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Carrigan’s Kinks

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To those who have written to me asking to write again, I dedicate this story. It’s been a while since I submitted a story to Literotica and a lot has gone on in my life since then…one divorce and one marriage. I do intend to submit some more stories over the coming months, including the long awaited sequel to Zius…I know promises, promises, but it is almost finished…really 😉

This story is about at which point does a married woman break and release her inhibitions?


Susan Carrigan sighed as she dropped her handbag down on the table. She looked at the sparkling kitchen and smiled at how lucky she was to have such an attentive husband. On the way to the bedroom, she looked into Kathy’s bedroom only to find she wasn’t home.

“Hi honey.” Susan said to Kevin, giving him a kiss. “I see that Kathy’s out again. Is she with William again?”

Kevin looked up from his crossword. “Yep, he came by for her earlier. She treats him terribly. Do this, do that. I don’t know where she gets it from.”

“She’s a goth, she likes that crap.” Susan had spent a fortune on corsets and make-up for her eighteen year old daughter. Susan climbed on top of her husband. “So are we going to fuck tonight or not?”

He smiled and put the paper aside. Then he quickly unbuttoned her blouse and reached in to feel her satin and lace covered breasts. He loved the fact she had massive but firm breasts; in fact it always amazed him that she had managed to maintain her D cup breasts in a thin body, even after child birth. He was lucky to have the brunette; she was a former lingerie model who ended up opening up her own lingerie company when she was still very young. He’d met her when she needed a marketing campaign. His was one of the companies which put in a bid for it. He lost the campaign but got the girl.

Susan Carrigan kept her surname due to the association with her as a model, and with her stores, Carrigan’s Lingerie, and when they were married, Kevin took his wife’s name.

She sighed when she felt his 5 inch cock enter her. She enjoyed the sex but she never had an orgasm from it. Thankfully, Kevin would finish her using his mouth or fingers. She rode him, holding her left hand on his right shoulder and running her right hand through her long dark curly hair. Kevin began panting and soon enough he came in her.

Susan smiled at him, “that was lovely.” She told him.

“Your turn.” He replied, pushing her onto her back.

He began to lick her out, licking his own cum at the same time. It didn’t occur to him that he was doing something that most men wouldn’t. When he first did it, Susan was very shocked, but soon grew to accept it as just something he did, and did very, very well. It took just a matter of a minute or two until she was crying out in orgasm, grabbing his hair and pulling his face deep into her pussy.

“Oh, that was amazing.” She breathed, just as she heard the front door slam. “Shhh,” she told her husband, who didn’t say a thing, “she’s with William.” Then Susan heard another female voice. “And she brought a friend.” Kathy’s bedroom door shut. “Hmmm. I’m not sure I approve of this.”

“She’s eighteen.” Kevin explained.

“She’s living under our roof.”

“She’s experimenting, let her be. She’ll grow out of it.”

“I hope so.”

They heard the sound of a whip, followed by, “get down on your knees, NOW!” For the next hour, Susan and Kevin were subjected to sounds of severe femdom as William was whipped, beaten, tied-up, and god-knows what else. Susan couldn’t help but get wet listening to it. She turned Kevin to see if he wanted to fuck again, but found he was already asleep. She lifted her nightie and gently began to rub herself.

Susan awoke the next morning and walked to the bathroom in a peach coloured silk, lacy mini-robe. Kathy’s female friend, as tall thin blonde with medium sized pierced breasts was just getting out.

“Oh hello Miss Carrington. It’s good to finally meet you. I own loads of your lingerie.” The girl said.

“Thank you. And you are?”

“Miranda. I’m Kathy’s girlfriend?”


She smiled. “Yep, girlfriend. Although we’re not exclusive.” She said with a lingering smile. “If you ever want to go for a drink, I’d be glad to take you.”

Susan didn’t return the smile. “Sorry, I’m not that way inclined.”

“Of course you are. All women are. Anyway, I’d best go. We need to take care of William.”

Susan’s eyes followed the blonde, admiring the smooth tanned little ass. As Miranda opened the bedroom door, she saw her daughter dressed in a tight leather corset, latex stockings, and wearing a strap-on. She was fucking William – who was dressed in a pink satin corset, wearing black stockings – up the ass. Miranda turned round and looked Susan straight in the eyes. She held the door open and watched Susan’s mouth open. Kathy looked over at Miranda, then at her mom. She never once slowed down with her fucking, she just smiled.

“Honey?” Keith called. “Are you finished in Göztepe Escort the shower?”

Susan suddenly came down to Earth, just as Miranda shut the door, the sound of flesh slapping flesh as Susan’s daughter fucked her boyfriend still resonating through the door.

“No, just going in.” Susan replied, shutting the bathroom door and diving into the shower. Immediately her hand went to her sodden cunt and came within seconds. “I can’t believe what I just saw.” She whispered to herself. “I can’t believe I want that.”

* * * * *

Her Blackberry vibrated once on the conference room table. She picked it up and typed in her password. She opened up the SMS and received a surprise.

‘Hi Susan. I’m going 2 B in town 2day & wud luv 2 C U 4 lunch. R U able? Miranda’

How the fuck did she get my phone number? She thought. She sent a text to Kathy.

‘Did you give my number to Miranda??’

The reply came seconds later.

‘Yeah. Problem?’

She didn’t bother to reply to Kathy. Instead she put the phone down and listened to her distribution manager talk about why they needed to expand into new markets. However, she kept looking down at the mobile phone, until finally she quickly grabbed it and typed in a message.

‘Ok. 12:15, Portman Grill on Jersey Road.’

She stared at the message, then cancelled it, moving it to drafts. Then she recalled it and pressed send, immediately regretting it, but at the same time feeling her pussy warm up and become wet. Part of her wanted Miranda to reply with a message telling her that she couldn’t make it…the rest of her didn’t really know what she wanted.

‘C U there ;)’

Susan was nervous as she sat at the table in the expensive restaurant. She had selected a booth rather than a table, though she didn’t exactly know why.

“Hi.” The soft voice said. Susan turned to voice and saw a figure of beauty. Miranda was wearing a tiny leather skirt, a red satin gypsy top, with a little corset, both of which finished just below her bosom, which seemed to be falling out of the top. Susan especially liked Miranda’s shoes, black patent leather little ankle boots with a five inch heel.

“Hello.” Susan told her. Miranda kissed the 43 year old on the cheeks, before sitting next to her in the booth.

“I’m so glad you agreed to meet me. I’ve always adored you. I saw some of you old modelling photos and you were so sexy.”

“Is that what you want to do? Modelling?” Susan asked her, half hoping the girl was just after advice.

“Kind of. Not like you did though.”


“I want to do fetish modelling. You know, like Suicide Girls?” Susan didn’t know. “I really want to start doing some fetish porn too.”

“How did you get into that?”

Miranda shrugged. “To be honest, your daughter got me into it. She lent me a book about femdom and stuff, and I fell in love with it. There’s nothing better than seeing a man at your feet, begging to service you, or seeing him in tears as we torture or humiliate him.”

Susan pictured it and felt herself get even more wet. “I don’t know if I could do that to my husband.”

Miranda held Susan’s hands. She whispered. “Close your eyes and picture your husband, dressed in a black and white satin maid’s uniform, on his knees, watching as you take a thick black cock, eight, nine inches long, into your cunt, it’s pounding you in and out. Imagine forcing him to lick your lover’s cum out of your pussy.”

Susan’s eyes suddenly opened. “How did you know he did that?”

Miranda blinked. “What?”

“How did you know he licks me out after sex?”

“He does?” Miranda smiled. “Erm, I didn’t know, but that is the ultimate humiliation, getting him to eat cum. Better it to be someone else’s though.”

Susan nodded. “Where would you come into all this?”

Miranda’s smile spread from ear to ear. “Anywhere you want me, but I have to tell you, I want you more than anything.”

They both heard a cough and saw a waiter stood there. “Are you ready to order?”

They frowned and ordered. After, Miranda moved closer to Susan and rested her hand on Susan’s leg. Susan went to move it, but instead grabbed her coffee. ‘If I’m here, then I must be here for a reason. It’s just a hand my leg, and it does feel good.’

“I have to get back to the office.” Susan said. “I’ve got lots to do.”

“That’s fine. Wanna meet tomorrow again?”

“I can’t, I have a lunch meeting.” Susan saw Miranda’s disappointment. “I can meet you on Friday though?”

Miranda smiled again. “Great! I’ll see you then. Actually, I may see you tonight.”

“Really? How come?”

“I’m coming round to see Kathy and Willy.”

“Oh, right. Well, see you tonight then.”

* * * * *

Kevin was snoring again. She was getting pissed off with it; she had to the listen to the sounds of sadomasochism and lesbian sex, and he slept. On top of that, she found herself jealous of her daughter.

Susan got up and walked to the kitchen. She warmed up a İstanbul Escort glass of milk and poured in some whiskey and golden syrup. She looked down at herself and wondered what she was doing. ‘I’m wearing my sluttiest lingerie. What am I expecting to happen?’ The lingerie was a red satin with lace trim baby doll, matching French knickers with tie-up sides, and red self-holding stockings. She sighed, stood, and took her milk and went upstairs. She stopped outside her daughter’s door. ‘What should I do?’ She thought, leaning against the wall and sipping her milk.

All of a sudden she felt a pair of hands on her ass. One hand trailed up to her right breast and massaged it as lips kissed her neck. “Mmmm.” She moaned. She turned around and was surprised to find it was her husband. “Oh, honey.”

“Who did you expect it to be?” He asked with a smile.

“Oh, nobody, I’m just tired. What are you doing up?”

“Toilet. You?” She showed him the milk. “Oh. Why were you standing here?”

“I was just thinking about how fast our daughter grew up.” She sighed. “Anyway, I’m going to bed.”

“Good night honey.” He replied, going into the bathroom.

As she entered the bedroom, she turned to look back at her daughter’s door. It opened very slightly, and Miranda looked out. When she caught Susan’s eyes, she smiled. She looked down Susan’s body. Susan stood up straight and smiled. Miranda mouthed the word, “wonderful”.

They heard the bathroom door unlock. Susan darted to bed and Miranda shut the door.

* * * * *

Susan stared at the Blackberry and hoped Miranda would write, but she didn’t. ‘I did tell her I wouldn’t have time.’ She thought. ‘God I have to see her.’

‘Hi Miranda, listen, I was thinking, why don’t you come round for dinner tonight?’

The reply came back seconds later.

‘Can’t tonight 🙁 Got a modelling job. I can meet u after though? What about ur husband?’

‘I meant dinner with us all…just dinner.’

‘Of course u did. 🙂 I’d luv to b ur dessert.’

That was pretty up front. Susan waited an hour before she replied.

‘I want to be your dessert too. Maybe I can arrange something, but not for tonight. Tomorrow meet me for lunch, at my house.’

* * * * *

“I’m taking the day off today hun.” She told her husband.

“Really? Well, you deserve it.” He said. He gave her a kiss on the forehead before going downstairs to fix breakfast.

After her left, Susan spent the morning picking what to wear. In the end, she put on a white silk bra, silk matching French knickers, suspender belt, white lacy stockings. On top of all that, she put on a white satin camisole and a matching peignoir. The mixture of the shiny materials with the luscious lace was so sexy that she felt herself get horny just by looking in the mirror.

She had just finished her make-up when the doorbell went. Opening the front door, she found Miranda stood there in a tiny white tank-top and a pink satin mini-skirt.

Miranda pounced on the lingerie-clad Susan, slamming the door behind her. Susan couldn’t believe the feeling going through her body as their tongues mashed together.

“God I want you Susan.” Miranda breathed into Susan’s mouth.

“I want you too Miranda.”

“You’re so sexy.”

They got as far as the living room sofa. Miranda pulled down Susan’s panties and began licking. “Fuck!” Susan called out, pulling Miranda to her and feeling her cum run down over the girl’s face.

Susan knew what was coming next and couldn’t wait. She dived between Miranda’s legs and tasted the shaved pussy. “Oh god, it tastes so good.” She told the girl. Susan suddenly realised that this was what she was put on the Earth for. She loved the taste of pussy.

The girls ended up making love all over the house, even her daughter’s bedroom. Miranda knew where Kathy kept the strap-on. They took turns to fuck each other, with Miranda even fucking Susan up the ass.

Towards the evening, Susan and Miranda lay in Kathy’s bed, kissing and cuddling.

“I don’t want this to end.” Susan said.

“Why does it have to?”

“Can we make it work?”

“Look Susan, there’s so much we can do. Don’t worry.” Susan begun to get dressed. “Can I hang around here? I’ll just say I was waiting for Kathy.”

“What will Kathy say?”

“Kathy knows I’m here today, it’s cool.”

Susan looked horrified. “You told her?”

Miranda smiled and stroked the side of Susan’s breast. “Don’t worry, she’s fine with it. She really likes the idea. Honestly.”

Susan sighed and shook her head. “What has my daughter turned into?”

* * * * *

Kathy had a very big smile on her face as she tore off a piece of chicken breast and fed it to William, who was kneeling at her feet.

“William, you are more than welcome to eat at the table.” Kevin told the boy.

Kathy looked angry. “Don’t tell my slave what he can and can’t do!” She snapped.


“Don’t Kath me dad! You do not tell my slave Anadolu Yakası Escort what to do! Understand?”

“Okay! Jeez calm down.”

Kathy turned to her mum. “Really mother, you must really learn to control the men in your life. Show some discipline around here.”

“Don’t speak to me and your father like that.” Susan said, without conviction.

There was a silence.

“So, mum, what did you get up to today?” Kathy asked with a smirk.

Susan stared daggers at her daughter. “Er, nothing, just relaxing.”

“I bet you were.”

That night, once Keith was asleep, Susan decided she would speak to her daughter. She stomped over to the room, put her hand on the handle, and breathed in before opening it.

“Kathy, I want to speak to you.” She announced.

“Close the door Susan.” Miranda whispered.

Susan took in the scene and decided it would be a good idea to close the door. Miranda was wearing the strap-on and was fucking Kathy. At the same time, Kathy was fisting William, who was dressed in a pink slip, wearing a blonde wig and make-up. Susan felt herself get wet again.

Miranda stood up and walked over to her new girlfriend. She leaned into to kiss her but Susan pulled back.

“Don’t worry mum, I know about you both, it’s fine.”

Susan took Miranda in her arms and they kissed deeply. Miranda pulled Susan down to the bed and pushed her down to her crotch. “Lick me.” Miranda begged.

Kathy looked over to see her mother licking away at her best friend. She took her hand out of Williams ass and moved over to her mother. She pulled open her mother’s pussy and leaned in to begin licking.

Susan jumped at the feeling. She turned to her daughter. “Kathy, what’re you doing? I’m your mother.”

“Shhhh…” Kathy said, continuing to lick.

Susan turned back to Miranda and continued to lick. Miranda began to moan as she felt her orgasm come. Susan couldn’t handle it anymore and came into her daughter’s mouth.

“I need a piss.” Miranda said. “Slave, lie down.”

William lay himself on the floor as Miranda squatted over her and pissed. He drank it all down. Susan stared on in amazement.

“I want to do that.” She said, much to Kathy’s amazement. “That has been one of my fantasies ever since I was young.”

Susan squatted over the young man and pissed. While she was doing that, Miranda put on a strap-on.

“Susan, get up on the bed.” She ordered. Susan did, and grinned as she felt the dildo line up with her cunt and push in.

“Baby,” she called out to Kathy, “come let mummy lick your pussy.” Kathy smiled and lay in front of her. Susan dived into her daughter’s cunt, lapping up the amazing taste.

During the night, Susan even tried whipping William, fisting him, fucking him with a strap-on, and torturing his cock and balls. She loved it all and wanted to do it to her husband.

“I need to work out how to do this to your dad.” She told Kathy. “I may need your help eventually.”

“Sure, no problem.”

* * * * *

“Where were you?” Kevin asked sleepily as Susan climbed into bed. He was facing the window, not looking at his wife. He didn’t even notice that a third person was in the bed.

“Was with Miranda and Kathy.” She explained. “Miranda is going to sleep her with us.”

That got Kevin’s attention. He turned around to see the beautiful blonde in the arms of his wife. The two were kissing.

“What’s going on here?” He asked, switching on the light.

“Babe, go to sleep, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”


“Sweetheart, go to sleep, understand?” Susan told him firmly.

He nodded and switched the light off, listening to the sound of lesbian lovemaking coming from next to him.

“Please tell me what’s going on?” He begged.

Miranda took charge. “Shut up and go to sleep! Or we’ll have to spank you!”

He watched his wife make love to Miranda, and masturbated as she did. Miranda caught sight of his cock and whispered something to Susan. Both laughed.

“What?” Kevin asked.

“She said it’s tiny.”

Kevin sighed and came. Ashamed, he turned over and went to sleep.

* * * * *

That weekend, Kevin had to look after to the two lovers as they made love all weekend. Over the following days and weeks, Susan began to spend more and more time in Kathy’s room, and Miranda more and more in their marital bed, until one day when Kevin realised that Miranda had moved in without him even noticing.

“Listen sweetie,” he said to Susan one day when they had a few minutes alone. “What’s going on?”

“I’ve just found a new sexual side of myself, and I want to live it. I’d love if you’ll help me realise my fantasies.”

“Of course, but…”


“Well, how far do you wanna go? We don’t have sex anymore, and I just wank watching you make love to Miranda.”

“How much does it bother you?”

“Well, it doesn’t as such.”

“So where’s the problem? I don’t know if I want to have sex with you that much anymore. Is that a problem?”

She knew he was too shy to complain. “No, of course you mean more to me than that.”

“I’m going to get you more involved. I promise.”

“Ok.” Kevin was really confused. Had he just given up his right to sex?

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