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Caught Sniffing Pt. 02

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I did my best to avoid the Twins the next day, still feeling embarrassed from being caught out. Then again I got to thinking, they did seem to enjoy it after their apparent initial shock. They certainly enjoyed seeing the size of my penis and were quick enough to wrap their hands around it.

That afternoon I again watched them sunbathing in the back garden. It was another fine sunny day. This time however things were different and they seemed aware that they were being watched. Occasionally one or the other would glance up towards my window, I kept out of sight. The thought of their hands around my cock and the sight of their slim tanned bodies as they laid there soon had me aroused again…

Later on, that evening, I was drying myself after a shower and couldn’t help but look across at the laundry basket. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look. Picking a black satin pair of panties out, on inspection I soon realised they weren’t Amy’s or Emily’s, they must be their mothers.

Rosemary was in her early forties. Although she was a very attractive lady I had never thought of her as anything other than my Dad’s partner, my Stepmother. Until now. Of course there was a resemblance with her daughters and I could imagine she had looked very similar at their age but with the passing of time had put on a little weight. As I held her knickers in my hand I started thinking of her in a different way.

Back in my room I discarded the towel wrapped around me and laid on my bed, Rosemary’s black panties in my hand. A picture was forming in my head. Being much the same height as her daughters, Rosemary had larger breasts and all in all was just a larger version. My cock grew as my thoughts examined her in this new way.

Holding her knickers up to study, I noticed the white marks at the crotch. My cock responded with a twitch. Lowering one hand to stroke myself I brought the panties to my nose and began to sniff. Moving them around over my face, I smelt the contrasting odours of perfume and pussy. Pre cum oozed from my knob dripping down to my hand that stroked ever faster up and down my shaft.

Sniffing on the white stained crotch of Rosemary’s dirty panties, I tugged harder, my cock throbbing, the purple glans bulging, I soon started shooting my load. Without thinking of the consequences I covered my cock with Rosemary’s panties catching most of my spunk…

Unaware that I had made much noise, Kartal Escort I was startled by a knock on my door, and then it opened, “you at it again,” it was one of the Twins speaking in almost a whisper.

She stepped inside and closed the door, “Just as well Mum and your Dad are down stairs, you need to keep the noise down,” she said as she stared at my still hard cock, “Oh my God, who’s knickers have you got now…are they my Mum’s?”

She walked towards me and picked Rosemary’s soaking wet panties from my cock, “Bloody hell Tommy. Let me put these in the laundry, Mum’s gonna put a wash on soon, I’ll be back in a mo,” she said and rushed out the room.

When she returned her sister was with her. Closing the door behind them they both approached my bed, “He’s done it again Em,” said Amy.

“Randy little sod,” said Emily, “how much cum have you got in those balls!”

Amy cupped my balls in her hand, “Is there any left I wonder! What do you think Em, shall we see if there’s any left?”

“Yeah lets see,” said Emily, “I guess he’ll need some dirty knickers to sniff.”

With that Amy slipped her panties down from under her dressing gown and held them out to me in her hand, “Here, use these, should be smelly enough for you.”

Emily started running her fingers up and down my softening shaft as Amy placed her panties on my face before tracing a finger across the slit of my knob. The feel and odour of Amy’s moist panties on my face coupled with the touch of their fingers, soon had my cock rising to the occasion.

“Here we go,” said Emily, it’s getting harder, “Got to admit it does turn me on, especially when it starts dribbling.”

“Dare you to lick it,” said Amy with a giggle, “go on, see how it tastes.”

“Only if you do it as well,” replied Amy, “come on lets do it together, see how big we can make it.”

Lifting the panties from my face I watched as Emily held my shaft at the base so it stood straight up while they both started licking up either side. They both reached my knob at the same time and in perfect harmony reversed course, licking their way back down.

“Can you taste the spunk Em?” asked Amy.

“Mmmm yeah, I do love it… want to taste more though, lets make him cum again,” replied Emily.

“It’s really hard now, you suck on his knob while I keep licking, lets empty those balls,” said Amy.

I felt Emily’s soft lips slide Pendik Escort over my glans as Amy resumed licking up and down. Placing Amy’s dirty panties back on my face I sniffed in her odour. It wasn’t long before I started pushing up into Emily’s mouth as my second orgasm of the afternoon approached. Emily kept sucking until she was sure I had finished while Amy, unable to keep her tongue on me because of my thrusting, wanked my shaft with both hands.

“Mmmm…” mumbled Emily as she lifted her mouth, cum dripping from the corners as she tried not to lose any. Tilting her head back, she opened her mouth showing her tongue coated in my spunk.

“Oh Fuck Sis, that looks so hot,” said Amy as she watched Emily swallow.

“Mmmm, his cum does taste good,” said Emily.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Amy in a hushed tone, “think I hear Mum coming up, quick Em.”

As they both dashed out back to their own room I was left alone to recover from my exertion…

I must have dropped off to sleep, I woke from a light knock on my door. Before I knew what was happening the door opened and Rosemary stepped in closing the door behind her.

“Sorry if I woke you Tom but I need to speak to you. I wanted to save your embarrassment so I’ve waited till your Dad and girls were asleep,” she said. A feeling of dread washed over me.

She sat on the end of the bed before continuing, “At first I must admit I was shocked, but then after some thought, what with the age you are and everything I realised it was nothing that terrible.”

She then pulled something from her dressing gown pocket which I soon recognised as her black knickers I had used earlier.

“I can see you enjoyed these Tom,” she said as she held them up waving them from side to side with her hand.

“Really I don’t want you to be embarrassed,” she said and to my great surprise held them to her nose. “I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. The smell of a young man’s cum… well it gets me so horny, especially when it’s all over my dirty knickers.”

I was stunned but also excited at what she was saying. I was literally speechless.

She stood up, facing me she undid her gown and pulled it open, she was totally naked underneath, “What do you think? Not bad for an older woman!” she said quietly.

I stared at her bare body. Her breasts jiggled as she shook her gown off of her shoulders. My eyes drifted down to the Göztepe Escort small neat mound of hair between her legs, down further, her shapely thighs and legs, down to her small feet and toes, the nails painted red.

” Well,” she began, “I’ve shown you mine, I think it only fair that you show me yours.”

At this point I suddenly remembered I was naked under the duvet.

“Lets have a look then,” she said as she grabbed the duvet and swiftly pulled it completely off the bed, dropping it to the floor, “Oh, My… that is a lovely looking cock.”

I was semi-hard, Rosemary kneeled beside my bed and took hold of my shaft, gently stroking it, “Wow Tom, your cock is huge.”

She played with my cock for several minutes in silence until it was rock hard before saying, “So do you like the smell of my pussy on my dirty panties than Tom?” I nodded my head, “how about smelling the real thing!”

Not waiting for any reply Rosemary instructed me to move down the bed so she could position herself so her legs were either side of my head and she could look down towards my cock.

I could smell her pussy as she lowered herself onto my face. She was so wet.

“Stick your tongue out for me,” she said and began slowly rocking backwards and forwards so my tongue was gently touching her.

“Oh yes that’s it… do you like how I taste, how I smell… Oh God that’s so good,” she said, lowering herself down so my tongue made firmer contact.

Laying down on top of me I soon felt her tongue exploring my cock. Licking and sucking it into her hot wet mouth.

Suddenly she climbed off of me saying, “I need it inside me.”

I had never had a woman before so feeling my cock sliding into her warm wet cunt nearly made me shoot my load straight away. It didn’t help as I watched her tits bobble up and down as she rode me.

“Oh Fuck Tom, your cock feels so good. I’m gonna cum soon,” she said and from no where her dirty panties appeared under her nose, “Oooo the smell of your young spunk, and my dirty pussy, Oh God yes, here have a sniff and fill me up with your juice.”

Sniffing her knickers I thrust my cock up to meet her thrusts down and was soon shooting my load deep inside her, “Ohhh… Yeeeees,” she cried trying not to be too loud as she climaxed. Snatching the panties from me she sniffed in the odours as she came only taking them away when her convulsions had subsided.

After a few minutes as we both recovered she sprang up and quickly put her gown back on. As she rushed towards the door she said, “Sorry Tom, I really shouldn’t have done that… but it was so damn good.”

As I laid back on my bed I couldn’t believe what had just happened…

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