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Chloe’s Introduction Pt. 02

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(Author’s Note: To all those who have read, liked and commented on my first chapter, thank you, I’m very overwhelmed by the positive response! This is a direct continuation to the first part of Chloe’s Introduction, so please read that first! For those who’ve accused me of teasing, well…I hope you enjoy!)

Before leaving Mia alone with this new girl, Elaine looked in her direction and mouthed, “Good Girl” at her, and smiled encouragingly. She had no real idea of how this Chloe girl was going to be, she only had Edwina’s desperate assertion she was as good a stylist as Tracey, the woman who usually attended these private sessions.

Elaine strode past Edwina, leaving her to close the door to the flat and follow her into the living room area. She sat in a high-backed chair and stared at Edwina icily.

“Strip.” was all she said.

Edwina immediately started to undress. Off came her black trousers, black blouse, and bow. Her lace underwear removed to reveal a smooth, bare mound and her 34c breasts, slightly sagging, released from her bra.

She stood in front of Elaine, hands by her side, trembling. She had a number of tattoos, the principle one being a rose bush which started on her hip and blossomed over her shoulder and breast. She had a number of piercings including bars through her nipples and the hood of her clit. Edwina waited; head bowed.

“You stupid, stupid bitch”, Elaine hissed at her. Each word making Edwina flinch.

“I’m so sorry, madame, I… I panicked when Tracey called me, I picked up my phone and”

“And you called the first bloody number you came to, didn’t you.”

“Umm…I panicked” she repeated.

“How long has she been here? Six months? You’ve never mentioned her to me!”

“Tracey and I… we had planned to break her in slowly. We know she’s bisexual and quite open minded…”

“You don’t realise what you have done, the risk you have taken. You should have called me first!” Elaine exploded out of her chair and started stalking the room, one hand on her forehead. Edwina managed to stay stock still but shivered in fear of her mistress’s wrath.

Elaine took a deep breath and tried to gather her thoughts, walking slowly around Edwina. Elaine was the only person that Edwina would ever defer to, and she felt fully consumed by her authority.

“Okay. At best? You are right, and this girl Chloe is a good fit. My first impression is that she was both bemused and curious and perhaps — just perhaps a little turned-on downstairs. You say she’s a good stylist, up to Tracey’s standards? She had better be. As for the rest, perhaps we can…provide the right guidance and see where it all leads”.

Edwina sighed, in relief, but Elaine turned sharply on her.

“But I will never credit you for this beyond it being an uncanny, haphazard accident of circumstances. No thought has gone into this beyond your own desires, Eddie. We could have cancelled and come back in a couple of weeks, there was no need for this!

“It’s highly more likely this girl of yours is going to run a bloody mile and never. Ever. Come. Back. And the only reason I’m letting it happen is because if it is a car wreck down there, I have confidence that I can repair any damage done to my girl, and it will be a lasting lesson for you.”

As Elaine’s words stung her ears, Edwina felt the reality of the situation started dawning on her, the possible consequences of exposing Chloe to her private sessions, was incredibly risky. She and Tracey had talked about it and were trying to figure out how to broach the subject with her. They both really liked Chloe and wanted to bring her into the inner circle. But now she realised just how much of a shock all of this could be for her.

Elaine sat again, and watched the realisation slowly dawn on Edwina’s face. Now that the mental punishment had begun, it was time for the physical punishment to commence.

“Fetch me your toybox”, she said.

Edwina nodded and disappeared to one of the bedrooms, returning with a large box.

“Place your hands behind your back.” Edwina complied immediately, as Elaine delved into the box and pulled out a set of wrist restraints. She grabbed Edwina’s wrist harshly and clasped the stiff leather cuff tightly around it. She followed suit with the other, clasping it tightly shut with a snap. The short chain joining them allowing Edwina’s arms a little slack.

The effect of putting Edwina’s hands behind her back made her push her chest out more, and left her breasts exposed and vulnerable. Elaine wasted no time, taking each pierced nipple between finger and thumb and squeezing, letting the pressure build and build until Edwina cried out.

“Endure it bitch, I’m in no mood for mercy.”

“Aaaahhh, yes madame!”



Elaine’s palms struck Edwina’s flesh hard, making her gasp and draw breath with each sting. Elaine repeatedly swiped at them until they were both a ruddy pink colour and tears were forming in the corner of Edwina’s eyes.

“Why did istanbul travesti you force this Eddie, hmm?” Elaine purred at her. “Did you want me to punish you? Were you so desperate to see Chloe involved? Did you really not think of the consequences, or were you secretly yearning…for this?”

The way Edwina blushed hotly, let Elaine know she’d struck oil.

“Oh, darling, dear slut….be so ever careful what you wish for.”

Elaine sorted through the box again and took out a black leather collar which she placed around Edwina’s neck, fastening it tight, then attaching a dog leash. Edwina found herself pressing her thighs tightly as her arousal grew from Elaine’s treatment of her.

“Come dear slut, I’m thirsty. I expect you are too”. Elaine tugged on the leash, forcing the bound woman to follow her into the kitchen.

Elaine found a bottle of merlot and opened it, pouring herself a glass. She smirked at Edwina.

“Where is it?” She asked.

Edwina pointed with her head, one of the cupboards. Elaine opened it and took out a dog bowl, into which she poured a glass of the wine and set it on the counter.

“Drink up, slut”

Edwina leaned over the counter and started to lap and slurp the wine from the bowl, noisily. At least it hadn’t been placed on the floor. When she’d drunk most of it, Elaine picked up the bowl. Edwina immediately opened her mouth as Elaine tipped the remaining wine past her lips.

“Come, slut” Elaine said, tugging the leash again, leading her back to the living room. She took her to the sofa and made her lean forward over the arm. Her feet still touching the floor, arms tied behind her, head down on the seat cushion.

“This is going to hurt you. A lot. Please feel free to cry, if necessary. If you are lucky, and Chloe is everything you say she is, then this will be the only punishment you shall endure today.” As she spoke, Elaine lubed a butt plug and slowly inserted it into Edwina’s bum, pushing the greasy bulbous head past her tight ring, momentarily stretching her open before it popped inside and the anus fit snugly around it. Edwina moaned at the pain and pleasure of being stretched and intruded.

“I should be whipping you right now”, threatened Elaine, “but that would really scare her off, your Chloe. So, I shall make do with the paddle. Twelve should do the trick.”

Elaine slowly walked around Edwina to build the anticipation, giving the long leather paddle a twirl or two in the air for effect, before moving behind her sub, pushing her legs apart with her own foot.


The first blow making Edwina cry out loudly with the sting of it.

“Eddie? Everything all right?” It was the girl, Chloe. She must have been on the landing and heard. Elaine went to the door and was surprised to see that the girl had changed out of her clothes and into the skin-tight pvc dress that Tracey liked to wear.

“Well, don’t you look delicious dear”, Elaine smiled.

“Is everything alright? I heard a cry”

“Bear it no mind, dear. I am merely disciplining Eddie for her lack of care this morning. How is Mia?”

“Um…she’s good, she’s waiting for me to finish the cut, I… needed to get changed”

“Well… don’t let me keep you dear. We shall be down soon enough to see your handiwork. If you finish before we come down, tell Mia she needs to pay you properly.”

Elaine smiled to herself as she went back into the living room.

“The good news, for you dear slut, is that your instincts may have been spot on the money.”

She picked up the leather paddle once more.

“Now….where were we?”

Chloe took a look at herself in the mirror and didn’t recognise the woman staring back at her. The pvc dress — if you could call it that — was miles away from the usual things she would wear. She took stock of the situation. Upstairs, her friend, her boss was being “disciplined” – Chloe had seen and read enough porn to have an idea of what that entailed — by this very attractive and imperious, authoritative woman who held her in thrall. Meanwhile downstairs was this young submissive girl who had allowed her to chop off most of her mane and was waiting for her to finish styling her hair. And here she was, Chloe, literally between the two, yearning to experience both.

Something had awakened within her. It seems it only needed a nudge, but nevertheless Chloe was discovering a new aspect to her personality and wanted to explore further.

She headed downstairs and strode into the salon room. Mia’s eyes widened when she saw her.

“Oh! Miss, you look wonderful!” she exclaimed breathlessly. Chloe smiled and walked behind her,

“Thank you, Mia,” she said as she peeled the towel off the girl’s head. That brought Mia back to reality- than her long hair had just been chopped off. Her hair retained some length at the front, but the back was nape-length due to Chloe cutting off her ponytail.

Chloe took control of Mia again.

“Eye’s front dear” she said in a confident istanbul travestileri voice. Chloe was in her own element now, her skills taking over and allowing that confidence in her skills to let Mia know she was in safe hands.

“Yes, Miss Chloe” she replied.

Chloe placed a rubber mat over the girl’s shoulders, then plugged in a large pair of clippers. She combed through Mia’s damp hair and parted it into sections, leaving the lower back half loose, then placed a guard on the clippers and switched them on.

Mia bit her lip and looked nervous as the clippers buzzed to life.

“Don’t worry Mia – I’m only doing the nape with these”. Chloe said.

“Now…head forward…” with that, Chloe placed her hand on the back of the girl’s head and leant it forward til her chin was tucked into her chest. Chloe brought the clippers up through her nape, flicking her wrist as she reached the top of the section.

Over and over, Chloe ran the clippers over Mia’s nape and hair, shearing it down to a soft fuzz. She pushed the clippers sideways, and ensured they went over the soft area behind her ears. She then changed the guard to a smaller one and went over the border, giving it more of a tapered and blended look.

At the centre of Mia’s neck was a tattoo of Fleur-de-Lis, about an inch wide and inked in purple and gold. Chloe stared at it and asked Mia.

“That’s Madame’s mark, Miss.”

“You let her tattoo you?” Chloe was once more taken aback about this whole situation.

“Yes Miss”

Chloe concentrated on cutting her hair but asked, “What exactly is your relationship with madame Elaine? Who the hell is she, anyway?”

“Oh, Madame is a film producer, Miss. I am her personal assistant.”

“Seriously? A film producer? What sort of films?” Chloe was concentrating on snipping away at Mia’s hair now, her fine bladed scissors slicing precisely through her hair, shaping it.

“Glossy arthouse erotica, Miss.” Mia kept still as she felt the cold metal of the scissors by her ear.

“Of course, she does,” Chloe smiled. “Why am I not surprised.”

She unclipped a new section of hair and combed through it before setting her scissors into it.

“And I assume you are a very personal assistant? How did that happen?”

Mia took a deep breath. “I had started as an intern, fresh out of college. I was working as a gofer on one of her productions. The director was a bit of an arsehole, Miss and liked to boss me around. One late evening I’d done a coffee run for the crew and he picked up the wrong cup — even though they all had names on them.”

“What happened?” Chloe asked, focused completely on Mia’s hair. Small damp snippets were now covering the girl’s cape.

“He tore me a new one, Miss. Called me a stupid cow, all sorts of names, then told me to fuck off, I was fired. He wanted to see me cry, but I wouldn’t, I refused to let myself. Instead, I left, but on my way off set, a woman — Madame Elaine — she approached me and asked to see me in her office.

“She offered me a probationary role as her personal assistant. She explained who she was, and apologised for the way I’d been treated by that director. She said he would never make another film for her company again and has so far kept her word.

“She looked after me, mentored me, trained me to be the perfect assistant. I mirror her long hours and manage her phone for her. I am always just behind her left shoulder so I can pass or receive documents between us. I’ve been with her two years as her assistant Miss Chloe. I love my job, and I love her, I’d do anything, honestly anything for her.”

“And that includes…having sex with other people?”

“Yes Miss. She enjoys watching me and I watching her sometimes.”

Chloe was on the home straight now with the haircut, ensuring the front section just kissed the corners of Mia’s lips. It was shorter than Elaine had suggested but Chloe felt it suited Mia better.

“Why do you call me Miss?” She asked, “I’m not your mistress.”

“It’s how I was told to address Miss Tracey, Miss. You have me in your chair, clearly you are in control here Miss. Is that wrong? Do you not like to be called that?” A slight concern in her voice.

Chloe straightened up and placed her hands on Mia’s shoulders and sighed.

“No one has ever called me that before, Mia. I’m not sure I would have considered myself as submissive but someone who is definitely led. Especially when it comes to anything sexual, I’ve always followed someone else’s lead, or instruction….and I’ve been fine with that… But today…it’s been so strange already, this past hour or so has probably been the strangest and….weirdly sexual of my whole life. Having you in this chair, it’s put a whole new spin on my passions, and….”

“…And?” Said Elaine, as she and Edwina entered the salon…

Chloe turned at the sound of Madame Elaine’s voice, watching her enter the salon. She was dressed differently now. Her smart and expensive skirt and travesti istanbul blouse replaced with a white corset which semi-cupped her breasts. She had white stockings and white high heels, and a garter which framed her trimmed mound.

A few steps behind her came Edwina, wincing slightly as, unbeknownst to Chloe, she’d just walked down a flight of stairs with a butt plug still embedded in her. Chloe’s eyes went wide when she saw her boss naked, standing before her.

Naked? Not quite, Chloe realised, as her eyes focused on the piercings through the woman’s nipples and the hood of her clit, and her tattoos, as she was seeing the rose bush for the first time.

Just when Chloe thought she was getting a handle on the situation, her thoughts and feelings spun out once more. She had been comfortable enough wearing the pvc dress with Mia, while doing her hair, but now felt self-conscious in front of these two very sexy women who exuded sexual confidence.

Elaine smiled as she watched Chloe’s expression.

“It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it Chloe dear,” she said, walking up to her and again, slowly circling her.

“Your change of clothes was a pleasant surprise, dear. She looks good in Tracey’s gear, doesn’t she, Eddie” calling over her shoulder.

“Yes, madame. Chloe, you look lovely!” Edwina exclaimed, making Chloe blush.

“So, Chloe dear…”, circling her still, “what made you change? Did Tracey call you?”

“Yes, she did,” said Chloe, “but the reason I changed was…”, she took a breath. This was not a time for half-truths or coyness, she could tell.

“The reason I changed was because I got so aroused from doing your sub’s hair that my knickers were sodden and I didn’t want any wet spots on my skirt. Madame.” She met Elaine’s gaze as she spoke.

“Thank you for your candor, dear. I have a feeling we’re going to get on very well indeed. You can count your blessings, Eddie.”

Elaine walked past Chloe and stood behind her sub, stroking her shoulders.

“Mia dear, you look so different already, I love it. Has Chloe been looking after you, dear slut?”

Mia beamed a smile at her mistress through the mirror.

“Oh yes Miss. She has been most authoritative and controlling with me and gave me a very submissive hair wash.”

Elaine stroked her girl’s hair, sliding her fingers over the newly exposed and shorn nape, making Mia shiver. She then slid her fingers into the thick of her hair, tightening her grip and leaning Mia’s head backwards, til she leaned over her and kissed her deeply. Mia moaned softly at the contact of her mistress’s lips, then deeper as her tongue slid into her mouth.

Watching Elaine and her sub kiss in such an intimate and affectionate manner aroused Chloe. She could feel her nipples hardening under the tight pvc. She looked over at Edwina and mouthed “you okay?” at her, which got a large smile and nod from the woman.

“Eddie, your tattoos are amazing! I never knew you had so much ink,” Chloe said, to distract herself from the ongoing kiss.

Elaine looked up.

“Do you have any tattoos yet, Chloe dear?” Something about the word “yet” made her shiver.

“No madame. Not yet. I have often thought of them but have yet to find something I feel I want to be permanently marked with.”

“Edwina darling, will you go and sort out some drinks for us all? Chloe here is going to wash Mia’s hair again.” Edwina nodded and head upstairs. Elaine turned to Chloe and sat next to her girl.

“Now dear, why don’t you show me your skills?”

Chloe smiled. She’d never had someone so invested in what she was doing — other than her client of course. The idea of being watched thrilled her — especially when she considered how turned-on she was before.

Without a word, Chloe turned on the spray.

“Over you go Mia,” she said. Mia immediately moved forward and leant over the sink. Elaine sat watching her. Chloe put her hand on the back of Mia’s neck and pushed her lower. She brought the spray over Mia’s nape, soaking it and slid her hand through, pushing her shorter hair forward. It no longer hung in a long sheet, now it barely reached her nose.

Chloe ran her hand trough Mia’s-soaked hair again and again and found herself looking at Elaine while she did so, wanting to see if she was enjoying it. If she was, she was keeping a poker face for the time being.

However, when Chloe turned off the spray and reached for the shampoo, Elaine suddenly said, “Wait, dear.”

Elaine stood and picked out a bottle of shampoo. Chloe heard Mia sigh as if she knew what was coming. Elaine popped open the bottle and held it above Mia’s wet hair and started to pour it all over her scalp.

Chloe admitted to herself how damn sexy that looked, the thick creamy liquid sliding over Mia’s wet hair. Elaine smiled at her then motioned with her hands for her to continue.

Keeping her eyes on Elaine, Chloe slowly pressed her hands, fingers spread, into the shampoo on Mia’s hair and started to smear it all in, running Mia’s hair through her hands again and again. As it was her second wash, the shampoo foamed very quickly, filling her hair with thick creamy lather which Chloe expertly massaged through. God, this was making her wet, and she found herself biting her lower lip and squeezing her thighs.

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