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Cherry Blossoms and Hellfire Ch. 01

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I felt the summons, and braced myself to shift worlds. I’d been summoned before. I knew the drill. The dark sorcerer would have a sacrifice waiting for me, to allow me to regain the strength I had lost during the trip through the Void. If I accepted either servitude to the sorcerer or whatever task the sorcerer wanted me to perform, I would get to drain the sacrifice of life force, which would return me to my former vigor. If I refused, the sorcerer would let me die. I hadn’t chosen death yet, and I didn’t plan to. A year and a day was a small price to pay for my life.

I grimaced as the summons yanked me into the Void, the nothingness that filled the space between my world and the mortal one. Pain lanced through me as my power was dragged out from beneath my skin. I roared soundlessly into the emptiness.

Abruptly, my roar became audible as my journey finished. The agony was not over, though. Until I fed on the life force of a mortal, I would feel as though my skin was aflame and my guts full of knives. I sank to the ground, silently clutching my stomach.

The sorcerer began to speak. “I have summoned you, demon. If you accept my offer-”

I cut him off. “I know how this works. Where’s the sacrifice?And what do you wish of me?”

The sorcerer pointed to a man lying bound beside the circle. As soon as he pointed out the other human, I wondered how I’d missed him. The man was gorgeous, easily the most attractive human I’d ever seen. Large, luminous eyes stared up at me, framed by long lashes. They had the epicanthic folds common in the central part of this world, and were such a dark brown they almost seemed black.

He wore only a loincloth, which allowed me a good view of his form. He was muscular, but lithe, with very little body hair. I traced the graceful curves of his body, admiring his sharply defined muscles and his slender limbs. His lips were full and the exact same shade as a cherry blossom. I traced them with my eyes, too, wondering what it would be like to fuck that mouth. His hair was long and wavy, spread around his head like a black halo. The face it framed was somehow both incredibly masculine and a bit androgenous.

What he saw, I knew, was much less attractive. Scary, maybe, but not attractive. I was tall, bright red, and completely hairless. My legs ended in black cloven hooves, and my six fingered hands were tipped with black claws. I also wore nothing but a loincloth, and I was muscular, but there was nothing lithe or graceful about me. Crimson horns graced my hairless head, and my eyes were bright orange with inner fire. My tail, tipped with a triangular blade, lashed behind me. A former master had once told me that I always looked at least a little bit angry, so my pained expression likely looked like rage.

The man looked more thoughtful than frightened. Perhaps he didn’t realize what the sorcerer had in store for him. What I would do to him.

While I had been admiring the sacrifice, the sorcerer had been talking. I stood and cut him off. “You’re going to have to repeat that. I didn’t hear.”

The sorcerer glared at me. “If you don’t pay attention this time, I’ll let you die and summon another. Now, I desire you to…”

I tried to listen, but my eyes kept wandering to my gorgeous fellow prisoner. He was examining the pentagram that held me. Carefully, slowly, he moved a bit toward my prison. He grimaced, and then licked the line of a rune with a perfect pink tongue, erasing it.

My eyes widened as the magic of the pentagram broke down. The sorcerer abruptly stopped monologuing about the task he wanted to set me to. “What-”

He cut off with a choking sound as I reached out of the pentagram and grasped him by the throat. Wheezing, he struggled to breathe. His eyes met mine, pleading. I laughed, and began to drain him of life force.

Losing my strength had been agony. Regaining it was ecstasy. I smiled as the sorcerer withered and writhed in my grip. He choked out a pained gasp, and then he was gone. I released his emaciated and wrinkled form. It fell to the ground with a rattle of dried bones.



The demon turned to me, smiling grimly. “Don’t think I will show you mercy just because you released me.”

I shrugged. I had been expecting as much. “I just wanted the sorcerer to die too,” I told him. Turning my powers up as high as they would go, I gave him a charming smile. şişli bayan escort “And you killed him first, so I got to watch him die.” I shrugged, knowing how the motion made my chest muscles ripple. “That’s as much of a win as I was expecting.” A lie. If I played my cards right, I would live through this.

The demon stared down at me, gaze admiring. It was the lustful gleam in his eyes that had first given me hope that I might survive. If there was one thing I knew, it was how to manipulate lust.

“Y-you want me,” I said, allowing my lingering fear to show. In a way, it was another lie. The fact that he wanted me wasn’t scary at all. I was very used to being wanted. What frightened me was the possibility that he didn’t want me enough. If I could get him to fuck me… But he might decide to kill me instead.

The demon smiled. It was not a pleasant expression. “I do. And you’re not in any position to refuse me.”

I looked submissively away from him. “No, I’m not.”

His eyes played over my form, aflame with desire. “Don’t think this is a reprieve. It is merely a delay. I will still kill you, human.” He smiled again, this time revealing his sharp teeth. “I just want to fuck you first.”

My eyes still turned away from him, I let out a resigned sigh. “I know.” If I judged him correctly, submission would turn him on much more than a struggle or fear. Besides, I wasn’t sure I could successfully pretend not to want him. Not for long. I had always been attracted to power.

A flash of claws, and my loincloth was shredded, but not a single claw met my skin. He wasn’t turned on by pain, then. That was good. He hesitated, hands on the shackles that bound my ankles. “If you try to run or struggle, this will be that much more painful for you,” he informed me.

“I won’t,” I promised him. “The key is-”

He cut me off with a snarl. “I need no key.” He gripped the chain in both hands and yanked. The link in the middle snapped.

My eyes widened. He was stronger than I’d thought.

The demon didn’t bother to undo the shackles that bound my wrists behind my back. He just removed his own loincloth, and then lifted and spread my legs. He already had an erection.

He paused to admire my ass. I couldn’t blame him. It was a nice ass. Everyone told me so. He retracted his claws to the point where they wouldn’t scratch me and probed my asshole with a finger. “You’re surprisingly clean,” he noted.

“I’m a whore by trade,” I explained. “I try to keep things pristine for my customers.”

He snorted. “I bet you were good at your job.”

“I was,” I admitted.

He grinned, baring sharp fangs once more. “Let’s find out how good, shall we?”

If I was a normal man, his entrance would have hurt. Normal men required preparation for this, not to mention some form of lube. My magic made up for the lack of both. It was also how I kept so very, very clean. I was pretty sure my powers were unique, even for one of the Chosen. Not that I’d ever met another Chosen. However, if all of them had been like me, the stories about them would be very different.

I relaxed, allowing the demon to enter me. His cock was huge. I’d dealt with larger, but not by much. Its size made it a bit uncomfortable, even for me, but when he began to move within me, I couldn’t help but moan.

The demon froze, obviously surprised. “You’re enjoying this.”

I flushed. “A little.” More than a little. “I liked my job.”

He began to move again. “Good.” His hands, claws still safely sheathed, caressed my erection. It was shorter than his, but almost as thick. “I bet the women loved this.”

I whimpered as he gripped it and began to pump in time to his thrusts. “Th-they did,” I managed to gasp out. “I-”

The demon covered my mouth. “Be quiet,” he told me, not unkindly.

I nodded, and then moaned as he continued to caress my cock and to pound me. He wasn’t gentle or slow. I would probably have bruises on my ass when we were done. Right now, though, it felt good.



The man moaned. He was enjoying this, despite my lack of care. And I- I gasped- I was enjoying it all the more from his lack of struggle or pain. His cock felt good in my hand. Right. And he was so very tight… I growled, and pounded him harder.

His asshole clenched around my cock, and the human gasped and twitched. I growled again as my climax approached. şişli escort And then-

Ecstasy. Unbelievable ecstasy. I roared with passion and filled the human with my seed. My pleasure went on and on and on-

I pulled out, gasping. My seed squirted out to puddle on the floor. I’d fucked so many men and women over the years, mortal and demon alike. I’d fucked so many, and yet I’d never had a climax like this before.



As the demon came, as I came with him, I reached out with my power, intensifying his climax. Hopefully, while he was overwhelmed with pleasure, he wouldn’t notice me adjusting a few things inside his head.



Gasping, I surveyed the human. He looked up at me dazedly, his own seed puddled on his stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair, marveling at its softness. I wondered if I could bring myself to kill him now. I felt inexplicably warm towards him. Or perhaps not so inexplicably. After all, he’d just given me the best climax I’d ever had. And he was still so very beautiful.

I looked around, suddenly realizing that I’d just been very, very loud. “Are we safe here?” I asked the human. “Will other humans come to investigate?”

“We’re safe,” the human assured me. “We’re in a little cabin out in the woods. No one is near enough to hear anything.”

I looked him over. He looked good covered in sweat and gasping. “What’s your name?” I asked.

He looked up at me and raised an eyebrow. “What, are you not finished playing with your food?”

I growled. “You’re not food. And I’ll kill anyone who thinks differently.” I ran my fingers through his hair again. “You’ll never be put in this position again. I promise you that.”

He blinked, seeming slightly surprised. “Ok.”

“Your name?” I reminded him pointedly.

He smiled. “Drifting Cherry Blossom. Blossom for short.”

“Blossom,” I murmured. “An appropriate name.”

“What’s yours?” he asked.

“Charok,” I told him.

“Charok,” he purred. My name had never sounded so good. “If you’re not going to kill me, would you mind unbinding my arms?”

Silently, I helped him sit. Then I snapped the chain binding his wrists together. As he brought his hands out from behind him, wincing, I frowned at the shackles still around his wrists and ankles. “You said there was a key?”

He nodded. “Around the sorcerer’s neck.” He began to rise. “I’ll-”

I shoved him back into a sitting position. “Stay,” I ordered him. “I’ll get the key.”

When I removed the shackles, his wrists and ankles were red and raw, evidence of a long struggle. I growled, wishing I’d killed the sorcerer more slowly. But I’d been very hungry, so it had been quick.

Blossom rubbed his ankles, grimacing. “What now?” he asked. “Should we both go our separate ways?”

I growled. “No.”

He blinked. “No?”

I gripped his chin, forcing him to meet my gaze. “I’m staying with you, Blossom. Whether you like it or not.”



I blinked up at Charok. I hadn’t expected this. “You don’t have something better to do?” I asked.

The demon growled. “No.” His fiery gaze bored into mine. “And you cannot escape me. You are mine.”

I looked away. “I’d prefer-”

“I don’t care what you’d prefer!” the demon snarled. “You’re weak. Vulnerable. You need to be protected.”

I looked up at Charok, trying to gauge if I could change his mind. Somehow, I didn’t think my usual tricks would work. They would probably just make Charok more desperate to protect me.

I sighed. “Fine. But I was kind of headed somewhere before you came along. I’d like to continue on my journey.”

The demon sat beside me. “Very well. I have nothing better to do.”

I looked up at him through my lashes. “And, if you’ll recall, I said that I worked as a whore. I-”

Charok growled. “You may fuck as many humans as you like, however you please. As long as you are safe.” His eyes narrowed. “No other demons.”

I smiled wryly. “I generally don’t get demonic clients, so that shouldn’t be an issue.”

Charok nodded. “Good.” He looked me over as I yawned. “You should sleep.”

I nodded. “You too. There’s a bed in the other room. You can have it.”

Charok bared his teeth at me. “If it is large enough, we will share. Otherwise, you will sleep there.” He glared at me. “No arguments.”

I was very mecidiyeköy escort tempted to ask what he’d do if I refused, but all I said was, “Fine.”

Charok surveyed me again. “I am not being kind,” he growled. “You spent Dark One only knows how long shackled on the floor. If you do not sleep in the bed, you will not be fit to travel in the morning.”

I nodded, wincing as I rubbed my aching shoulders. “You may have a point.” I didn’t point out that we were traveling because I wanted to, not because he had anywhere to be. “I’ll take the bed.”

Charok nodded. “Good. Now, go to sleep. I will search the area for danger before I rest.”

I nodded, yawning. “Fine. Goodnight.”


I awoke to the light of dawn and the feeling of something wrapped tightly around my leg. Looking down, I saw Charok’s tail wrapped around my ankle.

I sat up and traced the length of it with my finger. The surface was rough, almost scaly, and beneath the skin it was all hard muscle. The red triangular tip dangled off the side of the bed. I reached out to touch it.

Charok caught my wrist. “Don’t touch,” he growled. “It’s sharp.”

“Mind taking it off my leg?” I asked.

Charok looked up at me from his place on the floor beside the bed. His tail’s coils loosened and then slid off over my foot. I caught it in my hand, and traced a finger along it again.

The tail jerked out of my grasp. “Don’t do that,” Charok snarled.

I raised an eyebrow. “Why not?”

Charok looked away. “It makes it feel funny. Sort of tingly.” He frowned. “My tail has never been this sensitive before.”

I caught his tail in both hands this time. As Charok tried to pull it away without nicking me with the blade, I pressed my mouth to it. My tongue came out. Caressed it. Charok froze.

“St-stop,” he said, his voice shaky.

I grinned. “Why? Is there something you’d prefer me to lick?”

Charok glared at me. “I could still just kill you,” he informed me.

“Kill me?” I purred. “But I’m making you feel so good.” My tongue lapped at his tail once again. I traced it toward his body, toward his-

Charok groaned. “Please,” he said, and I could tell that, this time, he wasn’t asking me to stop. I smiled, released his tail, and slid off the bed onto the floor. Carefully, I undid his loincloth. He was already hard. My mouth engulfed his cock. He moaned.

I was still naked. I hadn’t bothered to get dressed before bed. Nudity never bothered me, and, besides, Charok had shredded my loincloth. The rest of my clothes were around here somewhere, but looking had seemed like too much work.

Charok’s eyes took me in, glowing with internal fires. I met his gaze, and then, slowly, I took in his cock as deep as I could, until my lips pressed against his body. Pulling back until I could breathe, I gasped in air. Then, more quickly this time, I took it all in once more.



This hadn’t been my idea, I thought as Blossom sucked determinedly on my cock. I had never had anyone else initiate sex with me before. Everyone else was either too scared or too uninterested to ask. And Blossom… He hadn’t just initiated, he’d almost forced himself on me, taking advantage of my desire not to hurt him.

Maybe I should stop this. Since it hadn’t been my idea. Since Blossom was so obviously the one in control. But he was right, damn him. It just felt too good. I moaned as Blossom met my gaze, his eyelids heavy with lust.

He had an erection, I realized. He had an erection from giving me oral. He… he really wanted me. He wasn’t just doing this out of… Actually, I thought hazily, I couldn’t think of another possible motive for what he was doing. I gasped as Blossom’s lips pressed against me, his lower lip brushing my balls.

He pulled off my cock and began to lick the tip of it, flicking it with fast, hard strokes. One hand cupped my balls, toying with them, and the other one gripped my shaft, making it feel almost as good as it had felt sliding down his throat. I moaned. Blossom’s eyes met mine, and I could feel him gauging my response. His tongue flicked faster. I could feel myself approaching orgasm as my cock twitched in Blossom’s hand.

Cum shot from my cock, splattering all over Blossom’s face. The sight made me cum even harder. Blossom pulled away from me. He grinned, and stuck one cum covered finger in his mouth, sucking on it. My cock twitched one final time at the sight. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the bed frame, trying to catch my breath. Blossom snuggled up next to me, and laid his head on my shoulder. “Nice way to start the morning, isn’t it?” he purred.

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