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Chris’ Adventures Ch. 15

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Chris woke the next morning and stretched out on the bed. Dave and John were still sleeping so he wormed his way to the foot of the bed and headed next door. He wanted to freshen up for them before they got up. Standing in front of the mirror he took a look at himself. His makeup was a mess and his wig needed combing and the makeup on his chest needed some work too in order to blend in the transition between his real skin and his fake breasts.

He got to work by first fixing the makeup on his chest, holding the breasts and working to blend the colors so it would look as seamless as possible. He couldn’t believe that he’d gone the whole weekend looking like this. His mind was replaying everything that had happened so far and he didn’t regret any of it. Finding Dave and John was a stroke of luck. They helped him live out one of his fantasies and sort of live out another one last night by servicing a group of guys and then capping it of by having three of them take his ass in succession. With his chest done he looked in the mirror and admired his form. Damn he looked hot with a pair of tits and a dick.

Next he fixed his wig and the makeup on his face. By the time he was done he looked like a put together woman, not something that was ready for the walk of shame. Though that might change after John and Dave woke up, in fact, he was sure of it. He giggled as he finished with a little eyeliner and heard some rustling next door through the opening between the rooms. Next thing he knew, Dave was poking his head into the room he was in as he was picking up something he’d left here last night.

“Morning Lisa.” Dave said with a grin.

Chris looked over at Dave and smiled. He also noticed that he was sporting an erection, which really didn’t surprise him. He was too. “Hi Dave.” Chris walked over and kissed him, their cocks rubbing as they got close. Both men moaned appreciatively.

“Nothing like a little morning wood.” Dave chuckled. “I’ll bet John has the same problem.”

“And let me guess,” Chris interrupted, “You expect me to take care of it? You two are insatiable.” He squeezed Dave’s ass as he passed into the room they were all sleeping in.

“Like you’ll say no.” John said from the bed. Apparently, he’d woken up too and had tossed the covers aside, his erection standing proud.

Chris laughed as he sat on the bed. “You’re right.” He crawled up on all fours on the bed and wiggled his ass at Dave who was standing behind him now. “So how do you two want me for the last time before you have to head to the airport?” He turned to look over his shoulder at Dave who was crossing the room now.

Dave reached for the lube on the nightstand and smacked Chris’ ass. “Right there will be fine Lisa.”

Chris moaned as the smack echoed through the room. “Fuck your whore one last time before you need to leave. Use me as your cum dump.” He was acting the proper slut for the two gentlemen. She he’d turned around to face John a cock was staring him straight in the face. Dave was already waiting to get sucked. “Mmm breakfast. I haven’t been awake a half hour and I’m already getting cock. You two really know how to treat a lady.” Chris leaned in and kissed the head as he felt Dave drip some lube down the crack of his well fucked ass.

“Oh yeah Lisa. Suck it.” John moaned. He watched as Chris opened his mouth wide and swallowed him easily. Slowly he began bobbing up and down on his cock and his hips thrust slowly in time with the head bobbing on him. He looked up at Dave who was spreading Chris’ ass cheeks, ready to fuck him. “Slide right in Dave. Let’s give our special hooker a sendoff she’ll never forget.”

Chris moaned as he felt the head of Dave’s cock slide into his ass with little to no resistance. Dave’s hands grasped his hips and he thrusts forward, causing him to swallow John’s cock while taking the entire length of Dave in his ass. He grunted as He felt Dave start pumping in and out, as if he was trying to pump and run. He pulled off John’s cock and moaned. “Take it slow baby. You’ve got time, don’t you?” He saw Dave look at his watch and continue fucking him without missing a beat.

“We’ve got a little time, but we can’t take to long.” Dave answered. But for you, we’ll make it last as long as we can.” He thrust back into Chris’ ass, burying himself to the hilt in his tight rear end. In and out he escort bursa slid over and over as he watched Chris gobble down John’s cock. “God, she’s still tight after the fucking we gave her last night.”

A moan escaped Chris’ lips as he heard Dave comment about how tight his ass still was. It was good to know that he thought it still felt good after the thorough fucking the three guys gave him last night. He pushed back against Dave’s cock and grunted, squeezing his sphincter around the invading shaft, causing Dave to groan. He wanted to feel both of them inside him again before they left as he sucked and licked John’s cock. He knew they didn’t have a lot of time and then a wicked idea hit him.

Chris pulled off John’s cock and he heard a moan of protest from above. “I want you in my ass baby.”

“Well, suck me until Dave finishes.” John grunted as he slapped Chris’ face with his cock.

Chris moaned. John slapping him with his cock made him feel so slutty but what he was going to suggest would be even sluttier. “Who says we have to wait?” He said as he opened his mouth and sucked John’s cock in as it passed by and then popped off it again.

“What??” Came John’s reply. Dave followed suit with similar, surprised question.

Dave stopped fucking Chris and moaned. “You want both of us in your ass at the same time?” He questioned with incredulity.

Looking over his shoulder at Dave Chris answered. “Yes.” He slipped off Dave and sat up. “I’ve had two dildoes in me. Now I have two cocks at my disposal. So let’s try the real thing and go out with a bang.” He pulled Dave to him and gave him a deep kiss. When he turned around John was already laying on the bed and holding his cock up, ready for Chris to sit on.

“Well then come here and sit on this.” He waved his cock at Chris, inviting him to take it.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Chris said. He straddled John and lowered his lubed ass onto John, taking him easily. He groaned as John’s shaft buried itself in his tight ass. Right away he began bouncing up and down on his cock, getting it nice and slick. He looked down at John who was looking up at him and his bouncing breasts.

John moaned as Chris took his cock deep into his ass. “God you feel so good Lisa.” He grabbed Chris’ hips and guided him up and down on his shaft. He watched as Chris threw his head back and moaned as His cock pistoned in and out of his ass. John slowly moved his hands up Chris’ torso to his fake breasts and began massaging them as if they were real. They felt close to lifelike and he squeezed and tugged at them gently making Chris moan.

“Oh John. God I wish I could really feel you r hands on my breasts. Tugging on them feels good, though don’t pull to hard.” He pushed his chest into John’s hands and relished in the feel of feeling like a woman getting fucked. As her was rising John he felt Dave get in behind the two of them. Soon he felt Dave’s slick cock running up and down the crack of his ass as he bounced up and down on John.

Dave grabbed Chris’ hips to stop him from bouncing. And pressed their bodies together. “Are you ready for this?” He asked as he lined up his cock with Chris’ already stretched ass.”

Chris turned his head and kissed Dave. “Yes. Just go slow.” Chris leaned forward, his breasts now pressing against John and giving Dave a nice target. He felt Dave spread his ass cheeks and then the mushroom head of this cock was at his entrance. He took a deep breath and steadied himself. The first try, Dave wasn’t able to slide in. Chris could feel him press slowly into his ass but he tensed up.

“Relax Lisa.” John told him. He held Chris to him and kissed his lips while giving Dave the thumbs up.

Dave pushed ahead again. He could feel Chris’ ass tense up a bit but the head of his cock popped in this time. He grunted as Chris’ ass gripped him and John tightly. His eyes closed as he let the sensation of being tightly squeezed like that washed over him.

Chris gasped and grunted. Breaking away from John’s kiss he cried out in pleasure and pain. “Oh My God! It hurts so good!” He panted and breathed deep. “You two are bigger combined than my toys are.” He just held himself there as his ass got used to the two invaders in his rear passage. After a minute or so rocking back and forth slowly his ass relaxed enough that he felt good in letting them continue. görükle escort “Slide more in Dave.”

Dave did as he was told and watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Chris’ ass. Inch by inch he pushed it in, holding Chris’ hips still the entire time. All three of them were groaning and moaning as Dave sank the length of his cock into Chris.

“Ugghhhhh. I’ve never felt so full in my life.” Chris groaned. His breathing evened out and he sat up as best he could with two cocks in his ass, which wasn’t much. “Oh my. You two are going to have to do all the pushing and fucking. I’m just along for the ride at this point. Now fuck me boys.”

John and Dave began slowly moving in and out in time with each other. Their cocks sawing into Chris’ ass as they fucked him. “How’s that feel?” John inquired as he held Chris up by his fake breasts.

“So damn good.” Chris hissed through clenched teeth and closed eyes. “Keep going. I want to feel you two flood my ass with cum at the same time. Chris held himself there pressed against John’s hands as the two men started sawing in and out of his ass. His ass had never felt so stretched out in his life. And it felt so good. His head was swimming with the thought of trying this with Rob and someone else. That huge cock of his and another in his rear. Or even Rob and Patti or Christy with a strap-on. God that would be kinky.

John bucked his hips sliding deep into Chris along with Dave’s cock. “Oh God, her ass and your cock in there with me feel so damn good Dave. I don’t know how much more I can take.” He grunted and his brow furrowed, like he was concentrating on not blowing his load deep in Chris’ ass.

Dave leaned forward and pushed deep in Chris’ ass as John called out to him. “Ughhh. Yessss.” He hissed. “I’m close. Close to filling her hot ass with cum.”

Chris groaned. “Do it boys. Flood your slut with cum one more time.” As he said that he felt the men grab his hips. One set of hands on top of another now as they sawed in and out of him faster and faster. They were all grunting and groaning and he could feel them twitch in his ass as they slowed a bit now and drove deeper. They gasped and Dave shot first. Dave grunted and let a stream of cum flood Chris’ ass. Almost immediately after that, John grunted loudly and exploded. Both of their cocks were now shooting deep into his ass. He moaned and groaned as they twitched their hips and flooded his ass. Being so stretched out he could feel the cum dripping out of his ass and down his thigh as they both came down. He collapsed on John, his cock still hard and trapped between the two of them.

Dave groaned and slipped form Chris’ well fucked ass and rolled onto the bed. “God damn that was the hottest thing I’ve ever done.”

Chris looked over at him and then back to John. “Yes it was. Me too.” But now that you two are done. What about me?” He slowly slid off of John, his cock slipping from his loose hole and slumped on the bed. “You don’t get too leave me hanging like you did last night to finish myself off.”

Dave leaned over and positioned his head over Chris’ cock. “Oh, I think we can take care of that.” He licked Chis’ shaft up and down as he looked at John. “I think we can both suck Lisa, right John?” Dave wiggled Chris’ cock at John and he nodded.

John turned and lay on the other side of Chris. He started licking too. Their tongues mingling as they worked up and down Chris’ shaft and over his head. Each time they got to the top of Chris’ head they kissed. “Mmm. Let me suck this beautiful cock in my mouth Dave.”

Chris watched as Dave held his cock out to John to suck. John took it in his mouth and began sucking it, his head bobbing up and down before Dave gently pulled Chris’ cock from his mouth. Chris groaned but soon gripped the sheets as Dave sucked his cock into his mouth. Back and forth the two of them did this until Chris could take no more. “Oh God you two. I’m going to explode.

“Ohhhh. Let’s share that too.” John hissed as he planted his lips on Chris’ cockhead. He watched as Dave did the same. They played their tongues over his fat, purple head and soon enough, Chris exploded. His cum shot out of his cock and the two men tried to catch it on their tongues but it hit their cheeks, chin, and nose.

Chris grunted and tensed as his cock shot forth the first load. bursa escort bayan Again, he tensed and shot another load. Dave caught this one and then John moved in just in time to catch the next shot, partly on his chin, and partly in his mouth. The two men drained him and slumped back on the bed.

“How was that?” John asked as he got off the bed and toweled off his face.

“Exquisite.” Chris sighed as he watched the two men get off the bed, clean up, and start to get dressed. “Oh man. I’m not sure I can move now. You two have fucked me to the point I don’t think I can walk.” He curled up on the bed as Dave disappeared into his room and john packed his own clothes. “You definitely made my weekend here memorable. Thank you.” He smiled up at John.

John looked at Chris and smiled. “You’re welcome Lisa. But you also made our weekend memorable too. And helped us find another person to fool around with that we probably would never have.” John tossed his clothed into his suitcase as Chris climbed off the bed and stretched.

“Us hookers aim to please.” Chris cooed as he stepped over to John and gave him a peck on the cheek. “But now I need to collect my things and head back to my room” He turned away and sauntered into the adjoining room to find Dave just about finished packing and his things on the bed waiting for him.

“Hi Lisa.” Dave called. “You were fantastic this weekend. You know that?” He walked over and kissed Chris on the cheek.

“Thank you Dave. As I was saying to john though, you two made my weekend too.” He caressed Dave’s groin to punctuate his statement. “It’s going to be hard to top this.” He broke away from Dave and collected his things off the bed, slipping back into his lingerie and wrapping the robe around himself. He went to the bathroom to fix the makeup and hair that he was sure were a bit of a mess after that fuck session. He didn’t want to walk down the hall to his room looking so well fucked over. He had a little more dignity than that he thought as he laughed to himself.

Chris finished up and saw that Dave was packed and ready to go. He went next door to say good bye to John. When he entered the room, John was holding a wad of cash in and outstretched hand.

“Go ahead, take it.” He said.

Chris grabbed the wad and began counting it. “There’s $900 there.” John said. Chris looked up, mouth agape, eyes wide.


“Well,” John started, “Hookers get paid don’t they? We collected $30 each from the guys for the blowjobs. The rest is form Dave and I.”

Chris didn’t know what to say. He started to blush. Yeah Christy told them to ‘use her hooker for the weekend.’ But she didn’t think they would actually pay him.

“Your wife did say to use her little hooker. So we figured that it was only right to pay you for the weekend.” He flashed a smile at Chris “To complete the fantasy world we’ve created this weekend. After all, you were and excellent hooker, or would you prefer call girl?”

“I’d say I was more of a call girl.” Chris chuckled. “Who went the extra mile for her clients.” He winked at them as he put the money in his clutch.

“Worth every penny of it.” Dave said as he squeezed Chris’s ass.

Chris turned to give Dave a hug and a quick kiss. “You two have been fantastic this weekend. I hope that you two, and Tim, get two explore more when you return home.” She turned and kissed John passionately. “And you, you should tell your wife how you feel, and your sexual proclivities. Maybe not what transpired here this weekend, but the other stuff. She may know more than you think.” He watched John blush as he backed away from him and headed to the door.

“I’ll have to think about it.” Replied John.

“Do it, you won’t regret it.” Chris said as he headed out into the hallway. He waved goodbye to both men and walked back to his room through the empty hall of his floor. Making it back to his room, he fell on the bed, his arms wide and let the full weight of what transpired this weekend wash over him, replaying things in his head and loving what he saw. He couldn’t wait to talk to Christy later. Right now, he didn’t want to bother her since she was probably having a good time with Hank. They’d get to trade stories later and he was sure she’d call after Hank left.

Right now he was going to take a long hot shower, get cleaned up, freshen up his look, and hit the strip and see if he could turn that $900 into some more at the tables. He figured, even though Dave and John were gone, he’d live out the rest of day done up the way he was now, finish the weekend as Christy wanted him too.

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