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Cautious Smiles Ch. 04

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Chloe found a small black box with a white ribbon tied into a bow bedside her on the pillow where Alex had been sleeping. Still weary from sleep, she yawned as she studied the box. Not a jewelry box, she thought as she shook the items inside. Sitting up she untied the ribbon and peered into the box. She made an awkward sound when she saw the items before laughing out loud. Reading a note tucked inside, Chloe nodded her head. “Of course,” Chloe said as she nestled back under the covers. She put the box back where she found it smiling.

A grand gesture was made by Alex to show Chloe how much she meant to him. Not only did he take off a day from work, the first vacation day used in 7 years, he also rented a romantic cabin in the hills for them to spend an extended weekend in. Alex slipped away early from Chloe to allow her to sleep in as he made the final preparations for the trip. Alex smiled as he thought of her waking to find his gift and note. “What will she think of it,” he wondered.

Hanging up the phone Chloe mumbled to herself, “Two o’clock.” She glanced at the nightstand to see that she had four hours before Alex was coming back. Sitting on the side of the bed, Chloe reached over for the box Alex had left and pulled out the note. In it, Alex had illustrated exactly what he wanted her to do before he came to pick her up. She was amused by the detail he put into it. “Plenty of time,” she thought to herself.

Alex wanted Chloe to use the lavender and chamomile milk bath he was fond of. He suggested that her nails could be cut shorter and that they should be painted red. Her hair he instructed her to curl and lightly pin up as she had done so when they had gone out for cocktails two weeks earlier. He was explicit in his request for black stockings and black garter, along with the matching pink and black lace bra and panties he had bought her. A white button down shirt unbuttoned just enough to see her bra along with a black, short skirt. She was to wear her black leather heels that had straps that went around her ankle. On her neck, either her pearl gathered chocker or her long, black beaded necklace. He wanted her eyes done up with heavy eyeliner reminiscent of 50’s pin-up girls. Alex also reminded her she was to bring his gift in her purse so she could have it in hand for the ride down.

Anxiously awaiting Alex to come, Chloe looked at herself in the mirror mentally checking off the list as she scanned down her body. She was rolling her suitcase to the front door when she heard the doorknob turn.

As he made his way inside, Alex smiled to see Chloe dressed as he had imagined. “The pearls were a good choice,” he said as he grabbed her by the waist and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, “as is the red lipstick.”

They had made it to the interstate just as it had started to rain. The weather had grown cold and there was a chance of snow by evening. Neither had envisioned the weather being an issue on their scenic getaway. Alex set the cruise control and got more comfortable for the two hour drive that they had left. He glanced at Chloe who was staring out the window intently. “You’re being awfully quiet,” Alex said as he placed his hand on her thigh.

“Oh,” Chloe responded. “I’m just enjoying the scenery.”

Alex’s fingers analyzed the hem of her skirt. “Did you bring my gift,” he asked with a devilish grin on his face.

Chloe laughed. “Yes. You’ll be quiet pleased to know that I am actually eager to give it a try.”

With his hand slightly beneath her skirt rubbing her thigh, Alex shifted in his seat saying, “It pleases me very much my sweet girl.” Pulling his hand away, he again focused on the road, readjusting the cruise to go a little faster.

It was already getting dark as they pulled into the parking lot of a small market about ten minutes away from check-in. Alex and Chloe went inside and chose groceries that would last for the rest of the weekend. As they made their way to the checkout, Alex pulled Chloe close to him and whispered, “I think it’s time for you to use your gift.”

Chloe’s eyes widened with excitement. “Excuse me,” Chloe said as she walked towards the older woman working the checkout. “Where are the restrooms?”

The groceries were in the trunk and Alex had been sitting waiting for about 20 minutes by the time Chloe opened the door to the car. Carefully she slid into her seat and let out a small gasp.

With his body turned to face her, Alex looked at her concerned. “Is everything alright,” he asked.

Chloe smiled and nodded. “I wanted to take my time.”

The cabin was in a secluded location close to a small waterfall. A few snow flakes were in the air as the groceries and luggage were brought inside and put away. Chloe’s heels were loud against the wooden floor. She kneeled down to unbuckle her strap and slip them off when Alex tapped her on the shoulder. “Tisk, tisk,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes, “those stay on.”

Alex stood up and pulled Kastamonu Escort Chloe into the center of the room. “Stay here,” he said as he drifted toward the front door where he picked up a small leather bag.

Standing there attentively watching Alex rummage through his bag, Chloe waited patiently as he made his way back over to her. “You’re not allowed to make a sound,” Alex said sternly.

Playfully frowning with her bottom lip pouting, Chloe gave a single nod of acknowledgement. She could feel herself getting wet through her panties. She craved his touch, to be adored by him. Her eyes batted twice when she looked down at Alex’s hand. In it was a leather blindfold with leopard fur on the inside and straps that buckled like a belt. Chloe bit her lip as he raised it above her eyes. “Turn around,” Alex said with an heir of confidence in his voice. He carefully placed the blindfold around her eyes and tightened it until he felt her tense with slight discomfort. Releasing it one notch, he was satisfied and instructed her to turn back around to face him.

Taking a step back, Alex studied her. The pucker of her lips, her chest moving as she took deep breaths in. His eyes focused in on the hint of lace peeking through her shirt. Alex reached out to her, using his index finger trace the shape of her collar as he made his way down to the first closed button. “You need to remove it,” he said curtly as he tugged on her blouse.

Freeing the closures on her sleeves first, Chloe slowly made her way down her blouse unbuttoning the first few buttons. Pulling her shirt open she exposed the front of her bra which cradled her breasts perfectly, making the soft mounds of her flesh appear to cascade over the top of the lacy cups. She moved her hand over her breast, lightly touching herself with her fingertips. Running her finger under her bra, she rubbed her painted nail against her erect nipple. Alex enjoyed watching her, but wanted to know that he was to be in control. “I said to remove your shirt,” Alex firmly projected.

Chloe stood upright and continued her task until the shirt was removed and tossed to the ground. She could hear him moving away from her and returned moments later. “Spread your legs shoulder length apart,” Alex commanded as he crouched down on one knee in front of her. “Now slowly pull up your skirt.”

The noise was loud and unmistakable. Chloe dropped her skirt and reached up to pull off her blindfold startled by what was happening. “No,” Alex growled angrily, “as you were.”

Chloe’s breathing quickened as she placed her feet again shoulder length apart. Grabbing for small amounts of her skirt in each hand she shyly raised it a couple of inches to appease him. “Higher,” Alex beckoned.

Sighing and uncomfortable, Chloe pulled up her skirt until she could feel the top of her bare thighs exposed to the slight chill of the room. “That’s it,” he coaxed, “a little more.”

Again she heard the snaps and a high pitched whistle of a battery being charged. Alex moved around her, staring at her through the viewfinder. Using the manual focus, he shot her framed in a three quarter turn from the mid waist down, stopping just below where her stockings clung to her garter.

Chloe could feel her face becoming flushed, her palms cold and clammy. A rush went through her as Alex told her that her bra was next to go.

“I can’t do that,” Chloe stuttered as she stumbled forward losing her sense of balance. Visibly upset, she folded her arms in front of her and stood up straight.

Another set of photos were taken by Alex of his muse in a defensive stance. Calmingly he said, “Sweet girl, these are just for me I assure you.”

Standing there unresponsive to his statement, Chloe thought about the repercussion of having these images floating out there among the hordes of pornography on the internet. Alex had given her no reason to doubt his word, but trust was earned very little if at all by anyone, even her closest friends.

Interrupting her thoughts, Alex stood up and gently massaged Chloe’s back. “I had no intention of making you upset. Please forgive me.”

Wilting from the utterance of an apology, Chloe relaxed and spoke somberly, “You have to understand why I don’t want you to photograph me in a compromised way.”

“I do, completely. It was a fantasy, to document…” he said before interjecting a plea. “I could give you the camera when we’re finished and you could choose what pictures, if any I would be allowed to keep. The rest you could delete immediately or take the memory stick home with you and decide later.”

It was a compromise that Chloe was comfortable with. Without saying anything, she reached down and pushed Alex’s arm away from her. Facing him, she wrapped her arms around her back to unfasten her bra. With her chin high she developed the confidence to again be herself, even if she was blindfolded and naked in front of a camera.

Stepping Kastamonu Escort Bayan back, Alex grabbed the camera that was hanging from around his neck and adjusted the focus. Chloe sensually teased him by touching herself while moving her hips; she danced slowly as her bra fell to the floor. She had beautiful, voluminous breasts that he couldn’t keep his hands off of. Often, when Chloe was asleep in bed, Alex would cuddle up to her and gently touch and caress her breasts bringing himself to full arousal. In his own way he thought that his nighttime fetish was a benefit for her; more cream to be smothered in.

A few more shots were taken before he told Chloe to get down on her knees. “Grab your heels in your hands and don’t let go,” Alex said as she knelt before him. He took off his belt and slid out of his pants and boxers. Cock fully erect, he switched the focus on his camera to automatic as he pressed the head of his cock against her ruby red lips.

Chloe gave him a lingering kiss as he snapped a picture. Gently running her tongue underneath the head, Chloe could feel his cock respond and jump to her light affection. Her sweet kisses were felt trailing down the shaft to the base of his cock. Tongue extended, she licked up from the base, lightly biting the head before sucking it into her mouth. She swirled and snapped her tongue as she moved the tip in and out of her tightly puckered mouth. Without warning, his cock disappeared into her throat with the base being clenched with her teeth, covered by her lips. Alex snapped pictures of her pulling away and of the smudged trail of red from the base of his cock. Her lipstick still staining her lips, Chloe smiled before taking his cock in, this time harder and deeper than before. She squirmed and held tightly onto her heels trying to imagine his cock looked like disappearing into her mouth. Alex grabbed the back of her head with one hand while taking a picture with the other, pushing as far in as he could until she struggled to be able to breathe.

Moving his hand to the back of her neck, Alex felt the smooth, cool pearls sliding between his fingers. Chloe’s mouth was sloppily dripping wetness that ran down her chin and streaked her breasts. Like he had asked of Chloe, Alex too had tried to refrain from making any sounds other than what he needed to convey to her. It was much more difficult than he had thought as he watched her suck his soaked balls. Tasting his cum on her tongue as she licked the head, she was ready to be told what else she needed to do so her pussy could be filled cum. Aggressively fucking him with her mouth, Chloe was convinced he was ready to explode. Right then Alex told her to stop and stand up.

Taking a close-up of her saturated face, Alex led Chloe carefully over to the couch. He got down on his knees and ran his hands up under Chloe’s skirt to her hips. Alex’s head nestled its way under her skirt too, kissing Chloe’s exposed flesh. Pulling her panties down, Alex told Chloe to sit.

Spreading her legs, he pulled her to the edge of the beige couch. He flipped her skirt up, covering her delicate tummy. A few more shots were made as Alex spread her lips with his fingers. She was slick with her tasty nectar that Alex could barely wait to lap up. Parting her wider, her swollen clit was exposed, waiting for attention. Alex couldn’t help but to be distracted almost completely forgetting about the bright pink silicone he could see peeking from under her. Grinning, Alex pushed Chloe back further until her ass was clearly visible. In it was the flexible butt plug he had given her in anticipation for this evening. Alex licked his lips and took off the camera so he could attack her pussy with his mouth.

Moaning loudly, Chloe grabbed her legs and pulled them into her chest. “Quiet,” Alex teased as he fingered her. She was so wet and swollen Chloe couldn’t hold back.

“Fuck me,” Chloe spurted as she fucked his tongue.

“No more talking,” he muttered lapping her wetness, covering his face with her sweet scent. With his fingers plunged into her, Alex rubbed her g-spot aggressively in circles while sucking her clit. Chloe was on the edge, her body trembling, jaw clenched.

Alex was determined to make her cum on his face. Teasing her with his mouth several times before giving in to her needs, Alex sucked and licked her clit until her body was rigid and shaking. Chloe couldn’t hold back her screams of ecstasy as her pussy squirted small amounts of her thin cum onto Alex’s fingers. Her cry was that of agony and excruciating pleasure. Alex concentrated on the pattern he was making with his tongue as she came on him. It seemed like minutes had escaped them before her orgasm finally ceased and left her rendered incapable of doing anything but lay there panting.

After wiping his hands on his shirt, Alex took it off and then wiped his face. He again picked up his camera, taking shots of her lips engorged and swollen Escort Kastamonu shut. Chloe was in her own element, senses heightened to the noises of the room and touching of her skin. Alex was positioned between her limp legs with his cock in his hand. Chloe felt him pressing against her cleanly shaved lips. That’s all it took for her to be ready for more.

Alex wasted no time as he slid into her soaked pussy. Reaching to grab her hips, Alex thrust his cock deep into her. Slamming his cock again and again as far as he could, Chloe burst into moans and groans. She grabbed her legs and pulled them back into her chest as she had done when he was eating her pussy. Alex watched her, listened to her pleasure. She had the sexiest voice when she begged for his cock during sex. Innocent and naughty she would gasp and plead for it to be harder and faster. Alex loved when she expressed that she needed for him to fill her. He had only done so just that once as not to spoil his sweet girl. He wanted her to crave his cum dripping out of her. Grabbing her ass in his hands he thought of the butt plug she had in. He was conflicted about taking the time to fuck her ass. Would she be disappointed if he didn’t? Chloe grabbed him and spread her legs wide. “Yes,” she spat, “Harder, please, harder.”

Chloe’s pussy became tighter, as she shook and grunted beneath him. Alex wanted to fill her with the massive load he had saved up for her. Unexpectedly, Alex felt gushes flowing out of her pussy, unlike anything he had ever experienced. She poured as her body again went rigid with an orgasm. Alex felt her splashing everywhere as she came on him. The sound of his balls slapping against the wetness was terribly loud. His distraction by the large amount of fluid made him unable to cum with her. She screamed out and scratched his back, with the camera digging into her chest as she climaxed. Alex could feel her muscle spasms on his cock and he fucked her slowly, staying deep within her until the orgasm was complete. Chloe laid there barely able to catch her breath with the slow realization creeping in about the mess she had made. Soaked in perspiration, with her cum dripping off his cock and running down his thighs, Alex pulled out of her pussy. “My, my sweet girl,” Alex snickered, genuinely ingratiated that he had made her cum all over.

Covering her hands with her face, Chloe was embarrassed beyond belief. When she had begun experimenting with masturbation, every time she came she poured and squirted. She loved how good it felt to cum while gushing. It was a pain though, having to double up towels to keep from soaking through her bed. She often would sneak to do them in the laundry when do one was home, just to make then dirty again that night when everyone went to bed. After a while, she learned she could control her orgasm where she would ejaculate little, if any at all. Chloe had almost forgotten about her ability to cum all over until this evening. “I’m sorry,” she said glad to have the blindfold on so she didn’t have to see his reaction.

“Sorry? Fucking incredible,” Alex said in a daze. Coming to his senses with his cock still throbbing, Alex stood up. “Come,” Alex commanded as he grabbed Chloe’s hands. Alex led her around to the back of the couch. “Bend over.”

Sloppy wet, Chloe flopped over the back of the couch, feeling out for a good place to brace her hands. Alex unzipped her wet skirt and pulled it off. “Her height in the heels will be perfect,” Alex thought to himself as he moved her legs apart staring at her ass. The butt plug was tightly in as he gently pulled on it. Departing momentarily to grab the lube, Chloe said, “How did I know you couldn’t resist.”

Smiling, Alex unscrewed the cap and dripped it under the lip of the plug. He wiggled it back and forth until the re-lubrication made it easier the slide. He twirled it in circles as Chloe moaned and squirmed. He used more lube as he pulled the plug out further and then reinserted it. Camera still on, and now in desperate need of a good cleaning, he took some pictures of him fucking her ass with the plug. Taking it out and tossing it to the side, Alex watched through the viewfinder as his cock pressed against her anus. He rubbed the head around covering it with lube snapping shots. One firm push and the head of his cock popped into the tight hole. Another shot before he pushed further. Alex dribbled some more lube down his shaft as he sunk deeper into her ass. His mind was numb and body was overexerted, ready to blow. Slowly he fucked her tight ass as she moaned and squirmed. His cock buried, his wet balls aching, he grabbed Chloe’s hips and fucked her ass relentlessly.

Screaming and egging him on, Chloe told him she could feel his balls slapping against her, how heavy and sore they must be filled with so much cum. Alex had sweat dripping down his face as he smacked her ass and pounded her with his cock. Chloe moaned louder telling him to fuck her harder, she wanted to make him cum. “You probably want to pull out and shove your cock in my mouth don’t you,” she hissed.

“Is that what you want,” Alex growled, “you want to taste my cum?” Alex tried to ignore the sweat that was stinging his eyes. He tilted his head back and fucked her faster, thinking about what she had said.

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