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Christmas Bachelor Auction

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All sexual participants are 18+. Special thanks to Jim1855 for editing.


Chapter 1 – Sold

A woman yells from the left side of the room, “$75,000!”

I can’t see the woman. The museum is dark, all lights are off other than the spotlights, they are all on me. I am up on a stage dressed up like a penguin and embarrassed. The bids are way too much money just for a date with me. Somehow, this reminds me of my last girlfriend.


Flashback 2 weeks

Stef moans, “Oh that is so good. I love how big you are. You get so deep in me. That’s it baby, give it to me good. I want you. I want your baby. Cum for me baby. Cum for me now!”

I was close to release. Oh, so close.

Stef, moans more, “Oh yes. That’s it baby. Use me. Own me. Make me yours. Breed me. Oh, oh, oh! CUM WITH ME! CUM WITH ME NOW!”

I had been waiting for just that moment. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I let loose and shot six full ropes of cum for this pretty woman. Ah, that felt great.

Stef withers underneath me. Happy, but not ecstatic like she normally is.

I ask in a whisper, “Stef baby, what’s wrong? You look … sad.”

Stef is near tears, “I hate condoms, I like the feel of semen in me, rolling around, making me pregnant.”

That’s when I asked the fateful question, “I am sorry baby, why would you want to get pregnant?”

Stef realized her mistake too late, “Then we would have to get married and you would be mine.”

No quicker way to kill the mood or our relationship.


An old woman yells from the right side of the building, “$80,000!”

I joined this event as part of a deal with my company. They would fund my next project, no questions asked. However, I had to join this year’s bachelor auction to help the food bank. It’s a worthy cause, I donate every year for the corporate challenge. Ok, count me in.

The woman on the left side yells, “$90,000!”

I love my job. I am very good and compensated beyond my dreams. My bosses are all married and have tried to set me up for years now. Not my way to find a wife. This was their solution, bribe me and guilt me into a date. I wanted this project, I said yes. So here I am up on stage, and women are bidding on me for a single date.

The old lady yells from the right side of the building, “$100,000!”

I am up here on stage in a tuxedo. Sure, I am 6′ 3″, muscular, with a rugged looking face and short sandy brown hair. Overall, I am good looking. and work out. But I am not as good looking as the rich boys that frequent these types of events.

Me, I hate this type of life, so I rarely participate. Sure, I am worth ten times what those boys are, but I am far from the best-looking guy here tonight. Why do they want a date from me? None of these women know me. The only difference I see is their personality. These boys are snobs, never worked a day in their life. I am just a regular guy. I worked very hard to get where I am. I had to, I started out homeless.

A same woman on the left side yells, “$150,000!”

The other guys sold for $1,000, $1,500, and one went up to $7,000. I don’t know these people, I am not part of this lifestyle. I certainly can’t understand why they would bid so much on me. I am blushing and nervous.


Flashback 3 months

Katie is eating a tofu salad with a glass of white wine. She is certainly the best-looking woman I have ever dated, by far. Truly stunning. Yet each date feels more like an interview for a job than a date.

Katie asks me, “Do you identify more with a dolphin or a kite?”

How the hell do you answer that question?

I laugh mildly, “Do you ever wonder about what I do for work or what my hobbies are?”

Katie smiles, “I will get to that. I am using a personality test to see if we have any chance. Your portfolio makes you a strong candidate, I need to know if we connect on a social level enough that I will enjoy sex with you.”


The auctioneer yells, “Sold for $150,00!”

OMG. I still can’t see the woman that purchased me. She stays hidden. I do see a little girl running to me. She is running too fast across the stage, this will end badly. Sure enough, right in front of me she trips head first. There is a collective gasp. With lightning reflexes, helped by my expectation this would happen, I grab the girl in mid-air with one hand and hold her up to show everyone that she is safe. They cheer.

The little girl holds out her hands like she wants a hug. I give her a big bear hug. When a big man up on a stage hugs a tiny girl in a pretty dress, they all let out an “awwwwww.” I put the little girl down. She remembers the envelope she has and hands it to me. As I get down on a knee to accept the envelope, she kisses me on the cheek, then runs back into the dark crowd. Again, another collective “awwwwww.” I see the woman pick up the child, turn around, and leave. I never did see her face.

I put the envelope inside my coat pocket and mingle with the guests. After an hour, I walk to a portable Mersin Escort bar for the event, order a scotch the cute bartender smiles as she hands me an overflowing large glass. I sit down, bewildered, at a round table for eight. I see the old woman that bid on me and lost walking towards me. She spots me, walks up to my table, and sits down next to me. She has a wicked smile, I like her already. She is well into her sixties, radiated charisma, and surprisingly fit for her age. She was full of energy.

She extends her hand to me, “Hello, my name is Lynn. You just broke all fund-raising records in the city, made a ton of money for charity and yet you sit here looking sad like someone killed your puppy. You should be happy and proud of yourself. Because of you, many will eat for a long time.”

I smile and answer, “Nice to meet you Lynn. My name is Bill. I saw the price the other guys sold for. Their younger and better looking than me. I am at a loss, why did I go for more? Why such an enormous difference?”

Lynn laughed at me like I said something funny, “Oh my, you are so precious. Let’s start with Rickey Jones, his father was a professional football player. He is good very looking and young, just turned 21. Why just $1,000? Because we know him. He does all these events and is an ass hole. Insufferable to be around. No class. His only ambition in life is getting a young woman in bed and screwing her.”

All I got out was a “Wow.”

She continues, “All these children are loafers, have attitudes, and are no fun to be around. You think any of them would be here talking to me like you are? Not a chance in hell and you know it. The women that bought them, did it for show. They will stand them up on the date to show their contempt.”

My mouth hangs open. I want to ask a question.

She stops me and continues, “You are a gentleman. We all saw it tonight. The way you mingled with people, you are a person that is sweet and think of others. You aren’t a rich kid that mommy and daddy gave money to. You started with nothing and built your own fortune. Wealth has not ruined you, that’s why I wanted you. Hell, that’s why every woman there wanted you.”

I had to ask, “But why did you bid so much? It’s just a date.”

Lynn gives me a mischievous smile, “I know that girl that bought you. She had no limit tonight. I wanted her to prove to you that she was all in. In fact, she is what brought me here. I did my research on you. I know your family threw you out. I know they were wrong. But that doesn’t matter to a sixteen-year-old boy, does it?”

I shake my head no.

I sit quiet for a bit then ask, “Why are you really here?”

She laughed at me, “Oh you are funny. However, I shall tell you. It was because of that sweet little innocent girl that handed you that envelope tonight. I can see you want to know more but this is where I need to shut up. Your date will explain. I don’t want to ruin the experience for you.”

I thought about her answers for a moment. I logically processed the information and concluded that I like this lady. She wasn’t after me, that makes her interesting.

I stood up, held out my hand, “Madam, may I have this dance please.”

The rest of the night was a blur. I danced with Lynn and when she needed a rest, there was plenty of willing women to keep me dancing all night long. After the event and as the museum is closing, I walk Lynn out to her car.

Lynn boldly says to me, “You are a very charming young man. I am going home to my husband tonight, but I wish I was going home with you. I hope your date works out.” She started to say something but then thought better of it. “If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just want another nice evening out, call me anytime.”

She dropped a personal card into my hand. I gave her a quick light kiss on the lips. She smiled, and I helped her get into the car. It was a dark red Rolls Royce, an old one. It had character and class, just like Lynn. I smiled because I got to meet her. My car and driver were behind her, I got in, said hi to John my driver, and he drove me home.

I kept to myself, thinking all the way home. I thought about the night and what Lynn said. It was a fascinating evening. Lynn was an interesting person. I laugh at myself, I was calling those guys young and I am only 25 myself. They sure seemed a lot younger to me. Could it be that I am getting old?

Chapter 2 – The Note

As I walk into my bedroom I take off my coat and tie. I take the note out of my pocket and place it by the bed on the night stand. I take off my tuxedo, I hate wearing it. For certain events, like tonight, it’s necessary but a nice pair of boxers is all I need. Lynn was right, after all these years, I am a normal person still. I am proud of that.

I took a long hot shower, wanting to wash the sweat from dancing and the woman’s perfume. After slipping on my boxers, I jumped into bed and slid under the sheets. I still have plenty of energy from the night. All the beautiful women, the auction, and then Lynn. Mersin Escort Bayan Yet most intriguing was the woman that would not show her face. Old, disfigured, a former girlfriend, a co-worker? I could list five at work that would pay that much for a shot at me. Hmmm.


Flashback 2 years

Alice was an aggressive woman that thrived in a “man’s” field, engineering. Those days, there were a lot of female engineers coming out of college but very few senior female engineers which made it harder for them to get ahead. Alice was exceptional. Never mind that she was gorgeous, blond, and hot as a firecracker. She was also smart and a gifted engineer, one of only a few that I know are better than myself.

When she sets her sights on something, she gets what she wants. I was her target. We dated for three months before I slept with her. I try not to sleep with co-workers, but she wore me down. She was just as aggressive in bed.

Alice commanded me, “Eat my pussy. Feast on me. I want at least three orgasms.”

It was my pleasure, I loved eating pussy. I started out slow and tender.

She slapped my ass, “I need it bad, more, faster, harder!”

I sped up my assault. I went at her quickly with my tongue, moving around, probing, licking the edge of her lips. I was everywhere and then back to repeat. She loved it and orgasmed quickly. I lapped up her cum and then quickly traced her lips, up and down, up and down, inside and then outside. I blew a soft breath over her cunt and she orgasmed again.

I never stopped. Now I had my tongue doing a big O, my left hand was three fingers in her lower part of her slit finger fucking her. With two fingers of my right hand at the top rubbing her clit. She orgasmed almost immediately. She was on fire and screaming. She quickly moved into the doggie position and pushed my cock into her. I fucked her fast and hard. Nothing about her is slow and loving. I wondered if she is even capable of that.

I didn’t get her off fast enough, so she pushed me back and descended on my cock in the cowgirl position. She was bouncing on me hard. She was crushing my balls when she descended which is uncomfortable and quickly become painful. She orgasmed hard and rolls onto her side away from me and went to sleep.

A week later we broke up. A month later I joined my current company.


I am sitting in bed and relaxing. I had plenty to eat and drink tonight. I don’t drink much but around those people, it’s necessary. I am several chapters into a Clancy novel. I am still at the point where random events are happening before he brings them together. Tonight though, I have a personal mystery to unravel. I reach over, pick up the small envelope. I tear it open to find a hand-written card inside. I pull out the card and read it:


Dear Bill,

Please make reservations for two at Tudor’s Steak House, next Saturday @ 6:00 PM. Dress nice, the tux was cute on you. Dress warm because from there we will take a carriage ride to the park where we shall ice skate. Please don’t practice, I want you falling as much as I will. After walking in the park by the lake and taking under the lights, I will free you, having performed your obligation.

I look forward to meeting you again soon.

Yours Truly,



Interesting card. “Meeting you again”, I know this person. Interesting, she doesn’t assume there will be sex. No request, that’s unusual. She spends $150,000 and just wants dinner, a carriage ride, skating, and a walk in the park? That sounds more like a romantic date. Is she old fashioned, hideous, disfigured, dumb, or helplessly romantic? I got to admit, she has me interested already.

For me, most women throw themselves at me. A co-worker once told me I was a hunter, I enjoyed the chase, I didn’t want an easy kill. I wanted to earn the prize. This woman sounds similar. Have I met my match finally?

Wait a minute, Lynn said she was there because of the little girl. The woman has a daughter and that means she is married. That’s why no sex, she can’t cheat on her husband. Why meet me there? Why not let me pick her up? Is she hiding this from her husband? Is she embarrassed by her house? If so, she doesn’t know me very well.

I love a good problem. Too many unknowns. Lynn knows but she made it clear she was not helping. That would be too easy. I look at the envelope, it’s thin cheap paper. Either no thought went into the envelope or money is an issue. The pen is a cheap, Bic, 10 for a dollar. Did she buy me for my money? The hand writing is perfect, she spent time writing this, it wasn’t just an afterthought. She is excited to meet me. Conflicting information, this woman is interesting.

Remembering the little girl, she was small, adorable, six years or so. I wonder what a six-year-old wants for Christmas. When was the last time I bought a Christmas present? Oh my, the year dad threw me out of the house on Christmas Eve. Would it be wrong to get her a present? What could I buy that she Escort Mersin didn’t already have? What does a six-year-old want more than anything?

If the parents are divorced, she would want her parents back together. Then probably toys, lots of toys. But if her mother can afford $150,000 for a date with me, she has every toy on the market. No, it needs to be different, something special. This just might be the thing to lure Lynn out to lunch sometime this week. That would be nice. She was a nice woman. I see what she meant about the other guys, the best woman there and none of the “men” paid any attention to her. Their loss.

Chapter 3 – Lunch

Tuesday, I gathered enough courage to call Lynn. I laugh at myself. I needed courage to ask an older woman out to lunch.

I dial the number, rings twice, she answered, “Hello Lynn, this is Bill from Saturday night’s benefit.”

Lynn answered excitedly, “Oh, great to hear from you Bill. What can I do for you?”

I laugh, “Funny you should ask. I read my note and a lot of contradictions exist there. One thing I do know is that adorable little girl was amazing. I was hoping that over lunch you might coach me on buying her a present to send home with her mother on Saturday. Hmm, I guess she could be an aunt or niece as well though.”

Lynn giggles, “I am an expert on present for little girls. How about one hour from now at that café down the street from you, ‘The Lazy Goat.’ I must run, see you then. Bye.”

I have time to finish reviewing my email and meet her in time to have a table ready. She sounded quite busy.


I sit at a table waiting for Lynn. It’s a nice restaurant, great food, and a cute waitress. I can see the door, but I am not in the path of the chill from the door. Lynn steps in, I stand up and wave my hand. She came right over, kissed my cheek, I helped her remove her wool coat. What a fantastic wool coat she has. Never seen it’s equal in quality or design. It had a Christmas design on the front.

I engaged first, “Thank you so much for meeting me.”

The server arrived, took our food and drink orders, then quickly departed.

Lynn blushed but was direct, “No problem at all. Why buy the little girl a present? She isn’t your date.”

I was confident, “My date could be married, have a boyfriend, who knows. I don’t want to cause any trouble, I have had enough of that for a lifetime. The child though, she is safe. I can’t offend anyone there and it can’t cause trouble. I have no clue what a child that age wants. If her mother can afford $150,000 on me, she can afford any toy. My co-workers don’t have children, so I am at a loss. I don’t even know how old she is.”

Lynn looks at me and she is deep in thought. She is mulling over several options.

She perks up and says, “A girl her age either wants a doll or anything princess. This child is different. That’s what made her stand out to me. She is wise and aware of her world. No toy will make this one happy. She wants something that will last years.”

I am fumbling my words, “Jewelry. A ring. No.” My eyes light up. “A necklace she can wear that forever.”

Our food arrived, the server quickly ran off. The place was busy.

Lynn smiles at me, “Yes, I think for this child, a necklace will work and have a lasting positive impact on her.”

Now bewildered, “How do I know which one to buy?”

She smiles at me, “Walk into a nice jewelry store, not a big-name store, a privately owned one, find an older woman with class, she will know a few options.”

We finish our meal and discuss world events. She made me think about the entire world, not just my tiny part in it. She had to run, I helped her put on her coat. As we left, I left a hundred-dollar bill on the table for a $25 lunch. The server looked at it, looked at me, and she had a tear in her eye as she walked off stunned.

As I hugged Lynn good bye, she says to me, “You’re a good man. Never worry about man made laws, and governments. People are people, it’s how you treat them that matters. Everyone from a rich guy like you to a baby born to a house with no water deserves a decent life. Take care of yourself and have a great date.”

She turned around and left quickly. I thought I saw a tear in her eye.

Chapter 4 – Date Night

Once again, I dress like a penguin. Our table is ready, it’s a few minutes till 6:00. I am milling by the front door. I have no idea who I am meeting but they most certainly will recognize me. I am nervous, sweating a tiny bit. I had a scotch and water at the bar earlier to calm my nerves.

A beautiful woman in a long gold slinky dress walks in. She is amazing, big chest, lots of curves, long flowing blond hair. No jewelry, this must be the woman. Even standing here, she is a woman of contradictions. I smile at her as my eyes move up her body. I stop at her face. I know that face. She looks sad and uptight. She is more nervous that I am. It’s my sister Donna!

The hurt and pain come rushing back to me. I remember the beating I took that night. I reached out my arms to her, she smiles at me, then she ran into my arms and crushed me in a bear hug. She cried hard in my arms. She could not speak, she’s overwhelmed with emotions. I help her to our table and then pull out the chair for her. She sits down then I do too.

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