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Charming Neighborhood 04

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“Take off your panties”

“What?” Melinda said.

In a low voice, Rick said more forcefully, “Reach under your dress. Pull down your underpants. Bring them down your legs, and take them off.” His command couldn’t have been clearer.

Melinda stood before him in an azure dress that fit snugly above the waist but then ruffled out from her hips. It reached down to just above the knee and showed the edges of a frilly lemon taffeta petticoat. Shoulder straps supported the linen dress that tightly fit her upper body. The blue material snugly held her melon round breasts creating a deep valley of cleavage. Her long blonde hair cascaded down below her shoulders.

Spiraling on the dance floor exposed the full length of her bare tan legs right up to her butt bottom. Those who looked closely, and many had that evening, could see her white cotton panties exposed by the fabric pinwheel. Her golden hair flew through the air and radial force ballooned her bust up and out against the straining material. Many urged to get under that dress and join her carnal carnival.

Under the empty stairwell in their former school, a joyful sexy lady, who had been dancing the night away, stood face to face with her man, her arms around his neck. It was Fall Homecoming! Invited as former students, the two had donned themselves up for the celebration. Rick in khaki pants, red tie, white shirt, and navy blue jacket. His look complemented her firework burst of youthfulness.

The dance had been held at the school gym. The DJ spun rocking beats and romantic moods. Rick and Melinda drank it all in. They cut the rug with the other partiers on the fast paced disco like songs. Their bodies jumped and twisted beading a blazing sweat.

On one of the slow numbers they danced cheek to cheek, with Rick lovingly embracing Melinda. Then they felt a tap on their shoulders. They both instantly recognized their former Math teacher, Mr. Wilkins. “Mind if I cut in?” he said.

“No. Go ahead.” replied Rick.

While Rick danced with Mrs. Wilkins, Mr. Wilkins wrapped his arms around Melinda’s waist pulling her close to him. As they stepped a slow sauntering pace, she looked at the shiny top of his balding head. He was several inches shorter than her and his beady eyes looked straight in to her bodice. As he pulled her into him, his chin pushed into her bust and gently shook back and forth. His face felt the creamy softness and firmness of her breasts.

He looked up at her and said, “Hard to believe it has been over a year since you graduated.”

“Yes. Time goes so fast.”

As she said this, he took one of her hands and held it over her head allowing a slight bend in her elbow. Then with a firm flick of his hand on the side of her hip, he twirled her into a flowing ballerina spin. Her dress billowed out parallel to the floor and he was treated to a spinning view of her white cotton underpants. Peering at the spinning space above the top of her thighs at close range, he swore he could see the line between her bubbly buttocks as it led into her haven. Then the blue and yellow ruffles fell down shutting the door on his leering vision.

With obvious perspiration on his forehead, he pulled her arm so she was pressed up against him again. His neck nestled between her protruding tits. Then speaking up at her he said, “So you are about nineteen now?”

“Yes. Nineteen and a half.”

“Good looking as ever. Perhaps more so. I remember you had many admirers in high school.”

“You flatter me. Thanks.”

“You have become a woman of bountiful beauty.” As he said this he inhaled her crisp scent.

Mr. Wilkins then used one hand to hold one of her hands against his shoulder and laid his other hand on her lower back. As they danced, her cheek on the top of his bald head, and his cheek resting on her bosom, Melinda felt the hand on her back glide down to her back side. Rocking together from foot to foot, he let the hand fall further down to the middle of an upper thigh.

She then felt his hand work under one of the lines of ruffles to get to the inner layer. As they shifted their weight from side to side, her upper thigh massaged his hand through the last layer of fabric. She thought she felt his hand moving a little too much as it touched the bottom of her butt. As he pulled her closer, he gently groped his hand to the middle of her ass and into the back of her crotch.

I can’t believe my former teacher is copping a feel, Melinda thought to herself. As she was about to break their embrace and make an excuse to head for a drink, she saw him look up at her and say “You smell delicious.”

Before Melinda could respond, he wedged his right leg between her legs and spun her down into a tango dip. Lying prone across his left knee, his arms catching her fall, she looked up into his love struck gaze. His upper thigh pressed into the angle where her thighs came together. As he brought her back up to standing on cobalt blue pump heels, his upper thigh remained snuggled in her womanhood. Nevşehir Escort The static charge of silk sliding along the pants of his suit, gave them both a shock of sexual electricity.

Now standing, Melinda put her hand at her heart and gasped. She pretended not to notice his cheap passes at her body and said, “Well..Thank you, Mr. Wilkins. But I think I need a break now.”

As she walked by him, he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and patted her popping posterior. He said, “Let’s continue another time. Yes?”

“Sure” she said looking at him. “Let’s do this another time.”

Snugly holding both of her delicate hands in his, he said, “Ahh. Then it’s a date.”

“Anytime” Melinda said breaking their clasp.

As she walked back to Rick, she looked at Mrs. Wilkins slow dancing in his arms. Enthralled in Rick’s gaze, she did not notice the theatrics of her husband. She walked by them and said to Rick, “I am going to get a drink.”

“Okay. See you in a minute.” Rick then turned his eyes back to the entranced Mrs. Wilkins.

As she walked, the crinkly fabric brushing her legs simply thrilled her. Dancing had heightened the heat and now the quick groping she had received gave it focus. Swilling back a cup of punch that had been surreptitiously spiked, her mood became even friskier. She decided when Rick came back, it would be time to sneak away and let her simmering energy boil into the cool autumn night.

When Rick returned, she immediately grabbed his hand and led him through a gym exit door into the school building. They half ran along moonlit hallways until they reached a deserted staircase. She led him by the hand under the stairwell to a place she knew, from her school days, was little visited by anyone. They were now alone together in a quiet out of the way place.

They immediately began to kiss. The taste of fruit punch and alcohol filled their mouths. It seemed as though the sweet delirium of the evening came together on their tongues. The bubbling romance frothed in their sensual coupling.

Melinda put her arms around Rick’s neck. Rick put his hands to her chest and fondled the glorious mounds of the buxom beauty. His thumbs lightly brushed her nipples through the fabric.

Rick then broke the kiss. He looked down at her, and that is when he said those words, “Take off your panties.”

“What?” Melinda said.

“Reach under your dress. Pull down your underpants. Bring them down your legs, and take them off.”

Melinda reached behind her with both hands and pulled up the back of the dress exposing her rear. She then spun a quick half turn away from Rick. As she did, she bent over, causing the bottom of the dress to billow up exposing her beautiful butt. Rick gulped at seeing the toned round cheeks tightly encased in pure white cotton. As her movement stopped, first yellow silk, and then blue linen came down closing the vivacious view.

With the curtain closed, Melinda stood up and, with her hands on her hips, looked back over her shoulder at Rick. Her bright blue eyes stared into his. Then her luscious lips said, “You mean those panties?”

Finding an impromptu place for sex had become an almost daily pursuit for Rick and Melinda. Melinda’s parents returned home several weeks ago. As a result, her and Rick were forced to find creative places for their ferocious love making. There was hardly a secluded, or not so secluded, spot in the neighborhood that they had not trashed with lurid lust.

One night, they had scampered across the grassy meadow of a local park into an alcove of bushes. Rick lay on his back. Melinda yanked open his pants and hauled out his hulking cock. After a few quick sucks, Melinda plopped her already moist cunt on his dick and bounced away. Her gasps of ecstasy joined the chirping crickets.

Another evening found them under the empty bleachers of a football field. Melinda bent over the waist holding onto a post. Rick flipped up the back of her peasant dress exposing her luscious round ass. He plowed her pussy from behind, clutching her hips and lifting her off her feet with each stroke. Although the stadium was empty, in his mind, he heard a crowd cheering the king.

They revisited frustrating places from their relationship. At the public pool, now closed after the summer, they jumped over the fence and went to the bath house. They entered the changing room where Melinda had teased Rick weeks before. This time she stood naked above him on the bench as he licked her pussy into a flowing waterfall of juices. Unlike last time, she did not hold back but straddled Rick as he lay on a bench. She leaned over his chest as she rode his manhood allowing him to feast on her full breasts.

Rick made amends for when he had deferred from fucking Melinda in the garage next to her house. She donned a black nylon body suit and then with one hand on a workbench she leaned forward and reached behind her. Her dainty fingers separated the crotch of the suit exposing the glistening pink of Nevşehir Escort Bayan her pussy. This time Rick jumped on the opportunity to fuck the woman who looked like a porn star. The frenzy of their coupling caused Melinda to fall down onto the cement floor. The rough surface sawed holes in the knees of her cat suit as Rick hammered her doggy style with his hard tool.

Each night after he dropped her off, she pranced up the walkway to her house. Since she was taking the pill, her mind was carefree of any consequences. Plus the added hormones filled out her body, broadening her hips, and adding size to her already ample breasts. Because they swung and jiggled with her movements, she referred to them as “happy hooters.”

One night after she came giggling out of Rick’s car, she saw Walt standing at the fence that separated their two yards. Gamboling over to him, she said, “Hey Walt.”

“Well, Hello, Beautiful. You look delicious tonight.” Walt said over the roar of Rick’s car pulling away.

“Thank you.”

“Having fun.”

“Lots of it!”

“You deserve it. Your whole demeanor shows a delightful lady enjoying her life.” Walt said. “Each time I see you, you seem to be bouncing along full of abundance.”

“So it shows. So be it, it’s true.”

“With that, I have a gift for you” Walt said.

“Oh. That is so sweet. What is it?”

“Close your eyes and open your hand”

Melinda put one hand over her eyes and reached out her other hand. She stood excitedly on her toes as she stretched out her upturned palm.

Walt placed something in her hand that from her touch she immediately recognized as a piece of jewelry. It must be another gold charm for her ankle bracelet. “Go on. Look.” Walt said.

She uncovered her eyes and saw a gold rabbit. Its front paws dove forward and its hind legs kicked back. The gleaming gold piece showed the bunny in bouncing stride. The pulled back ears gave it an expression of dedicated determination. The hare looked like it was in hot pursuit.

“Oh, it’s a bunny. So beautiful and cute. Thank you.”

“Put it on.” Walt said with a smile.

As she bent down in front of him toward the ankle bracelet, Walt was treated to her mounds melting forward from her chest. He could see them jiggle as they hung down in her summer dress. Her long leg, with the bracelet on the ankle, extended as she fiddled with the clasp of her new prize. To Walt her leg looked like the stem of a delicate flower. He longed to follow it up to the ruby red rose at the top. Once again, he hoped to use his stamen to break through the petals and shoot in his pollen.

Walt realized it was not just her looks that excited him but it was the supple energetic way she moved. Her desirable physique a shell around the super charged spirit within. He needed to have her again, but knew he needed to be patient.

Melinda shook her leg in front of her. The jewelry let out little clinks of sound. “Thank you so much, Walt” she said.

“You are welcome.”

She leaned over the fence and kissed him on the cheek. She whispered in his ear, “Thanks again. Thanks for everything” and gave him a quick hug.

“Anytime” he said. “Anytime.”

Under the stairwell, Melinda bent forward at the waist and put her hands on top of her knees. She looked down and saw the charm bracelet around her ankle. The rabbit jumping through the air. Melinda thought to herself, Walt got it right. I am indeed a bouncing bunny.

Rick looked down at the curvaceous woman in front of him. His eyes started from her shiny blue heels and roamed over her thin ankles. He loved how her knees transitioned her slender calves to her hardier thighs. Even from a glance you could feel the toned flesh coupled with cool softness begging to be touched. Just above mid thigh the blue and yellow curtain clipped his view of her most private area.

As she saw Rick bend down to look up her dress, Melinda expanded his view by slowly pulling up the hem exposing the tops of her thighs and then the bright prize underneath. He could now see the gusset that covered the entrance to her womanhood. Melinda could feel him straining to see through the sheer cotton to get a glimpse of the hanging lips that led to her hallowed haven.

“Take off your panties.” Rick said yet again.

As Melinda reached back, her mind shot back, to the end of her senior year. She thought of the time when she had been under this same stairwell, not with Rick, but with Tommy.

Tommy had always been up to mischief. He stole from the other students, the school, and the local stores. Everyone knew, but Tommy had a way of staying on the edge of the rules and authority. Talking his way out of every bind, he never seemed to get completely caught and punished.

During the last semester of high school after they were both eighteen, he had taken a shine to Melinda. He always seemed to pop up when she went from class to class or left school. He walked her home, but to Melinda it was more Escort Nevşehir like being followed. She told him many times he did not have to accompany her, but he did anyway. By the end of high school, she knew he was stalking her.

Often dressed in a white tank top and leather jacket, he definitely showed the bad boy image. He had a very fit body with bulging biceps. One of them had a tattoo of an arrow through a heart. His tight jeans clung to strong legs with a distinctive bulge showing in the crotch.

Melinda could have liked his carefree criminal spirit. His toned body would make a great make out partner. But she resisted his advances because of the way he leered at her when they spoke. He obviously checked out her body and made her feel like a piece of meat that he would hungrily eat raw.

When talking to Melinda, he often called her “sweet cheeks”, “babe” or “hot mama”. He told her she was a fine piece of ass and had nice tits. Melinda already knew this, and she also knew that a man with that image of her could cut right through her, straight to the bone. Then when there was nothing left. When every bit of her body had been consumed by him, he would leave her for scrap.

As a result, Tommy made her skin crawl. She wanted no part of him. This did not stop him from copping quick feels. He often tried to put his arm around her and bring her close to his powerful frame. She often responded by crossing her arms to protect her chest. He would use that as an opportunity to grab her ass. Then when she tried to swat his hand away, he would quickly grab one of her unprotected boobs.

After the last day of senior year, he had cornered her under this very same stairwell after the close of school. Facing her, he pressed her back against a cold cement wall. He then leaned forward with his tongue hanging out. The biting stench of his breath filled the air as she turned her head to the side avoiding his kiss. He grabbed her chin with his hand and turned her face to him.

Wearing a tight red dress that hung every curve, Melinda could feel his hard cock in his jeans as it pushed into her stomach. Continuing to hold her head firmly in one hand, he put his other hand under the knee length hem. She felt his calloused palm work its way up her bare inner thigh towards her cunt.

She thought to push him away but then saw the look in his eyes. The deep dark irises ogled her. To her, they looked like the eyes of a vicious animal, or worse, a monster. His body trapped her against the unforgiving concrete at her back. His hand worked its way up to her panty covered pussy. She imagined the dirt on his fingers as he rubbed the opening through the clean satin fabric.

“I have a hold of yours why don’t you grab mine.” He gazed down to his crotch. “C’mon. Just a little touch and maybe I let you alone.”

His middle finger pushed the reinforced gusset covering her vagina into its opening. She could feel the nasty tip press through the folds as it entered her up to his first knuckle. As the cloth covered digit broke in further, she felt her cave begin to moisten from the rough invasion.

She reached down, grabbed his wrist and tried to push it away from her. This caused the hand holding her cunt to further clench its grip. The more she struggled to free the hand the deeper it went in to her. His middle and now his forefinger shoved their full length into her precious castle. She felt his thumb rub against her clit which sent jumping jolts through her. He pushed his shoulder into her breasts pinning her against the wall. Her attempt to gain control only brought her further into his prison.

He looked down at her crotch as he burrowed his fingers through the cherry red satin brief into her clammy cunt. The warm wetness that led to her womb could be felt through the slinky material. His other hand still clutched Melinda’s chin. If she moved, it seemed he could rip her head off. As his thumb strummed her love button, he heard her breathe deeply. She was falling into his domain.

Tightly trapped, her eyes showed terror as Tommy looked into them again. “Now then” he whispered. He released her chin and put that hand on her fist that clenched his wrist. Realizing her struggle was useless, she broke her grip which allowed him to bring her hand up to his face. He looked at her long fingers and its manicured nails painted fiery red. “Such a lovely hand. You have a soft touch. Interesting color on the nails. I like to call it Hooker Red.”

A vision of herself shot through her mind. Here she was in a ruby curve clinging dress. Her bosom and butt rounded out by the outfit. High scarlet neon pumps gave her stride a radiant swagger as her ass swayed and her boobs bobbed. Luscious lips glossed in a candy color. Deep inside she knew the brilliance of red accented her womanly charms right down to her finger nails. But “Hooker Red” no, maybe high priced escort, she thought to herself. Certainly not a look she would put together to attract this two bit low life.

Tommy sensed her momentary pause and slammed his mouth to hers breaking through her lips with his tongue. He released his hand from her snatch and instead wrapped it around her butt. His right leg wedged between her legs as he ground his thigh against her crotch. His tongue raged within Melinda’s mouth.

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