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Carrie and Max: Pretty Kitty

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Carrie woke up that morning to find her panties were damp. “Damn that Max,” she thought. Her husband’s explicit, thorough description of his plans for her that day had given her erotic dreams of a nature she rarely experienced. Vivid dreams, full of rich visual images and sounds, complete with delightfully arousing physical sensations and smells. It was as though she had already lived the day once and was going to experience a slightly different version.

She could still feel Dream Max’s hands sensually stroking her breasts, her arms, her stomach. She could still feel them, strong yet gentle, lazily finding their way to her erogenous zones as she excitedly anticipated their delicate touch on her most sensitive areas. She could still feel the cat tail seated firmly in her ass, the light playing off of the velvety material as she swished it back and forth. She could still feel the feline teeth in her mouth, the whiskers firmly yet painlessly seated under her nose, the velvety cat ears perched atop her head.

She felt as though she was still recovering from the many orgasms she had had in her dreams. She tried to slow her quick breathing, to relax her racing pulse, to clear her mind of the exotic images still whirling inside. She tried to will her erect nipples to lie down, her fiery pussy to dissipate its volcanic heat. “Damn that Max.”

“Mornin’ beautiful,” Max called as he entered their bedroom. “Looks like you slept pretty well last night. I thought for sure you were going to wake up when I dropped that plate. Did you wear yourself out yesterday?” By this time Carrie was sitting on the edge of the bed, taking off her nightgown. Max saw her erect nipples and then the large wet spot on her panties. “Or just have a five-star dream?”

Carrie felt her face burn magenta with embarrassment. Max had a gift for knowing exactly what was going on with her just by glancing at her. It was as though, in a split second, no more time than it took to breathe in, Max could enter through the still blue ponds of her eyes and enter her soul, fathoming the deepest reaches of her inner being.

“It’s all your fault, you know,” she chided him. “You didn’t have to be so specific with the details.”

“What better way to get you excited about today? I’ve got a surprise for you. We’re going to start early.” He pulled a studded collar from behind his back and showed it to her. She lifted her long blonde hair off of her neck and let him buckle the collar around her throat. “Is kitty ready for some breakfast?”

She made a contented purring noise and said, “Kitty is starved.” She stood up and took off her panties. She reached for the dresser drawer to get a clean pair but Max stopped her.

“I said we’re going to start early today. You can get dressed tomorrow.”

“But Max, the neighbors,” Carrie protested. “What if they see?”

“What if they do?” He gave her that look of authority and tenderness she could never resist. She could feel fear and love Muğla Escort spring up strong and quick in her, battling for supremecy and then, neither gaining the upper hand, combining into a fast-spreading glow of comfort and contentment that left her so very willing to follow Max’s orders, knowing that he would never hurt her, never take advantage of her. The tension quickly left her lithe body. “That’s what I thought. Besides, I already closed all the drapes. I don’t want to share my kitty with just anybody, you know.”

He clipped a chain onto her collar and, after allowing her a visit to the bathroom, led her to the diningroom. Carrie noticed that the table was only set for one. Looking around the room she saw a plate of food and a dish of milk on the floor. She knew from Max’s descriptions that she would be close enough to him that he could reach down and pet his pretty cat.

She knelt on the floor and ate her breakfast. “Judging from your panties earlier you’re going to want more milk than that. Just let me know when you need a refill.” Again she felt her embarrassment burn on her face, in equal measure to the thirst burning in her throat.

After breakfast Max led Carrie to the bathroom. As Max drew her bath he said to her, “The directions on the body paint say to wash the area thoroughly for best results. Your bath may take a little longer than I figured. But I think we can handle that.”

Max washed his wife gently yet firmly, massaging each part of her body as he got it clean. He gently squeezed her breasts and massaged her nipples until they stood up even more erect than they had when she woke up. He paid extra attention to her labia and ass, spending more time in those areas than necessary. He even massaged her scalp as he washed her hair.

When he had finished he picked her up and set her down on the bath mat. Then he wrapped Carrie in a large thirsty bath towel and sensously dried her off, taking care to get her dry before she caught a chill. Max and Carrie kissed passionately, wrapped in each other’s embrace.

Max produced a woman’s electric razor. “You really should be hairless, you know. This way we don’t have to worry about nicks and cuts from a razor blade.” Carrie had never had her pussy shaved but had been looking forward to it ever since Max told her his plans.

Carrie laid down on the floor on her back. She spread her legs wide enought for Max to work comfortably, her feet flat on the floor. Max combed her pubic hair and then, taking a barber’s style pair of scissors, began cutting it as close to her skin as he could.

Then Max switched on the electric razor. The buzzing of the razor echoed through the private places inside Carrie. She began softly moaning as Max set the razor on that ticklish area below her stomach. It flinched from the delightful vibrations, causing Carrie to take a sharp breath in.

Each stroke of the razor increased the buzzing in her pussy until she began moaning, Muğla Escort Bayan her head slowly turning from side to side. As the razor neared her swelling lips, an orgasm quickly built up strength inside her quite warm love box. With an accidental brushing of Max’s pinkie on her overstimulated sex, Carrie’s orgasm crashed over her with all the force of a tidal wave.

Max pulled the razor away and waited until Carrie’s breathing began to return to normal. “Well, looks like we found something you really enjoy.” True to form, Carrie blushed deeply. “Ready to start again?” Not daring to speak, both because she didn’t know if she could and for fear that speaking might somehow ruin the magical spell that Max and the razor had on her, she simply nodded her head.

“Lift you hips, Carrie,” he told her. Now not only was she being driven mad by the buzzing sensation on her pussy but she felt like she was offering herself to Max, begging him to worship at her altar. She felt like a needy, whorish sex-craved Love Goddess; she also knew that she liked the feeling. Her mind went split screen, one side enjoying the rest of the shaving, the other side daydreaming about all the the things she wanted to do and have done to her.

“Clean as the day you were born.” Max helped Carrie stand up and brought her over to the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. Her now hairless sex was just as it had been when she was little, before the discovery of self-arousal, before the joy of learning about her needs and wants, before the master and equal she had met and married, before…

Finally he put her collar back on her and led her to a corner of the living room. Carrie saw the drop cloths covering the carpet and the body paints and brushes neatly arranged on the coffee table. Max looked at her, his excitement evident on his face, and said, “Now we can transform you into Sasha the tiger woman.”

Carrie stood naked on the floor in the middle of the drop cloth. She was in no danger now of getting a chill; Max had set the thermostat a little higher, and she was generating enough heat to be quite comfortable. She noticed that she was trembling slightly with anticipation and willed herself to be still.

Max brought over some orange colored paint and two paint brushes. He dipped the larger brush in the paint and began painting her body. First he covered her arms and legs. Then he painted her breasts, gently pushing each one so as to coat them thoroughly. Letting her simmer for a bit, he then painted her chest and back.

Next came her stomach and pelvis. Then, affecting the air of an artist simply attempting to do his job, he began painting her sex. He pushed and pulled her lips to thoroughly cover them. Carrie began moaning from the attention. He then spread her butt cheeks and started painting the insides of them. Carrie moaned louder, more insistently as the brush played over her erogenous zone.

Finally Max painted her face, hands Escort Muğla and feet. Then he took the smaller brush and dipped it into black paint. He blackened the tip of her nose and then drew tiger stripes all over her body. He gently played with her sensitive nipples, causing them to stand as erect as possible, and then carefully, playfully he painted them black, making them instantly visible even from a few yards away.

“The painting’s done. Now it’s time for the accessories.” Carrie shuddered gently, remembering from her dream the feel of what would come next. First Max put a pair of false cat-like pointed teeth in her mouth. Next he affixed a set of whiskers under her nose. He put black lipstick on her lips. Then he set a pair of tiger’s ears on her head.

“Kneel,” he said simply. Carrie dropped to all fours and spread her ass. Max lubed a combination dildo/tiger tail and slid it inside her. Carrie remembered Max’s demonstration of the tail the day before and began clenching and relaxing her sphincter muscles, making the tail raise and lower. “Excellent,” he praised her. “Now why am I not surprised that you got that so well so fast?” Feeling herself blush and knowing that Max couldn’t see it under all that body paint, Carrie let out a lusty purr.

“Stand up,” he commanded. She stood up quickly. Max applied a powder over the paint that would keep the paint from smearing. A few minutes later he looked at her and smiled. “The transformation is complete. Come take a look.” He led her over to a three-way mirror he had borrowed. Carrie almost couldn’t believe that the creature she saw was really her. She clenched her butt cheeks and watched the tail move. That was her alright, that glorious tiger woman staring back at her. Suddenly she felt more feline and graceful than she dreamed she would.

Max clipped the leash to her collar, Carrie watching in the mirror, and he lead her to the middle of the living room. “Sasha, down,” he commanded. Carrie, now Sasha the tiger woman, dropped to all fours. “Good girl,” he told her, stroking her hair. Carrie purred in response to his touch.

Carrie and Max spent several hours playing Tiger Woman and Owner. Max fed Carrie her lunch, partly to keep food off of her, partly to reinforce the submissiveness of Sasha. She drank through a straw, which only required the reapplying of her lipstick.

Finally, after the playing and sensuous teasing had aroused both of them almost to their limits, Carrie and Max began kissing passionately. The began running their hands over each other’s bodies, their fires burning out of control.

“God, I need you inside me,” Carrie moaned. She dropped to all fours, her ass facing Max. Max dropped his pants and knelt behind her. As his manhood entered her steamy sex, she was enveloped in a rapturous orgasm. Together they danced the dance of lovers, until his explosion sent her into the most powerful, time- and space-robbing orgasm she had ever experienced. Nothing existed but that all-consuming orgasm.

Slowly the here and now intruded upon Carrie’s consciousness. They collapsed to the floor, locked in a tender embrace, both totally, completely, lovingly spent. They both knew that Sasha the Tiger Woman would soon be a welcome visitor again.

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