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Charlie Ch. 02

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My second experience with Charlie really set be basis for our ongoing relationship. It had been more than a week since I had last seen her walking out of my house and frankly I did not expect to see her again.

It was Thursday night. Thursday night is the party night at our university (and almost every other university I have ever been to) because the clubs do not have cover charges and – most importantly – there are hardly any undergraduate courses that run on Friday morning. Sadly, as a postgrad I have to get up and work on Friday so partying is not an option.

I was accordingly in bed when I was rudely awakened by my doorbell. At first I thought I had imagined the noise, but this illusion was quickly dispelled when whoever it was started leaning on the bell. I tumbled out of bed and staggered to the door, fully expecting to find something unpleasant (for instance the police, or a bag of flaming dog doo with the rapidly fading backsides of some teen pranksters).

I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I found an inebriated Charlie swaying ever so slightly on the doorstep. I subtly steered her out of the doorway and over to the couch where she immediately started trying to pash me and stick her hand down my boxers.

She finally calmed down enough to say “You said I could come over if I wanted to fuck again. So here I am. I’m sooooo horny. All I’ve been able to think about all week is your tongue and your cock.” I judged that she was probably sober enough to know what she was doing. She had after all found her way to my house by herself. I therefore decided to go with it.

Charlie had gone back to trying to push her tongue down my throat. I responded in kind and our tongues engaged in an epic struggle for supremacy. While we were doing that, Charlie manoeuvred herself so that she was straddling me. She was wearing a black and very tight-fitting strapless mini dress. By now it had worked itself up to the middle of her bum. I reached around and cupped her firm little buttocks, now only protected by her tiny lace panties.

Charlie responded by redoubling her attack on my mouth and grinding herself on my cock that was by this point forming a tent in my boxers. I continued to squeeze her arse with my right hand while I slid my left hand up her back to the top of her dress so that I could pull it down, exposing her braless breasts. I worked my hand around her body so that I could cup her chest and roll her hard nipple between my fingers.

Charlie gasped and threw her head back, breaking our kiss. I took advantage of her exposed neck and gently bit her, bringing about further squirming. The friction of her panty covered pussy on my cock was beginning to become unbearable. I returned both my hands to her backside and lifted her up as I stood. She helped me out by wrapping her legs around me and linking her ankles behind my back. I carried her to the bedroom, all the while making out furiously, before dumping her on the bed.

She looked so wanton lying on my bed with her dress around her middle, displaying her bare breasts and sheer black lace panties. I sensed that tonight was not about drawn out tender lovemaking. What we both needed was to get off with a good hard fuck. I quickly dropped my head to her breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth in turn. While doing this I slipped my hand into her panties and began to rub her very wet snatch. This cannot have lasted more than a minute before she pushed me up off her and exclaimed in a desperate voice “Fuck me for Christ’s sake.”

Never being one to pass up that kind of invitation, I stood up and hooked my fingers into the sides of her underwear, sliding them down her leg and throwing them over my shoulder. I then dropped my boxers and stepped out of them, causing my erect penis to bounce up and down. As I reached her the draw to get a condom Charlie said “Don’t bother. I’m on the pill. Just fuck me.”

I crawled on top of her, roughly pulled her legs apart and positioned myself at her entrance. I leant forward and forced my way into her tight passage. Unlike the first time I was not hesitant and gentle. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast. I slammed into her, increasing the pace with Kastamonu Escort each thrust. Charlie seemed to be in another world. Her head was thrown back, with her mouth open and grunting with each impact. I assumed she was enjoying it because she was absentmindedly squeezing her nipples in turn.

I thought I would take it up a level so I grabbed Charlie’s ankles and threw them over my shoulders as a continued to fuck her with deep long strokes. She seemed to like this new position. Her eyes flew open and she started gasping “Oh fuck” with each penetration. As good as this felt I wanted to do something else. I wanted to see what her prefect little arse looked like as I fucked her from behind.

I pulled out and rolled her over before pulling her up onto her knees with her bum up in the air. I ran the head of my cock down her crack before bringing it to rest at her entrance again. I grabbed hold of her narrow waist and impaled her. I quickly picked up the pace pulling her back onto me with my hands. The sight of my cock sliding into her between those perfect arse checks was amazing.

Charlie seemed to have her head buried in the pillow. It took me a while to realise that she was actually looking back under herself at my penis as it penetrated her. She pretty soon pushed herself up onto her elbows and then reached her hand back to furiously rub her clit as a continued to pound her from behind. This was all quickly becoming too much for me as I neared my climax. Thankfully Charlie seemed to be pretty close herself. She had started gasping “Yes” with each thrust when she started rubbing her clit. This steadily progressed in volume to the point where she was yelling at the top of her lungs.

I reached the point of no return and grunted “I’m cumming.”

Charlie nigh on screamed back “So am I. Yes. Yes. Yessss.” As my cock spasmed and filled her with my seed, I felt the muscles of her tight, wet tunnel flutter around me as she too climaxed with one final moan of ecstasy. With that Charlie’s legs gave out and we collapsed onto the bed together, me on top of her. I rolled off her, pulled us both under the covers, slipped my arm around her and pulled her into a kiss before we both fell asleep with Charlie’s head resting on my chest.


I awoke the following morning with Charlie still curled up against me. I slipped my arm out from underneath her without waking her and went about getting ready for the day. I am most productive in the morning so I try to be at my desk at 8.30am. I left some Ibuprofen and a glass of water on the bedside table, along with a note telling Charlie where I had gone and with directions on where to find food and a towel. I then kissed her on the forehead and headed off to Uni.

Charlie must have been fine with this approach as when I returned that evening she had left, but the drugs had vanished, the glass and a cereal bowl were in the drying rack, a damp towel hanging next to mine and a note on the bench with read simply




This saw the beginning of a regular arrangement (for want of a better word) between Charlie and me. She would go out on Thursday night and turn up at my house at some point for a roll in the hay and to stay the night. I think she looked forward to it a great deal. She is actually quite committed to her studies, so she does not really have time for a boyfriend. However, she is also a horny little minx, so she needs a good fuck every so often to release the tension. I presented a good alternative to a boyfriend as I gave her what she needed (a body for sex, an ear for venting and shoulder for condolence) without asking anything of her outside of when she wanted me. I must admit, I think she sometimes considered the sex to be a form of rent for my time or for a place to sleep that did not require her to walk home, but even then I was not going to argue.

Over time I came to know what I termed to myself the three stages of Charlie drunkenness. These aligned almost perfectly with when Charlie turned up at my house. Level one was between zero and three on a scale out of ten. I came to know this as the Girlfriend Stage because Kastamonu Escort Bayan Charlie would act like we were in a relationship. She would turn up between 9.30pm and 11.30pm, tipsy at most. If it were earlier she would generally want to talk to me about a problem, often with school work. If it were later she would probably have been out, but just not interested in getting drunk. These nights generally involved us watching TV, with Charlie snuggled up against me until she finally pulled me off to bed.

The Girlfriend Stage resulted in gentle caring sex with lots of foreplay, especially a lot of breast play. I’d try to make Charlie orgasm a couple of times with my fingers, tongue or even one of Emma’s vibrators. We then had slow, tender sex with lots of kissing and eye contact, generally in the missionary or cowgirl positions (or even in spoon if we were feeling very lazy). This type of sex did not tend to get Charlie off (hence why it is important to make her climax during foreplay), but I really think she enjoyed the closeness. The look of satisfaction on her face when I finally came in her was wonderful. We always fell asleep with her curled up against my chest and my hand cupping her breast.

The second level of drunkenness is what I have come to term the Randy Stage (between four and seven out of ten). If Charlie turned up between about midnight and 2am she would be fairly inebriated (our first night together would have been a six) and have only one thing on her mind: getting ploughed. In other words, the mode of our interaction on those nights generally resembled our second night together, with a few variations. She would always start by turning up at my door and sticking her tongue in my mouth. Sometimes we would not make it to the bedroom, with her demanding that I take her immediately, bent over the couch or on the table. Interestingly, that only ever happened when she was wearing a skirt. I do not know if that meant she dressed based on the sex she wanted or modified her behaviour based on her clothes.

However, normally Charlie headed quickly for the bed, leaving a trail of clothes behind. I must say it was pretty arousing watching her backside disappear around the door, with her already topless, after she had just pashed me. By the time I caught up to her I generally had just enough time to finish undressing her before she quickly instructed me on what sexual acts she wanted. Sometimes she had me eat her out until she came and then roll her over and fuck her as hard as I could, resulting in an even bigger second orgasm. Sometimes she wanted to ride me, sitting astride me while she furiously rubbed her nipples and clitoris until she peaked. I found that extraordinarily erotic so stopping myself from cumming early was a challenge. Thankfully I quickly learnt Charlie’s tells so I can quite successfully culminate with her.

The third regular in our Randy Stage rotation was my favourite. Charlie would push me back on the bed and throw her leg over my head putting us in the 69 position. While I attacked her juicy little clam with my mouth, Charlie would grab hold of my cock and gently work it with her hand while giving the tip occasional licks and kisses. Her aim was to just keep me hard (I do not really think it is a problem, but I do not complain). My aim on the other hand was to get her off. When she got very close (I could tell because she got very still and forgot what she was doing with my member) she would lift herself off my face, slide down my body and impale herself in the reverse cowgirl position in one smooth motion. The first time she did this I was quite surprised, expecting her to just climax on my face. It generally took about two bounces on my cock before she arched her back with her face towards the ceiling, let out a shriek of pleasure and had what she assured me were some of the most powerful orgasms she ever had. She then collapsed forwards onto my legs. I generally ejaculated as she climaxed through shear erotic thrill, but if not I slid out from under her, pulled her legs apart and had my way with her as she lay flat on the bed in a daze. I do not think she actually knew what I was doing after she came, Escort Kastamonu but she did not seem to mind.

The final form I have dubbed the Smashed Stage (eight to ten). Thankfully I have only actually seen this once. Apparently Charlie’s friends had taken her out drinking for her birthday and she had not held back. Consequently I was woken at 3am by her hammering on my doorbell. When I opened the door she fell on me as she had been leaning on it. She was babbling inanely about how drunk she was, that she liked Jagerbombs and even one passage that I interpreted as “Yous has the most wonzerful cock.” I was not particularly happy, I must say. I thought my days of looking after drunken teenagers were way behind me, but what can you do? I made her drink some water, got her a bucket in case she vomited, stripped her and put her in bed. While I was taking her clothes off she kept making lude statements like “I’vez been thinking about you all night, I wanted to fuck you onz the dance floor,” and “I love your big fat frobbing dick in my cunt.” When I pulled her underwear off she blurted out “Arez you going to has your wicked way wiz me?” and then giggled. I assumed it was the booze talking. I certainly was not in the mood having been woken up so late. Pulled the covers over Charlie and turned off the light. By the time I slid into bed next to her she had fallen asleep and I assumed that was the end of it.

I must say I did underestimate her stamina. Being woken up by having a dripping wet teenage pussy being lowered onto your face is a unique experience. I was surprised for a second or two before Charlie moaned from above me “It’s my birthday and I’m so horny. Please make me cum” before grinding herself on my nose. By the sound of her voice and the positioning of her body I could tell her was kneeling over my head, holding onto the headboard of the bed. I reached up, grasped a buttock in each had and went about my task with gusto.

I think she must have been playing with herself for a while before she decided to use me because she was very wet indeed. I decided this was not the time to play games so I grabbed her clit between my lips and pulled the little nub into my mouth, sucking as hard as possible. Charlie went wild. She stated thrashing around on my face, thumping the head board with her fist and screaming “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.” Then she froze, her whole body tensed up, she grunted “AAAAAAH. YES!” and then toppled off me sideways.

I was shocked, but what I did know was that I had a raging hard-on that needed to be quenched. I rolled on top of the nigh on comatose Charlie, hooked her legs over my shoulders and sunk into her I one push. I was so aroused I came within five strokes before collapsing back onto the bed and fell straight asleep.

When I awoke I was not sure the events of the previous night were not a dream. I was only convinced it had happened when I slipped my hand between the legs of the still sleeping Charlie and found my semen drying on her inner thighs. With that came my recollection that Charlie had mentioned it was her birthday, and then a bolt of inspiration. I quietly got dressed and rushed down to the major shopping centre and into the biggest lingerie store just as they opened. I picked out a cute little black lace demi-bra and thong set in Charlie’s size and preferred brand (I had checked the ones she was wearing) and got the shop girl to gift wrap it. I raced home, wrote “Happy Birthday, XXX” on the tag and left it on the bedside table with the normal provisions.

Charlie for her part claims not to remember even leaving the club, let alone walking to my house or anything that followed. However, when I got home that night there was a note on the bench that read “I love them. XXX.” I’m happy to say those undergarments do make regular appearances at my house, especially for the Girlfriend Stage when undressing is more of a game. I do not know if that is Charlie trying to please me but I do not mind.

These Thursday night liaisons made up the bulk of my engagement with Charlie. Really, the only sign that she was ever at my house was a towel in the bathroom that I kept for her and a pair of her underwear that she would leave in my washing basket so that it would be clean for her the next week. We did see each other at other times as later stories will attest, but generally we were both just a convenient source of sexual and emotional fulfillment for each other. Neither of us wanted anything more so it worked perfectly.

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