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Chance Encounters Ch. 02

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Hi everyone! I know you all have waited for this one a little bit. Sorry things got a little busy on my end. Hope you enjoy this chapter! The story is no longer from two perspectives since the other person writing with me has not been in contact. I would like to thank Dogwatch, Bluespark, Lustful_Intentions and satisfy for helping me edit the story.

– Kitty


The semester dragged on as usual with assignments, tests and midterms taking up most of my time. While I didn’t have much time to focus on my usual hobbies of reading or painting or the occasional movie at the theatre, I did make sure to keep myself occupied on Lit. I loved taking photos in the everyday clothes I had and the attention I would receive from them. I did read most of the messages I got but my conversations with Ian were usually the ones I would look forward to. He wasn’t like the usual guys who just wanted a quick fix to fuel their masturbation fantasies. He wanted to know about me and he knew how to have a real conversation.

To some extent he reminded me of Dr. Stephens. Often I would imagine it being him I was talking to. The idea that he knew his innocent little student was posting such suggestive photos of herself on an erotic forum was more than enough to fuel the naughty fantasies that left me breathless almost every night. The thought of being bent over on his desk in front of him while he spanked me for being such a bad girl was enough to drive me over the edge numerous times.

I had to finally give up wearing skirts and cute blouses for thick sweaters and warm leggings as the weather got colder. I was searching through my closet one day and found a really cute sweater dress that I had not worn in a while. As I tried it on in front of the mirror I was proud to see how well it fit me now, hugging curves in all the right places. A sly grin crept up on my face as I once again pulled out my laptop and took some photos to put up on my thread.

I uploaded the photos with a quick comment and a few minutes later I noticed a message from Ian. I bit my lower lip as I felt a warmth spreading out from the core of my body…I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I read the message:

“Hey princess,

Hope your day went well! That sweater dress looks so wonderful on you. The way it shows off the flare of your hips and barely covers your sweet little ass is just irresistible. I wish I was standing behind you in that last photo…slowly pulling that pink thong lower and lower to reveal the wonderful treasure it hides. If only I could trace that treasure with the tip of my fingers, my tongue…

I’m going to be thinking about you tonight princess and all the things I want to do to you. Hope you have a great night”

I felt a shiver run down my spine as I imagined what that would feel like. I closed my eyes and let the images run through my head. I could almost feel his hot breath on the soft skin of my ass as he caressed it slowly, the feeling of his skin against mine making me whimper. His hands reaching up under the sweater to pull on the waistband of the thong…tugging at the fabric to slip it down my legs and off my body. His breath now tickling the most sensitive spot on my body. I could feel his fingers lightly tracing the soft outer lips…taking his time…teasing me and making me want more as I thrust my hips back. I turn my head around to whisper something incoherent…and that was when I saw Dr. Stephen’s blue eyes staring right back at me…his lips curved in a smirk.

I was startled as my brain processed that image. Why did Ian’s messages always remind me of Dr. Stephens? As I lay on my bed thinking about this fantasy I noticed that my room was now covered in a blanket of darkness and I had spent the last half an hour with my hand down my panties. Sighing I got up from my bed and rebooted my laptop as I still had not replied to Ian’s message. Ignoring the five other emails I had received I typed up a quick response to Ian’s message:

“Hehe thank you Ian. 😉 I haven’t worn this sweater in a long time but I think tomorrow is a nice day to bring it out of hiding. I wonder what effect it will have on my professor as I walk into the classroom <3. Speaking of effects, your little fantasy has had quite an effect on me. I wish we could act it out! Good night!” Writing the message I wondered when I would actually have the chance to feel a man’s hands on my body. At 21 years of age I had no experience whatsoever with a man. Heck, I’d never been kissed! Grumbling to myself I grabbed a towel and headed for the shower. * * * I got ready for school and felt pretty excited Kastamonu Escort as I put on my sweater dress and grey leggings underneath. I wore a light blue lace bra and green hipster panties with a lace trim on the waistband. Since I had been able to get up extra early I decided to put on some makeup up for a change. A little bit of rouge, mascara and pink lip gloss – all set to go!

I decided to wear black ankle boots that day and with every click of them on the floor I could feel the gazes following me. I still had a hard time interacting with a guy so I could never flirt, but saw nothing wrong with being a tease. I enjoyed it a lot. It made me wonder just what these guys were thinking. Maybe grabbing me by the wrist, pushing me against the wall and roughly pulling down my leggings and panties to get to the prize hidden behind them. It felt good to be noticed and as much I would have enjoyed being pulled into a side hallway and taken against the wall, I continued walking to my lecture hall like a good girl, ignoring every stare. I liked being early and while these fantasies kept me sane, I had other priorities that were taking precedence. .

I sat down in my usual spot in class as the images from last night came flooding back to my mind. I could feel a familiar wetness pooling between my legs as I thought about Dr. Stephens and his finger, his tongue. I gathered my belongings and moved to a closer spot. I felt his gaze all semester but today I wanted him to notice me. I wanted him to see what so many men on Lit saw. So I settled down and waited for him.

As the lecture hall filled with students I could feel myself getting more and more nervous- fidgeting in my seat and playing with my hair – until finally the nerves settled in an instant as I saw him walk in. The same confident smile and electrifying eyes. He looked gorgeous with the dress shirt tucked into his jeans and the sleeves rolled up. He busied himself with setting up the powerpoint for the few minutes before class while scanning the crowd…and then something happened.

I had heard of the “look of lust” in the many stories that I read on Lit but so far I had not had a chance to experience it. But the moment Dr. Stephen’s eyes settled on me something happened. He stared for a good minute, scanning my seated form from top to bottom, almost as if he were confirming something and then his eyes darkened just as they locked with mine. I was paralyzed, my heart racing as I literally melted underneath his heated gaze. I could feel my own desires surfacing as liquid heat trickled down my inner thigh. It was as if within that one moment something had changed between us. Regaining his own composure Dr. Stephens finally started the lecture but I could not stop squirming through the entire 50 minutes.

Once class ended I packed up all my things and got up to leave. I could see in the periphery of my vision that Dr. Stephens was getting ready to leave as well. As I passed him on the way out I avoided any eye contact with him since I knew the effect it would have on me to just look at him but I was surprised when a firm hand gripped my wrist.

I turned around to see Dr. Stephen smiling at me. The lust in his eyes had somewhat dissipated and he seemed more like his usual self. “Yes Dr. Stephens?” I asked, my heart pounding in my chest as the feel of his hand on my wrist brought back images from the previous night.

“I was wondering if you had time today Ms. Kitty to come see me in my office. I have a proposal to discuss with you.”, he replied, smiling politely.

Puzzled by the sudden request I asked,” What kind of a proposal is it Dr. Stephens? We don’t have any projects in this course and I am already working on a thesis as well as my own projects with my work supervisor.”

“This is something I am looking to explore on a more personal level. An experiment of sorts and I think you would make for the perfect candidate to work with me on this project. I will give you more details if you can come to my office today.”, he replied.

I was thoroughly curious now. What project is this? It sounded interesting and I was happy that he thought I would be someone who could work with him on this project. I had read his papers and was intrigued by his work immensely. “I am honored that you would like to work with me professor. I am very interested in your work and the chance to do a project with you is definitely a great opportunity that I look forward to. What time would you like me to come see you?” I asked.

“How about 6pm in my office? I think we will both enjoy this experience a lot Ms. Kitty.” he replied, with Kastamonu Escort Bayan a smirk.

I blushed and let him know I would see him at 6pm sharp. Heading out of the building I smiled to myself thinking about what this project was. I headed to the library to finish some work while pondering the idea of being able to work alongside Dr. Stephens.

* * *

At 5:50pm I went to the bathroom quickly to fix my hair and apply a little bit more lip gloss before heading to Dr. Stephen’s office. It was chillier now and the cold air was making my eyes watery as I headed to the science building. Each step that brought me closer made me all the more nervous about this meeting. I didn’t really know what to expect and the butterflies floating around in my tummy made me want to cancel this meeting and go home. But I did not want to pass up this opportunity of working with such a brilliant mind. It would be a wonderful addition to my resume.

I knocked on his office door and was greeted with a warm smile. “Come on in Ms. Kitty. I have been expecting you.”, he said as he held the door open. He had changed shirts as he was now wearing a dark red sweater with the sleeves pulled up over the blue jeans and running shoes. I smiled and walked into his office, noticing the cramped space and his coat hanging on the chair behind the desk. The desk…looking at it made me blush as I remembered being bent over and spanked right here. It smelled like books and cologne in here…had he showered recently? His hair had looked dry though…my thoughts were interrupted by his voice close to my ear, “Please have a seat.”

I jumped slightly as he whispered. That was strange. Shaking the thoughts away I sat down on the left chair. I took my scarf and coat off to place it on the back rest of the chair and sat comfortably. Dr. Stephens was standing with his back turned to me, looking out the window. I decided to break the silence and asked, “So what is this project that you are working on Dr. Stephens? I am very excited to know more about it.”

He turned around and just smiled at me…the smile that made me shiver and tingle in all the right places. “Oh we’ll get to that in due time my dear. Let’s talk about you first.”, he replied.

I could feel a little bit of panic as I wondered what his words meant. “Is this an interview for a position?”

“You could say so. I need to everything about you before we start working on this…project. How about we start with something simple. Your sweater, for example. I really like what you are wearing today. It shows that you put some effort into dressing in the morning. Where did you get this sweater from?”

“I don’t understand what this has to do with the project Dr.”, I replied, completely confused. Why was he acting so strangely and asking about my sweater? My palms were getting sweaty and I was starting to bite my lip, not completely sure of where this “interview” was going.

“Just answer the question Ms. Kitty. This is a different kind of interview and you will know soon why I am asking these questions.”, he replied in almost a low growl. The tone of his voice made me tremble visibly…but I liked it. I knew I had submissive tendencies for a long time but I had never really explored them, being so inexperienced in terms of men. I nodded and started talking about how this sweater was pretty old and I had recently lost weight so I started wearing it again since it looked nice on me.

“So you would say this is not exactly a very commonly sold item right now then?”, he asked.

“I suppose not Dr. It is a fairly old style.”

As I said that his grin widened and he walked over to his laptop and started typing something. Once he had opened it up he turned the screen towards me and I felt my stomach literally drop to the floor. I could feel the blood draining from my face as I turned pale and started to shake. I could not look up to meet his eyes but I knew he was walking over towards my side of the table. He hopped up on the table beside me and said, “You see Ms. Kitty I am very curious now. I was browsing through a website yesterday and came across some photos of a beautiful young woman who seems to be wearing the same sweater as you. Would you care to explain that?”, he asked.

Right in front of my eyes was a picture of me bent over…the front of the sweater pulled down to reveal pale flesh and just a hint of a hardened brownish pink nipple. I was horrified. I could not look up and certainly did not know what to say. A thousand things were going through my mind and I could feel my heart throbbing in my ears. I wanted Escort Kastamonu to get up and run away but knew that that would just prove his suspicions.

“I..umm..I think..”, was all I could manage. My mind was racing to find some sort of an explanation. This could be bad…very bad. If the school found out, my parents found out…oh god. I am going to be in deep trouble.

But then I thought…my face isn’t in this photo. He doesn’t know that is me. He can’t tell or prove that I am the one in this photo. I took in a deep breath and looked him straight in the eye.

“I don’t really know why you are showing me this Dr. Stephens. I don’t know who this woman is and I am sure that I am not the only one who owns a sweater like this. Now if you will excuse me I have better things to do than be harassed by you in your office. You should be happy that I won’t be reporting this incident.”, I replied firmly. My heart was thudding in my chest and I knew I was shaking because I if I did not have my teeth in control they would be chattering all over the place. I quickly got up and gathered my coat and walked to his door. Just as I was about to open it to leave I felt a hand grab my wrist and roughly turn me around.

“Bad girls who don’t know how to talk to their professor get punished my dear”, he whispered into my ear, as my hands were held behind my back. His voice in my ear, his warm breath almost made me lose my mind right there. He nibbled on my ear softly as his other hand trailed up along my hip, tracing the outside of my breast before cupping it. For a moment I was completely lost…I could feel my panties getting soaked as this was the first time someone had touched me in this way. My mouth was parted slightly as I was breathing harder, feeling his lips trail down my neck, pulling the neck of my sweater down to trail his tongue along my collarbone. It felt so good to feel his warm breath, his warm wet tongue trailing along my skin. His teeth sinking into my flesh. My eyes were closed as my knees became a little weak…my hands resisting against his…wanting to touch him too. I almost missed his hand reaching underneath my sweater…too distracted by his mouth inching lower down. But the moment his warm hand touched bare skin underneath the sweater I was jolted out of the trance.

I pushed him back with a cry and straightened myself up. Panting slightly I nearly shouted, “What the fuck are you doing?!? I am not the kind of girl you can just play around with like this! Why are you-“

I was cut off mid-sentence as I saw his laptop screen. While I had been screaming he had opened up another picture that I had posted late last night. It was a photo of my face. I had forgot to take it down last night…fuck. I was screwed now. I bit my lip as I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

“Please…please Dr. Stephens. I am so sorry. I won’t do this ever again. I don’t know why I post these photos but I will stop I promise. Please don’t report me to the university. Please I beg of you.”

He just kept looking at me as I felt the tears trickle down my cheeks. I was so upset by this whole situation but I could not figure out what he wanted. Then I saw his eyes softening as he walked toward me.

“Sit down Ms. Kitty. I won’t be reporting you to anyone. From the start I just want to discuss a proposal with you.”, he whispered softly. Once again he sat down on the table in front of me. His fingers trailed along my cheek, pausing under my chin as he tilted it up.

“I liked you right from the start of the semester. I see the passion you have for your career. I like young women like you…smart, able to hold their own…ready to explore.”

He was looking straight into my eyes and I could feel the heat creeping back into my cheeks as he lowered his face and kissed me. A sweet, gentle kiss…his lips meeting mine for a soft kiss. I felt his tongue licking my lower lip as I lifted my hand up and slid it into his hair. He didn’t force me. Instead he let me set the pace as I let my lips explore his. After almost a lifetime he broke the kiss, his thumb caressing my cheek as he whispered into my ear, “I know what you want baby. I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in the way your body behaves as soon as I walk in the door. And I can almost smell it right now. The pure need that is soaking through your panties.” His hand reached under my sweater and rubbed just the right spot on my leggings, feeling the wetness seep through…making me clench and whimper softly.

“You have two days Ms. Kitty. If you would like to go on this journey with me I will expect you in my office at 6PM on Thursday. If you do not come I will forget this whole incident and we can go our separate ways. It is up to you.”, he said, as he walked to the door and held it open for me.

I gathered up my things and left his office, still in a trance and wondering what had happened. The only question in my mind was: What should I do?

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