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Caught in the Act

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I walked round the side of my parents’ house, having come home early since I decided to take the afternoon off from the crummy insurance office in which I was forced to be incarcerated for most of the week. It was a warm day towards the end of May and having been stuck in the wretched place all morning, the thought of spending the afternoon there as well dealing with a load of insurance claims for people I neither knew nor cared about and having to wear a suit and collar and tie surrounded by some of the most boring people ever put on this earth was not conducive to my well-being.

I knew I had to earn a living but the thought of staying there for the next forty-five years and ending up like the old farts who currently peppered the place made me feel quite ill. No way was I going to allow that to happen to me, I’d already made a surreptitious decision to look for something better within the first week of starting there.

I had plenty of time owing to me so I just told the manager, rather than asked, that I wanted the afternoon off and as soon as the clock hit noon, I was away. Little did I know as I stepped out of the office, feeling like a prisoner set free on day release, that a simple decision to take the afternoon off was going to change the lives of mum, dad and I forever.

The journey home was a nightmare, the train being just as crowded as it had been into town first thing in the morning. There was no rush hour these days, it goes on all the time with everyone in such a haste its a wonder they don’t meet themselves coming back.

I had to stand for two thirds of the journey, the train was packed with people crammed in like sardines, eventually sinking gratefully into a seat at a station well-known as a good “tipping out” point. Wouldn’t be too bad standing if I ended up pressed against somebody nice but, nine times out of ten, it was always me who drew the short straw and found myself up against some middle-aged bloke with sweaty armpits or a grossly overweight female.

Eventually, and at long last, the train drew up at my local station. It was only a short walk through the back streets to the house my mum Susan and dad Keith bought some twenty years earlier, shortly before I was born.

Mum and dad were sunbathing in the garden when I got home; dad is a self-employed electrician and can pick and choose his own working hours while mum works part-time in a branch of a well-known department store. Obviously, dad had chosen not to work this afternoon to coincide with mum’s hours so they could be together and they both lay there on their sun lounges soaking up the afternoon’s rays, dad in a pair of white swimming trunks and mum in a very fetching black bikini.

I’ve always had a thing for my mother, she is just about the most beautiful lady I have ever seen, preferable to any of the silly giggling girls of my own age back at the office. As I drew nearer, I licked my lips at the sight of her voluptuous tits accentuated by her bikini top while a quick glance south revealed the bikini bottom to be little more than a thong. Furthermore, a few of her pubic hairs were escaping through the material in a very sensuous and provocative way and, despite the fact she was my own mother – or even because of – I felt my cock start to harden inside the tight briefs I was wearing under my suit trousers.

Whether mum was showing strands of her hair deliberately to provoke dad or was blithely unaware of the fact I was not sure, at least not until I glanced at dad and decided that she was indeed fully aware of what she was doing, judging by the tent in my father’s swim trunks. The outline of his cock and his balls were clearly visible through the material and I didn’t need a magnifying glass to realise that dad was fully on the horn.

“Hi mum, hi dad,” I said, holding my brief-case in front of my crotch so as not to reveal the fact I was matching my father inch for inch in the hard-on stakes.

They both looked up, startled, and then smiled. “Oh hi, Scott,” mum said, “what are you doing home so early?”

“Had enough of work, mum,” I replied, noticing that mum was making no attempt to adjust her bikini bottom, “the thought of sitting in that office all afternoon in this heat was just too much.”

“Good to see you, son,” my father said, likewise making no attempt to hide the bulge in his trunks, “you do look very stuffy in that suit …”

“But very handsome, too,” interrupted mum, flashing her wonderful smile at me so that my cock hardened a little more and wishing, without much hope, she would flash something else. Very soon my cock would, I knew, be fully aroused since it had a mind of its own and, in that I suppose, I am no different to every other man on the planet.

“He certainly does,” went on dad in reply to mum’s remark, “but, hey Scott, why don’t you go and change into something more suitable for this weather and come and join us?”

“I need a shower first, dad,” I said, “then I’ll come and join you.”

“Don’t be long, sweetheart,” mum said, her smile growing wider as I walked away, a smile so full of sunshine it beşiktaş escort would have brightened up the cloudiest of days.

I could hear mum and dad whispering to each other as I went into the house and even though I strained my ears, I could not make out what they were saying. Once inside, I bounded up the stairs, feeling an urgent need to empty my bladder.

I went into the smallest room in the house, unzipped my fly and took out my semi-erect cock and immediately poured forth a raging torrent of hot steaming piss. The sight of mum in her skimpy bikini and dad in his equally skimpy trunks had got me really excited and as the steady stream of crystal-clear pee splashed into the bowl, that excitement reached fever pitch.

The long ribbon of my urine finally came to an end and I flushed the loo and went into my room, stripping out of my suit down to my white underpants. My cock was now fully erect and I stood in front of the long wall mirror, admiring the tent in my briefs and wondering if I was as big as dad. From the bulge I had just seen in his trunks, I should imagine I ran him a very close second.

Mum flashing her pubic hair through her bikini bottom had got me really turned on and I gave a quick tug on my cock, enjoying the sensations coursing through my body as it responded to my excitement. I was so horny that, before going into the bathroom, I looked out the window to check that mum and dad were still safely outside, and then leapt across the landing, enjoying the feel of my briefs hugging my buns and denting into my crack, to their bedroom and started to rummage in the laundry basket.

I soon found what I was looking for, a pair of mum’s used panties. I grabbed them and held them up to my nose and inhaled deeply, breathing in mum’s aroma left behind on them, something I do regularly though usually when mum and dad are at work. I knew I was taking one hell-of-a-risk sniffing my mother’s panties while my parents were only a few yards away but I couldn’t help myself.

I breathed in the delicate intoxicating scent that still emanated from mum’s panties and tugged on my cock, not too hard as I wanted to save my trip to paradise for later. I was so carried away that I began to lose track of time, had forgotten all about having a shower and joining my parents in the garden, and I was still sniffing away when I heard a voice from the bedroom door behind me.

“What on earth are you doing, son?”

Startled, I instantly took the panties from my nose and held them in front of my midriff to hide the bulge in my briefs as I turned to see my father standing in the doorway. He must have come in to have a pee or to find out where I had got to and tip-toed up the stairs so quietly, I just hadn’t heard him. Before he’d spoken, he would have had a good view of my hard tight arse emphasized by my close-fitting underpants and must have seen me with mum’s panties up to my nose though he could never have expected to find his son sniffing his wife’s underwear. Or could he?

“Dad, I’m sorry …” I began.

The look of horror on my face at being caught in the act turned to one of perplexity as I got my senses back and was able to look at dad a bit more closely. I slowly began to realise that, instead of standing there with a look of disgust on his face, he was smiling and nodding his head at me and, furthermore to my surprise, he had removed his trunks and was as stark bollock naked as I was, and holding his hard throbbing cock in his hand. I couldn’t help but glance at dad’s swollen membrane, not when it was being displayed so proudly in front of me, and knew for sure then that I was very much my father’s son.

“It’s OK, Scott,” said dad, advancing into the room, “you don’t have to apologise or explain. It’s the most natural thing in the world to be curious at your age, you are an adult now, albeit a fairly new one.”

“Dad, I don’t know what to say,” I said.

“Well, you can start by admitting that you like sniffing your mum’s panties,” dad replied. “Your mum kind of guessed you were doing so recently when she told me she’d found a pair under your bed.”

There was no point in denying anything, I had been well and truly caught out. I had always been very careful to replace mum’s panties after I had finished having a good sniff of them, by which time, usually, my flat belly would be covered in a liberal helping of spunk, but mistakes happen and I knew dad wasn’t lying when he said that mum had found a pair of mum’s panties under my bed.

“OK, dad,” I went on, deciding that honesty was the best policy, “yeah, I like sniffing mum’s panties, I get a real thrill from it.”

“Pleased to hear it, son,” dad replied, “you don’t have to feel ashamed. Your mum and I would be more worried if you wasn’t discovering what life is all about, it’s all quite normal at your age.”

“You’re not mad with me, dad?” I asked.

“Of course not,” dad said, “our bodies were made to be enjoyed and we know you enjoy yours, your mum and I have heard you masturbating through the bedroom wall when şişli escort we make love at night.”

“I love wanking, dad,” I said, starting to relax and finding it easier to talk man-to-man with dad than I had ever done before, “it never ceases to amaze me the amount of pleasure I get from it.”

“Son, your mum and I are really proud of you and we wouldn’t like there to be any secrets between us. All young men masturbate and from now on, rather than wanking off on your own, we want you to know that you are free to join us any time you like. But the decision is yours, son, if you don’t want to, then your mum and I will quite understand, we’re not in the business of forcing anybody to do anything they don’t want to.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my own father was inviting me to join him and mum in their regular sex sessions. It was something I had fantasised about for a year or more, ever since I had developed my fetish for sniffing mum’s panties, and I was not going to turn such an opportunity down, not with dad literally handing all my dreams to me on a plate.

“Dad,” I said, grinning, “I’ve wanted to join in with you and mum for months. Don’t you think, then, that mum ought to be with us?”

Dad smiled knowingly and walked over to the window and I found myself watching his arse cheeks working together as he placed one foot in front of the other. At the window, he leaned himself across the sill so that his firm round buttocks stood up in mid-air; I had never really been turned on to men but I had to admit that dad really did have a most attractive arse, not to mention a pair of athletic legs that many a younger man would die for, broad shoulders and firm thighs, made taut from his rugby playing days. His face was unlined and his hair had only a few streaks of grey in it, the almost indiscernible tell-tale signs of his true age.

“Hey honey,” dad called, “do you want to come on in?”

Mum was inside the house and up the stairs quicker, it seemed, than the speed of lightning, so quick indeed she could have beaten the world’s greatest athletes. “Oh sweetheart,” she said, coming over to me and kissing me on the lips, “we’re so pleased you’ve decided to join us.”

So that was what mum and dad had been whispering about earlier when I left them to come upstairs. They’d obviously discussed the fact they’d discovered I’d been sniffing mum’s panties and, like the good parents they are, had decided to see it as a turning point from my being a gawky adolescent teenager with raging hormones to a young sexually-charged man while, at the same time, welcoming me into the fold as a fully consenting adult.

I was still standing with mum’s panties scrunched up around my middle but mum reached down and took them in her hand, discarding them and throwing them onto the bed. My white briefs bulged out in front of her and mum reached out a hand and gave my hard-on a little feel through the material.

“I don’t think we need have any more secrets from each other, sweetheart,” she said, smiling up at me and apparantly forgetting that she was stll keeping a secret from me, her bikini still firmly in place.

Mum smiled again as she inserted her thumbs in the wasteband of my underpants and slowly began to slide them down until they languished around my ankles. My hard cock sprang out, pointing upwards like a moon-bound rocket ready for take-off, my balls bubbling up with spunk, as I quickly stepped out of the pants, mum slinging them onto the bed where they landed alongside her panties with a dull, almost inaudible, thud.

Then I was completely naked in front of my parents, giving them the full frontal treatment, with my cock fully on the horn and exposed in all its aroused glory along with my pendulous balls. Mum and dad whistled with parental pride and licked their lips as they knelt down in front of me and feasted their eyes on what one night of passion in bed together, nineteen years earlier, had created.

“My word,” said mum, leaning in as cloee as possible to get the best possible view of my aroused prick, “that is a real beauty. I can’t understand why you wanted to hide it, sweetheart. You should be really proud to show it off, especially to the two people who love you more than anything else in the world.”

“Yeah,” said dad, beaming with happiness that I took after him in terms of cock size and girth, “and it looks to be in full working order. Nice balls, too,” he added, reaching out a hand and fondling the sweaty sacs while mum’s eyes twinkled and danced as she licked her lips, her mouth drooling.

“Gee mum and dad,” I said, “I ain’t never shown my cock or my balls to anyone before,” I went on, giggling to myself that my own parents were the last people I had expected to show them to first.

“A man’s cock is his best friend,” dad said, “you’re not showing us anything different to what every other one of us has.”

“Certainly not,” said mum, “though some are nicer than others and I’m the luckiest woman alive since I have the world’s best two cocks right here in my possession.”

Mum’s bahçeşehir escort comments helped to combat the last remnants of embarrassment I’d been feeling as it evaporated quickly away, my confidence in my nudity growing with every second as my parents checked me out, turning to show them my bum.

“That is a lovely arse, sweetheart,” mum said, reaching out and cupping my buttocks in her hands. The feel of her soft gentle grip on my bare arse was spine-tingling and I smiled at mum over my shoulder to encourage her to continue stroking.

“That feels great, mum,” I said.

“It looks great, too, son,” dad said, his gaze transfixed to mum’s hands touching up my arse.

“Beautiful,” murmured mum. “And nice strong msucular legs, too.”

“They certainly are,” agreed dad as mum began working her hands down from my arse to stroke my legs and calves, then quickly running them northwards back over my thighs and buttocks and up my back.

“Lovely broad back and shoulders, too,” said mum, unable to keep her hands off me. “We sure have got ourselves a wonderful sexy son.”

“Sure have, honey,” my father said, in full agreement

An immense feeling of pride and happiness ran through me as my parents complimented me on my slim athletic body. I play football for a Sunday team, go jogging regularly and make frequent trips to a locsl gym, determined to keep my body in shape and the comments mum and dad were giving me proved that all the daily workouts I subject myself to were paying off handsomely.

“And I’ve got myself a couple of wonderful sexy parents, too,” I said, in response to mum’s remark and they both smiled their thanks up at me as I glanced at them over my shoulder.

Mum had another good long look and play with my arse and then, as if to confirm that I really was now part of a very loving family, she moved round in front of me and opened her mouth and took me inside and I gasped as she gave me my first ever blowjob. It was to be the first of many maternal sucks mum has given me since but the memory of that premiere blowjob has stayed with me to the present day.

Mum sucked long and hard while dad reached round and began to fondle my arse in his hands. I was a bit nonplussed at first to feel dad touching up my bare bum but as his hands roamed their exploratory way over my undraped buttocks, they felt every bit as gentle as mum’s had done, surprisingly so. I found myself enjoying his sensuous touch while, simultaneously, mum gagged and choked as she made hardcore love to my cock.

“That feel good, son?” said dad, looking up while still fondling my arse, “your mum sucking your cock?”

“Bloody well does, dad,” I replied, “mum’s a great cocksucker.”

“She certainly is,” laughed dad, as he started to finger my arsehole, “the best in the business.”

Mum sucked for another five minutes, then let my cock fall out of her mouth and went down on my balls. To my amazement, dad opened his mouth and took my cock inside, sucking as hard and delightfully as mum had done while his fingers prodded and poked my arsehole, dad working them in deeper to my great delight. My balls were being given a thoroughly good workover by mum’s hot tongue as the head of my cock hit the back of dad’s throat and I began to really enjoy myself, the last vestiges of guilt now gone as if it had never been while mum and dad continued to give me alternate blowjobs.

Mum was still wearing her bikini and I desperately wanted to see her naked. Dad must have sensed my thoughts for, after another five minutes of fondling my arse, he withdrew his fingers from my hole and cock from his mouth and rested back on his haunches and smiled at his wife.

“What you still doing with that bikini on, honey?” he said, as mum continued to work her magic on my cock, enjoying the taste of pre-cum that was seeping out of my piss hole, “show our son your pussy.”

“Yeah, mum,” I said, “you said just now we shouldn’t have any secrets from each other.”

“Would you like to see my pussy, sweetheart?” said mum, teasingly, after she had released her mouth’s grip on my cock and it swung free, my knobhead peeping through my foreskin and the long proud shaft slick and wet with a liberal coating of mum’s saliva as it pointed upwards, directly in front of my parents’ faces and their admiring watching eyes.

“Yeah, mum,” I said again, as my own saliva seeped out the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin, “and your tits, too.”

Dad moved into position next to me and together we peeled back our foreskins, proudly displaying to mum our engorged knobheads, and started to wank our cocks as mum began to remove her clothes. It felt a bit strange at first wanking in front of my parents but I soon got used to it and as my hand flew up and down the shaft of my stiff pole, I tried to match my strokes with those of my obviously more experienced father.

Mum turned her back to us and reached round and unhooked her bikini top, allowing the delicious-looking tits that she’d fed me with as a baby to swing free as she threw the flimsy garment onto the bed where it landed close to her recently sniffed panties. Then, with an impish grin over her shoulder, she slowly stripped out of the lower half of her bikini, her long feminine legs rising and falling as she slipped the skimpy thong down and stepped out of it until, like dad and I, she was completely naked.

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