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Christmas Break Ch. 02

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The next time came sooner than I expected. I awoke to the feel of a hot, hard body sliding into bed behind me. This time, comfortably naked expect for a pair of boxers. Matt’s warm lips teased at the nape of my neck as his hand trailed down along the back of my thigh to my knee. I shivered and moaned softly as I surfaced from my sleep. Feeling his legs slide into place between mine as I lay half on my stomach, I could feel his already hard cock press against my ass. His hand slid over my knee and travelled upward to my hip, gliding lightly over my skin, raising gooseflesh where ever he touched me as he pulled me back against his groin and onto his engorged prick.

I sighed appreciatively and then, realising where we were and what we were doing, my head jerked up in a panic as I looked for my alarm clock. “Oh God what time is it?” I whispered in a fright coming fully awake.

“Chill out baby sis!” Came Matt’s calm reply against my skin, as he continued to kiss at my neck and shoulders. “It’s after nine. Mom and Dad have already left for work. We’re home alone.”

I sighed in relief thinking, thank God Mom and Dad work on the weekend, and let my head drop back down on the pillow, ready to enjoy the feelings Matt was awakening in my body. I pushed my hips back against his groin loving the feel of his hard cock as it wedged itself between my ass cheeks. I shivered as I felt Matt’s hand slide under my bed singlet and push it up along my back.

“Take this off!” I heard him say as he shifted his torso away from my back. I rose up enough to slide the shirt up and over my head; with my brother’s assistance, and he quickly disposed of the needless garment by flinging it over his shoulder. “Mmm that’s better.” He breathed, sounding very pleased as he lay back down against me, his arms coming around me, his warm skin pressed against mine.

The moulded shape of his chest and stomach against the smooth skin of my back felt wonderful and I could feel his hard nipples as they dug into my shoulder blades. His hand slid up along my ribcage, heading for my chest and I gasped as he cupped his hand over my aching breast. I could feel the throb intensify between my legs as he tweaked at my erect nipple. I moaned hard as I felt his tongue teasing the skin on my shoulder, before he worked his way up my neck and to my ear. His tongue swirled against my lobe and I felt his teeth nip at it gently which made me shiver.

He chuckled. “Hmm, good morning.” He said before letting his mouth get back to work on my neck.

I giggled in response; whispering. “Good morning.”

I let my hand cover his at my breast, pressing it harder against my chest as I pushed forward into his hand and thrust my butt backwards into his crotch. He groaned near my ear. “Eager this morning, aren’t we?” He teased.

“I can play hard to get if you want.” I replied jokingly.

“Mmm, maybe later.” Matt said and I could just hear the smile in his voice. “But for now, as much as I love the feel of your ass against my cock, turn over, I’ve got a promise to keep.”

I gulped as I remembered his words from last night, and did as he asked, turning over onto my back. He shifted to give me a little space.

Once I was settled, Matt moved back into place laying half atop me, his thigh once again sliding between mine to press against my pussy as he rested above me on his elbow. He stared at me for a moment and then smiled as he lowered his head towards mine. I turned my head to avoid the kiss. I could smell minty freshness.

“I haven’t brushed!” I complained, knowing that he had, as I felt his head pull back.

His hand came up and grabbed my chin lightly, turning my head towards him. “Shut up and kiss me already.” He told me, not caring as he dropped his head and pushed his lips against mine.

I tried to kiss him closed mouthed, but he wasn’t having any of that. He nipped at my lips lightly trying to get me to open up. When the soft approach didn’t work, he bit my bottom lip a bit harder and made me gasp, “Ow!” which came out half slurred as his tongue quickly invaded my mouth.

He tasted of peppermint toothpaste and the smell filled my nostril, but the heat of his kiss drove me wild and I couldn’t help but respond in kind. My tongue battled with his, spearing in to fill his mouth as I sucked on his lips and tongue, moving my head against his, as my hands slid along his back and down onto his ass. I grabbed at it greedily, trying to pull his hips against me even more as he ground himself forward. He lifted himself up and shifted over me, settling his hard cock at the juncture of my thighs, pressing his swollen rod directly onto my hot, aching pussy. He moved against me, thrusting his hips upward, sliding his hot erection back and forth over my moist cleft.

He broke the kiss and looked down at me, licking at his bottom lip. “Is this what you want?” He asked needlessly as he ground down onto me.

“You know it is!” I panted as I slipped my hands Kağıthane Escort into his boxers, digging my nails into his buttocks as I rolled my hips up to meet his.

“Say it.” He said still humping against me. “Tell me you want my cock inside you.”

“Why?” I asked, blushing furiously. “When you already know?”

My ex, Craig had never spoken to me like this, had never really said much to me at all while we were fucking to be honest. So I found it all a little overwhelming. Although; we’d already crossed over into the taboo, so why should words make any difference? I thought. But regardless of that, Matt’s words struck me in a place that was deep and primal, and to be truthful, only served to make me hotter, wetter, more in need of another good fuck!

He dropped his head and kissed me again, teasing me with his tongue and lips. His hand slid down along my thigh, grabbing at my knee as he pulled my leg up and over his hip, my panty covered pussy opened wider to his hard cock as he rubbed it against me some more. “Because…” He groaned, raising his head again, “it’s a big fucking turn on to hear your little sister say that she wants your cock buried deep inside her hot, little cunt!”

I bit my lip and blushed even more as his words made my clit throb and my pussy wetter. I dropped my eyes and swallowed. It started out shaky but I managed to get it out. “I want your cock inside me!” I whispered quickly; embarrassed.

Matt took a hold of my chin. “Look at me when you say it. Talking dirty is nothing to be ashamed of, baby.” He told me gently as he dropped his head to kiss me again. “It’s perfectly natural, and there’s nothing a guy likes more than hearing how much a girl wants his cock.” His hand moved from my chin to my chest, his palm cupping my small breast as his thumb brushed maddeningly back and forth across my nipple. I sucked in a harried breath as he clasped my hardened bud in his fingers and tugged on it lightly.

I bit my bottom lip again, looking up at his face as he stared down at me. I swallowed, knowing that my face must be bright red but I endeavoured to do as he asked me. I said it slower this time, staring up at him. “I want your cock inside me, so badly Matt. Please, give it to me?”

I watched his eyes flutter closed for a second and a small smile touched his lips, as he ground his hips hard against my crotch and I heard him suck in a quick breath through his nose. He opened his eyes again and stared down at me once more. His eyes were intense and I couldn’t really read what was in them but he dipped his head and kissed me hotly, his hand mashing against my breast as he did. “Hmm fuck yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear!” He moaned hard against my lips.

He moved quickly, pushing himself up onto his knees as he threw the covers off. Grabbing my panties, he yanked them down saying, “Get these things off!” He pulled on them so fast and hard I heard material tear and I gasped, my eyes going wide in surprise.

Before I knew what was happening; I heard Matt swear Oh fuck! And his hands bunched into fists over the fabric as he pulled at them harder, his fingers shredding the material in his hands as he tore my panties off my body.

My heart jumped, a little in fear, but mostly in electric, insatiable lust. I could never have imagined something so fucking hot happening to me. And here it was, happening alright, and with my big brother to boot, how could that have possibly happened? It was a question best left for later.

I watched as he brought the shredded material to his nose and inhaled; breathing in deep and testing the texture of them with his fingertips, before he threw them aside. I saw him lick his lips as he grabbed me behind both knees and pulled my legs up towards my chest.

He pushed them high, spreading me wide open as he let his eyes trail down my lithe body, openly admiring the view, staring down at my gaping pussy for a long moment, before glancing back up at me. He shifted back even more and I thought he was going to get rid of his own boxers but I was mistaken as he quirked an eyebrow and winked at me.

I sucked in a breath as he quickly leant forward and began licking and kissing along my inner thighs, first one and then the other. Each time he switched, he inched is way lower and lower until he was teasing his tongue along the sensitive juncture of inner leg and groin. He teased me relentlessly, his tongue swirling down and along the curve of my butt and then back up along the crease of my thigh. I moaned and whimpered and gasped every time, as his tongue came within mere millimetres of my aching pussy but never quite touched it; his warm breath flowing over my heated opening. It was so frustrating, I began rolling my hips, twisting as much as I could in my current position, as I tried in vain to get him to stop teasing me and lick my aching pussy.

He wouldn’t. He moved with me each time, shifting his mouth away if I got too close. Kağıthane Escort Bayan I growled in frustration, my pussy throbbing with need. “Matt, stop teasing and lick my pussy already! Please!”

I heard him groan; that’s what he’d been waiting to hear. “Yes ma’am.” He mumbled.

I cried out, my head flicking back against the pillow, my spine arching high and my hands clawed into the sheets, as I felt his hot, luscious tongue on my pussy for the first time. He used the underside of his tongue to swipe down along my throbbing core in one, wet pass; and it felt so goddamn good.

I moaned and gasped as he went to work, sucking and licking, his tongue flicking over my clit, swirling around it, dipping down to thrust between the folds of my slick lips.

Matt made me cry out over and over again, begging him for more, something I had never done with Craig, whose pussy licking skills were precursory at best and rated maybe a three, where as Matt was definitely a ten!

The entire time, he worked my slick, aching cleft, he held my legs pinned to my chest, not for one second allowing me to move them, close them, or even wrap them around his neck. He wanted me open and wide for his eating pleasure. I rocked and shook and nearly squealed when Matt finally put me out of my misery and thrust his tongue deep inside my young cunt, wriggling it in as deep as it would go, his teeth lightly grazing against my clit as he fucked me with it. I moaned and begged for more, telling him how fucking good it felt. He used his tongue to great effect, and alternated between fucking me with it and swirling it over my clit again and again.

I could feel that tightening in the pit of my tummy which meant I was close and heat began to radiate across the top of my pubic mound as that sensation intensified with Matt’s skill. I felt it building, my climax so close, and I cried out, letting Matt know I was almost there. “Oh fuck, Matt, I’m close, I’m going to cum!”

My words made Matt redouble his efforts as his tongue literally felt like it was everywhere at once. I couldn’t tell you how short a time it took to get me off, because it felt like an eternity but in truth must have only been seconds as Matt sucked my clit between his teeth and bit down on it lightly as his tongue flicked over it again and again, driving me over the edge, pushing me off the precipice and sending me spiralling into pleasure.

My orgasm exploded!

Without conscious thought both of my hands found their way into Matt’s hair and gripped it tightly as I pulled his face harder against my spasming cunt. My hips jerked and twitched as his tongue kept up its punishment of my overly sensitive bud, killing me with sensation and I keened almost constantly at the feeling of intense pleasure that poured through me. Matt didn’t let up for one second, licking and slurping, sucking up my juices as my young pussy creamed on his tongue while I screamed – just as he’d promised.

After a moment, as my incredibly sensitive pussy began to settle a little, Matt’s hands came up and broke my desperate grip on his hair. He shifted quickly, his body moving up and over mine, he covered my mouth with his, thrusting his tongue inside, and without warning he forced his fat cock into my still spasming cunt. I gasped at the unexpected move and moaned as I tasted my own pussy on his lips.

He took advantage of my dripping wetness and buried himself to the hilt, pressing uncomfortably against my insides, but filling me to overflowing, moaning in my ear as my still spasming pussy clasped at the length of his dick. He released my knees, allowing them to drop and wrap about his waist as he pulled back and drove himself inside me again.

I gasped in pleasure as the full stroke of his cock rubbed all the right places. “God, you’ve got such a tight pussy baby sis! Do you like the feel of my cock inside you?” Matt groaned against my ear, his lips dropping to suck at my neck.

I panted my reply, “Fuck yes!” as he drove into me again and again, filling me, fucking me!

His grunts got louder, closer together and I knew he was getting close. I felt his hands as they groped at my breasts, squeezing them, mashing them, tugging at my nipples, making a jolt of sensation run down along my stomach and into my clit once again. I could feel another orgasm building, slower this time although I wondered if I would get a chance to go again before Matt finished himself.

I needn’t have worried.

Just as I thought he might be on the verge of spending himself inside me, Matt growled in my ear and pushed himself off me, his cock sliding from my eager pussy and leaving it empty. I whimpered in complaint.

Rising up on his knees, he pushed my legs away. He shifted back further yanking his boxers off all the way, tossing them aside, and then straightened, his glistening cock bobbing in front of him as he looked at me. “Turn over, get up on your knees!” He ordered and Escort Kağıthane I didn’t think twice about doing what he said.

I scrambled over onto my stomach and then pushed myself up onto my hands and knees, my narrow butt swayed as I glanced back over my shoulder at my brother. I watched him bite his lower lip as he hurriedly shifted closer, a hand holding his thick erection as he aimed it at my slick pussy, the other hand moving up and curling around my hip. I felt the fat mushroom head nudge against my slick pussy lips and I pressed backwards, eagerly awaiting the feel of his cock as it slid inside me once more.

I closed my eyes and moaned as he thrust himself home, burying his cock deep, his balls slapping against my clit as his thrust bottomed out. He stopped, holding himself still for a moment, savouring the feel perhaps? Both hands now held my hips, his thumbs stroking back and forth near my spine. I could hear him breathing, his fingers kneading my flesh. I opened my eyes and looked back at him questioningly wondering what was taking him so long.

His eyes were closed and his head tilted back. Perhaps he had been closer to cumming than I thought! His breathing was laboured for a little while as I waited patiently. Another few moments passed before I felt his cock twitch inside me and his whole body shuddered. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.

“Are you ready?” He asked after a pause. I nodded. “Good, because I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!” He told me with a devilish grin. “I am going to tear that pussy up!”

I gulped down a worried breath, not entirely certain if he was going to be overly rough, or if that was just a phrase someone said when they were about to go hard at it? His fingers bit into the flesh of my hips as he pulled back, his thick, hot cock, sliding out to its full length, before he slammed his hips forward again, pounding his shaft into me right to the hilt. I just about died at the feeling. It was so hard, but god damn if it didn’t feel fucking amazing.

I groaned and gasped as he pulled back and thumped into me again, and then again, and then again. Each time thrusting forward so hard I couldn’t help the noises that were pushed from my throat. I tried to keep my shrieks of pleasure down to a low roar, but Matt was intent on making me scream as much as possible. It was rough, and hard, and fast, his fingers digging into my soft flesh as his hips pounded against my upthrust butt and pussy, his cock, slamming into my slippery, soaking cunt. I begged and pleaded with him for more, more always more, telling him again and again to go faster, deeper, harder. I was acting like a slut; pushing back to meet his thrusts, and I didn’t care. It was all so fucking hot!

He was right, I’d never been fucked like this before and he was tearing it up! But in a good way. I panted, sweat pouring off my body, my small tits jiggling on my chest from the force of his thrusts as his cock drove into me over and over again, deeper and deeper, filling me to the brim and making me cry out in ecstasy. I never wanted him to stop and I could feel that interrupted orgasm building again.

It was like a wave, steadily growing, higher and higher coming towards me faster and faster, until it rose up to its final height; crested… and came crashing down on me!

I screamed like a banshee, my young, nubile body, quivering and quaking with the force of my release. My arms gave out and I fell flat on my face; my ass still in the air. Sound was being pressed out of me as Matt kept ploughing his fat shaft into my spasming cunt, again and again and again. He was growling, his voice sounding harsh to my ears as he grunted and swore behind me. His fingers grasped my hips painfully as he pulled me back against him while he shoved forward with his cock. He was close, I could feel it, his engorged member seeming to swell even fuller inside me as he reached down around my hip and began fingering my very, very sensitive clit.

I just about leapt off the bed as my whole body jerked upright, but Matt held me tight about the waist, keeping me in place. I twisted and bucked chaotically, trying to dislodge his fingers from my tender button. “Holy SHIT Matt!” I yelled in distress; my cunt spasming even harder as he milked my orgasm and I felt his body begin to jerk.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s it Mandy, fuck back onto me! Oh FUCK!!!!!” He yelled nearly in my ear as he removed his hands and shoved me forward. I fell sprawling on my stomach, my arms and legs akimbo as I felt the first hot spray of my brothers cum hit my ass! I moaned as I heard him grunting behind me, pulling on his cock as he milked his sizzling, white goo out of his shaft to spray all over my ass and back. I could feel every splatter and glob as it landed along the length of my back, across my hips, over my ass cheeks. I’m sure that some of it probably made it into my hair as well but I didn’t care. My whole body trembled and shook, his cum spraying all over my body only adding to the intense reaction of sexual release I was feeling just then. I was so overwhelmed, the feeling so intense that all I could do was shiver and shake. I tried to shift into a more comfortable position, but my body felt as though my skeleton was missing.

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