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Changed by the Alien

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Author’s Note: This is my Nude Day 2016 Contest entry. The story contains mind control, incest/taboo, male and female bisexuality, non-consent, pregnancy/breeding, lactation, group sex, tentacle sex, anal sex, futanari, and science fiction. A lot going on, in other words.


The August humidity embraced her nude, pregnant body. Above her, the tops of the oak trees were ablaze with the setting sun’s bronzed light. On the forest floor, twilight had already settled in.

Perspiration glistened on her body as she ran her hands over her heavy breasts, and then her large, round baby bump. She could feel her child kicking. Soon.

“Hey, beautiful.” She turned to see her mother approaching from down the trail. Like the daughter, the mother too was heavily pregnant, and nude. Her hips swayed with every step.

“Hi, Mommy. Where are the boys?”

“They’ll be along. Your brother is helping your father get something out of his system.”

“I can imagine.” Indeed, how many times had she helped get something similar from her daddy? The proof of it was now in her belly.

“Are you excited to be a mommy?” her mother asked, pressing her own bump against her daughter’s.

“So excited. And a little nervous.”

“I am too,” her mother said. “It’s a natural feeling.”

“Even if nothing about this is really natural?”

“Especially so.”

“I can’t believe it’s about to happen.”

“Me neither.” The mother ran her hands over her daughter’s swollen tits. “We wouldn’t be here if not for you. We wouldn’t be like this. I’m so grateful.”

The young woman’s heart swelled. But a look of concern shadowed her pretty face. “Do you think this can continue? You know, after she leaves?”

Her mother gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “I don’t know. I hope so.”

“I…really wish she didn’t have to go.”

“Hush, honey. It’s just the way things are. We knew it when this started. We promised we would help her.”

The daughter’s eyes were beginning to dew with tears. “I know. I just wish it didn’t have to end. It’s all been so magical. I just wish—”

Again, her mother kissed her, harder this time. “Shhhh. Just be in the moment. We’re going to be mommies together. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes,” her daughter agreed as droplets of blue milk leaked from both women’s sweat-moistened tits.

“Come on,” the mother said, taking her daughter by the hand. “The boys will catch up.”

Mother and daughter walked down the forest trail, fireflies sparking here and there. The earth felt refreshing and cool beneath their bare feet. “This has been the best summer of my life, Mommy.”

“Mine too.”

They walked over a ridge to a clearing. There was a wide gap in the tree canopy here—almost a perfect circle. The darkening sky was clear above them.

At the center of the clearing was a series of boulders, and on the largest of these lay a tall, naked woman. She was on her back, staring at the heavens. If the rock caused any discomfort to her bare skin, she did not show it. She gazed at the sky with both wonder and, the daughter thought, a bit of sadness. Did she even want to leave?

They approached in reverence, without a sound, but sensing their presence, the woman on the boulder propped herself up and turned to them. “There are my beautiful brides.” Mother and daughter blushed.

The woman leapt from the boulder, her bare feet landing without a sound on the rock-strewn ground below. She approached them, her exotic eyes lingering on the pregnant women’s tits. “Exquisite,” she said as if commenting on works of art. “I love seeing you both like this.”

“We love being like this for you,” the daughter breathed.

“Before we begin, I would love to see you both as you truly are now. We are all already exposed out here. Hide nothing from me.”

Mother and daughter smiled. “Of course,” the mother said as she and her daughter’s bare pussies began to dilate. Both women sighed in pleasure. Slowly from each of their slits, a thick tentacle began to emerge…

Two Months Earlier…

Kirsten stared out the kitchen window towards the woods behind her parents’ house. The leaves were awash in the early summer sunlight. She poured some more cream into her fourth cup of coffee.

“Are you going to be like this your entire summer vacation?” her younger brother asked. It was almost eleven. Tyler had just woken up.

“Like what?” Kirsten sounded like the accused in a show trial.

“All depressed and moping around like your personality was written by the author of Twilight.”

Having her depression accurately diagnosed by an 18-year-old that had only graduated high school two weeks ago was especially annoying. “I’m not moping.” Kirsten winced at how defensive and childlike she sounded. “I’m thinking.”

“Thinking about depressing things, right?”

Pretty much. “I’m just thinking about how I want to spend my summer break. It’s strange being back home.” She brushed a strand of her long, strawberry Yenibosna Escort blonde hair from her face. “Makes me feel kind of trapped after being away at college.”

“Then why did you come back home? Thought you said you had a research assistant job lined up for the summer.”

Kirsten folded her arms over her chest. “It fell through.”

Tyler looked at her. A little less than two years his sister’s junior, both of the siblings were tall, though Ty had nearly half-a-foot on her. He shared Kirsten’s blue eyes, but instead of her spun-silk hair, his was a mop of beach blonde. Both had high cheekbones, but unlike her face’s gentleness, his features were sharp.

Ty had always played sports, always been fit. In her months away at school, however, he had been spending almost every afternoon in his school’s weight room. The result was a muscular aspiring-frat boy aesthetic which his wife-beater undershirt helped put on display.

“Why do you care?” she asked.

“Because…I just do.” Their eyes met for a second before he looked away. Then he added, “And if you’re going to be around here the next couple of months, I don’t need you bringing Mom and Dad down. Lord knows they do that enough themselves.”

Kirsten’s phone chimed. “Speaking of which…”A picture of her mother, Renee, came up on the iPhone’s screen.

It wasn’t a great picture of her mother, but it was the best one Kirsten had. Renee was only 40—she had popped out Kirsten not too long after eloping with her college sweetheart, Roger, their sophomore year. Still pretty young, in other words. Simply a more mature version of her daughter.

Yet if you had told that to Renee, as her daughter and son often had, she wouldn’t have believed you. In recent years, she had become concerned—obsessed?—with her fading appearance. Her hair, so much like her daughter’s, had become slightly coarser. In a certain kind of light, the veins of her hands were more noticeable. Small things that had come to mean the world to the kids’ mother.

She’d compensated by taking up running as though, if she could just pump her legs fast enough, the clock would be turned back. She’d also stopped smiling in photos, hence why in the image on Kirsten’s phone Renee looked like something more belonging to a Victorian daguerreotype. To Renee, it was a small price not to have the first signs of crow’s feet digitally recorded in zoomable megapixels.

Kirsten picked up on speakerphone. “Hi, Mom.”

The voice on the other end sounded exasperated. “Hey, honey—one of the other nurses called out, so I have to cover part of her shift. It’s going to be tight for me to make the movie your father and I wanted to see tonight. Can you pick out an outfit for me, lay it out for me?”

“Sure thing.”

“Can you, well…”

“Spit it out, Mom.”

“Can you pick something nice out? Something your father might like? A little sexy?”

Tyler covered his ears. “Oh my god,” he mouthed silently at his sister.

“Sure, no problem, Mom.”

“Thank you—I really appreciate it!”

“Next time, please don’t put your girl-talk on speaker phone,” Tyler said after they’d hung up.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting all that.”

Tyler shrugged.

“You were?” Kirsten asked.

“I’m not surprised.”

“Why not?”

Tyler didn’t answer.

“What?” Kirsten insisted.

“Look, Dad’s a handsome guy, a veterinarian in a town of frackers and farmers. Owns his own clinic. Younger girls take note. Maybe Mom’s just feeling a little competition.”

“Does she have reason to?”

“I don’t know,” Tyler said in a way that made clear he did.

Jesus Christ. “Dad has something on he side.” The words came out as a statement, not a question. “How long has this been a thing, Ty?”

“Why ask things you’re not going to like the answer to?”

“Just fucking tell me.”

“Fine. It’s been an issue since after Christmas. It’s only been on Mom’s radar since after Easter.”

“So she knows?” Kirsten asked.

His voice was flat. “Why do you think she wants to sex-up her look just to go to a movie with him?”

Kirsten held her head in her hands. “Any woman that fucks a married man is a piece of shit.”

He looked down at the granite countertop. “I didn’t feel like it was my place to judge.”

“Why the hell not?”

He looked up at her, but not in the eye. “Look, people want what they want. Sometimes even when they wish they didn’t.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I probably should have. Let’s be honest, though. Would it have made any difference? I get the impression you were pretty distracted at school recently with whatever has you so down.”

That was true, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to admit it. She finished her coffee. “I’m going for a walk.”

“I’ll come with you,” Tyler said.

“No—I want to be alone.”

“Some company might do you good.”

“I said no.”

“It’s something with a guy that’s bothering you—why not just get Yenibosna Escort Bayan it out? I can listen.”

Kirsten frowned. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You understand that long, lonesome walks in the woods don’t actually solve anything, right? It’s not like the movies where big epiphanies get made if you can just look stylishly depressed long enough.”

“Shut up.”

He took her arm. “Come on—don’t be like that. I’ll get dressed and go with you.”

He was more than capable of overpowering her, but his grip had been light. She shook it off. “What are you so concerned about? I’ve been walking those woods since I was a little girl.”

“I’m not worried about you going for a walk in the woods—you’re less likely to get raped out there than on campus, I bet. I’m worried about you.”

“I’m fine.”

“Obviously.” He reached for her again.

“I said leave me alone.” She stormed from the kitchen out onto the back deck.

Theirs was a big, ’90s-style McMansion standing alone far from the main road. Bracketed on either side by farmland, and backing up to a state forest, there were no actual neighbors for miles. Especially in summer when their home was a ravine enclosed by valley walls of corn, it made everything feel isolated. That had been the point when they’d bought the place, after all, once her father’s vet practice had taken off. Kirsten had been about ten at the time.

The deck descended to a brick patio and fire pit. She walked across the backyard’s PGA-worthy lawn where eventually it dropped off to a barrier of mulch and bushes. She slipped between these, and was in the forest.

The summer sun was high in the sky, but everything beneath the canopy of leaves was in a green-tinged shade. This part of the forest was far from the trails hikers used. This was her forest.

How many times had she walked this untouched land, whenever she was lonely, whenever she hurt? Once upon a time, it was nearly everyday. Tyler had a point about her moping walks, but he was wrong that they didn’t solve anything.

Out here she could cry without the distraction of anyone, however well-intentioned, asking what was wrong. It might not qualify as an epiphany or anything else so life-changing. At least if she could let it out, though, it might not continue clawing at her insides.

She could feel the tears coming, but fought them back. There was a rock formation not too far ahead, a clearing where there was a gap in the trees. Something about the place had always felt magical. Powerful. A more appropriate place to sit and let the tears flow. Let the poison out.

But when Kirsten came to the clearing, it was already occupied.

The sun cascaded through the gap in the forest canopy, a river of light in striking contrast to the dimness of the surrounding forest. On the largest of the clearings’ boulders the woman lay. She looked to be in her early 20’s. She was on her stomach, her arms folded beneath her face, napping contently even though there was no towel beneath her.

She had on a thong-style bikini bottom, the violet material so shiny it looked almost like liquid metal. She had undone her top, exposing her bare back to the sun.

No shoes, no bag for clothes. Had she hiked all the way out here in nothing but a swimsuit and bare feet?

Well, this is awkward, Kirsten thought. At least the woman was asleep. Kirsten could slip further into the forest, find some place else to be alone…

The woman’s head lifted. Her eyes were almond-shaped—Asian clearly, though Kirsten couldn’t quite guess the exact nationality. On the one hand, her skin tone was dark as a Thai, yet the woman looked almost Tyler’s height—way taller than any Southeast Asian Kirsten had ever met.

Her lips were plump and glisteningly moist in the sunlight. Her long, black hair was cut into blunt, straight-across bangs that heightened her exoticness.

“Hello,” the woman called from the boulder. No real accent, but there was a practiced modulation to her voice that hinted she might not be a native speaker.

Kirsten looked away from her, embarrassed both for the topless girl, and for herself. Not expecting to see anyone out here, she’d worn some tattered jean shorts and a faded tank top from high school. While she’d dodged the full Freshman 15, five pounds of it had caught her. It made her feel a little self-conscious as her old top hiked up on her midriff. “Sorry—just passing through.”

“It’s all right,” the woman said. “I’m not taking your spot, am I?”

The question was so odd, yet perceptive, Kirsten stopped. “Excuse me?”

“You just looked like you expected this place to be empty, and yet here I am.”

“Well, I kind of was surprised. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen someone else out here the past ten years.”

“If you’ve been coming here a decade, I’d say you’ve got a greater claim to sunbathe here than me.”

Kirsten approached, held up her arms. “Look at this fair Escort Yenibosna skin and red hair. I’m not here to get sun,” she said with a slight laugh.

The woman regarded her. “I imagine aside from getting a tan, this would be a very good place to think.”

“You’d be right about that.”

“Then you should stay.”

“That’s very nice, but please—there isn’t a reservation list for these rocks,” Kirsten said.

“No, but you do look like you need sometime to think.”

“That obvious?”

“I can see the tears at the edge of your eyes.”

Kirsten blinked, and felt a tear run down her face. “Hadn’t realized I was that close.”

“It’s okay.”

Kirsten had held on in front of her brother, had timed it so she wouldn’t meltdown until she got out here and could be alone. Now she was in front of this stranger, but the emotion she’d held back was boiling to the surface. Her face crumbled as tears began to stream down it.

The woman quickly tied on her bikini top, then climbed down. “Hush—it’s okay,” she said.

“I’m pathetic.”

“No, you’re not, Kirsten—you’re wonderful. Come on, have a seat here.”

Wait, did I tell her my name? Kirsten must have—how would the woman have known otherwise? The worry was fleeting, dissolved in the tears running fast now down her face and the need to be honest with someone, anyone.

“God, look at me—crying over some asshole that doesn’t love me in front of someone I don’t even know.”

The woman guided her to a smaller, flat boulder in the shade. Out of the sun, the ground around them was blanketed in moss. “Pretend like you know me, and tell me about it.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Carina—call me Carina.”

Out it came between sobs: Kirsten had lost her virginity to her writing professor. But as tends to happen with these things, he wasn’t going to leave his wife for her. That being the case, right before the school year ended, so did the affair.

For a creative writing instructor, there hadn’t been much poetry in his heart as the curtain drew on their time together. Though he certainly had a purple prose way of articulating his cynicism. “Look, I know this hurts right now,” he’d said, “but in the end, love isn’t like in popular novels or movies. It’s just biochemistry, an illusion cast by our minds on the stage of our bodies. The so-called magic of romance is only how we interpret and rationalize those hormonal signals, doing their best in their idiot way to find us mates. But just as often, they lead us astray.”

How right that last part was.

How could Kirsten stay at school this summer, possibly bumping into him around campus? She’d ditched the research job precisely to avoid that. Running away hadn’t solved anything, though—the hurt had followed her home.

“You know,” Kirsten sobbed after spilling the entire story to the woman, “the feeling of rejection and betrayal is bad enough. Then there’s the guilt—fucking a married man. I’m no better than the side-thing my Dad has going on.”

“Don’t say that about yourself,” Carina said.

“It’s true. It’s all so true, and my mom is a basket case because of it, all worrying about her age. Did my professor’s wife suspect? Did she start to go crazy over getting older too?”

“Hush—it’s going to be okay.”

“No, I think I’m broken forever. You know, the memory of being filled by a man, it’s so cutting now that it’s lost. There’s a fear in me now, you know? That whatever I find to replace him will never be so intense. I’m so scared everything will be second-rate in comparison.”

“It won’t be,” said the woman. “There’s something out there even more amazing and intense waiting for you. Closer than you think.”

Kirsten’s laugh was ice in a glass. “Sure.”

“It’s true.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Okay.” Then Carina kissed her.

Kirsten put her hands on the woman’s shoulders to push her away, but there wasn’t much strength behind it. A girl at school had tried kissing her one night in the dorms, and Kirsten had stormed off. That kiss had felt very wrong—she’d always liked guys, after all.

This? This was different. Carina’s tongue in her mouth felt natural. As if she had been waiting a long time for this to happen.

“Is this wrong?” Kirsten asked between kisses.

“Does it feel wrong?”

“No. It feels good. Maybe a little too good.”

“Then let’s just go with it for a little bit,” Carina said. “Nothing can be bad if it’s just for a little bit, can it?”

“Okay. Just for a little bit.”

“Yes, just for a little bit.” The Asian girl took Kirsten’s hand. “More room to spread out on the moss. Wouldn’t that be nice and comfortable?”

There was something about Carina’s taste—her kiss tingled on Kirsten’s lips. She licked her own lips trying to savor that taste. Her heart beat fast at this, her first lesbian experience. Yet she also felt relaxed.

They kissed a while more on the bed of moss before Carina pulled her bikini string. Her breasts spilled out as the metallic-looking, top fell to the forest floor. Her areolae were tight and brown around her thick, blunt nipples. They reminded Kirsten of Hershey Kisses—scrumptious.

“Kirsten, don’t you like the look of my breasts?”

“I…yes.” Oh my god, why did I admit that?

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