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Charley Gives It Up

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Charley was more than a little bit nervous. He was — if he were to admit it – a little bit scared. And, at the same time, he was as excited as he’d ever been in his life. Whatever the feeling was called, he was in love with it. It was the same feeling when he’d first visited the local Adult Books Store (as they used to call it) and discovered the glory holes there — then returned for the specific purpose of sucking cock.

The same trepidation and excitement at the same time. The same buzz, only this time magnified because there would be no anonymity. He had upped his game. Reaching out to the men on the app on his phone, he had first posted pictures of his erect 7-inch cock.

Then he’d managed to get some good shots of his ass as well. He kept his face for the private pics and had only so far shared it with the man he was going to meet.

The profile said BigDick was a Dominant Top with a large cock. His public pictures had indeed shown a large, cut cock in various stages of erection. They also revealed a pair of low hanging balls — all hairless, all attached to a stomach with washboard abs. His name, he revealed during their emails, was Sam, and when he finally sent the link to his private pictures, he turned out to be an extremely handsome, if somewhat scruffy individual.

Their email exchanges had grown from the tentative (“Hi, your profile is very interesting and I want to get to know you better”) to the explicit (“Hello, meat. Here’s what there is to know — if we meet up, you are mine. My toy. My tool. My cum dump. Still interested?”) in almost no time at all. When Charley got the response, his cock jumped to fully erected before he’d finished the entire first sentence. This was what he wanted — a dominant man who would simply use him like a rag.

He’d actually wondered about that. Normally he considered himself to be in control. He even made an extra effort to take control of most situations. But when it came to sex — and specifically man-to-man sex — he wanted just the opposite. He’d gotten a clue to his behavior from reading the profile of a dude in another city who said he’d met up with a lot of married men and single heterosexual men. He said “all men have the urges. To suck cock. To get fucked. But for some, it required someone else to take charge and direct them so they would feel absolved of any blame. “I did it because he made me” was very different from “I did it because I wanted it badly.”

That seemed to fit for Charley. In his mind, he had to admit there was something nasty, dirty and wrong with his growing desires for cock. Was it really true? Ultimately, he decided it didn’t matter. He was simply enraptured with being told to suck a big cock by a dominant man. With being forced to take that same big cock (or maybe a second one) up his ass. This wasn’t about the sex as much as it was about the submission. He was now finding himself getting into pegging porn. She-males forcing straight men to suck them off. In all those situations he imagined himself as a willing submissive and now he had taken the step.

The email exchange with Sam didn’t required a lot of back and forth after Charley heard Sam’s demand. Private photos were exchanged. They set up their meeting for the following Saturday at Sam’s place. He ended the emails with an order of sorts: “Make sure you’ve cleaned yourself up and out.” Charley took that and immediately made his plans. That night he shaved himself from top to bottom. He used the hair clippers he’d kept around and first removed all the hair on his body. His cock was erect throughout, and by the time he’d finished it seemed to have grown in size. Or maybe more of it was now visible.

After that he’d taken his electric razor (he couldn’t even think about a blade near his genitals) and removed the stubble. Soon he was as hairless from the neck down as a newborn. His skin seemed to tingle with its exposure to air.

Once finished, he got dressed (and God, did that feel different!) and made a run his local pharmacy. Once there he found the aisle with the douches and enemas and proceeded to pick up every package and read each one closely. Absorbed in his study, he fairly jumped when a voice asked “Can I help you?”

Startled, Charley put the box down and turned to face the young woman who had appeared in the aisle. Perhaps 10 years younger than he was, she seemed bright and helpful — and yet the eyebrow piercing and the tattoos peeking out from her clothing suggested to him she wasn’t exactly innocent. He hesitated before he spoke.

“Um, I have an unusual issue. One that’s a little bit embarrassing…”

“That’s all right sir, there’s very little that people can say that will surprise me. If I were to take a guess — and please correct me if I am being too forward — you are about to try something new, and this is virgin territory for you. No pun intended.”

“You’re right there. Okay, here it is. I’m getting ready to meet a lover who is into anal sex and we need to do some preparation. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, sir, it does. Let me share my own Sakarya Escort experience with you, since, frankly, I love anal sex! Before I did, I had never given it a thought. Now, however, I want to make sure I’m cleaned out and ready. I don’t want to worry about leaving shit on my man’s cock, both because he doesn’t like it, and because I wouldn’t want to eat it.”

“Exactly! So how do you prepare?”

“Well sir, it’s a two-step process for me. Before I leave home, I go with an enema to empty myself out. And then, just before we get to the sex, I use a douche to deal with anything that might have appeared in the intervening time. It’s worked every time.”

“Then can you recommend products of each sort? And anything else I might need?”

“Certainly. One thing you’ll need is on the next aisle — lubricant. Make sure you get a water-based lubricant. Of course, if you’re really a virgin, I’d suggest a visit to some shop with adult products and consider purchasing a set of plugs. The first time a guy tried with me it was far too painful. I went years before I considered it again, and when I did my boyfriend helped by making it a slow process. Plugs were a big part of it.”

Charley took the enema kit and douche she recommended, and then she walked him to the lubricants and pointed to the one she recommended there as well. He grabbed that as well, and she took him to a register and checked him out.

“It’ll be our secret, sir. Just between us. Be sure an let me know how it all worked out. Or in, as the case may be.” She giggled and waved as he left.

Now on a roll, Charley drove to the ABS and entered. There was no one there except the female clerk, a young woman in a rather revealing one-piece dress. Charley initially refused her assistance and spent time wandering around. Examining the items on the walls and in the display cases. His eyes were attracted to the dildos. Especially the lifelike ones. He found one that was eight inches long, with a suction cup base and some lifelike details. It wasn’t a duplicate of a pornstar’s dick, but still, the head, the shape, the angle of it stirred him. He took the package to the clerk at the desk.

“Did you want to feel it? Some people like them hard and some soft — do you want to make sure the texture is what you like?” She said with no hint of judgement or evaluation. Charley was heartened and said yes, so she opened the packaging and let him feel it. He nodded and gave it back.

“Will there be anything else, sir?” She asked.

“Um, yeah, I wanted to look at some butt plugs, if that’s okay.”

“Certainly. Can you tell me a bit about what you want? Are they for you?”

Charley felt himself redden, but nodded. “And I’m a real novice at this.”

She nodded and thought for a minute. “I think I have just what you need.”

She came around the counter, took his hand and brought him to another display case.

“If you’re buying them to train yourself, then this is the set I would recommend. Is that the case? It’s nothing to be ashamed about. More and more men and women are discovering the joy of anal. This is one of our biggest selling sets. Notice that the first one is just a little longer than a finger although it’s somewhat wider? Once you are at ease with that one, you can graduate to the middle one, and so on until you have mastered the big one. You’ll need to do that if you are planning to use that dildo you are buying. Trust me — take it slowly and get used to them and you’ll love it after a while! Now will that be cash or charge?”

Charley paid cash — even thought he had no one looking over his finances, there was still something about what he was buying that he wanted to keep hidden. He even knew it made no sense, but that didn’t stop him. He thought — for a brief minute — about visiting the booths and spending time at one of the glory holes, but at this point he wanted to get back home and prepare himself.

Within the hour he was back in his apartment. He didn’t use either the enema kit or the douche, but instead had a good, long shit. Once he’d finished, he broke out the lube and the smallest of the butt plugs in order to get started. He didn’t want to show up to Sam’s untrained and unprepared — he wanted Sam to be impressed. He applied the lube to the plug, and then put some on his fingers and worked them in and around his asshole until he was able to insert two of them. He pulled them out and replaced them with the plug. It didn’t take much to insert it past the bulge, and soon it was buried in his ass. He pulled up his pants and determined to simply leave it in and get used to it.

Through the rest of the evening he did normal, evening things. Made dinner. Ate, Washed the dishes and put the leftovers away. Sat to watch the news and a show or two, all the while aware of the pressure in his ass, and the effect it was having on his cock. He wasn’t hard, He was barely inflated. But he was aware of it like he’d never been before.

Finally, he turned of the TV, went into his bedroom and stripped. With the Adapazarı Escort butt plug still firm in his rear, he took the dildo and mounted it on a wall. Then he got down on his knees and did his best to imagine it to be real. Soon it was in his mouth and he was devoting all his energies to it as if it were real. Then he began his real work — he began to push it into his throat.

The first few times were almost disastrous. He choked and coughed. He came close to vomiting as his gag reflex came in. So far, he’d only managed about 4 inches of the 8-inch cock. Disheartened, he left it suctioned to the wall and went to his laptop. He couldn’t be the only one having trouble — so he searched for “overcoming gag reflex” and began to explore.

Some of the answers were complete medical bullshit. But many others were dealing with his exact issue, and they provided suggestions. The main one was simple — practice makes perfect. There were even testimonials from both women and men that once they decided to train for it, the goal was attainable. Some suggested pressure points. Some talked about the position of head and neck. All in all, he was encouraged. He would keep trying and he would succeed. Just not tonight.

He removed the butt plug, washed it off, and fell asleep as soon as he hit the pillow.

The next morning, after taking care of his morning business he decided to get used to the sensations and he reinserted the butt plug. He would wear it all day and replace it with a larger one that evening. Once in, he straightened his clothes and went off to work. After an hour or two, he stopped being aware of it and work got his full attention. Then he left for home.

Once there, he wasted no time in upping the game; he removed the first plug, lubed both his butt and the next one, and pressed it home. It was a bit more uncomfortable sitting there, but the one thing he had been worried about — pain — was not at all a factor. With it in place, it was now time to attend to his throat. He again stripped and brought himself to his knees in front of the rubber cock. Opening his mouth, he took in as much as he had the previous night with no discomfort. Encouraged, he pressed forward and felt the held of the dong at his throat. He closed his eyes and just sat there, getting used to the pressure before he pressed himself forward and attempted to force the cock in. It moved an inch into his throat before it was violently expelled by his gagging. When he recovered, however, her saw that he had taken in more cock than ever before. For the rest of the evening — up until he couldn’t bear it any more — he managed to add another inch in him throat.

Again, by the time he was done he was essentially unconscious and fell into a sound sleep.

The next day was Wednesday. Only a few days until he was going to be tested, so he began the morning by stuffing the biggest of the butt plugs up his ass. It made walking funny, but it also was an amazing sensation deep inside. His cock didn’t get hard, but it had swelled and he was walking about with a semi-aroused member. That forced him to hold himself differently — it was weird, but kind of cool if he had to admit it.

By the time the day ended and he arrived home, he desperately needed to remove the plug and relieve himself. That done, he grabbed the dildo, greased it up and was amazed at how easily it slid all the way into his ass until he could feel the artificial balls on his. He was stuffed full and the sensations were amazing. His cock grew harder than it had been in months, and soon he was stroking it and cumming all over the floor of the bathroom. He collapsed into his tub, thoroughly wiped out by the sensations.

After removing the dildo and cleaning it off, he was ready to take on another round of deep throat practice. Using one of the online tips he read, he applied pressure to a point on his hand, closed his eyes and opened his mouth. The toy, still very warm from being lodged in his ass, went as deep as it ever had and he simply allowed himself to calm down, breathe deep, and then he pushed it into his throat.

To his amazement, he was two inches further up the cock than ever before he had to withdraw it and gag. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he repeated the steps and got even more of the cock into his throat. He was almost down to the balls! Withdrawing it, he once again performed his relaxations and this time it would have kept going if it were for the balls hitting his chin! He was simultaneously delighted and amazed. He was doing it! He was able to take it all! There was no gagging. No discomfort — just amazement at the sensations around the intruder down his throat.

Charley went to bed soon after. In his dreams a giant black cock was being forced down his throat and then his face was being fucked hard. He woke to his cock stiff and urgent and it was barely two strokes before he came all over his own stomach.

The next day he refrained from using the plugs. But he hurried home after work — this time to continue his throat training. Serdivan Escort And this time it was even easier — no fuss, no muss, just 8 inches of cock buried in his throat. He even took the time to lick the reproduction testicles resting on his chin. He was ready — as far as he knew, that is.

Saturday dawned with a rainy cast to it. Charley did some more throat exercises during the day and was pretty confident of his deepthroat skills. He puttered about the house while it rained, and as it got closer to his time to meet Sam he took out the enema kit. He took his time reading the instructions, and then stripped and went into his bathroom to follow them. There was no difficulty inserting the hose into his ass — it was ready for bigger things anyway. He felt himself filled up by the warm, soapy water and then he flushed it out. To make sure, he repeated the process again. Satisfied, he dressed and left for Sam’s place.

At 7:00 on the dot he rang the bell. The door opened to a darkened interior, and a deep voice issued a command.

“Come in, little man, and strip.”

Charley’s initial reaction was to hesitate, but he forced himself to snap out of it and he quickly stripped off all his clothes and simply stood there.

“Nice” Said the voice. “You can turn around and get down on your knees.”

Heart beating a bit faster, Charley turned and sank to his knees. Looking up, he saw a very large man in front of him. Sam had to be at least six foot four and two hundred thirty pounds. He was broad at the shoulders. His pecs were prominent and there was a dark coating of hair all over his body. His stomach protruded a bit, and there, standing stiffly at attention was his large, thick, cut cock. It had to have been nine inches or more. It was beautiful to Charley.

Sam spoke. “Well, faggot? What are you waiting for? You came here to suck my dick, so get to it!”

Charley needed no urging. He leaned forward, lifted the heavy pole of flesh and began to lavish attention on the sack hanging beneath it. The egg-like testicles entranced him, and he began to lick and suck, first taking one in his mouth to roll it around, then the other. He was obviously pleasing because Sam let out a long, contented sigh.

“Very good, faggot. You surprised me, but in a good way. Go ahead and lick my balls as long as you like. They hold something you want, so warm them up.”

Now Charley was getting excited — he was making Sam happy. Just like he wanted. He used one hand to reach through Sam’s legs and begin to caress the cheeks of his behind, and the other to reach up and begin exploring his cock. It was a good deal thicker than Charley’s. The glans was like a large piece of fruit and the shaft was both hard and soft at the same time. The skin slid up and down as he manipulated it.

“Okay, cock sucker. You came here to suck it — get to it!”

Charley responded right away. He moved the hand from the cock to Sam’s lubricated balls and opened his mouth and took in that prominent head. The taste of it was stunning — it was like a world in and of itself. Charley’s tongue was busy, circling the head, working at the edge of the glans, dipping into the piss slit and tasting the musky salt there. He ran his tongue along the frenum, and pressed forward to take more of the shaft into his mouth. When he had 4 inches in his mouth he felt the head pressing up against his throat. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and pressed forward to get another two inches in.

Charley knew he could go deeper, but he wanted Same to experience his tongue loving the meat. It ran up and down the base of it, feeling every inch of the hot meat, tasting flavors that he’d never experienced before. Sam’s moans made him happy.

“That’s good, cock sucker. I can see you like what you are doing. But can you take it all?”

That was the challenge Charley had been waiting for. He tried to smile but his mouth was distended by the fat cock stuck in it. Breathing in deeply through his nose, he closed his eyes, grabbed the pressure point on his hand and pushed the big dick past his gag point and into his throat. He held it there for a moment and then pulled off quickly as he felt himself gag.

He pulled back off the big cock and dealt with his gagging for a moment, and then, before Sam spoke up he drove the saliva coated meat down his throat again until his nose was pressed into Sam’s pubic hair.

“Oh yes! That’s it! It feels amazing!”

Charley was thrilled at his own prowess. Now it was time to suck the cum out of Sam’s cock! He pulled back, all the while running his tongue over all of the flesh he could, and without removing it from his mouth went back to encircling the head before once again driving his face into Sam’s groin. Again, and again he pulled back and drove forward, and soon was rewarded by Sam’s hips beginning to thrust. Charley felt hands on either side of his head hold it still and soon Sam was fucking his face, using his throat like it was a pussy (or an ass) that he owned. Charley heard noises of someone slobbering and realized it was him. The “gluck” sound he’d heard in porno films was coming from his face. His hands were on Sam’s hips, assisting him in fucking his own face. His nose was beginning to get sore as it was being mashed, but he just kept his throat open and allowed himself to be used.

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