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Cathy Ch. 06

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Note: this is a continuation of the story “Cathy Series” by antlerBoy. It works okay as a stand-alone story, but will make more sense if you read the other parts. Er, yeah, that makes sense, right? Right.

If you like this story, please enter a vote for it (how you rate it, scale one to five). That’s the only way I know if anyone likes this stuff. And please leave comments, public or private. Should I continue this series? I have my own fantasies, but maybe yours could become a part of this series? Let me know, and thank you. –antlerBoy


All the next day was uneventful, save for the memories of Cathy’s arranged encounter from last night. I’d worked the day, spent some time straightening the apartment, and then cooked and finished dinner alone. I mean, if blasting a pre-fab dinner in the microwave counts as ‘cooking’, well, I did that.

I had just settled down to practice my guitar. It was just after 9pm when my cell phone ‘chirped’ with its text-message tone:


I texted back “SURE.” A moment later, my cell phone ‘chirped’ with her reply: “OK BYE.”

And then sat back to think … huh? Why? Cathy had brought me some of the most amazing sexual encounters of my life, and all of it in just a few short days. “What does she have in mind now?” I thought again… why? Surely, any news, or any new “dates” could wait until tomorrow.

Honestly, in the back of my mind, what I really wanted was Cathy. But I also knew she was a prize I knew that I could never have.

Must be important, I thought to myself as I took a shower, and then scrambled to find clean clothes amidst clean piles of unsorted laundry.

Sigh. I know I’ll always be a bachelor. But I still wanted to look good for Cathy… for whatever the reason of this late-night meet.

Antoines is a wanna-be upscale restaurant downtown. Great Sicilian food, prices a notch higher than they should be, and decorated with horrible faux-Italian artwork. It’s run by an old-world family, so the service is always fast and friendly. And it’s dark, and always quiet, except for the whisper-soft classical music playing from overhead speakers. How they stay in business when the place is always deserted is, well, something that is better not asked of Sicilians.

Stepping inside, I straightened my tie and tugged my sleeves straight as I scanned the room… YES — over in the corner was Cathy. In a booth, sitting across from a woman that I didn’t recognize. I moved to take the seat next to Cathy.

Turns out I was horribly overdressed: suit and tie, while Cathy and her friend wore workout-sweats, thin T-shirts, and windbreaker jackets that balçova escort had been taken off, and piled in a heap at the corner of the booth. Both of them smiled brightly as I took a seat beside Cathy.

“Jim, this is Janie, from my Lamaze class… Janie, this is Jim.”

Janie rose from her seat, extending a hand in greeting. I motioned her back down as I gently shook her hand in greeting. I noted as she began to stand, that the swell of her pregnant form pulled up over the edge of the table. Not far along… maybe 4 months.

In a word: Janie was magnificent. Early 20’s, long blonde trusses of hair to just below her shoulders. Perfect skin, and piercing blue eyes. And… well okay, frankly: she had large breasts. Now I never miss details like that… but these breasts were not details: they were high on her chest, round and large, and were pressed tightly into a bra. A black bra, where the outlines of the straps and cups clearly showed from beneath her off-white shirt.

A pleasant hour passed as the three of us laughed over small talk: the latest movies, the antics of Charlie Sheen and more.

Cathy finally turned to me, and motioning at Janie said: “Janie and I met at the Lamaze class… and she has, well… told me some things. That’s why I invited you here tonight. Janie, don’t be shy… Jim’s a friend. Tell him.”

Underneath the table, Cathy dragged her fingertips up and down my thigh as she awaited her friend’s reply. My cock instantly responded to her touch.

Janie looked down at the table, her shoulder-length blonde hair almost hiding her face.

“Well, I’m single, I guess. At least I am now. My ex-boyfriend got me this… way. When he learned that I was preggers… well, that’s the last I ever heard from him. Serious. He skipped town, and even our friends don’t know where he is. And Cathy tells me that… well, you’re a good listener.”

Janie rose her eyes from the table, meeting mine as she continued: “I don’t know what else to say: it’s just really nice to meet you.”

A tear formed on Janie’s cheek as she finished her words.

With a smile, I reached across the table to brush away that tear, and just then:

Cathy’s cell phone rang. Her twist to grab it out of her purse broke the moment, but I continued to lock my eyes into Janie’s growing smile.

So intent on Janie, I only caught a few words of Cathy’s conversation on the cell phone: “Yes. Right… Are you sure? Is there anyone else…” Words like that.

Janie then scooted out from her seat, and dabbed a napkin to her lips as she stood.

“Sorry, when I’m like this, I have to go to the… well, you know.”

I watched foça escort as she walked to the back of the restaurant: her full hips and thighs pulled tight against her sweat pants. Sexy? Yes, oh yes.

Minutes passed as Cathy continued her cell-phone conversation. I heard her urgent chat with pieces of sentences: “Yes, I understand… No… Yes… No Way!” and then finally: “I’ll be there for you, don’t worry…” and on and on.

Janie returned from the lady’s room, twisting into her seat to become comfortable, with the swell of her belly grazing against the table.

Now before Janie left, she had been wearing a dark bra that had caught my attention. Well, okay, I’m a man who takes note of such things. But upon her return, that bra was very much gone. It was clear to see the sagging forms of breasts, swollen by her pregnancy, and two profound nipples straining against the fabric of her T-shirt.

Janie shrugged her shoulders back as she moved to be comfortable at the booth. I could only gape in amazement, watching those nipples sway against the thin fabric, becoming harder and more pointed as she settled into her seat.

Oh my. At this point my cock was at full attention, tight against my dress slacks. From this dreamy, erotic haze, I was awakened by the sound of Cathy slamming the cover of her cell phone.

“Darn it!” Cathy barked. Turning to Janie, she continued: “That was Sally from our Lamaze class: she’s going into labor, her husband is away, she’s called all her friends, and I’m the only one left. I have to get down to the hospital NOW to help her. Darn it, she needs help… I have to go. Jim, can you drive Janie home?”

I could only smile my reply, nodding to the both of them.


To my surprise, under the table, I felt Janie’s foot move to touch the inside of my leg. But without a flinch she almost giggled back to Cathy: “I think Jim will take me wherever I need to go.”

Cathy scurried out the door of the restaurant as I walked to the register and paid the bill. Then it was my pleasure to escort Janie to my car: opening the door, and helping guide her into the seat.

I fired the engine. Janie turned as she tugged and struggled with the seat belt: “Since I started to ‘show’ these just don’t fit around me anymore.” With two more tugs, she gave up.

“Help me.”

I reached behind her to find the belt, and pulled it taught, up over her shoulder, and then down over her belly. She was right: it was an awkward fit. As I adjusted the seat belt, my hands couldn’t help but graze her nipples through her taught shirt.

I was pretty sure that I heard Janie moan as I did that. Very softly, almost torbalı escort under her breath.

The drive to Janie’s apartment was only minutes, and I pulled and parked, jumping to help her out of the car. Just watching her step out, all of her so tight against her T-shirt and workout sweats was… almost more than I could take.

Janie pulled my hand, and then turned to kiss me on the cheek. With a breath of a whisper in my ear, she said: “Walk me to my apartment, please?”

As Janie unlocked the door to her apartment, she turned to me with a mischievous smile, grabbed me by my necktie, and pulled me inside with her. “Come on in,” she giggled.

“If you have a minute, I need a favor.” She smiled as she motioned me down the hall to her bedroom. “It’s in here.”

In the darkened room, she pointed to a lamp at the nightstand. “It doesn’t work, maybe you can fix it? I’m no good at stuff like that. There’s a spare bulb over there, somewhere.”

With that, Janie stepped from the room, leaving me puzzled in the darkened bedroom. I spent a minute fiddling with the bulb before I realized: the ‘problem’ was that the lamp had been unplugged. I restored the plug, and the bedroom filled with a soft light as Janie stepped back into the room.


Except for a blindfold pulled tight over her eyes.

Oh my.

“This is the other part of the favor I need,” she said, lazily running her fingertips over the swell of her belly, and then tracing up to circle the tips of her breasts.

“Cathy tells me that you have quite an imagination.” Janie stepped into the room with hands groping forward, feeling her way to the bedposts.

“I’m already pregnant. And I like you.”

A moment passed as she twisted for balance against the bedpost, her ample breasts swaying. Her blindfold was tight: she couldn’t see a thing.

“You can do whatever you want with me. Just make it special. Different. If I get bored, I’m going to pull this blindfold and kick your sorry ass out of here, okay? Surprise me.”

My reply was with soft and measured words: “Get. Up. On the bed.”

“And touch yourself. I’ll be right back.”

Janie silently nodded as she felt her way to climb onto the bed.

Before I left the room, I took a long moment to admire her naked form as she moved to recline on the bed. I admired the tufts of blonde hair at the junction of her thighs, as she twisted her legs onto the bed. Most women now shave that spot, but it was my delight to admire her natural form.

Her swollen breasts rolled as she moved against a pillow. The lush curves of her hips as Janie twisted onto the bed. All the while, she kept the blindfold tight.

Janie couldn’t see a thing.

And she wanted it that way.

Different? Hmmm…

I had some ideas as I walked to the tidy kitchen of her apartment, clicking the lights on along my way.

Different? Yes, oh my, yes.

My arms were full of ideas when I returned to Janie’s bedroom.

To be continued…

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