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Caught – He Knows My Secret Fantasy

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Big Tits

I am married for over 30 years with two grown kids. My wife and I have a lukewarm sex life which has caused my fantasies to grow. The older I get (now 56) the stronger my secret desire to pleasure another man becomes.

I work for a shipping company and have an office in an out of the way warehouse. I am not that busy and only receive 4 or 5 deliveries a day and sometimes as few as two. This leaves me with lots of time on my hands. I have no other people there. I operate forklift and all deliveries are on pallets, so I don’t need any assistance.

Lately I spend a huge amount of time surfing porn and reading sex stories. Most of these center on cuckold and husbands doing cleanup after being made a cuckold.

Thinking of eating another man’s load from my wife’s pussy is quite the turn on. I masturbate frequently thinking of this or reading stories on this subject.

These fantasies gradually changed into an ever growing desire to be on my knees sucking another man to a strong orgasm.

My desire has gotten to the point that I am considering an actual meeting with someone online that lives out of town. I am thinking this would be safe and I could maybe meet them at a neutral location and quench my hunger.

I joined a site where males meet males and set up a secret account under a fictitious name. I have met up with several online and got really turned on. We would talk back and forth while masturbating. One day recently I hooked up with a guy that clicked. He was a dominat type and hit all of my buttons.

He had me detailing what I would do for him. I described how I would lick his big balls and suck each one. I promised to lick his taint under his balls until he was ready for me to move up to his cock. I described how he would make me beg before he would allow me to suck his cock. I continued until I heard an expected delivery coming in.

I told my chat buddy I would be back after a little while and minimized the chat application and put my screen to sleep.

The driver on the delivery was in a couple of times a week and he was a little cocky, but a good guy. I got the five pallets off his truck.

It only took about 5 – 10 minutes.

While I was doing this he went into my office area to wait. He acted a bit strange as he was leaving. After he left I resumed my chat and ended up masturbating to a nice strong cum.

About 5 days later he was scheduled to drop off another delivery. Everything went the same as usual. I finished unloading and told him he was all set.

He looked at me in a strange way. Then he took his phone out and said, “take a look at this.”

I thought it was going to be a joke or funny video. When I could focus on the content, my pulse quickened and I almost became nauseous. He had a screen shot of my previous weeks sex chat. The one I had paused while I unloaded his truck. He snooped on my computer and now I was caught.

I was like a deer in the headlights. He said, “You got some kinky shit going on.”

I said, “I was just fooling around.”

He looked straight through me. Then he responded, “I don’t think you were fooling around. I read the whole conversation and that guy is going to have a good time with you.”

He then continued, “I’m going to be that guy for you.”

I was shaking and looked at the floor, very ashamed.

He then said, “look, this is gonna be our little secret. No one needs to know. I think we can help each other.”

I was beginning to see where he was going. I said, “no, we can’t help each other. I was just fooling around.”

He just stared at me with a smirk on his face. He told me, “my wife will not go down on me and I miss it terribly. It’s been 15 years since I’ve had a blowjob. You’re going to start taking care of it for me.”

I had a look of fear and said, “we can’t do this.”

He calmly said, “Oh yes we can, no deliveries are scheduled for a couple of hours. You’re going to be my cocksucker and you’re going to Etlik Escort like it.”

I felt like I was in a corner and actually was somewhat in the corner of my office.

He looked at me and slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

I said, “stop, don’t do this.”

The same time I was saying this, my own cock was growing hard.

He pulled out my dream cock. It was about 7 inches, thick and straight. Just the type I often fantasized about. I was now obviously hard and he noticed. He knew he had me then.

He then reached inside and pulled out his large hanging balls. They were huge, again just like I wanted.

He said, “I know by what you wrote that you like what you see, especially my big potent balls with 4 days worth of cum. I saved it up for you.”

He reached with no warning and grabbed my hard cock.

He said, “just as I thought, you’re hot for my cock aren’t you?”

I was hot and he was right, I was ready to give in to my dark desires.

He then told me, “starting today you are going to get on your knees and please me anytime I want. Do You Understand?”

I tried to resist and said, “please don’t make me do this.”

He smirked at me and said, “oh I’m not making you do anything. You’re going to do it because you want it. You do want to be on your knees, so just admit it. You’re going to do what I ask aren’t you?”

I weakly responded, “yes.”

He said, “when we’re together like this, you will address me as Sir. You are going to suck my cock as I instruct you. You’ll help me by giving me the great blowjobs I’ve been missing. I’ll help you by giving you the thick, slimy cum you’ve been craving. You’re getting a big mouth full today and you’ll never get the taste out of your mouth. Do You Understand?”

I said, “Yes Sir.”

He the told, “Get on your knees and undo my pants and pull everything down.”

I did as told and pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles. His hard cock was only couple of inches from my mouth. I was trembling with desire for his cock.

He said, “I want you to lick my big balls all over and especially underneath them. When I tell you enough, you will then beg me to let you suck my cock and swallow my cum.”

I moaned as I made contact with his large balls. They were soft and I licked them thoroughly and sucked them gently with lots of tongue action. I remembered to concentrate underneath, so I began licking and tasting his taint. It had a male taste that turned me on tremendously.

I was moaning while servicing his big balls, thinking about the 4 day load he had mentioned. I knew then that I was hooked and would please him anyway he wanted.

This went on for several minutes until he stopped me.

He then grinned at me and said, “tell me what you want.”

I was desperate now and told him, “I want to suck your big hard cock.”

He said, “you gotta do better than that, beg for it and give me details.”

I desperately said, “please let me lick and suck your beautiful cock. I’ll make you feel so good and take all of your thick cum in my mouth. I’ll swallow all 4 day’s worth of your sperm when you tell me to.”

He said, “worship my cock and you better make this my best ever.”

I tasted his precum first and there was plenty, so I got a good taste.

His cock felt so good in my mouth. I took my time and slobbered and sucked like a long wet French kiss.

He liked it and held my head in place while moaning his pleasure. He let me go slow for a while, but it wasn’t long before he began thrusting into my mouth.

It was getting real sloppy with saliva and precum drooling as he fucked my mouth. He wanted to go deeper and I tried to relax my throat. This worked and his hard cock was all the way in on his thrusts. I had to be quick getting breaths, because he was unrelenting. He was now just using me strickly for his pleasure and I actually loved it.

I Keçiören Escort knew he was getting close by the noises he was making and his fast breathing. When he began to cum he pulled back so all of his load was delivered in my mouth.

I kept licking and sucking as my mouth filled with warm thick cum. As this was happening, I was so enraptured that had an orgasm in my pants without even a touch.

He came for at least 30 seconds with strong pulses and his load was large as promised. He experienced intense pleasure and his groans were loud. I had no choice but swallow some of his sperm to keep from overflowing.

When he was finished he said, “OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that good… Ever!!”

I showed him his cum in my mouth and he made me swirl with my tongue before swallowing. It tasted very male and a little salty, but best described as the taste of sex. I liked it and I immediately knew, as he said, it was a taste I would never get out of my mouth. It was a taste I knew I could not do without.

I told him, “I will be ready to please you anytime you want.”

He said, “It’s going to be often.”

It had only been 3 days when I saw his truck coming in the drive. I didn’t have him scheduled for a delivery, so I knew he was bringing a different kind of load. My dick got hard immediately.

He walked in and asked, “Do you have any deliveries scheduled in the next hour?”

I checked and told him, “nothing for 2 1/2 hours.”

He said, “good, now get over here and get on your knees.”

I didn’t hesitate and did as he told me to do.

He said, “look at me. Are you ready to suck my big cock and eat another big load of cum?”

I looked up at him and said, “yes sir.”

He grinned and said, “take my pants down and get to work. You know what I like, so make it good.”

I unbuckled his pants and pulled everything down. His big cock sprang forward and I was also rock hard.

I couldn’t help, but take his cock in my mouth first and give it a long sloppy suck kiss. Then I knew he wanted me to go lower. I went all the way past his balls and gently licked almost to his asshole.

He really liked this and gave some ooh’s and aah’s as I did this. I knew he wanted me to lick it, but I wasn’t ready for that… yet.

I slowly moved up to his large hanging balls and gently sucked and licked them. I didn’t miss any and paid lots of attention to underside of his balls. Lots more ooh’s and aah’s.

He then said, “it’s time, take care of me.”

I immediately sucked his hard cock into my mouth. I always kept my lips firmly locked on his cock with lots of tongue action.

He allowed me to continue this for a while. It wasn’t long until he grabbed the hair on the sides of my head and pulled me farther down on his cock.

I knew he was going deeper, so like last time I relaxed my throat so he could have what he wanted. He bottomed out and I could not breathe until he pulled back.

He began a steady rhythm and I had to time short breaths. He really liked that I let him fuck my mouth. I would have preferred to just suck him to his orgasm, but it turned me on for him to use me for his pleasure.

I felt his balls pull up and knew he was close. He made a loud groan of pleasure and pulled back so all of his cum went where I would taste it.

I did taste it and I loved the taste. He cums with strong throbbing and many pulses of cum shooting. My mouth was full of delicious hot cum. He always wanted me to wait until he said it was ok to swallow. He wanted to make sure I got a good long taste of his sperm.

After he calmed he said, “never had any better. This is better than any pussy I’ve ever had. Next time I want to watch you eat my cum. I’m gonna save up a 4 day load and cum on your desk. I’ll watch you lick it all up.”

As I am now required I said, “Thank you for allowing me to suck your big cock and letting Kızılay Escort me swallow your cum.”

He said, “you did good cocksucker.”

As soon as he left I pulled my cock out and replayed what had just happened in my mind. My cock was like a rock when I thought about what he had told me. I could not hold back when I imagined licking his cum off of my desk and had an intense orgasm. It was long and strong. I wanted to eat my cum, but the feeling had passed and couldn’t do it.

Four days later as promised he returned with an expected delivery.

When I greeted him outside he said, “don’t speak to me, just unload my truck and then come to your office. Be ready to do what you’re told with No conversation.”

I unloaded several pallets and then went to my office. He had cleared everything off of my desk.

He said, “don’t speak unless you’re asked a question. Now lay down on your back on your desk.”

I crawled up on my desk and was on my back. He had me slide back until my head was hanging off the edge. I was uncomfortable, but my dick was fully engorged.

He took his pants and underwear all the way off. He then stepped forward and lowered his balls and cock to my face. He slid his package around my face, especially my nose and mouth.

He moved forward so that my mouth was underneath his balls.

He told me, “lick me good all over.”

I tried to concentrate on his balls but he kept them near my chin. I was licking mostly with the tip of my tongue and he was loving it. It must have felt really good the way he was moaning.

He kept inching forward and I knew what he wanted. I was trying to avoid it, but it was unavoidable. His asshole was directly over my licking mouth. The thought of him forcing me to please him in this way started to excite me.

I gave in and tentatively and lightly licked his rosebud. He let out a big groan.

He said, “lick it good… Do It.”

I did what he wanted and rimmed him with a little! more force. My head was swimming and I was actually enjoying providing this service for him. He reached down and pulled my head and mouth into him.

I knew what he wanted and was demanding. I stuck my tongue straight out and it slid in.

He started saying out loud, “yes, yes lick it… fuck it… fuck my ass… stick that tongue in.”

I did just that and was lost in my excitement of having to service him this way.

After a little bit he slid back and his hard cock was at my lips.

He said, “you ready for my big cock now?”

I moaned, “Yes Sir!!”

I opened and he thrust forward. At this angle he was able go easily into my throat. It was actually a little easier for me too. He was just fucking my mouth as he held my head in his hands.

He got close several times and would pull out to regroup. I knew he was building up for a big cum. He kept doing this over and over, his breathing and groaning becoming louder and faster.

He then said abruptly, “get up.”

I sat up and as I slid off the desk and turned toward him, he erupted. He was jacking off on my desk and it seemed like it would never end. He came and came and came for at least 30 seconds. When it slowed, he grinned at me as he squeezed out the last bit of thick semen. There was at least 2 maybe 3 tablespoons of his cum on my desk.

He said, “lunch is served. Eat it, eat it all, every drop. Do it and don’t speak until you’re done. Then you can thank me.”

I was still very turned on and leaned over at an angle so he could get a good view. I licked up a big gob and looked up at him as I swallowed. He was watching closely and loved what he was seeing.

I had begun to like and even crave the taste of his cum. I actually liked eating his cum any way he wanted me to. I continued licking it up and it took a little while because it was so much.

I cleaned it all off my desk, then looked at him and said, “thank you sir for allowing me to please you and for letting me eat your cum.”

He didn’t say anything else and left. I knew I would be seeing him again in 3 or 4 days. I was already looking forward to the next time as I shot my load into my hand. This time I quickly transferred to my mouth and swallowed most of my own load. I noticed that there was a similar taste, but it was his that I was addicted to

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