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Caught Panty Handed!

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There I stood, like I had on countless other occasions, hovering over my mother-in-law’s open hamper, digging for the silken dirty treasures I knew where hidden among her worn clothes. I spied a hint of bright orange and reached in with trembling fingers to pull out an incredibly sexy pair of full cut briefs that I knew had been snuggled against her sweet mound. As I lifted the stained gusset to my nose and took a long inhale of her sweet aroma, they did not disappoint. I held them open and studied the spot where her pussy had left its indelible mark. Her panties were beautiful. She had always had great taste in panties. These had a wide band of lace around the top and matching lace around each leg opening. The gusset itself had a very large stain and I could almost make out the shape of her nether lips where they had pressed against the soft inviting material.

I held them to my nose again and dug into her hamper looking for more of her naughty treasures. A flash of electric blue caught my eye and with the orange pair still pressed under my nose, I reached in and pulled out another pair of her full cut silken panties and studied these also. These were in the same condition as the orange ones only the gusset held a spot of crusty goodness where she had obviously leaked her juices into them.

I unzipped my jeans and reached in to release the throbbing hardness that playing with her under things had caused. I placed the gusset of the blue panties over my cock and wrapped my self in her dirty blue panties. I slowly stroked my turgid member while taking deep inhalations of the orange pair held tightly against my nose. If I continued for much longer I would fill her blue panties with a large pent up load of cum. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I was really getting into it, her heady aroma filling my aural cavity and my large balls starting to get the inevitable tingling in them that preceded my impending nut. I was really close when all of a sudden the bathroom door opened (had I forgot to lock it?) and there stood my mother-in-law staring right at me as I abused her dirty panties. She didn’t say a word, just stood there for what seemed like an eternity, and then backed out of the room closing the door behind her. Damn, I was caught! I had been abusing her panties for better than twenty years and she had finally caught me, red handed or “panty handed” as the case may be.

My manhood quickly deflated and I threw her silkies back into the hamper and closed the lid. I didn’t know what to do. I had to get out of her bathroom and rejoin my Topkapı Escort wife and mother-in-law in the living room. I was sweating and my heart was beating a mile a minute. I splashed my face with cold water and looked at myself in the mirror. This was not going to be good. She would tell my wife and that would be it. I was sure that my life as I knew it would be over.

I steeled myself, opened the door and walked down the hall into the living room. My wife and mother-in-law where in the middle of some conversation but it wasn’t about what she had just witnessed ten minutes ago. My mother-in-law looked at me for several long seconds and went back to her conversation with her daughter. She acted as if nothing had happened. My wife finished her conversation and said that she was tired and it was time to head home. I readily agreed and headed for the door. As we were making our way to the car my mother-in-law asked if I could help her move something in her sun room. I made a move to protest but my wife told me to go help and continued to the car where she said she would wait for me. I slowly turned back to my mother-in-law and kept my head down as I passed by her heading back into her house.

The sun room was at the back of the house and she told me to wait in there for her as she would show me what needed to be moved. I walked directly to the sun room thinking she was right behind me, knowing that I was about to get an earful of how much of a pervert I was. When I turned around, she was not there. I stood in the middle of the room waiting for her to enter. A few seconds passed and then she appeared in the doorway. Her hands were behind her back as she walked toward me. When she was no more than two feet from me, she stopped and brought her hands out around from behind her. I looked at what she was holding and my mouth fell open in total shock. She had the dirty orange panties in one hand and the dirty blue panties in the other.

“You like playing with my dirty panties?” she asked looking me directly in the eye. I nodded. “You’ve been playing with them for some time, haven’t you?” I nodded again, unable to find my voice. “You like the way these smell, don’t you?” she held the orange ones out to me and put the stained gusset under my nose. “Take a big sniff, naughty boy.” I did and my cock pressed painfully against my jeans. She then held the blue ones under my nose and told me to take a big sniff of those as well. “You are so naughty sniffing your mother-in-law’s dirty panties. I’ll tell you, it makes me so wet! I have been Topkapı Escort Bayan drenched since I opened the bathroom door and saw you abusing my poor little panties.”

She handed both pairs to me and told to keep sniffing. As I alternated between the two she reached up under her dress and began to slowly slide the panties she was wearing down her slender legs. When the appeared below her hem my breath caught in my chest. They were bright yellow, incredibly silky and I could see from where I was that the crotch was soaked. She stepped out of them and held them up in front of her by the waistband so I could admire them.

“See how wet I am,” she said holding the yellow panties up for me to see. Her panties were drenched. “You cum in my panties, don’t you?” I could only nod and sniff harder on the panties she had given me earlier. “I want you to finish what you started in the bathroom but I want you to blow your hot load in these.” She said waving those sweet wet yellow panties in front of me. “Unzip your pants and let me see your cock. Hurry, she’ll be wondering what’s taking so long.”

I unzipped and pulled my rock hard cock form my fly. “Your full balls, too,” she said, “I want to see it all.” I reached in and pulled my aching nuts out also for her to see. “Start stroking and keep sniffing. You have to be quick, or she’ll be in here looking for you.”

She knelt down in front of me and held the soaking crotch of her freshly worn yellow panties open directly under my profusely leaking head. “Go ahead and drop your load right here where I soaked these panties. Be quick.” With that she reached up with her other hand and began to tease and tickle my smooth swollen sack with her impeccably manicured fingernails.

There I stood, holding her orange and blue panties up under my nose inhaling deeply of their rich aroma with one hand and stroking furiously on my turgid member with the other as she palmed the gusset of her yellow panties in one hand and teased my balls with the other. A large dollop of precum escaped from the head of my cock and strung down to connect with the messy crotch of her yellow panties. She knew I was close.

“You’re going to fill my dirty panties with that big load aren’t you?” I nodded. “Go ahead,” she said, “I want to watch. Fill them up. Blow your load in my panties. Drop your nasty mess in my dirty, dirty panties. Go on you naughty boy, bust that big nut in my panties. Empty these big balls of all that hot cum. Make my panties all messy you dirty boy. Go!”

Then with Escort Topkapı all her nasty talk rattling around in my head, I took one more giant sniff of the panties under my nose, and my balls tightened under her mercilessly teasing nails as one of the biggest loads of my life cannoned out of the swollen head of my cock.

The first big thick rope hit her chin and splashed down across the dirty wet gusset of her yellow panties. She giggled as she held the dirty panty crotch right in front of my spasming cock so that the next five shots emptied right into the nasty gusset. There was so much cum that it overflowed her dirty panties and dripped down her hand. I came so hard my toes curled and my knees buckled.

“Milk it all out young man. Make sure every drop goes into my panties.” I squeezed my cock once more from base to head making sure all my load was in her panties. I shook off the last drop that clung to my cock head and added it to the pool of cum that filled her panty crotch.

As I stood trying to catch my breath and bring my heart rate back to normal, she stood and did the naughtiest thing I have ever seen a woman do. She held the yellow panties open, stepped into them and pulled them up, load and all, until they were nestled back where they had come from. She rubbed the crotch of her cum filled panties, pushing my load into her swollen wet lips. “Ummm,” she moaned. “I’ll cum in these after you go. Your nasty mess will help me cum hard and fast. You are one naughty boy!”

She swiped the mess off her chin with one finger and popped it into her mouth then proceeded to lick off the mess that had escaped her drowned gusset and run down her arm. “Yum, you have a very nice taste. Next time I’ll have to suck your load out of you right through my dirty panties.” I reeled, there would be a next time? God, I should have been caught long ago.

“You keep those.” She said pointing the two pair of panties I still clutched in my hand. “When you’re done with them, bring them back and you can trade them for some fresh ones. Now you better get out to the car, I’m surprised she’s not in here looking for you. Now tuck yourself back in your pants and get moving.”

As I left, she pulled her skirt up one more time to show me her filthy cum filled panties and said, “This will give you something to think about when you’re stroking with those. Now hurry!”

I tucked her panties in my pocket and headed for the front door. I was drenched in sweat and just getting myself under control as I opened the car door and got behind the wheel. “She must have had you move a mountain.” My wife declared. “You look like you moved the entire sunroom.” I looked at her with a slight smile, absently patted the lump of dirty panties hidden in my pocket and said in all truthfulness, “It was a hell of a big load.” And started the car.

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