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Christmas Party to Remember

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Big Tits

This was the first Christmas my wife had been working at the insurance company and when we were invited to the company Christmas party at one of the owner’s homes we figured it would be pretty lame. But feeling obligated to go we said we’d be there. The guys she worked for were all the time checking her out and occasionally making lude comments but had never touched her. And being an exhibitionist she enjoyed them looking down her blouse or up her skirt. At times she’d even intentionally wear something that could give them a better view.

Since we figured the party wouldn’t last long she wore something a little more daring than she’d wear to work so when we left we could go to a party at a friends house where we’d hoped to have some luck picking up a guy to take home for a threesome or maybe even a hot couple. Plus she knew her bosses would enjoy seeing her in something sexy. And I liked to see old guys drool as they checked out my hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 redhead wife. And had seen her fuck her share of older guys as well.

She put on a sexy red dress with a slit on both sides up past her thigh and really low cut and loose-fitting on the top with spaghetti straps and was backless. All she had on underneath was a red garter belt and black stockings. She was wearing a pair of 4-inch heels that put her at 6-ft tall and had her long red hair pulled up in a bun. Each time she took a step the slit on the dress opened up showing the top of her stockings where they attached to her garters. She wore more make-up than she’d ever wear to work with dark eye-liner & eye-shadow and a dark red lip-stick we jokingly called prostitute red and matching nail polish. This all giving her kind of a slutty look which was what she was going for.

When we got there pretty much everyone was already there and when we came in all eyes were on Lynn. And şişli escort it was like lions checking out a deer for dinner. Kathy the young trophy wife who worked with Lynn was looking pretty hot too. And there was another younger girl there as one of the old guy’s dates. Kathy told Lynn that girl’s name was Gina and said she was probably a hooker, and Lynn laughed and Kathy said no really! For a small get-together, they had gone all out and had a bartender who was a young girl dressed similarly to a playboy bunny and another girl dressed similarly keeping a check on the hordurves and making sure everyone had a drink at all times.

There was Christmas music playing and everyone going around greeting each other and wishing each other a happy holiday. When Lynn noticed the guy who was Kathy’s husband coming our way she bent over pretending to fix the strap on her heels, knowing both of her tits would be completely uncovered giving him a long look at those big 34D’s with huge puffy aureoles and long hard nipples. When she stood up they were still almost completely out. As he hugged her and wished her a merry Christmas his hand moved down from her waist and paused when he felt the garter belt, but then moved down to her firm round ass and gave it a squeeze.

And he whispered to her that she looked good enough to eat. So feeling reckless she whispered back a couple more drinks and he could and gave him a sexy smile and a wink. As each one of them greeted her it was about the same. She’d put on a little show for each and they’d grope her a little and say something suggested. One of them saying she looked naughty in that outfit and he might have to put her over his knee. She said she wasn’t into pain so if he wanted her in his lap she preferred reverse cowgirl. But said she’d probably need one more drink before she was ready to get naughty. The third one waited until she’d gone to the restroom and caught her in the hallway where they were alone and he put his arms around her with both hands cupping her ass. He told her how sexy she looked and asked if she knew what he wanted for Christmas? And she said she had an idea he was holding it in his hands. Then told him like she’d told the others that another drink and he could probably have it.

I’d noticed they had been getting really handsy with Kathy too and her husband obviously didn’t mind. The other girl there that Kathy said was a hooker was openly being groped by all three guys and was having no problem with it at all. I was expecting Lynn to disappear into a bedroom with one of the old guys at any moment and was surprised when Kathy asked if I’d help her with something. So I followed her and we ended up in a bedroom. She said she knew she’d end up getting fucked by those old men before the night was out but she wanted a good fucking first from a young stud. She had her dress off in a flash and like Lynn only had a garter belt on underneath. She was 10 years older than me but still hot as hell.

She had big tits I’d guess 36D and was thin and muscular. With a shaved pussy which you didn’t see much back then. She ripped off my clothes and when she saw my thick 9-in cock she said she saw why Lynn always came to work with a big smile. I buried my head in those big tits, sucking those massive jugs. Then she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me off. Pausing at one point and saying Lynn wouldn’t have any problem when she sucked those other guys off being used to my big dick. And it hit me she’d said that like it was certain she’d suck them off. So I asked her. And she said if she didn’t at least suck their dicks if not that night within a couple of months they’d find a reason to fire her. But she said from what she’d seen she thought Lynn would do them before the night was over. Then said and she thought I knew it too. I laughed and said I had a pretty good idea.

We went back to our own fun and I fucked the shit out of Kathy in several positions shooting off in her pussy the first time at her request and she said now if one of those old men ate her pussy they’d have to taste my cum. But her hot mouth had me hard again in no time and I fucked those big tits and as I did the hooker girl ” Tina ” came in and said they sent her in to help out. She was a hot young thing so I was fine with it. And was surprised when Kathy told her to undress. Soon I’d shot off on Kathy’s tits and she told Tina to lick up my cum. But said to leave a little so if one of the old fucks sucked her tits my cum would be on them. But Tina said she didn’t think they’d have anything left for her after that redhead who came with me finished with them. And said she was taking turns sucking 2 off while the other fucked her. And they were taking turns fucking her.

And said they sent the two girls serving drinks away after watching them and the redhead eat each other and get them turned on. We went back to our fun with me having two hot girls but once when they were in a 69 I peeked out and saw two of the guys in a DP with Lynn while she sucked the third off. And went back to Kathy and Tina. I ended up watching them for a while then Fucked Tina in the ass while Kathy ate her pussy and sucked on my balls. After about an hour Lynn came in and joined us saying the other guys needed a break. I peeked out and it looked like a battlefield with the three old men laid out like casualties. After a while we went back in and let them watch the three girls together. Then let them watch me fuck Kathy while she ate Lynn’s pussy and Tina sucked on Lynn’s tits. But the guys were totally spent and could only watch.

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