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Cassie’s Love Ch. 03

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Annika Albrite

The next morning, Hector awoke to the scent of Cassie’s pussy in his face and the warmth and wetness of her mouth around his cock. She had chosen to enter a “sixty-nine” with her brother, which she was sure would wake him up. She was definitely right about that. Far from objecting, he began to lick his sister’s cunt actively, reveling in the juices which flowed from it. Cassie’s pussy was truly delightful, and he didn’t mind giving her pleasure that way, not at all.

The other thing that Hector enjoyed, of course, was the intense satisfaction of Cassie’s sweet lips on his dick, sucking him until he was hard as iron. That didn’t take long at all, as the combination of giving and receiving oral sex was more than enough to stiffen his cock. Hector ravished Cassie with his tongue, trying not to focus too much on what she did to him, since it would make him cum sooner than he planned.

Meanwhile, Cassie worked harder than before to make her brother cum first. She had plenty of nice weapons, too, in her little battle of wills with her twin. The biggest one was her tongue, which she used to lick and tease the tip of his dick one moment, the base the next. She also cheated by stroking his balls while she sucked him. Hector felt the pressure build within him to release, but he resisted doing so, still anxious to make Cassie get off before him.

Hector was not above a little cheating, either. He began playing actively with her clit, rubbing it as hard as he could. He invaded Cassie’s pussy as deeply as he could manage, savoring the taste of her cunt from the inside. He made her shiver as he tongued her pussy, her whole body shaking from the effect of his exploration of her depths. Cassie wanted to hold out, but Hector didn’t make it easy.

The effect of this duel of sexual wills was that the twins both lost control of their desires at about the same time, provoking them to begin cumming at once. It was a good thing that Cassie opened her mouth a bit as she came, since it avoided causing her to bite Hector while they had their mutual release. Of course, it also caused some of his seed to spill out of her mouth as he unloaded it into her. She didn’t like losing any of his cum, but right then she was too caught up in her orgasm to lick it off the bed. It would probably leave a little stain on the bedspread, but she doubted that Hector or her parents would get upset with her over that.

“Damn it, babe, I wanted to get you off first!” Hector complained, but the look on his face was pure satisfaction.

“Well, let’s call it a draw, dear. Don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t love every second of it,” Cassie answered, after she returned to normal and regained her breath.

“Of course, I did, Sis. I just wanted to see if I could make you cum first,” Hector grinned, smacking her on the ass.

“Same here, but I’m happy with how it turned out. We work great as a team, you know, Bro,” Cassie giggled as she climbed off of her brother and shook her booty to tease him.

“I think that we should shower, Sis,” Hector told Cassie as he walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist.

Cassie loved it when Hector pressed his still semi-hard cock against her bottom and stroked her clit for good measure. One hand wandered to her breasts to fondle them as well, while the other stayed busy with her clit. Cassie was a bit surprised at first, since she just heard him talk about showering, but she wasn’t one to worry about what something like that. If Hector wanted some more tail before the shower, she was perfectly fine with that.

It wasn’t more than a minute later before Hector’s cock was fully hard again, and he slid inside Cassie to fuck her standing up. Since he continued to play with her clit as he screwed her, she was a lot closer to cumming again than she might be otherwise. Cassie moaned hungrily while her twin brother entered her repeatedly, Isparta Escort filling her pussy with his now rather stiff dick.

While the twins normally preferred positions that allowed them to face each other, they were both too aroused to care this time. Cassie just wanted her brother inside her, just as Hector wanted to feel her pussy around his cock. He pumped her with a serious of frantic strokes, both of them driven by some animal need for each other, by some urgent awareness that they would soon be apart.

Cassie scarcely felt more alive than she did right then, the experience of being taken eagerly by Hector more than enough to make her feel the next wave of pleasure smash into her body. She clenched hard on her twin brother, increasing the pressure on him. Hector, of course, felt his precum issue from his cock, leaking into his sister as he got closer to spilling his load inside her. Shortly afterward, his balls tensed up and spat out his cum through his cock into his twin sister. While not simultaneous like the last orgasm, these back-to-back releases were more than gratifying to the couple.

“Okay, now I really need to shower, if you don’t mind, Sis,” Hector announced, a smile like a naughty cat’s grin on his face.

“Not before you kiss me again, Bro,” Cassie turned around and blocked his path to make it clear that she was serious.

“Oh, if that’s the toll, I don’t see a problem. Just remember that two can play that game, baby,” Hector warned his sibling as he made out with her with his usual enthusiasm.

“Feel free to charge me as many kisses as you like, hon. You know my mouth is yours, anyway,” Cassie reminded him, returning the favor by tangling her tongue with his as much as she could.

“Duly noted, Sis. Now, as much as I like kissing you, how about that shower?” Hector urged her.

Cassie grinned and slipped on her bathrobe, tossing her brother his in the process. Hector put on his quickly and eagerly led the way, as he didn’t exactly believe that his shower with his sister would be very tame. They weren’t likely to make love or anything that, but they could fool around a bit in the walk-in shower of the closer bathroom. From the way that Cassie hurried to close the door behind them, she expected something of the sort, too.

“Hey, I have to warn you, Sis, if you’re gonna look this damn good, I’ll have no choice but to grope you,” Hector blurted as they doffed their robes and ran the heated water.

“If you don’t before we get done, I’ll just have to pout,” Cassie threatened, making it obvious that she counted on being fondled.

Hector proved more than true to his word. He especially enjoyed playing with her breasts as he washed them, which naturally made her nipples harden as she felt his highly sensual touch on her tits. Her cleavage always excited him, something very feminine and desirable about her that he truly loved. He took far longer washing her bosom that he really needed to, given what his official purpose was, but then both of them knew his true intentions, anyway.

Cassie, meanwhile, ached for even more such groping and pleasure, in spite of what they had done with each other already. She couldn’t help but revel in her brother’s hands manipulating her breasts for both of their sakes. It was a splendidly carnal moment for the twins, as Hector drew out that part of the bathing process. It seemed to take forever, but that was a good thing. Neither of them was in a rush.

Even so, it was only a matter of time before Hector’s hands wandered southward, probing toward Cassie’s cunt. His fingers slipped inside her folds, stretching her pussy a bit as he washed and toyed with her slit. This inevitably made Cassie add some slickness to her pussy, already wet from the shower. Her hips moved backward hungrily, as her instinctive lust for her mate heated up yet again.

As Isparta Escort Bayan Cassie’s ass made contact with Hector’s dick, he swelled partly again, yet he wasn’t quite ready to fuck once more. The soreness was still intense enough to discourage him from going that far. This wasn’t about actual intercourse, just a little after-play to enjoy their shower and unwind before breakfast. He rubbed his cock against the crack of her ass a few more times, before deciding that was enough.

“Now, my turn, Bro,” Cassie announced, once her hair was clean and conditioned.

Hector was still too sore to do anything about the manipulation of his dick and balls by his twin sister, as she washed his privates. Even so, Cassie’s touch more than excited him, making him wonder if he could manage not to fuck her one last time before they parted for a month. If so, when could that happen? Would they have enough privacy in the dorm? He had his doubts, but he certainly hoped to get another round with his sexy sister before a whole month of blue balls and desperate wanking.

If Hector hadn’t cum twice already, there was a better than even chance that he would have come while Cassie fondled and washed his body. It wasn’t just her considerable talent with stroking his cock and balls, as well as massaging the rest of his flesh. It was also a matter of her passion for him and her ardent need to please and gratify her own brother. Granted, she had some selfish motives, in that she lusted for him so constantly, but she was also quite loving and thoughtful in terms of serving him.

As they dried off, Cassie took one last chance to play with her brother, striking him with the bath towel and pretending to fight him as he struck her back with it. They made out yet again, each of them rather messily invading the other with a lot of tongue. Hector swatted his sister on the ass once with his bare hand, too. She paid him back by wiggling her tush and sticking out her tongue.

“Kinky,” Cassie teased him, laughing as they finally put on their bathrobes and left the bathroom.

“You wish,” Hector retorted, as they walked past a rather amused Natalie.

Given her own half-naked state, it was clear that she either had been fucked or was about to be. Either one was fine with the twins, since they wanted their sister happy. When Michelle kissed her daughter and practically dragged her into a fairly large closet, closing the door behind them, it was apparent what the two Latinas had in mind.

“Guess they’ve decided to bond,” Hector chuckled.

“Yeah, good for them. Nothing wrong with a little family love, is there?” Cassie snickered as they entered their bedroom and got dressed.

“Nope. Not as long as they don’t ask us to join them,” Hector smiled as he teased his sister.

“Hell, no! I don’t swing that way, stud!” Cassie showed outrage.

“Sis, you need to get a grip on your jealousy. I’d never fuck around on you,” Hector assured her, knowing full well that she exaggerated her temper more than a little.

“Don’t worry, Bro. I’m mostly picking on you … mostly,” Cassie winked at her twin, laughing as they reached the bedroom again to change.

It didn’t take very long to get dressed and head to the kitchen for breakfast. Evidently, they were almost the last ones to make it to the table. Michelle and Natalie still hadn’t wrapped up their apparent romp in the closet. No doubt, given their sense of humor, the mother and daughter found it amusing to use such a place for their tryst, given its association with alternate lifestyles.

“Waiting on Natalie and Aunt Michelle, I see,” Hector grinned as he pecked his mother on the cheek. He was still very awkward about kissing her, due to the one time that he accidentally planted one on her lips.

“Well, you know them. Michelle is a very sensual woman, as is Natalie, Escort Isparta for that matter. Put the two of them together, and well, the heat really is on. Part of me wants to go up there and join them, but I have a last breakfast to cook for my sweet daughter, who is about to head off to college and be on her own at last. There is more than enough time to eat some Mexican pussy later. I just hope that they remember that and come down here in time to let you enjoy your meal, Cassie,” Vicki kissed her daughter on the cheek as well, since the redhead was a bit scared to press her mouth to her mother’s.

“Thank you, Mom. Don’t worry, it will be fine,” Cassie promised her mother, even if her stomach growled at her. This was her last chance to eat breakfast at the von Greiner house in quite a while.

“Of course, it will. Once Natalie has gotten Michelle off, they’ll be coming down here in a jiffy. Natalie gets the munchies after sex like the rest of us. I swear that by now, even the mothers get hungry after a good roll in the hay. Relax, they’ll be here before you know it,” Dan interjected, reminding the twins of the family’s tendency to crave food after getting laid.

“Why wouldn’t we? It’s a damn good workout, Papi,” Michelle spoke behind them, her daughter’s juices making her lips look even wetter than usual.

Natalie beamed with her own smile, as her mother’s fluids gave her a gloss of her own. There was no question that they had eaten each other out, but that was expected in this situation. Everyone was pleased that the mother and daughter had pleasured each other. It was all a part of their “big, happy family” arrangement, in which most of the von Greiner clan mated with each other. That Hector and Cassie were exclusive didn’t mean that they resented the rest of their kin for sharing so much. Everyone wanted everyone else in the family to be happy, after all.

In any case, it didn’t take long for Trevor and Jamie to finish making their special breakfast for Hector and Cassie: a giant ham and cheese omelet with lots of onions, diced potatoes, and mushrooms for good measure. Everyone simply carved off pieces of the omelet for their share of the meal. It smelled delicious and tasted even better. It didn’t take long for the von Greiners to stuff themselves, between the omelet and the glasses of milk and orange juice that the Marshes served them.

It took a bit of time for anyone of the gratified members of the von Greiner household to manage to stretch and stand up at the end of breakfast. Karl and Kirsten hugged the other twins and set to work on the dishes, as part of their pact with Trevor and Jamie. Bridget and Diane squeezed them one last time and rushed up the stairs for some steamy sex of their own.

Natalie and the parents also embraced Hector and Cassie fiercely, after which the couple hugged the little ones and loaded up for the trip. Several surplus hugs and kisses later, not to mention a bit of crying, and the twins were on the road to college, where Cassie would get the room ready for the both of them. Something told both of them that there would be a couple of rest stops lasting longer than expected; given how horny they were for each other.

Already, spending time apart was even harder than they thought. How were they supposed to make this work, again? It certainly frightened the both of them, despite being only for a month. It also told them that they couldn’t bear to not grow old together. If they had trouble living separately for a month, how could they ever manage a lifetime with someone else or alone? They really doubted whether they could go distance, but at least they would give the old college try.

In the meantime, Hector got to feel Cassie’s head on his shoulder while she slept and he drove to their school. The open road and the sexiest woman in the world … not a bad combo at all. It didn’t take the pain away, but it made him feel a little easier about it. That was the best that he could get for now … and he hoped that Cassie agreed, or at least understood. They’d have to make the most of their time together while they could and deal with the rest later. They had no other choice left.

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