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Chemistry Class

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I sat in my chemistry lecture, my third one of the week, a lecture I didn’t want to be in as I’d had chemistry for two years in high school and this was all review to me. My focus on the professor waned and I started searching the lecture hall for girls. One girl caught my eye. Her name was Kate, I remembered her from my English class earlier in the day. She was a blonde-haired beauty, with beautiful hazel eyes, that turned brown when the sun hit them just right, a tight little body that made any man weak in the knees. From head to toe that woman turned me on. I stared at her the rest of the lecture period; watching her brush her hair out of her eyes, watching her dangle her flip flop from her foot, and the whole time I was fantasizing what I would like to do with her. Before I knew it, everyone was standing up and leaving, the lecture period was over. I made my way over to Kate, acting like a fish going upstream.

“Hi Kate, I’m Chris.” I introduced myself.

“Hi Chris, nice to meet you.” She replied

“Nice to meet you too.” I returned courteously.

Our conversation carried on, and we were walking through the campus. We talked of where we were from, our friends back home, our families, and our college lives. I offered to walk her back to her dorm, and she allowed me to. When we got to her room, she asked if I would like to come in, I told her I would love to.

I sat down on the foot of her bed while she changed into a pair of shorts—she always wore jeans to class because the rooms had a tendency to be cold. I was nervous, I wasn’t sure why, but I was shaking and shivering. She stepped out of the bathroom, her glorious legs revealed. My eyes widened and I fell in love with her legs. She sat down next to me, and we continued our conversation.

I turned and faced her, she looked beautiful. Out of instinct, it seemed, I put one hand on her leg and took her face in my hand. I leaned forward and kissed her lips gently. To my surprise she returned the kiss.

Kate pushed me backwards and got on top of me. Her fingers ran through my hair, her other hand was running down my back and stomach. Our lips met repeatedly, her tongue Kayseri Escort parted my lips on occasion and I sucked her tongue deeper into my mouth. With each kiss, we both became more passionate. She began sucking on my lower lip, then kissing my chin, and licking my neck and ear. My kisses went all over her face; I kissed her down her neck to where her shirt was.

My hand lifted up her shirt and reached under her bra. Her breasts were supple, her nipples hard. I massaged her 36C breasts while I continued kissing her passionately. She began to moan softly as I rubbed her nipples with greater intensity. I stopped kissing her and her hand slipped under my shorts.

I felt my cock tingle as she wrapped her hand around it, I momentarily stopped massaging her breasts so I could pull my shorts off. Her small hands barely wrapped around the massive cock that she held. With every pump I felt myself coming closer and closer to orgasm. Kate stopped stroking my cock and lowered her mouth to the head, and swirled her tongue around it. She took the upper half of my 9 inch cock into her mouth and sucked gently while continuing to stroke the lower half. After a few minutes of this, her hand shifted down to my testicles as she deep throated me. Her hot saliva dripped down my cock as she sucked up and down and began to stroke my cock again.

She could sense I was near orgasm, she began sucking solely on the head of my cock and stroked powerfully. My breathing intensified and I began moaning slightly. She pumped faster and faster and sucked harder and harder on the head of my cock. She stopped sucking my cock and stroked it as fast and hard as she could. She positioned herself in front of my cock and gave it two more strokes and I came on her face and in her mouth. She wiped her face off with her fingers and licked my cum off them.

Kate stood up and did a tantalizing little strip show for me. She walked up to me and kissed me passionately, I could taste my cum on her tongue. She pulled away from my kiss and licked down my body. She stopped at my chest. Her tongue licked around the outside of my nipples before she took them into her mouth. Kayseri Escort Bayan It was a brand new sensation for me; it felt nearly as good as having the head of my cock sucked on.

After she sucked my nipples, I pushed her down onto the bed. It was my turn to “torture” Kate. I knelt down and brought her feet to my face. I began kissing her soles, quick pecks and long, slow wet kisses. I stuck my tongue out and licked her soles along the arches, from her heels to her toes, and then between her toes. I followed this by sucking each individual toe into my mouth, sucking them gently, like I would suck her nipples.

I licked along her left calf, up her thigh and positioned myself between her legs. I slowly licked her inner thigh, and brushed against her tight pussy when I switched to her other thigh. She could no longer stand the anticipation; she grabbed my head and forced it onto her sex. I gave her one long lick along the length of her slit and then revealed her clit from its hood. I sucked it slowly into my mouth as I inserted 2 fingers into her.

I slowly flicked at her clit with my tongue while my fingers were busy inside Kate’s tight wet pussy. With each stroke, I felt her cunt pulling on my fingers more and more. I was curling my fingers, moving them side to side, in and out, and moving them up and down inside her. Kate’s breathing got heavy and she was becoming more and more turned on. It was time for a switch.

I brought my face down and centered it in front of her clean shaven pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked along her outer lips once again. She moaned in ecstasy. I blew on her pussy making her shiver in pleasure. She wanted my tongue in her pussy. I decided I would tease her. I stiffened my tongue and I stuck it slightly into her pussy, then I pulled it out. I repeated this many times, in such a way that you could consider me to be fucking her with my tongue.

She had enough of my tempting, she wanted it all. She roughly grabbed the back of my head and forced it onto her inviting pussy. I stuck my tongue deep inside her. I began to flick at the walls of her pussy while I rubbed her clit vigorously Escort Kayseri with my thumb. I could hear her moaning and squeaking as her breath got deeper. It was time for me to really torture her.

I started to pull my tongue out of her very slowly. With every centimeter that I pulled my tongue out, I would search her inner walls with my tongue to find her sensitive spots. When I found a sensitive spot (there were four of them); I flicked it vigorously with my tongue, causing her greater pleasure than she had ever experienced.

My tongue reached the outside again and I was about to start sucking her clit again, but it was too late. She screamed. My mouth, which was still over her outer lips, was flooded with her sweet nectar. I lapped up all I could while she recovered.

Kate wasn’t finished with me. She pulled me up along side her on the bed and gave me a long open mouthed kiss with her tongue licking the roof of my mouth. It felt so good. She pushed me down so that I was lying on my back.

She reached into her drawer and pulled out a condom. She ran her mouth all along my hard shaft. She opened the small package and pulled out the condom. She slipped it onto my throbbing cock and positioned her pussy over it. She sat down slowly onto my hard penis and to my surprise her pussy accepted it in its entirety.

Kate slowly moved up and down my shaft, her glorious 36C breasts rising and falling along with her pussy on my cock. With every upward motion she made, her pussy tried to pull all the cum from my cock.

We switched positions and were now lying on her bed with me on top. I started pounding my cock into her pussy slowly at first but with each thrust, they became more powerful and faster. You could hear the familiar smack of skin against skin as my pelvic area hit hers. You could hear her juices slurping as my cock passed through them.

Her moaning got louder and louder with each stroke. The more I pressed on, the more she urged me to fuck. She started to gyrate her hips in unison with mine. Her breathing got heavier and her moaning got more intense. After a few more strokes like this she screamed and I could feel her juices flooding out. Feeling her juice on my scrotum threw me into orgasm and I collapsed on her.

We lied there in bed allowing each other to recover, and when we did, we moved to the shower to clean off. But that is another story for another day.

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