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Cathy’s Sick Desire Ch. 02

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This is a very sick and nasty story that involves some really gross stuff. So if you’ve got a weak stomach, maybe you should skip this one.


“Well I’m just guy to help you out, cunt. This is truly your lucky fucking day.”

He let go of her hair and gripped her left nipple in his strong stubby fingers. It hurt, but she didn’t mind. The pain washed through her, helping to cleanse the old Cathy from her system. She followed along like a dog on a leash, as he drug her back to the living room and threw her on the floor. Cathy rolled over onto her chest, raised her hips off of the carpet, and then reached behind her with both hands, pulled her pussy open and huskily begged, “Fuck me Harry. Fuck me dirty, nasty and hard. I need that cock in my pussy right this fucking second.”

He laughed evilly, as he lowered himself between her wide spread legs. Then he put a few good hard smacks on her ass. Cathy growled with lust at the sensation of the minor pain it caused her.

She challenged him, “Are going to play games or fuck me?”

He grabbed the mound of her pussy and mauled it brutally, and then warned, “You better watch what you say cunt, or I’ll tear you apart.” He loosened his grasp, but maintained a firm hold on her throbbing snatch. “You’re really into this now, aren’t you, cunt. All I had to do was open the door and you walked through it into a world that has been waiting for you your entire life. Do really want me to show you more, because if you do, it won’t be just for tonight. You’ve got to agree to do what I say for the whole fucking weekend. Then you’ll be on your own. What do you say, cunt. Do you still want to play?”

Cathy was so worked up and needed to cum so badly that it took a moment for her to understand him and provide an answer. She didn’t give it any thought. She knew that she didn’t really need to. She needed to experience the whole wide range of kinky sex that he was offering her, so there could be only one answer.

“Yes! Yes I want to see more, and yes I’ll do the entire weekend.”

Cathy looked back over her shoulder at him and sneered, “Now fuck this dirty slut for everything your worth.”

He smacked her one more time on the ass with his left hand, while guiding his cock into her aching pussy with the other. His powerful lunge went in half the length of his shaft. He drew back a little and drove forward into her sopping wet hole, burying it to the hilt.

“Oh God Harry, that’s so good. Fuck me hard, baby. Nobody’s ever fucked me really hard. Use me like a nasty fucking whore.”

Harry pistoned in and out like a fucking machine. With every stroke, he drove her forward, as his pelvis slapped into her butt cheeks. The motion caused her to crawl across the floor a few inches, with each slap of his flesh against hers. She was wound up tightly by then and soon found herself with her head resting on the ottoman, as he began the final assault.

Without thought, Cathy began pulling on her nipples and crying with the joy of her new found pleasure. She literally had tears streaming down her face; not from pain, but from pure joy. Her lust was a soaring rocket, climbing high into the sky and was about to explode.

In a low, passion laden voice, she growled in dirty pleasure, “Oh dear God, I’m going to cum. Now baby, fuck it hard now. Ram that fucking cock into my nasty cunt.”

Harry didn’t disappoint her. He reached around her and fingered her clit, sending her to heights she had never achieved in her entire life. She screamed with uninhibited joy, as the rushing winds of ecstasy blasted over her. Never had she dreamed that her cunt was capable of delivering such a massive amount of pleasure. She slipped off of the ottoman and would have fallen to the floor, if Harry hadn’t held her up, as he finished dumping his load into her swollen pussy. Then they each collapsed onto the floor.

They both lay there sucking air into their depleted lungs. Slowly, Cathy regained some sense of time and place. As she pondered what she had done, she was ashamed, yet felt a strange relief, as though a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She knew that she should feel horrible about the sick acts that she had performed. But she couldn’t deny the extreme pleasure she had received in the process. And finally she knew that there was no going back to the timid soul she had been, before the disgusting plumber had shown her a different world.

Harry rolled around, until his crotch was at her face. “Clean me off, cunt. Get a good taste of your own pussy juice on my dick.”

Cathy was no longer at the high level of arousal, which had led her to do the perverted things she had done. But she knew Harry wouldn’t take no for an answer, so she leaned in toward his flaccid cock and took it into her mouth. The slimy goo, which coated his shaft, tasted musky and yet she wasn’t repulsed by it or the act of cleaning him. In fact, she was more curious about the flavor she found there. She had never afyon escort tasted her own pussy before; she realized that it wasn’t bad, just different than anything her tongue had ever experienced.

Harry plopped his cock out of her mouth, sat on the sofa and told her, “Get me a beer, cunt.”

She gazed at him, as she got up to accommodate him. She still thought he was a disgusting old pig and certainly wouldn’t want to be seen with him. But she couldn’t deny that he had forced her to find her natural passion; even though it was a bizarre, sick lust that frightened her.

When she came back with two beers, he took the offered brew and drank half of it in one gulp. Cathy took a few sips of hers, just to rinse out her mouth.

Her own body odor was repulsive and she felt a strong urge to take a shower. She offered Harry the option of using the bath, before her. “Hell no, bitch. We’re gonna finish these beers, and then we’re gonna meet some buddies of mine for dinner. Then you’re going to get a chance to discover a little bit more about yourself.”

She was about to object, but he cut her off, before she could speak. “Listen to me, cunt. I don’t give a shit. I can leave right now and have my choice of a dozen different bitches within the hour. So if you ain’t got the brains to see that you got special dirty needs that only a guy like me can give you; well then, the hell with you. I’ll just go.”

Silence was the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room, as she tried to get a handle on her feelings and fears. Yes, that was it…her fears. Cathy gave him a pleading look and admitted, “I’m afraid Harry. I’m afraid of you. I’m afraid of your friends. But, most of all, I’m afraid of what I’ll do and that I’ll like it.”

He actually gave her a nice smile and said, “Now see there, that’s progress. Being honest about all of this is how you’ll learn to deal with it all. But you’re making one big mistake. You’re confusing like and need; they’re different. There’s a lot of stuff you ain’t gonna like, but you’ll soon find out that you need it. In fact, the slut in you is loose now and you can’t run away from her. She’s like a hungry tiger and the beast needs to be fed.”

In spite of his gross physical appearance and vulgar way of putting things, Harry had a way of touching emotional strings within her that she didn’t know she had. And he played those strings quite well. Cathy realized that she needed him to show her the chords of her sexual instrument, and she wanted him to play them with wild abandon.

“OK Harry. What do I do?”

“Let’s go check out your closet and see if we can find something appropriate for the evening.”

He told her that undergarments wouldn’t be needed. After rummaging through her clothes, Harry picked out a short skirt, which she hadn’t worn in a few years. It fell to the halfway point, between her crotch and knees. The design was meant to be loose fitting, but due to her slight weight gain, it fit very tightly at the waist. She felt trepidation at the blouse he had selected. It was a sheer purple button front affair and left little to the imagination. High heels, of course, were an essential element to the look he was going for.

Once dressed, Cathy felt more nude than clothed. Yet the heat emanating from her loins was proof of her sick and imperfect nature. Her face flushed, as they left her house. She felt as though her neighbors were all looking at her, even though she saw no one else on the street. They took her car. Harry drove and assured her that they wouldn’t be seen by anyone that she knew where they were going.

Twenty miles from her house, they drove through a suburban area that was old and somewhat run down. No doubt this was Harry’s world. He pulled up behind a beat up little restaurant, and they entered through a back entrance. He paused, looked around, and then yelled out at two men sitting at the table closest to them, at the back end of the place.

The men in question were just as sweaty and dirty as Harry, but they were a good bit younger and much slimmer. In fact they were down right skinny. One had not shaved for a few days and the other one had a full beard that looked like a rats nest. The T-shirts they each wore were filthy, as their sweat had made them dust magnets. Everywhere the sweat had collected, dirt had attached itself to the shirts, in large quantities.

As she and Harry approached them, one of them said to the other, “Shit, he’s gone and found himself another fucking slut.” Then to Harry, he asked, “Harry…man, where do find these nasty whores?”

Harry proudly grinned and responded, “Damn Tom, the fucking cunts find me. Go figure…I can’t.”

To be talked about so crudely, and as though she wasn’t there was humiliating. The obvious assumption from these men was that she was a dirty tramp. A woman who was accustomed to being around the type of men, who thought of women as nothing more than a hot hole to fuck, and who would easily spread agrı escort her legs at the slightest suggestion.

Harry made no effort to protect her honor. Why should he, she thought, after all, I’m here to be used, just like the kind of slut they think I am. Cathy’s stomach growled with arousal and she could feel her pussy lubricating, at the thought of being used by these filthy, vile looking young men.

Harry’s hand had moved to her ass and liberally massaged it, deliberately doing so in plane sight of his two friends. While Cathy felt ashamed and was tempted to bat his hand away, she made no effort to prevent his blatant fondling of her. She knew that he was sending a message to his buddies…You can do anything with her and she will like it. Her stomach knotted a bit more as the fire in her pussy grew at her acceptance of the public humiliation.

He swatted her rear end and ordered her to, “Sit between my friends here, cunt. The guy with the beard is Tom and the one who needs a shave is Nick. Together we’re Tom, Nick and Harry, get it?” All three of them laughed, as though it was the best joke of the year.

Tom got up to allow her to squeeze in between him and Nick. The strong odor of human sweat and grim filled her nostrils, as she wedged in to her seat, and she felt her sick passion rev up another notch.

Harry sat across from them and encouraged them to get acquainted. “Hey guys, feel free to freely feel.” He chuckled at his stupid attempt at humor. “Alright, cunt, here’s where you get to have a new experience. Nobody can see into this back booth, so go ahead and unbutton your blouse all the way down. Hell that thin thing wasn’t really hiding anything anyway. Invite my friends to have fun with your tits and be sure to tell them how you like it.”

There it was. He had made clear, beyond any doubt, that she was a slut for the taking, which was humiliating enough by itself. But then he had laid the responsibility of completing her self abasement on her own shoulders. It would leave no question, but that she was a nasty cunt, as he had implied.

The heat of her blushing face radiated from her, as she undid the buttons and pulled her blouse open wide, tucked it behind her and fully exposed her breasts to the men on either side of her. Cathy spoke quietly, in a husky, lust laden voice and said “Help your selves to my tits, and don’t worry about being nice to me. Just treat me like a dirty whore.”

As their rough, callused hands ran over her naked breasts, Nick said, “Damn Harry, you train these bitches really good.”

Harry played up to the man by replying, “Shit, she ain’t been trained at all. I just meet the cunt a few hours ago. She just a natural fucking slut, only she didn’t know it. You guys know what a nice fucking guy I am. I’m just trying to help her find out what she really is.”

Tom began to twist her nipple hard and she winced, while stifling a groan. She didn’t want to draw any attention to the back booth. He grinned and asked, “What’s with the pained look, bitch. I thought that you like this sort shit.”

She was beginning to understand what Harry had told her earlier and answered, “I don’t like it at all, but I need to be used like a cheap piece of shit.”

Tom gave her an evil grin, as he applied even more pressure on her tortured little nub. She fought down a strong urge to cry out, as she endured his brutal treatment. Nick had been listening and began to do the same to Cathy’s other delicate nipple, digging his thumb into her breast and chuckling with delight.

Harry told her, “Get your skirt up, bitch. Let ’em get their hands on your cunt. You know you’ll fucking love it.”

Cathy awkwardly raised her skirt, exposing her recently fucked pussy. Harry’s cum had leaked out and left a dried streak down her thigh. The continual degrading of her fed the flames of her twisted lust and raised her to the next level.

Harry must have recognized it for what it was, because he told the others, “Look at her guys; she’s hot as a firecracker. Ain’t I right, cunt? Tell ’em how you’re feeling right now. Don’t hold back nothin’, bitch. Say it just like it is.”

The environment wasn’t what one thought of, as being conducive to sexual enhancement. Yet Harry was right; she was overwhelmed with lust. As Tom continued to maul her breast, Nick began to stroke the throbbing mound of her pussy. Her hips raised, somewhat, to meet his gripping hand and probing fingers..

In a loud whisper she confessed, “Yes, it’s true. I’m hot as hell. Being used like some cheap, dirty slut really turns me on. I don’t know why, but it does. I hate that it excites me so, but I know now that I need it and need it very badly.”

Her self abasing revelation opened wide the door to her lust, sending a no holds barred signal to the men who were enjoying the delights of her body. Nick drove three and then four fingers into her pussy, drawing a loud sigh from her. She was basically nude, in a public restaurant, akdere escort with her breasts and pussy bared to them, as she maneuvered her body to make it more accessible to their cruelly groping hands.

Harry smugly told his friends, “What’d I tell you guys. She’s a prime piece of slut meat.” Then to her he ordered, “OK, cunt, these men ain’t got all night to fuck around with you. They have families to get home to. Get under the fucking table and start cleaning cock, and be sure to swallow, bitch.”

Cathy looked down at Tom’s hand, as it pulled harshly on her nipple and only then, did she notice the wedding ring on his finger. Nick too, sported a gold band on the finger of his left hand. She never thought in her entire life that she would be a woman who had anything to do with a married man. Yet here she was, about to perform a nasty and adulterous act for two wedded men. Somehow, it made the nastiness even sweeter.

Harry pulled the table toward him a little bit, giving her more room to fit below. She twisted in her seat, as she slid down beneath the table. Tom never let go of her nipple, so her movement caused her sharp pain there and drew an involuntary, yet quiet yelp from her.

He said, “Me first slut. I’m runnin’ late already.” With his other hand, he unzipped his pants and drew out his pecker. As it came into sight, the stench of his sweaty crotch was nearly overwhelming. And yet, while she found it a vile aroma, Cathy no longer tried to deny the fire in her loins that such filth generated. She pressed her face into the disgusting hairy mess, savoring the dirtiness of her act, and then began to lick the head of his growing prick.

The slender man taunted her, “That’s it baby, clean up old Tom, so he can shoot a nice blob of jizz down your dirty fucking throat.” The vulgarity was all part of the package that sent her passion into overdrive. She used her hand to pull his average sized balls farther out of his trousers and surrounded them with her lips. A day’s worth of sweaty scum had collected there and she shuddered with self loathing, as her tongue delighted in the vile flavor.

Tom was getting impatient. He pulled her hair, to get her off of his scrotum and slapped her. “Damn it, bitch. You heard what Harry said. I’m in a hurry, so finish me up, cunt.”

Cathy had wanted to enjoy the blowjob that she was giving, but Tom didn’t care about her. He was just using her mouth as an instrument of masturbation. He guided her face back to his crotch and plunged his dick all the way to the back of her throat, which was all that he had. She began sucking it hard, as he held her head and thrust himself in and out of her mouth. Cathy never felt him build up to it; he just came. A few globs of cum poured into her mouth, which she swallowed easily, as there really wasn’t that much of it.

Tom yanked his cock from her mouth, tucked himself away and said his good bye to Harry and Nick, while ignoring the woman who had serviced his filthy prick. Just like that, he was gone. It had been less than five minutes since she walked into the restaurant with Harry.

Nick wasted no time in pursuit of his needs. He told Cathy, “Get you fucking, cocksucking ass over here, bitch.”

As she shifted on her knees to his position, he unbuckled his pants and dropped them, along with his dirty underwear, down to his ankles. Again the smell of dirt and musky sweat wafted to her nostrils and held her at the high level of arousal that she had risen to, while sucking on Tom’s shaft.

Nick was much harsher with her than his friend had been. He smacked her face a few times, while he made clear that he wasn’t in quite so much of a hurry as Tom. He slid his scrawny ass to the edge of the seat, until it hung over the rim, and then demanded, “Start with my ass, bitch. Lick it good, and then move to my nuts. I been workin’ in a hot house all day putting up sheet rock, so you got yourself a nice layer of sweat to lick off.”

He used his hands to spread the cheeks of his buttocks and ordered, “Get to it, slut.”

The air beneath the table wasn’t circulating very well. The scent emanating from his body was thick, cloying and hanging in the atmosphere beneath the table. As Cathy moved her face between his legs, she tried to envision what it must look like if anyone saw her down there. The very thought of being seen doing this nearly sent her into orbit. She no longer attempted ask herself why she was like this…she just was.

She had to push her face up and into the putrid flesh of his rear end, snaking out her tongue, as she went. Nick might have been skinny as a rail, but he was quite muscular, although lean. The cheeks of his ass guided her to the stinky brown anus. Cathy was shaking with lust, as she thrust her tongue against it, and then began licking the collection of sweat and another flavor. She could taste the aftermath of a recent bowel movement. She was licking shit off of Nick’s dirty asshole.

Cathy began to come. She didn’t realize that she had been stroking her pussy with a free hand, so it was with lusty surprise that she exploded, as she used her other hand to pull Nick’s hips down further and drive her tongue completely into his filthy bowels.

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