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Carl , Chastity: 2nd Date

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Chastity didn’t ring until the evening. She had had quite some debate with her friends over a coffee in the morning about how soon is too soon, the usual argument erupted. The married friend telling her to not play games and ring straight away, the single friend telling her to wait a week and even then tell him you are busy. Sadly she never managed to put two and two together to realise why she was still single with that attitude but Chastity ignored them both.

Curled up on her sofa in a cotton set of PJ’s she pulled up the number on her phone for the tenth time in the last hour. Finally hitting the dial button and waiting for the ringing to be answered.

Carl picked up his phone on the second ring, the girl from last night emblazoned across his screen as the phone gently danced in his hand. Too late for a second date tonight, he quickly guessed this was a checking in call to make plans for another night.

“Hi it’s Chastity” the conversation started, both of them more than aware that they already knew that, before exchanging a few pleasantries about the day and so on. Chastity cut to the chase telling Carl she had enjoyed last night and wondered if he would like to meet up tomorrow night, maybe go to the movies and a bite to eat. They agreed a time and place Chastity choosing to meet Carl at the movies rather than getting picked up as she realised she would be tight for time if she was held up at work.

Butterflies fluttered gently around Chastity’s stomach as she hung up the phone and smiled to herself, already her mind was thinking of what to wear.

Carl was really quite please about the call, he too had enjoyed Chastity’s company but had a bit of a habit of sleeping with women once and never hearing from them again, but he didn’t dwell on the thought and quickly tucked his phone back into his shirt pocket before returning to the pool table and the small but noisy group he was out with tonight.

Carl was on time for this date, dressed in jeans and a shirt with his leather coat pulled tightly around him to protect him from the bitter wind blowing up the street as he stood under the Odeon awning and waited for Chastity. He had already bought the tickets for the film and a bucket of popcorn having received a text a few minutes earlier from her telling him she was running a little late.

Chastity had been the one to ring Carl after the first date and they quickly agreed on seeing a film tonight and possibly getting something to eat, but that bit wasn’t really discussed much. Chastity had left the film choice to Carl, who had carefully selected the “third person” avoiding the gothic horror movies and the high action thrillers but opting for the love triangle story which he hoped would appeal to Chastity more than the blood and screams of the others.

Carl checked his watch then the tickets, then his watch again as the start time for the film came and went. The film never actually starts on time anyway and he figured they had about a fifteen minute grace from the ticket time to the actual start. Slowly it started to rain, the wind driving the cold drops of semi frozen water against his skin as he pressed himself against the glass of the foyer and checked his watch again.

The ticket start time said 8.05, it was now 8.18 and the rain had started coming down more heavily. Fortunately the wind dropped so Carl wasn’t getting pelted sideways with liquid icicles as he waited for his date.

Around the corner of the building Chastity hurried towards him, head down, collar up trying to protect herself from the same rain Carl had been exposed to. Carl took a moment to recognise her as she was so covered up and moving at speed but a quick call made almanbahis her change direction and she headed for the door Carl pulled open to let them both into the cinema.

Chastity apologised for being late , shaking her coat a little to remove some excess rain water as Carl leaned in for a kiss hello. Chastity apologised for that too, as the slightly dripping Carl took a step back from the deluge that was coming off her coat. Fortunately they both laughed and Carl pulling the tickets out led them quickly to the right screen and through the darkened room to their assigned seats.

The movie had just started when they sat down, Carl had selected seats towards the rear of the cinema and off to the left of the aisle. As they sat down Carl noticed there were no more than about thirty other people in the cinema and none within about twenty feet of where they were sitting.

Chastity removed her coat and folded it over the seat in front of her as Carl did something similar with his own leather jacket as the pair finally settled into their seats. Their noise masked by the traffic noise from the on-screen film as a city scene is displayed focusing on a woman walking along a busy American city street.

Carl offered the pre-bought popcorn to his date having removed a few of the damper top layer pops, victims of the earlier coat shaking incident in the foyer. Chastity took a couple already watching the film leaving Carl to hold the tub as he too focused on the huge screen in front of them.

The film was ok, it meandered on a bit, it was effectively three separate stories about three couples in different parts of the work, but all of them linked together in one way or another. Carl wasn’t overly interested but Chastity seemed to be fixated her only movement being the occasional handful of popcorn or a sly glance at Carl when one of the couples on scene engaged in some sexual activity, not that the film showed anything much but the suggestion was enough.

It was about an hour into the film that Chastity missed the popcorn bucket and placed her hand over the bulge in Carls jeans, eyes still staring straight ahead as her fingers sought out and stroked him over the top of his jeans. Blood flowed quickly and as Chastity softly rubbed his cock, it thickened and grew like an act of magic. An erection in jeans is not a comfortable state of affairs and while the touch was very pleasurable the discomfort of his dick swelling but being restrained was not.

Carl begrudgingly wriggled under Chastity’s hand hoping she wouldn’t take it as a rebuttal as he tried to re-adjust his jeans and allow his cock to at least straighten. Carls fears were realised as the hand withdrew, but only momentarily as she shifted to his zipper and eased it down as he wriggled.

Chastity’s small hand slipped inside the zipper taking a firmer grasp on Carls cock moving it enough so Carl discomfort was relieved and finding the gap in his boxer shorts to let her fingers make skin to skin contact.

Slowly Chastity moved her hand, gently masturbating Carl’s rigid cock in the dark. Apparently still watching the film.

Carl’s interest in the film had completely disappeared but was quite content to sit back and let the beautiful Chastity give him a cinema special as the scenes flicked past in a blur of cities and faces. A small adjustment and Chastity had Carl’s cock out in the fresh air and increased her tempo. They both knew it wouldn’t take long for Carl to cum, Chastity leaning closer to Carl and whispering “this is because I was late” in his ear just as his cock twitched and spat. Chastity immediately leaning down and taking a second spurt on the corner of her mouth almanbahis giriş before she smothered the beast and devoured the last few eruptions. Chastity’s head was in Carl’s lap for no more than ten seconds, an onlooker might have thought she was picking something off the floor it was that brief. When she straightened up she was sitting normally eyes once again focused on the screen, casually wiping at the corner of her mouth as she did.

Chastity allowed Carl to tuck himself away and re-zip before she took his hand and quietly watched the rest of the film, declining any more popcorn as being a little too sweet for her taste.

It wasn’t until the film finished and people started to leave that Chastity turned to Carl and engaged in their first kiss of the evening “thank-you for not being cross because I was late” she said.

“Anytime” was Carl’s response “especially as you apologise so nicely.”

The pair left the cinema hand in hand walking in the opposite direction to the rest of the cinema goers, heading away from the car park towards the restaurant section on the other side of the complex. The rain had stopped and the air smelled fresh after the downpour earlier.

The bright lights of the cinema building quickly giving way to sporadic patches of light from the widely spaced street lamps as they slowly walked to the little Bistro a hundred yards ahead of them. Passing a number of closed stores that during the day would no doubt be capitalising on the passing trade between the food outlets and the entertainment complex on either side of them. But for now they were dark and lifeless save for a single shop with an illuminated window display.

The Bistro was quiet and had been on the edge of closing for the night but business was slow and they happily seated Carl and Chastity as they walked in.

The meal was good, neither having a starter or dessert but they did share a bottle of wine as they ate their food. The conversation flowed easily and Chastity did most of the talking explaining she was working at an estate agents but not actually selling houses, just doing all of the boring admin stuff and had just had to print out three hundred sets of property details for a new housing complex the company was about launch tomorrow.

Chastity did joke that a couple of the show homes were fully furnished and would even have fridges stocked with champagne in case anyone signed up to pay the deposit on a new home during the launch week.

Carl’s mind went past the fridge and was immediately wondering what the beds were like, that got him a telling off from Chastity but only because she hadn’t thought of it first.

Carl paid the bill leaving a generous tip as they left the Bistro a little over an hour after arriving, the lights being turned out almost before the door fully closed.

Still hand in hand the pair slowly walked back the way they came towards the car park on the other side of the cinema. Once again walking in relative darkness as they passed the closed shops. Carl stopped short of the one shop with the window display turning to kiss Chastity. The kiss being returned with vigour as the two pressed against each other.

Chastity’s long thick coat was open and Carl easily slipped his arms inside encircling her waist as they kissed. She could already feel a bulge in Carls trousers as their two bodies pressed together.

“Come here” Carl ordered as he moved into the mouth of a covered alleyway between two of the closed shops. The darkness of the alleyway a shade deeper than the pavement they were just on. Chastity’s heart thumped as Carl pulled her into him, once again slipping his arms inside her coat one hand almanbahis yeni giriş on her ass the other cajoling her neck as he softly planted kisses from her ear to her collar as she melted under his touch. Slowly he manoeuvred her backwards against the wall, pressing himself onto her when she had nowhere else to go.

A fleeting feeling of shame flashed past her at the thought of what they were doing and the chance of being caught but it was chased off by the thrill and how hot the situation was.

Chastity pushed her hand over the bulge in Carl’s trousers, firmly rubbing him as her lips found Carls mouth. Tongues pushing deep into each other’s mouth.

Carl’s hands had dropped now grasping the hem of Chastity’s skirt tugging it up until it bunched around her waist. His hand now pressing against her knickers, any thought of stopping this as remote as a light in this dark alley.

Carl played his fingers across her pussy, rubbing her through her knickers as Chastity closed her eyes and gasped. Fuck this was hot, her hand fumbling against the zipper for the second time that night. Roughly Chastity yanked the zip down and pulled Carls hard cock out pumping him quickly as his fingers played with her pussy. Carl eased Chastity’s legs apart pulling her knickers to the side, two thick fingers pushed inside her, twisted and pushed a little deeper.

Instinct took over now as the fingers withdrew and Carl offered his cock up to Chastity’s hot pussy, Chastity lifted a leg to make the connection easier and was instantly rewarded with her pussy being filled. Carl sliding effortlessly into her as she wrapped her leg around the back of his thighs.

Carl supported Chastity’s weight, lifting her fully off the ground lifting her standing leg from just under the knee. Pinning Chastity back against the wall Carl hammered his cock as hard as he could. This wasn’t the time or place for a slow leisurely screw. This was animalistic, raw and a fuck of passion.

Chastity had flung both arms around his neck gripping for support and to relieve the constant knocking against the hard stone wall as Carls long thick cock slammed her repeatedly into the wall. Only her thick coat and bunched skirt saving her from serious bruising on her back and hips as Carl took her to her first orgasm. Her scream of pleasure bouncing off the walls of the narrow alleyway only silenced by Chastity biting hard on the collar of Carls jacket.

The sensation of Chastity cumming squeezed Carls cock, urging him on, driving faster into her clenching pussy as the orgasm slowly washed through her core. The increased pressure on Carls cock enough to force his own ejaculation as he released Chastity’s leg and withdrew his twitching cock just in time to erupt his torrent of cum over Chastity’s pussy and blonde pubic patch. A guttural grunt accompanying his release making sure any onlooker would now that he too had just cum as he splattered his seed on Chastity’s neatly trimmed and shaped bush.

Chastity had recovered enough to pull Carls face towards her for a hard kiss still clinging onto his neck hard to provide assistance to her one weak kneed stance as they both panted heavily in the night.

Carefully Chastity unwrapped her leg from Carl’s thighs and now two footed released the firm grip she had on Carl’s neck, supporting herself fully for the first time since they entered the alleyway.

They kissed again, still too breathless to talk, with hearts rates sky high but recovering with each passing second. It took seconds to return to complete normality, Carl zipping up his trousers and Chastity pushing her skirt down and adjusting her cum drenched knickers before they emerged from the alleyway less than ten minutes after entering.

They walked slower than before, the two bodies huddled closely together as they neared the cinema car park, kissed and then parted heading their separate ways after what they would both describe as a satisfying date.

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