s shortstop and probably the best-looking guy of our group, being a totally ripped six-foot-two, blond beach-bum.

“Before Summer took off for good,” I said, “she wrote Bill a quick ‘I’m outta here!’ letter, telling him that she doesn’t stay with people who cheat on her. She didn’t leave any room for discussion, so I guess he just let it go. Myself, hell, he and I were never friends anyway. We were only roommates, and hardly knew each other. I gave him enough money to cover a few months of extra rent, and the note I left him was pretty straightforward. It was one of those deals where I simply said, ‘I’m moving to a new place, so here’s some extra rent to cover you for the trouble.’ I never heard from him Escort Kıbrıs again, so I guess he was fine with it.”

Aaron wanted to know whether Summer and I were serious, as in possible marriage-material serious. He was the star pitcher on our team. Tall and thin, he was in an on again-off again relationship with a cute blonde at his computer software company. It was mostly just a ‘friends with benefits’ situation, and apparently they both knew nothing was ever going to come of it.

“So, what do you think? Is she the one?” he asked.

They all leaned in to hear my response.

“Yeah,” I said, “we’re pretty serious. We don’t have any set plans yet to get married, but I don’t see anything that would stop us. We’re definitely on the same page.”

“You always did like flirty women with tons of attitude, and she definitely fits the bill,” said Dave.

“Like you’d complain if you had a woman who looked and acted like Summer,” grinned John.

“Nope, I’m not saying I would. I’m just saying Jake always gets along best with fun, flirty women, and she’s definitely a really fun flirt. Not all guys prefer that kind of woman. A lot of people couldn’t handle being with a girl like Summer.”

“That’s true,” I said. “One of the things that always ruins Summer’s relationships is the guy gets possessive and controlling with her. She’s a free-spirit who likes to have fun, and most guys want to put her in a cage once they think they’ve landed her. They love how she is when they first meet her, and especially when they’re dating, but soon enough they always change, becoming jealous and boring, she says.

“She’s waiting to see if I’ll do that, too. She told me early on that she was worried I was only encouraging her to ‘be herself’ because she was with Bill, not me. Maybe all I wanted was to get some cheap thrills off of someone else’s girlfriend? She’s always been dying to find out whether I’d really still want her to be that way around my own friends if she were mine. Now that we’re together, we still talk about it. That’s her huge question in this relationship.”

“What do you tell her?” asked Dave.

“He tells her, ‘Fuck yeah, go on with your bad self, woman!'” said John. “That’s definitely what I’d tell her if she were mine.”

“Yeah, pretty much,” I said. “I told her, no, it wasn’t merely a case of shooting for ‘cheap thrills’ with someone else’s girlfriend. I let her know that I almost insist on my woman dressing to be as sexy as possible, and not just when we’re alone. I made it really clear that I want her to get off on it too, and I said I’d hate it if she only did it when we’re by ourselves together.

“She says she loves that I feel that way, and she definitely gets off on looking sexy and flirting. She would want to do it anyway, but it’s even better when she’s with a man who encourages it.”

“Sounds like you nailed it with this girl,” grinned John.

“I gotta ask, though,” Dave said, ever the sober, cautious one. “How far? That has to be the obvious question. How far will she go, and how far does she want to go? More importantly, how far do you want her to go?”

“Seriously,” I said, “we really haven’t gone into much detail about it. My attitude is that as long as she’s honest with me, and there’s no sneaking around behind my back, then I’m pretty much fine with anything she does. We’re having fun together. I want it to stay this way, and a big part of it is Summer likes to flirt and be happy. She’s with me, and that’s not going to change just because of some harmless flirting and sexy clothes.”

“Okay then,” Aaron said, finally addressing the nine-hundred-pound gorilla in the room, “what about us? How will you feel about her flirting and being sexy and all that with us?”

“That’s really the biggest question, isn’t it?” I grinned. “That’s the one situation Summer specifically wonders about: How would I feel if she wore her sexy things and flirted with my roommates or friends? Not just strangers, but friends.”

“So,” John asked, “what do you think? In fact, how do we even play this? I mean, fuck, she’s hotter than hell, but it’s still gotta be ‘Bros before hoes’ and all that, right? I don’t want you punching my face in just because she flirted with me, or whatever. Also, damn, you know I’ll be totally checking her out. As gorgeous as she is, I won’t be able to help it. What happens then?”

“No worries,” I said. “All of you, no worries. Because she is hotter than hell, particularly when she flirts, I love watching her be sexy with people, and that includes you guys. I told her to go ahead and enjoy it. The main thing, and it’s the only thing I ask so I won’t have to punch anyone’s face in, is that you always respect her. Respect her wishes, and respect her as a person. Yeah, she’s hot as fuck, of course I realize that, but she’s also a truly great girl, and she’s the woman I love. Yes, we’ll probably end up getting married. Nothing will change then, either. I’ll still want her to be herself, and I’m obviously never going to tell you that you can’t check her out. That’s what I’m saying. You don’t need to worry about it. Where you guys are concerned, hey, whatever she says goes, and whatever she says doesn’t go, that’s it, you stop right there. If she becomes uncomfortable for any reason, it’s time to slow your roll. Otherwise, I want everyone to have a blast together.”

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