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Chaffernaught 03

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Chapter 03: Born Under a Good Sign

The ride home was pleasant for me, alternating between sipping Old Grand-Dad and playing with my toys, joeie’s cock and balls. He mewed with every breath, and that little sound mixed with the warmth of the bourbon reinforced my resolve to make this visit the coldest and cruelest one yet. Each time we stopped for a light I allowed him to go crazy and really begin fucking his girlfriend, my left hand. I can’t help thinking about the last hour of the train ride, how I spent that most enjoyable sixty minutes with my legs wrapped round the waist of my Nubian Prince while he fucked me silly. I could yet feel his balls banging against me with each in-stroke.

I looked at joeie and just had to laugh at the way he was acting, and the things I could get him to do. I brought along my new video camera this visit, with plenty of cards on which to record my successes and my joeie, for my sorority sisters and posterity. I’ll be dressed in the finest outfits, and beside me will be my trophy male, naked, collared, leashed, and worse, of course. I planned taking the most vulgar and disgusting pictures I can conjure. As a concerned mistress I’ll use the videos to help illustrate for joeie where he needs to improve, not that he needs improvement per se, but the only things I want swollen are his cock and balls, certainly not his ego! The next red light brought more of the same.

“Oh, my joeie, my, my, my. You sure are good at fucking, aren’t you,” I said sarcastically, knowing this was the closest to the real thing I would ever allow him. “That’s the way joeie, fuck your girlfriend good,” I coaxed in a sultry voice, while he struggled to hump. I had my little joeie to the point of losing control. “Come on, fuck like you mean it,” I say to encourage aksaray escort him further yet, though I’m paying little attention. I pretend to be oblivious to what he’s doing in my left hand. I’m looking out of the window with feigned indifference to my little pervert. Each red light lasts but a minute, but by the way my little pervert carries on during each minute, they seem a lifetime, at least to him, I’m sure.

It had been almost a year since I brought my hand to visit last and it shows in the way my joeie acts. I’d never found him more eager to fuck his girlfriend, and that was another one of those good signs. During the year I’d never found him more focused on masturbating, so as you can see there’s no reason to write this story from his perspective. His only goals in little life are to worship and become one with my pussy and behind, and to have cock wed, becoming the property of my left hand so he can have sex like a normal couple. In return I offer him rewards, and to spend the rest of his life married to and fucking the only female he’ll ever know intimately, when allowed.

Right now my jism joeie is simply a happy little pervert beat-off awaiting orders, but soon his cock will be married to my left hand, and what my joeie doesn’t know yet is that I’ll no longer permit him to masturbate, as that would be cheating. After the wedding, cock must and will stay faithful to my left hand because cock will stay caged in hand’s absence. And from what I can tell, joeie’s actually going to enjoy it, eventually, as much as me. When I’m at home in bed with some man, I don’t want to be worried that cock is messing around.

From the corner of my eye I watch joeie leap around in the seat beside me, his hips jumping up and down driving his cock in and out of my fist. My hand is alsancak escort drenched in his cock juices and I can’t help snickering again, which I do often around my joeie. As he mews and squishes about, I laugh and sip, and it all reinforces my resolve. Right there and then I make myself the promise I’ve made to myself several times prior to the visit, and I make it aloud… that I will treat my joeie, my jism slurping pussieboy with loving disdain, I will be colder and crueler then I’ve ever been before, and my discipline will be more sure and more deliberate than ever before. My words fill us with power, me with crescendo, and joeie with a need to hump faster. Simpleton.

The trip to his house is short, and I can’t wait to get started. Nine whole days to make up for one year. I promised myself we’d go out somewhere every day so he can practice taking embarrassment. This visit I promised to get joeie over his fear of shame, obeying me without discomfiture, regardless of circumstance. Fortunately for me my pussieboy’s a private, shy soul, a spirit ripe for the plucking, and believe me, I had every intention of getting every pore of his six-foot frame pleading, begging for what I could only imagine. I’ll keep his testicles so purple he’ll walk like a baby with a load in its diaper. I came back to the moment as we pulled into the driveway and parked.

I released cock and rammed my wet hand into his mouth, and like a well-trained pussieboy he devoured the juices from my hand eagerly, mewing all the while, and that too was another good sign. Eventually I went to pull my hand from his mouth but he held tight, as if for dear life, making me work it out slowly, and that too was yet another good sign. He pulled his sweats over his drooling hard-on and hopped out of amasya escort the truck, retrieved my bags from the back, and opened my door. Once standing in his driveway I grabbed his balls and pulled him close. I had him panting now, almost quivering and I knew he wanted to masturbate. Instead, I pulled him down and kissed him thoroughly, twining the fingers of my other hand in his hair and pulling. His face reddened but I never let go of his balls, and this time he didn’t hang back. When finished, I released what had to be sore testicles, and motioned toward the steps to the house. He mounted them somewhat gingerly and opened the door for me. I walked coldly passed him as if he were a stranger, taking the key from the door.

Inside I noted the cleanliness and spotlessness of the foyer. He must have guessed he’d be spending quite a bit of time here. The hooks on the floor were new, but placed exactly where I wanted them. My birch rod stood by the door to the studio room, where training sessions are held. As my pussieboy closed the door and locked it, he stripped immediately and assumed the position for inspection, the Pi Loda Cum inspection. He was on his back, knees to his chest and spread wide, hands up over his head and spread wide. I scrutinized his position and could find nothing wrong with it… yet. I left him like that while I went to the kitchen to wash my hands.

Upon my return I noticed his knees shaking from being in an uncomfortable position for so long. I watched his cock bobbing, searching for something to rub up against, hoping for some particle to fall from the ceiling, begging for that proverbial single drop of water. I picked up the birch rod and tapped lightly his knees, and he made every effort to stop moving. I donned latex gloves and began my inspection. It was not as thorough as I wanted, for the Nubian’s hot seed was leaking and I didn’t want to deprive my pussieboy of a single spermatozoa.

Two taps to the knee and he knew inspection was over. I didn’t care that he looked confused, I wanted to be sucked clean and cum NOW, not later.

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