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Charity Starts At Home : Chapter 2 : Entertaining Guests

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Big Dicks

When I woke up the next morning I was pleased to see the world had not ended. The Devil had not risen from the Pit to drag me to Hell for my impure and unnatural lust. Momma had not come into my bedroom declaring me a perversion of nature. The birds were chirping and all was right with the world.

Except for me. My world had turned upside down in less then a week. Last Saturday I was tearfully saying goodbye to a father being sent off to jail for the next seven years. This Saturday morning I was waking up from a night watching my long lost mother get fucked silly by a stranger. Things couldn’t get stranger.

Momma was already up and puttering in the kitchen when I sarted quickly across the hall to the bathroom. I spent probably half an hour in the shower mustering enough courage to face Momma. When the water began to run cold it was time to face the music.

Momma was humming along to Rogers and Hammerstein and putting two plates of food on the kitchen table when I came in. We were both in our bedrobes, mine monogrammed with a ” C” for Charity and Momma’s with a ” D” for Dianne. She was just a beautiful in her domestic bliss as she was with a black cock in her.

“Good morning sleepyhead, ” Momma said as she gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Morning Momma”, I said nervously sitting down at the table expecting judgement at any moment

” You sure slept in late this morning, I thought sleeping half the day away was my job”, Momma joked sitting down across from me.

As Momma dug into her bacon, eggs and hashbrowns it dawned on me that she didn’t know! This morning was just another day with her newfound daughter and not a morning after being incestually lusted after. If there was a guardian angel of perverted children, it was watching over me today.

” I was just up late…ummm..reading” , I meekly answered and dived into my breakfast.

Breakfast always acts as a great buffer. It can act as a social interaction for people who don’t want to talk to each other or don’t know what to say to each other. That and these scrambled eggs were fucking fantastic. I wolfed them down and chased them with some orange juice. What would be great to finish brekkie would have been some fruit. Like some great big juicy grapefruit.

It was at this moment I realized I was staring at Momma’s tits. Thank you Freud.

The day went on as typical, except for my constant lurid glances at Momma’s body. Watching her squat and thrust through exercise. Bending over to pick things up. And it certainly didnt help that Momma’s style of dress never left anything to the imagination. I felt myself hot and flustered through out the entire day. There were definite moments where I just want to reach out and grab her and fondle her.

It was a miracle when she finally went to work and I was left alone stew in my own frustrated juices. I spent the night pacing and all but climbing the walls. I tried reading, I tried watching TV, I even tried walking around the trailer park. None of it was to any avail.

In my minds eye I kept running down the same events over and over of the previous night and wondering if Momma was going to do it again tonight. I didnt know what I would do if she did, and I didnt know what to do if she didn’t.

I tried going back home and to bed, but that didnt work either. The hours dragged themselves slowly byand I could do was stare at the ceiling and sweat in anticpation and fear. Would Momma bring back another amn? Or would she come home alone? I just wanted to get through this night in peace of mind.

Around one in the morning I could hear Momma’s pink cadilac pull up to the trailer, I bolted out of bed and peered out the window to see her. My heart bounced around in my chest as I saw that Momma had once again brought home company. This time it wasnt a black man.

This time it was TWO black men.

I almost didn’t recognize either of them. The first black man was stylishly dressed with a shaved head and clearly our of place in the trailer park. The other man I didnt recognize, he probably had about 4 inches of height on the first and was powerfully built, he had a shaggy mop of dredlocks and wearing a white wife-beater which definitely blended in with the trailer park.

Momma led the two men inside and implored them to keep their voices down , she didnt want to wake everyone in the trailer up . Little too late for that I was thinking to myself. I could hear glasses tinkling and soft luaghing from the living room. I crept to my bedroom door to listen.

After only aa couple minutes the talking seemed to have stopped but I hadn’t heard anyone walk down the halls or much else for that matter. So I decided to take a peek outside.

I cracked the door open a few inches and looked outside. From this angle I could peer down the hallway to the living room where the living room couch sat against the wall facing the tv.What I saw made me tingle all over again. Momma was up to old tricks again.

Momma knelt on the floor in front of the couch with tits out, sitting on the couch before her were the the two black men. Their dicks were out and my Momma was tending to them. She was sucking on one and jerking off the other with a free hand hand. Momma was really getting into it I could tell, as she had reached under her leather skirt and was feeling herself up. Can’t say I blame her as I had just down the same reaching down my pajamma bottoms.

She sucked and slurped and jerked on them for several minutes as the two men ran teir hands through her hair. Eventually she broke free from the blowjobs and told them she needed to get fucked.She got up from the floor and led the two men by their cocks towards the bedroom. I merely quickly and quietly closed my bedroom door.

Unlike last night Momma this time clearly had the presence of mind to close her door behind her, which kid of dejected me. But like a woman possesed I was determined to enjoy tonight’s debauchery as well. I waited a few minutes and padded out into the hall and crept up to Momma’s door.

I dared not try opening the door , but listened earnestly at it. There was the sounds of clothes being taken off and the wet sounds of Momma slurping on their cocks. Then the disticntive sounds of the sloshing of the water bed.

And after that the distinctive wet slapping sounds of flesh on flesh and grunts and happy groans of the men and Momma. I must have listened for half an hour as they really gave it to Momma.One hand once again down my pajama bottoms and the other squeezing , pinching and pulling on a nipple.

In my minds eye I can see her getting again like last night, riding on top but this time sucking the other man. Or getting it from behind again with another sticking his big black dick in her mouth. Endless postions whirled in my head and I began to cum thinking about it

Momma’s howl was what jolted me from my reverie. Momma could be noisy when she was entertaining a guy, but this incredibly loud by even her standards. For a moment I thought she might actually be in trouble, but then it continued.


” Shit, I told you this bitch would love getting double stuffed” came a masculine voice

” Jesus Christ!!!”, interjected my mother

” I get her ass next”, came another male voice, followed by some laughter

They were fucking her in the ass? I couldnt even conceive how that was possible, it seemed so dirty and sordid

Interrupting this I felt the pressure in my bladder begin to build, I seriously had to pee. But at the same time I didnt want to miss out on the action

They kept fucking and sucking for a couple more hours, or so I thought as I listened at the door and by bladder began to squueze. I think they eventually either passed out or went to sleep. It wasnt as hot as last night, but it was still going to give me some great masturbation material.

I softly padded across the hall, careful to not make a noise and slipped into the bathroom. I didn’t turn on the light as I didnt want any stray lights waking up my mother and her paramours for another round. I felt around in the dark till I finally found the toilet and sat down and finally took a load off my screaming bladder.

” Hate to say this, but I think we fucked the bitch out cold”, came a masculine voice from down the hall.

It was one of the guys that was entertaining my mother. Oh drat. I was hoping that they would have passed out or left when my mother fell asleep. Or apparently in this case, ” fucked out cold”. It seemed like small miracles were not to be in my bag tonight

” Try slipping her some dick to wake her up some more” came the other voice, this one closer then the other, ” I gotta clean up my dick.”

The first guy chuckled, but I heard the umistakable sound of footsteps coming down the hall. I froze up like an animal being stalked by a predator. The handle on the door began to turn, but fear had struck my system, I tried reaching for my pajama bottoms but then the lights came on with a click

And there he was. He was huge. A tower of a man. . His body glistened with sweat, defining every part of his very defined body. From massive pectorals, to the six pack abnominal mucles ..to his massive erect penis. I had never seen a real penis before, just from pictures I snuck a look at with my girlfriends at sleep overs. I thought looking at the pictures was too vulgar, but nothing prepared me for something like this in the flesh.

I would like to tell you what he looked like, but my eyes were riveted on the monster sprouting between his thighs. It was this intimidating force all on it own and I found myself instantly locked on it. How anything that big could fit into a woman was beyond me.

” Well, well, well, whatever do we have here…” the man said and smiled

Now I took a good look at him. He had a gentle face despite my initial fear, a shaven scalp sporting a trimly shaped goatee..his skin was dark and rich and his mouth was friendly and full. He steped kocaeli escort casuallty and slowly towards me, his penis softly swaying back and forth with each step, still hard long and stiff. I could see it glisten as well. And as he got closer I could smell the strong musk of sex all over him. I felt a strange tingle softly wash over my skin.

” I…was..I…I I was..” was all I could stammer out softly and meekly as the man stepped closer to me.

” You must be Dee’s roomate, funny she’s never mentioned you”

Roomate? Couldnt these guys tell I was a bit young to be a roomie. But the idea was almost flattering to be thought of a full adult.All this while I’m still sitting on the toilet with my pajama bottoms around my ankles too. Frozen like a dear in the headlights.

” No.. I’m ..I’m…”, I stammered again, flush rsiign to my cheeks

” Oh, you’re one of her party girlfriends, she told us she was gonna suprise us one day with you”

Party girlfriends? What kind of tramp was my mother? this was getting humilating, now if I could just get out of here and hide in my room… but it was too late for that.

The tall muscular black man was no more then a foot away from me now, his thick veiny cock now waved itself in my face. I could smell the sweat, and salt and must emanting from him..and the heat seemed to wash from him into me. I felt a strong tingle begin to grow between my thighs. Dear God, was this turning me on?

” Come on baby, lets have our own party” he said softly smiling down at me

He took the back of my head with one his thick hands and pushed my face towards his crotch. I wanted to turn away, I actually could begin to feel myself tremble, but I couldnt. I couldnt move, I couldn’t run. I could only comply. My lips lighly kissed the tip of his round thick cock head, it was spongy and soft and the size of a small plum. I liked the texture against my lips, His precum dribbled onto my lower lift and instinctively I sucked it up. It was salty but there was a certain tartness I rather liked

” Thats it girl, taste my big dick”

My cheeks flushed, but the tingle between my tighs grew warmer. I could feel goosebumps ripple up and down my skin, and my nipples grew taut and rubbed dleiciously against the fabric of my pajama top. His hand slowly and firmly pushed my head closer to him and my lips were sperated and slipped over his knob.

With his cockhead in my mouth I comlied with his wish, as my mouth was pushed open and I fliked my tongue over the head of his cock. Salty. Tasty. I did like it. I lashed it a couple times and even rubbed my tongue’s tip into his peehole. He was saltier there, and thicker. I realized I was tasting some residue ejaculate and raised my eyeborw in suprise. This was fun. Tart, but tasty. Part of me began to understand why Mom liked this so much now.

” Come on girl, dont tease me, give me some cock sucking”

I wasn’t quite sure what he meant , but I tried my best. I tried sucking now on his cockhead, sucking it into my mouth. He seemed to like that, but I also tasted him with my tongue. He began to push me even more and I did my best to comply. My mouth stretched open even further to take his considerable girth once I got past the cock head, but I found I couldn’t. I almost gagged and began to sputter.

” Take it easy girl, dont expect you to take my cock all at once, stroke it while you suck it”

He took my other hand from my lap and placed it on his thick dick. My fingers gingerly wrapped themselves around his girth. Even then he was thick. And hot and throbbing. I slowly and gently brushed my hand up and down his veiny length. It was soft like velvet and yet firm and rigid. I loved the contrast, not only of its texture but of his dark skin against my creamy whiteness. He took his other free hand and gently applied pressure to my hand wrapped around, encouraging to stroke him harder.

I did so and slowly a rythm began to take pace. I would stroke my hand towards his cockhead as he bobbed my head down his cock. My saliva was trying to keep my mouth lubricated and it began to run down the corner of my cheeks to chin. But he didn’t stop and I wasnt going to be emberassed so I kept at it, complying with his silent urgings.

” Play with yourself” he whispered down at me.

I looked up and found myself lost inhis dark bedroom eyes. He seemed so powerful and masculine. His chest was rising and falling due to my ministrations and I felt pleased to be giving him so much pleasure. Without breaking eye contact, I snaked my hand between my legs and rubbed myself where I had always secretly done so before. At the first touch of my finger tips to myclit, I felt the heat wash over me in a ripple pouring out of my crotch to the top of my head.

I moaned around his cock and found myself hungrily trying to take more of his shaft into my mouth. Stroking his big black dick quicker, the saliva now covering my fingers giving him extra lube

” Did you fall in , man..holy shit, look what you found”, came the other voice.

Normally I should have been scared or humiliated but not now. I was so engrossed in what I was doing. Lost in this moment of ..I guess.. cock-sucking , that I didn’t care who wandered in.

” Yeah, I found a real prize here, one of Dee’s girl friends.”

The other man stepped up along side first guy and I was suprised ( but in a most pleasent way) to find him a black man as well, sporting a cock nearly as big.

” Hey baby girl, why dont you—“

Before my first friend had finished his sentence I was already doing what I thought best. My fingers left my throbbing pussy and wrapped themselves around the ebony length to my other side. My moth came off the first guy and latched my lips further around the other cock. He wasnt as long as the first man, but his cock was much thicker and a little more pungent. I wanted to curl my nose, but my first duty was to please these two men

What a sight I must have been. Sitting on the can, my pajamas around my ankle, while I took turns sucking these beautiful black shafts into my mouth. I probably spent no more that 15 seconds on each black dick before swithcing. All the time stroking furiously the other when I wasn’t sucking him. Drool was now leaving my chin in bridges between cocks, but I couldnt care less. I was hungry and these were the only things that could feed me

” Shit, this bitch loves the black dick”

I almost melted when I heard that. It was like something I had been waiting to hear my entire life. I shuddered as I felt ripples of liquid heat pour over from my body spreading from my crotch in waves of pleasure. All it did was make me suck hungrily and quicker. *I could do this forever* I thought to myself. Despite the growing soreness in my jaw

I kept this at this for a few minutes, feeling the men swell and grow in my mouth. Their grunts and groans signaling their pleasure with my oral ministrations. That was untill the first man pulled his cock away from me and said;

” Thats enough of that, come on Bill, lets fuck this bitch.”

Bill ( the second guy) repsonded, ” Yeah, I need to see if her pussy is as good as her mouth.”

Now it was time to freak out. I was a virgin and there was no way I was going to let two strange men. Correction; two strange BLACK men with huge cocks be the first people to claim my maidenhood. Giving them blowjobs was one thing, but the only man getting my virginity would be husband on my wedding night

” No, I can’t”, I said meekly trying to stand up.

But thats when the jelly legs failed me. Sitting on the toilet for the past 20 minutes or so had cut off my circulation and my legs were asleep and I nearly collapsed to the floor

” Looks like our cock sucker is a bit too drunk, lets go fuck her sober, Denny” said Bill with a laugh

I wasn’t drunk, I just couldnt stand up, Denny ( my first black man) reached down and grabbed me around the waist and pulled me towards him

” I’m not drunk” I protested

” Sure you arent” he said chidingly like I was a drunken bar star like my mother.

In a blur I was up over his shoulder and being carried out of the bathroom, my pajama bottoms falling to the floor.

” No, no, wait, I cant.. let me just”

The two men laughed like this was a night out on the town and ignored my protests. I tried kicking my legs, but they were still too wobbly. They carried me down the hall to my mothers room and threw me on the bed. The room was only lit by the television flickering to the side.I was flopped unceremoniously beside her.

Momma was passed out drunk as a skunk and a soft snore escaped her nose. She was still fucking hot. The round full breasts puddled out, the tapering wait, the wide hips.The cum dripping out from her pussy

” Please, not in here” I tried saying, begining to get up off the bed.

Bill got up on the bed and slip around behind me, pulling my back onto his chest as he lay back so that I was reclining against him. Only now did I get a chance to look at him as he past. He had short braided hair, mini-dreadlocks as it were and an adorable babyface you’d think wouldn’t melt butter in his mouth. But as he gripped my arms to my side, I knew he was anything but innocent.

Denny got up on the bed and spread my thighs wide and smiled that killer smile he first had when he walked into the bathroom which seemed like days ago.

” Holy crap, this girl has a bush, are you from 1973?.”

Denny and Bill had a big laugh over this and I was just emberrased. What my pubic hair had to do with anything was beyond me, but apparently it was a point of contention for men. Even a cursory glance at my mother’s unconscious form splayed out on the bed was enough to show me she was smooth down below.

Denny lowered himself between my thighs and raised them onto his shoulders, his bald head dipping towards my crotch. Oh dear lord, he was going to give me oral. This was exciting. I completely forgot about their intentions to rob me of my virginity kocaeli escort bayan when I felt his bearded chin rasp up against my moist pussy.

His tongue flicked out and expertly hit the right spot at the cleft of my vagina. My clit engorged and almost seemed to sing at this light touch. And then he got serious. He wrapped those healthy lips around my nub and sucked me firmly into his mouth.

It was at this point I began to realize just how sensititive truly my clitoris was. Masturbating was something I had always quickly and furtively done, but now I knew why..I was meant to cum and cum and cum. And thats exactly what I did.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he viciously tongue lashed me. My body tremled and shook as I felt the lightning from his tongue go straight to my brain. For a moment I thought I was going to go blind. My legs shook , my chest heaved, I arched my back into Bill and almost began to thrash around on the bed. I gasped breathlessly through what seemed a dozen orgasms. And this was just in the space of a couple minutes.. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me if he did it any longer

Bill released my arms I shuddered and shook , my breath coming out in short rasps. He crossed them across my chest and without any aplomb ripped up my pajama top without so much as unbuttoning it. At this point I didnt care. After that cum, they could do what they please. I had surrendered

” Shit, look at those titties, she’s huge”

My breasts now were bared in all their glory. my secret shame at school. I always felt like a freak for having a bust so large. Momma even planned to special order them for me from the city to get something that would support such large cups on a slim frame. The back aches had always been killer and I was going to get reduced when I had the money.

” My god girl, they’re incredible”

Incredible? The two battleships on my breasts were incredible. Marcus gripped on in each hand and tweaked the big nipples between his fingers sending another jolt of joy through me.

“” You’ve been hiding these from us, you are a treasure girl.”

A treasure. Incredible. What wonderful words. Bill played with them as Denny moved up and wrapped his lips around one. I sighed contentedly as Bill lowered me and scooted around side to suckle at my other free breasts. They mauled and licked and sucked on my breasts as if they had discovered a new form of candy. I stroked their heads and moaned as they had their way with my tits. I felt like a queen with these men worshipping at my chest

Then Denny and Bill pulled away to a soft murmur of ” no” from me at losing their lips on my nips. Then Bill pushed his fat cockhead to my mouth and he gratefully opened my lips wide to accept his cock. I took my two hands and milked his fat dick into my mouth as he played with my tits.

Denny on the other hand had other ideas and worked his way south, kissing my ribs, my belly, tickling my belly button and a quick soft lick at my clit before pulling away. I was lost in Bill’s cock all the while, but on reflection I should have seen what was coming next. He raised my hips onto his shoulder leaned toward me and…

My eyes flew open and I pulled away from Bill’s dick

” No! Please!”

But it was too late.

Denny rubbed his cock once against my dripping labia and then thrust hard into my burning pussy. One hard thrust and a brilliant blinding moment of pain as I felt somethingstretch and tear in me. It was a blinding pain that brought tears to my eyes.


And then Denny started fucking me.

This was no gentle release of a virgin on her wedding night. No consumate bliss between man and woman. I was getting fucked. And it hurt. Hurt like a bastard.

” OH GOD PLEASE NOOOO” I hollered trying to push away

But they mistook this for something else and Bill jammed his thick cock back into my mouth , and Denny merely pushed harder and harder into me

Denny hammered away at me, I could feel every inch of his thickness stretching me wide open. Pushing me past my limits. Thrusting and burning into me. it was at this moment I thanked God that I had gotten myself on birth control to regulate my cycles

I was all but choking on Bills dick as Denny continued his hard heavy thrusts into me. And slowly something began to change. The pain began to fade, and the burning slowlling became a friction. And the friction soon became.. delcious

Denny’s big dick was filling me up in all the ways it should now, I could feel him push himself way up deep in me and hit a spot that seemed to send a throb of carnality with each bump. The tears stopped pouring down my cheeks as I begin to to get into the groove of Denny’s cock in me

” Fuck this bitch is tight” Denny said, sweating as he pounded into me

” I cant wait to get a piece of that white pussy” Bill said

Once again those words did something to me, it was racially charged, but I did like being their white bitch. And it hit me. Not like the cum that lightning zapped my body, but like a throb that grew from within me and and wanted to burst out of me. I could feel my muscles tighten around Denny’s punishing penis and could feel his balls tighten up as they slapped against my ass.

” Oh shit, I’m going to cum” Denny said picking up his paceI popped my lips off Bill choking cock and looked Denny straight in the eye

” Yeah, cum for me, cum for me”, I whispered to him

Our eyes locked and in that moment I knew who I was. I was never the prude. I was never the grade A student with the scholarship.Never the one hiding her figure.What I was , was my mther’s daughter. My body was made for sex and sin.I could take big cocks and I loved big cocks.

I was a slut.

” Cum in my pussy. Cum in..My. Tight. White. Cunt!” I hissed at him

And he came. And I came. He slammed his entire length and girth into my burning temple and I could feel heat burst from him into me. Over and over and over again. My legs wrapped around him as well as I could trying to pull Denny further into me. I felt my nerve endings explode as I knew his seed was flooding into me. I grunted like an animal and bit into his shouler. This was sex . This was fucking. Why did I ever want to wait for some man who wouldnt know what he was doing?

Denny laid down on top of me and Bill pulled away to let us bask in the glow a bit. Denny’s heavily muscled body dwarfed mine and I was almost lost under him. I kept my legs wrapped around him and squeezing his cock, almost involuntarily in my hungry pussy. He kissed me softly and gelty, our tongues lashing softly in a lover clinch. I relished the smell of sex, the taste of my pussy on his lips, his throbbing hardness in me.

I didnt want to let go, but then Bill said, ” Hey man, I get a turn too” and tapped Denny on the shoulder

Denny slowly got up and slowly pulled his girth out of me with a wet messy plopping sound. I felt empty, I needed more

” Shit, I think you messed her up Denny”

” Holy fuck” Denny gasped.

I looked down between my legs in the space between us and was mortified to find the huge stain of blood. I must have gone ghost white because Bill clamoured to my side and Denny gently stroked my cheeky

” You okay babygirl? I think we hurt you, we should get you to a hospital”

” No, no , no”..I shook my head and then I laughed out loud at the absurdity of it all

Denny and Bill looked at me then briefly at each other wondering if they were fucking a lunatic and if they might have made a mistake.

” No, you sexy men, I’m okay..its just that I’m a ..” I paused, ” okay.. I WAS a ….a…virgin”

I’m pretty sure both of their jaws dropped a foot when I told them. They looked at me like a spacecraft had just come flying out my ear. I laughed. In that moment, they werent these intimidating men with monster cocks anymore, they were just little boys having fun. Come to think of it, I was having fun too

” You’re serious?”” Denny asked

” Dead serious”

” A virgin?” Bill chimed in

” I was.. untill you wonderful men fixed that”, with that I kissed both of them on the cheek

They both sat stunned for a second and I giggled. They both flushed.

” Oh dont be silly, that was absolutely incredible . it was more then I could have dreamed of”, I said softly to Denny.I then turned to Bill and smiled mischeviously

” And you… you better be ready to fuck me too with your big ole dick”

” ” Really?” Bill said almost sheepishly

” Oh yeah!” I said with a big shit eating grin

He moved toward me..but i put a hand on his chest..” But first, I should go wash up..and Denny, could you throw the sheets in the washer..they’re right by the front door”

“ummm..okay” Denny said still bewildered

I got up off the bed, blood caking on my thighs and grabbed Bill softly around his cock, ” Lets go wash up so you can fuck me some more”

Instead of being the poor defenseless girl they had fucked silly just a few minutes ago, now I was leading the charge. As I left, Denny was pulling the sheets off the bed, my mother limply still passed out on the bed..trying his best not to roll her off the bed. I led Bill into the washroom by his cock and got the shower going.

He smiled sheepishly and stepped into the tub with me. I got up on my tippy toes and kissed him welty on the lips ” Thank you” I whispered.

Bill gently soaped me up and washedme off, paying extra attention to soaping up my breasts. I definitely took my time soaping up his cock and jerking it off in my hand

” I’m sorry you both couldnt get my virginity” I said to him

“Thats okay, theres always other things we can do”

” Like what?” I asked my curiosity perked

” Theres always another virginity I could have”

” Whats that?”

Bill leaned into me and whispered in my ear;

” Your ass”

I looked up at him ” My ass?””

He nodded.

Anal sex? I didnt yahya kaptan escort even think about sex that way? I couldnt imagine a cock that big getting in my ass. But at the same time I couldnt imagine Denny’s big black cock fitting into my pussy. So, in for a penny….

” Okay, lets do it”

His face lit up like Christmas tree, as if he found a magical present. He smiled so big I thought his face would split in two.He turned off the shower and stepped me out of the bath. I began to dry off and he began to rummage around in the drawers and turned on the hot water in the sink

He eventually got what he wanted and told me to bend over onto the counter. I guess he was impatient to fuck me, so he decided there and then. From my angle I could see him behind me..and myself bent over facing the mirror. My tits flattened against the porcelain. He had pulled out one of mother’s enema kits she seemed to have tonnes of and filled it with the warm water.

” What are you going to do with tha…” I said as he dissapeared behind me and spread open my cheeks

Then it hit me, or should I say in me. The small spout pushed into me and the water squirted into me. I squealed liked like a stuck pig at this bizarra intrusion.. but it tickled for the most part. And the fucker kept squirting into me. I felt like gallons were running down my legs.

” Stop ! Stop! Stop!” I was nearling howling in laughter and overload and luckily he did.

He reached into the same drawer and pulled out some K-Y that was in there and begin to stroke it up and down his cock. From my perspective in the mirror it was hot watching this live show, especially him stroking his big dick with the lube all over it. I wiggled my rump in anticipation.He wiped a towle up and down my legs to clean me up I suppose. Then he lubed up a finger and I felt him push it slowly into my ass

The pressure was something else, I cant describle the tingle that came over me as he pushed it in. It made my nipples harden at just his index finger and he slowly moved it around. I couldn’t believe how big just his finger felt. And how heavenly

” You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be”

Then he slowly pushed his fat cockhead against my sphincter. I felt like a virgin again, like only half an hour ago as he slwoly ever so slowly pushed his heavy meat into me. I let out a loud long heavy groan as he filled me up. With every half centimetre I felt like I was being filled to the brim. And then he would stop and slowly push again. Then when I knew he had a couple inches in me, Bill began to slowly pull out and push into me, never leaving my ass.

I was filled. I couldnt believe there was sex like this. At that moment I couldn’t tell what was better, a cock in my pussy or in my ass. And Bill kept at it, slowly increasing his tempo. He developed a rythm and begun earnestly thrusting into me. More and more of him filling me. Untill I felt I was going to explode and his balls slapped up against my rump. He somehow had his entire cock in me

And just like Denny he proceeded to fuck me. And fuck me hard. Stars exploded in my head as he pounded me, I thought I was going to pass out. And just when I thought he was, a hand came down on my ass with a heavy spank..sending jolts of pain and pleasure therough me knocking me wide awake.

I looked into the mirror and loved the visual. There was this tiny blonde white girl with big tits getting fucked hard by this huge black man. She had a huge smile on her face and her face was a mess. Her tits bounced all over the place. And the black guy was gripping her hips and giving her everything he had

Just then Denny walked into the bathroom sporting another hardon and smiled.

” You.Cock. Now” I gasped at Denny between thrusts

Not a man to argue, Denny moved up along side and shoved his dick in my mouth. The two men got in a rythym fucking me, but I I could tell Marcus wasnt going to last long in my ass. His breathing was growing hoarse and his thrusting more urgent

” Gonna cum in my ass big boy?” I said coquettishly over my shoulder

” Uh huh” was all he could grunt as sweat lashed off him

” Then do it baby. Cum in my ass, cum in my ass , cum in my ass..”

I kept up that mantra as Denny stepped away to watch the show stoking his big dick watching me get fucked silly. Bill grabbed me hard by the shoulder and rammed himself all the way into me. And he came, and I could really feel him squirt to me. It was fire and ice and heaven and hell. He made a few weak more thrusts and slowly slipped out of me. Then I all bust crumpled to the floor with legs that seemed to have vanished

” My turn” Denny said, picking me up again like he had done just an hour earlier, carrying me back into Mom’s bedroom and throwing me back on the bed beside snoring-mom.

By this time I was in full-on slut mode and what I did then even suprised myself.

Momma lay splayed out with her thighs spread wide and I knew I had to taste her. So I did

I wasn’t shy about it either, I dove into Momma’s pussy. i had no idea what I was doing but I loved it. I hungrily licked alround her pussy , savouring the combined juices of the cum and her pussy juice. It was salty and sweet all at onceand wonderful. Just tasting her pussy made me cum, I had crossed the line and loved every minute of it.

Momma began to stir in a drunken daze and felt her hands guide the back of my head even further into her pussy. She was too drunk to know what was going on but seemed to enjoy what I was doing. I knew I liked having my clit rubbed so I licked up and sucked on her clit, this was a good sign as I felt a quiver go through Momma. She curled her hand sin my hair and i just kept on hungrily slurping away at her pussy.

” Shit thats hot” , Bill said watching the show

Thats when Denny came up behind my upturned ass and pushed his big black dick into my ass.Needless to say he power fucked my ass good too. My face was firmly planted in Momma’s wet crotch and my ass in the air as he brutally assaulted my derriere. Deeny plowed me so hard I was thrust onto Momma’s front.

Momma’s eyes were half lidded and incredibly glazed not knowing where was, she slurred something about them bringing a lady friend for her and then she pulled me close.

Then Momma kissed me. Wet and deep and her tongue pushed into my mouth. Our tongues met hungrily and lashed at each other. And I came again and again.

Suddenly Bill’s thick black cock seperated our lips. Both Momma and I hungrily licked at it our tongues lapping around its girth stopping to hungrily taste at each other. Bill pushed his cock into Momma’s mouth and I bent my head down down and nuzzled at one of her fantastic breasts flicking a nipple with my tongue. It was a flesh starwberry in my thoughts and I relished it.

” oh man, she passed out again” Bill complained, pulling out of Momm’as mouth.

Just then Denny pulled out of my ass without aplomb and rolled me off Momma onto my back . i was so fuck drunk and delirious that I didn’t care what happened next. Then Denny pulled me on top of him so that I was in the on-top postion. Slowly I guided his cock into my pussy and sighed happily as it was where it made me so happy earlier. I cooed and began to grin into Denny, loving his bi dick in me when I felt the bed shift a bit. Bill crawling up behind me between Denny’s legs and bent me over Denny’s body

” What are you two …”

But before I had the question out, I felt Bill slip his big tip against my backdoor

” Oh boy ” I whispered and took a breath

And then Bill shoved his fat dick right up my ass. Luckily it was heavily lubed, both with actual lube and earlier cum or it may have killed me. I cant even begin to describe the heights of agony/ecstasy it gave me

“OHHHHHH FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!” I literally SCREAMED at the top of my lungs, it didnt stop

In fact it probably only encouraged him more. Denny grabbed me around the waist so I couldnt wiggle free and Bill helped keep my ass down and began to pound into my backdoor. Denny too started small thrusts into my pussy. The feeling was exquisite, like every nerve in my body was being likced and sucked and fucked. It felt like their cocks were going to burst out of my throat. It was the most intense thing so far this night


And the second those words left my lips I realized those were the exactl same words I heard Mom exclaim only hours earlier. And I could see why. Shit. LikeMother Like Daughter. Didnt matter, as long they kept fucking me

And fuck me they did, over and over and over. Lights went off and on in my head. I came so many times I lost count, I was bordering on unconsciousness when I heard them begin to groan and increase their thrusting into me. After what seemed hours they finally let loose another volley of cum deep into me and finally came to rest deep inside me

Bill rolled off me and sat to the side, I also rolled over off Denny and onto my back. I lay heavily panting, sweat shimmering on me. My ass and pussy tingling and throbbing from a night of brutal fucking. I could already feel their cum dripping out of my ass and pussy and felt worn out and thoroughly fucked. My hair was matted and slick with sweat and I was one happy slut.

Then I heard my alarm ****BREEP BREEP BREEP*** down the hallway from my room. I opene d my eyes wide open and noticed sunlight streaming through the room. Shit. it was 7 AM , I had to get to church. I groaned and got up off the bed

“Shit, who’s alarm is that’ Denny complained

” Dont worry, its mine , I’ll turn it off”

” Its yours? Did you bring your phone” Bill quizzed

” Nope, its in my bedroom”

” Bedroom?” , they both chimed in

” Yeah,” I said, “, grabbing the tatters of my pajama top and leaving the room

” Wait, wait wait a sec” said Denny now stunned ” you live here?”

” Of course” I said standing at the door

Bill hesitantly asked ” Whats your name?”

” Charity” I smiled innocently

Denny covered his face in his hands. ” You’re Dee’s daughter?”

Bill groaned out loud

” Yes, and I hope you guys come home with my mom next week too”, I winked as headed out the door

I closed the door and went to my room to prep for church

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