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Cathy FL Pt. 05

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Group Sex

We had a rhythm now, dinner, get back to the hotel, get naked and hop in bed.

Some TV and drinks but soon our hands were all over each other and we were both cumming. Cathy had decided to work on her gagging issues and had started trying to spend more time with my cock in her mouth. Could actually get the head into her mouth now without gagging – it was getting better and I was letting her set the pace here.

Thursday night we decided to go to a dance club that the client had told us about. Ran into some of them there and spent the night drinking and dancing. Cathy was having a great time, dancing with the client, both male and female. By the time the party started to break up about 11 pm Cathy was pretty drunk and I pretty much poured her into the car for the trip back to the hotel. I got in and she laid down on the seat, placing her head in my lap. We sat there for a couple of minutes before Cathy began to rub my growing cock through my pants. I reached down and unzipped my pants. Cathy reached in and pulled my cock out and began to lick the head. There were people moving around in the parking lot and I decided we needed to move so we did not get caught. Placing the car into drive I began the short trip to the hotel.

On the way, Cathy slowly worked her way down my cock, the head all the way in her mouth. She was getting better at it – her mouth was warm and soft. I knew she was not ready to take a load in her mouth yet and made the effort to not let my cock get too excited. After about 10 minutes I pulled into the hotel and parked.

“We’re back at the hotel,” I told Cathy.

She pulled her head up and looked around. Looking down at my cock she asked, “How was that?”

“You are getting better every time you do it. Pretty soon you will want to do more,” I said smiling at her.

“HMMMMMMMMMMM, I hope so. No one has ever really been patient with me about sucking cock. They thought I was weird for not doing it. Some would try to force the issue and it usually was a bad thing.”

“Glad to let you practice on me.”

“We better put this away till we get upstairs,” she said stuffing my cock back into my pants and zipping them up.

We went into the hotel and up to my room. Cathy had changed into jeans and a tank top to go out. As the door closed, she immediately began to peel her clothes off. I stood there watching her.

Turning to me as she pulled the tank top off making her completely naked she said, “Aren’t you going to get naked?”

“It was fun watching you strip.”

“Buy more fun if we are both naked.”

“True, want to help me?”

She grinned at me and stepped towards me, “Okay I’ll play your game.”

Cathy bent down and untied my shoes and I stepped out to them. She then stood up, slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then peeled it off of me and tossed it across the room. Stepping up to me, she reached up to kiss me, our naked tops touching as she ran her hands over my body. My hands ran over her ass as I held her close.

Stepping back, she reached down and unbuckled my pants. Then looking into my eyes, she opened my pants and unzipped me allowing my Eryaman Escort pants to fall to the floor. Still looking at me she smiled and dropped to her knees. Grabbing my pants, I stepped out of them and they would up with my shirt across the room. My cock was fully at attention by now, straining against my underwear. Her face was right in front of my cock.

Cathy looked at me and licked her lips. She then began to pull my underwear down, my hard cock popping in front of her face. Kissing the tip, she pulled my underwear down and I stepped out. I was now equally naked.

Her hand wrapped around my cock and she slowly began stroking it while she licked the tip. Pulling my cock to her she let the head slip into her mouth. It took all my will power to not begin fucking her face. I just stood there and enjoyed the feeling of her stroking and sucking me knowing that the other would eventually happen if I was patient with her.

I moaned as she continued her oral assault on my cock. She had almost 1/2 of it in her mouth and was not choking.

Opening my legs a bit, I took her free hand and placed it on my balls. She gently squeezed them. I placed my hand over hers and squeezed a little tighter.

Releasing her hand she began to squeeze and massage by balls as I softly moaned.

I took my cock from her mouth and pulled up on my cock exposing my balls right in front of her face..

“Suck them.”

She looked up at me with a question on her face.

“Take my ball in your mouth and suck it.”

She tentatively kissed one of my balls. Then she wrapped her lips around one and sucked it into her mouth. I groaned as I held her head to keep her in place.

“Yes, just like that.”

She sucked my ball and then released it as I let go of her head. We looked at each other.

“You like that?”, she asked?

“Oh yes, suck the other one now.”

Cathy took my other ball in her mouth and began to suck as I stroked my cock over her head. The feeling was amazing – I love having my balls sucked.

After about a minute she let the ball slip out of her mouth. Standing up, she stood on her toes to kiss me.

“I’ve not played with balls a lot. Do you like having them played with?”

“Oh definitely, the feeling is amazing. We will let you practice on that too,” I said smiling.

Grabbing my cock between us she began stroking it.

“Will you do something for me?”, Cathy asked.

“I am open for just about anything.”

“Let me sit on your face.”

“I would love to do that.”

Cathy turned me and pushed me onto the bed. I moved to the middle of the bed laying on my back.

“I’ll be right back,” Cathy said as she disappeared into her room. She returned about 30 seconds later carrying a tube of lube and the case holding her diaphragm. Placing them on the nightstand she crawled on the bed and straddled my head. Her pussy was already dripping. As I ran my tongue over it I felt her shiver.

I began licking and sucking her pussy as her hands ran over her tits squeezing her nipples. Her pussy Sincan Escort tasted sweet and I was glad she had not put the diaphragm in yet. My tongue flicked over her clit and I alternated licking it, taking it between my lips and sucking it. Cathy was bucking her hips and began pushing her pussy down on my mouth. I felt fingers slip over and into her pussy. She began to rapidly rub her clit, her breath becoming ragged. Suddenly she pulled her fingers from her pussy and sat fully on my face. I pushed my tongue as deeply into her as I could as her body stiffened and the pussy began to quiver. She grabbed my head and was literally fucking my tongue. The orgasm rolled over her as she pushed my head into the bed.

Slowly the orgasm subsided and she raised up off of my face which was covered in her juices which were running down my neck. Cathy had one of the wettest pussy’s I had ever played with. She slid down my body as her breathing returned to normal and I caught my breath too.

My cock was near her pussy when she slid down me and laid there catching her breath. Raising my hips, the tip of my cock touched the lips of her pussy. Cathy began to rub against the head of my cock, moaning slightly as it moved against the wet, dripping folds of her pussy. She looked up at me with that look of sexual satisfaction after cumming hard.

My hands moved to her hips. Pushing down on her hips I slid her down my body impaling her on my cock. The look on her face went blank then her eyes opened wide and a gasp escaped from her mouth.

“NOOO! Not yet.”

I just held her in-place, not moving.

“You cannot cum in me.”

“I know,” I said as I released her hips and she rolled off of me.

She laid beside me and grasped my now slick cock.

“Don’t tease me like that. Your cock feels so good in me and I might not be able to stop you.”

“Your pussy was so wet and inviting. It feels so good in you,” I smiled at her.

She punched my chest.

We laid there quietly for a couple of minutes. Cathy reached over grabbing my still semi-hard cock. She began to squeeze it and rub her hand over the head.

“What are we going to do for you?” she said mischievously.

“I am game for anything you want,” I said smiling down at her.

“Well, I have not fucked this much in a while and my pussy is kinda sore. How about if you fuck my ass again?”

My cock twitched at that. The first night we had been together I had “accidentally” slipped into her ass and cum in her.

“I would love to fuck your ass for you,” I said smiling.

Cathy let go of my cock and got out of bed grabbing the lube as she did.

“Come over here,” she said walking across the room to the dresser. There was a mirror on the wall there and the desk was next to the dresser.

I followed her over to the dresser. She opened the lube and squirted some into her hand. Taking my cock she began to spread it over my cock until it was well covered and slick. She then squirted more into her hand and using her fingers reached behind and spread more on her asshole, Etlik Escort working one then two fingers into her ass. Watching her work her ass was getting me very worked up and my cock was at full attention now.

Cathy pulled her fingers from her ass, bent over the desk and looking at me said, “Okay, your turn, but let’s take it slow this time.”

I nodded and moved in behind her. Placing my cock at the entrance to her ass, I held it steady and began to slowly push the head in. Cathy was watching in the mirror and I could see her face as I worked into her ass. My cock head slid into her ass and I stopped as the expression on her face changed to a grimace.

“You okay?”

“Yes, just go slow.”

“You just push back when you are ready,” I told her.

Cathy stood there letting her asshole adjust and then slowly began pushing back against me. I was holding my cock steady and not pushing into her, letting her control the pace and depth. Watching her face in the mirror I could tell she was working hard to get me into her. Suddenly, my cock popped into her ass and I moved my hand as she pushed back and my cock was slid balls deep in her ass.

“Don’t move, let my ass adjust,” she said.

I could feel her ass clenching around my cock. It was incredibly tight and it felt like she was trying to squeeze my cock off. We stood still as my hands ran over her back. Cathy looked at me in the mirror and smiled. She then began to slowly rock her hips forward moving my cock in and out of her ass.

“HMMMMMMMMMM,” she said as she began to slowly fuck me.

“Damn, you are so fucking tight. You are squeezing my cock off.”

She just smiled in the mirror as we watched my cock in her ass. Laying flat on the desk she reached down and began to play with her pussy. I could feel her fingers through the wall between her ass and pussy.

“I think you can take over now.”

Moving my hands to her hips I began fucking her ass, slowly at first then with more urgency. Her building me up over the past thirty minutes was catching up with me and I needed to cum. I could feel her urgency too as her fingers worked her pussy.

Pulling her as tight to me as I could I began to pump cum into her ass.

“AAAAHHHH,” is all I could manage to get out of my mouth.

Cathy hit the right spot and another orgasm swept through her. Her ass clenched on my cock so tight I thought she would crush it. I just held on as the tremors from her orgasm subsided and her ass slowly loosened allowing my cock to begin to slip from her ass. Leaning forward I laid on top of her pinning her to the desk.

“Holy shit,” she whispered from beneath me.

“I agree, I have never had my cock squeezed so hard by an ass before. I thought it was going to get crushed in there. And it was amazing feeling your fingers through the walls.”

“Let me up.”

I stood up and helped her up. Her legs were a little unsteady as I helped her get to the bathroom to clean up. Cum was running down the inside of her thighs and lube was everywhere. I gave her a warm washcloth to clean up with and cleaned my cock off. Moving back to the bedroom she was limping a bit.

“Damn, you really fucked my ass. Don’t know if I will be able to sit down tomorrow,” she said smiling.

“I hope you can, but if not, I will have to figure out a way to stay in bed with you all day.”

We climbed into bed and fell asleep wondering what new sexual adventures awaited us.

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