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Careful What You Ask For

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Steve and Lorna recall how they found each other through their mutual desire to have sex while tied up and gagged, their mutual love of wearing ballet clothing and ballet shoes, and their mutual fetish for white plimsolls and ankle socks, and how they realised that their desires and fetishes were the keys to deeper understanding of each other, and themselves.

Join them on their journey to emotional and erotic fulfilment, beginning with their first encounter as they take the chance to live out their deepest fantasies in a kidnap and bondage sex session, and going on to include, mutual masturbation, oral sex, dressing up as ballerinas and lots of tying up and gagging each other and being naked in ballet shoes or white plimsolls and ankle socks. Their erotic activities take place under the harsh lights of their kidnapper’s hideout; the soft lighting of Lorna’s flat and in the open air under the bright, warm sun inside the Glade, a mysterious and wonderful woodland paradise walled off from the outside world.

As they delight in each other and in sharing all kinds of sexual experiences together, Steve reawakens Lorna’s long repressed love of wearing white plimsolls and ankle socks and Lorna transforms Steve into a beautiful ballerina and encourages him to step into and share her wonderful world of ballet.

But it is also a story of a man and a woman finding love and emotional fulfilment in each other, with heart sharing, humour, tears, gentle loving touch and ever-growing mutual appreciation and respect, which makes their sexual discovery of one another all the more beautiful.

Chapter 1. Careful what you ask for …

Part 1 – Steve’s story

I hadn’t seen Rick since we left school almost twenty years ago, but we instantly recognised each other. I paid for my pint and went over to his table in the corner of the bar.

“Long time, no see,” I said, “I didn’t know you were still around.”

“I moved back here last year but my business means I travel around a lot,” He replied.

“What business are you in?” I asked.

After a second, he replied, “Making people’s dreams come true.”

“A bit like Jim’ll Fix It?” I suggested.

“Yes and no,” he answered.

I was genuinely curious now. “How do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t arrange for children to go to Disney Land,” he replied with a knowing look.

Being a bit slow on the uptake that evening, I asked him, “What sort of things do you arrange?”

“What’s your favourite sexual fantasy?”

His directness threw me for a moment. “That’s not your business,” I asserted.

“On the contrary,” he responded with equal assertiveness, “it’s precisely my business. Whatever your desire is, I can make it happen for you.” He looked directly at me while my brain struggled to process what had just been thrown at it.

I decided to throw his attack back at him, “What about you then?”

His reply amazed me.

“For years I fantasised about being a ballerina. Then I decided to do something about it. I went to ballet classes for adult beginners and I found a teacher who would teach me to dance on my toes. For two years I did special exercises to strengthen all the right muscles. I can’t tell you how fantastic I felt when I put on a white tutu, tights and ballet shoes and danced on my toes for the first time. I started up a website for other male ballerinas and now we have regular get-togethers. Here, have a look.”

He handed me a pocket digital image viewer and I looked in amazement at pictures of him dressed in his ballerina costume, and several short videos of him dancing solo and with other male ballerinas. He was a good dancer and, in his white tutu with little frilly skirt, white tights and white ballerina shoes with ribbons tied neatly round his ankles, his shoulder length hair tied back in a neat ballet bun with a little diamante tiara on top and with perfect make up on, looked very feminine.

“What I’m saying,” continued Rick, “is that I thought I was the only guy who felt the way I did until I took some positive action and discovered hundreds of other guys doing the same thing. And for every one of them are hundreds more who haven’t got the guts to act on their feelings and do what they really want to do. I decided to set up a business to help at least some of them live their dream. Now do you have the guts to take the opportunity I’m giving you now to do what you really want to do?” He continued looking directly at me, waiting for my answer.

I was convinced. “OK, what do I need to do?” I asked

“First tell me what you really want”, he replied.

After a deep breath, I began.

“OK. I’ve always had this fantasy about being kidnapped and taken to a hideout where I’m made to strip naked. Then I’m tied up and gagged, then forced to have sex with a girl who’s also been kidnapped and is also tied up and gagged. She’s tied down on her back on a bed with her legs spread apart and I’m put on top of her while someone gets hold of my prick and sticks it in her cunt, then we’re tied abidinpaşa escort together and have to fuck while the kidnappers watch us.”

I paused for another deep breath. Rick had listened attentively and, it seemed, with genuine respect for my frankness. He encouraged me to continue.

“Any other details you want to add?” he asked.

“Well, I have a fetish for wearing white plimsolls with white ankle socks. So it would be an even bigger turn-on if we were both wearing them.”

Rick made a few notes in a personal organiser. “I can set it up for you for a few days time if you can afford £500 right now”, he said.

I was really interested but I wasn’t jumping for it straight away. “How do I know you aren’t a con merchant?” I asked.

Rick remained completely calm at this suggestion, “My business depends on trust. If my clients can’t trust me then I have no business. I guarantee to do what I say I’ll do and ensure complete discretion.” He handed me a sheet of paper, “These are clients who are prepared to give a testimonial if requested. They’re all local. You may know some of them.”

I studied the list of about 30 names, men and women, and indeed recognised several of them. I was convinced.

“What do I need to do,” I asked.

“Sign this contract and give me a cheque for £500. The two important things you need to know now are that none of the money is refundable under any circumstances and you must do everything you are told to do until you sign a receipt stating that the contract has been fulfilled.”

I signed the contract and handed over the cheque. Then Rick gave me a list of dates. “Pick the earliest date you can meet me outside here at 8pm sharp,” he instructed. I ticked the earliest date. “See you then. Don’t be late,” he said as he left.


I was ten minutes early. I had spent the day at a client valuing a collection of rare literary first editions so I was wearing a suit, which I hoped would give a good first impression to whoever would be my partner. Rick appeared on the dot of 8. We crossed the road and walked to a white Transit van parked in the far corner of the car park. As we stood at the back of the van Rick spoke to me.

“Before you get in the van you have a final chance to back out and sign the receipt.”

After a second I replied, “I’m up for it.”

“In that case I must remind you first that you must do everything you’re told until the contract is completed.”

“I understand,” I replied. He dialled a number on his mobile and said one word, “Confirmed!” Then he opened the doors.

Two men were sitting in the back, obviously waiting for us. As we got in I could see they were real night club bouncer types, dressed smartly in dark suits and ties with white shirts.

“Let me introduce you to Number 1 and Number 2”, said Rick, “They will not speak at any time. They are here to ensure your co-operation and I assure you that in the unlikely event of it being necessary, they will only use the minimum force required. Do you understand?”

I gulped slightly and replied, “I understand”.

“Excellent”, said Rick, “Now sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front of you.”

I did as I was told. Number 2 knelt behind me, took hold of my wrists, brought my arms behind my back and tied my wrists together with cord. Then he bound my upper arms to my sides with more cord. At the same time, Number 1 pushed a small rubber ball into my mouth and then stuck a large rectangle of white sticking plaster across my mouth and cheeks. He stuck another length on one side of my face, pushed it hard under my chin and stuck the other end on my opposite cheek, clamping my jaws firmly together. Then he tied my legs together at the ankles and just above the knees.

My heart pounded and my body shook with fear and with deep sexual arousal. I felt a huge hard on bulging inside my trousers and was glad to be able to hide it from my captors by lying on my side with my knees drawn up when told to lie down. We started off with Rick driving and the others guarding me. After a while the van stopped. Rick told me to sit up and Number 1 placed a canvas bag over my head while Number 2 unbound my legs. I felt myself led out of the van and into a building. When my hood was removed I was amazed to see a scene right out of a gangster film.


We were in a large empty room. In the middle was an old-fashioned wrought iron bedstead with a thin mattress on top. It was surrounded by portable lights on tripod stands. Several chairs and tables were the only other furniture. I noticed something lying in a corner and my heart lurched as I suddenly realised it was a girl. She was tied up and gagged as I had been in the van and lay on her side with her knees drawn up as I had done. She looked about 25-30, slightly below average height and had quite a good figure if a little on the thin side. She had shoulder length straight black hair parted on one side and brushed over. The part of her face not obscured by her gag looked adana escort pretty. Her darkly attractive eyes were even more emphasised by the tape gag over her mouth. She was neatly and attractively dressed in a tight black roll neck sweater which nicely showed off her small but enticingly round breasts, a very girlie short plaited skirt in a scarlet tartan pattern fastened with a white leather belt, grey woollen tights over her slender, girlish legs and black patent leather ballerina pumps fastened with a thin strap and buckle which made her small feet look very sexy.

She was being guarded by the other member of Rick’s gang; an athletically handsome woman who I guessed correctly was Number 3. She was also dressed in a dark suit but with an open-necked blouse. I was sure she would have been more than capable of keeping the girl in her place if needed.

“Have no fear for her welfare”, Rick said to me, “I can assure you that she, like you, is here at her choice and everything that happens will be between consenting adults. Is that correct?” He looked at the girl. She nodded and made a slight muffled noise in her gag. I could see from her eyes and from her body language that she was nervous and uncertain rather than in fear.

“We will begin,” said Rick, after I had been made to sit down and my legs were rebound, “Female will be untied and will strip naked, including all jewellery”. After being untied, the girl remained seated while she took off her shoes and tights. She stood up and slowly took off her jewellery: a pearl necklace, matching drop earrings, a watch and several rings. Then she carefully pealed off her sweater, revealing a pair of beautifully rounded little breasts snuggled invitingly in a low cut white bra with little red polka dots and a frilly edge around each cup. I was delighted.

“Too bad I won’t get to feel her tits. Still, can’t have everything,” I thought, “She may look like a nice girl but I bet she can be really naughty when she wants to be!”

She undid her skirt and for a few seconds I enjoyed the sight of her in her matching bra and panties as she tidied her things into a neat pile, which I guessed she did partly out of habit and partly to steady her nerves. She took off her bra and her breasts bobbed as she placed it on the pile. In the harsh light, the pink areolas circling her nipples contrasted with the pale skin around them. They were large in proportion to her breast size, which somehow made her breasts look bigger. Finally she removed her panties. Now she was naked I could easily see she was as much turned on as I was. Her nipples stuck out stiff and swollen from her pert, pouting breasts which rose and fell with her heavy breathing. Her cunt was open and deliciously pink inside and already glistening with her pussy juices. Her mound was covered in a thick coat of short black hair.

Rick spoke again.

“Female is to put on footwear provided.” Number 3 handed her a pair of brand new white plimsolls matched to her shoe size from a collection on the floor and a pair of new white ankle socks. She looked at them in surprise and then shot me a questioning look over her gag. I could only shrug my shoulders in lieu of an explanation. Then, to her everlasting credit, she fully entered into the scenario. She sat down sideways on to me so I could enjoy the line of her body from her head to her feet and of her slender arms down to her hands, which trembled slightly as she put on the ankle socks and plimsolls. Neat and tidy in all things, she carefully folded down the top of each sock and smoothed it sexily around each slender shapely ankle and made sure each plimsoll lace was tightened properly and finished with a symmetrical double bow. She moved each foot in turn so I could see every movement clearly.

Then she stood up and, shifting her weight onto one foot and then the other, extended her legs, pointed her toes and turned her feet one way then the other so I could have a good look. Her neat and pretty little feet looked gorgeous in her little white plimsolls. I have always longed to stroke a girl’s feet through crisp, smooth, white plimsolls and feel her ankles through the soft cotton of her ankle socks. I longed for just one touch of the girl’s feet. But I would have to keep on dreaming on for that. She even did a little curtsey to complete her splendid performance. Suddenly she remembered where she was and, struck again with embarrassment, assumed the classic pose of a woman trying to preserve her modesty: hand and forearm over her breasts, other hand covering her private, knees together, toes turned in.

“She sure has guts,” I thought admiringly of her.

Rick continued.

“Female is to be retied and secured to bed in appropriate position.” Number 1 tied her hands behind her back, fastened her upper arms to her sides with more cord that went round her body just under her breasts and then pushed her towards the bed. Number 2 lifted me into a chair so I could see what was happening and guarded me while the others saw to the girl. She was made to lie down on her back with her adıyaman escort legs spread apart. A length of cord was tied to the right upper bedpost, threaded between her back and upper arms and wrapped around her body, then tied to the opposite post. She was now unable to move her upper body. Meanwhile, another cord was tied from one side of the bed to the other side across her waist several times. Her ankles were tied to the bottom posts by short lengths of cord.

And she wasn’t finished with yet. Rick’s next order was for her to be shaved. It was my turn to look quizzically at her as that part of her face not covered by her gag flushed pink for a moment. Number 3 put on a pair of white surgical gloves, then produced a safety razor, a pot of shaving foam and a brush and expertly removed the girl’s bush with deft, confident strokes. The effect on the girl was marvellous to watch. Her breasts heaved up and down like waves in a storm. She made mewing noises in her gag that made her sound like a contended kitten. Pussy juices continuously leaked from her glistening cunt. She flexed her feet and pointed her toes so that in the bright light her plimsolls looked more like ballet shoes. I was fantastically turned on by now and felt like I had a large cucumber sticking up from between my legs. Number 3 finished drying the girl’s crotch and lifted the towel to reveal a perfectly smooth pubic region, to which she then applied some baby oil. The girl gave a final kitten mew and relaxed. Now it was my turn.


“Male is to be untied and will strip naked, including all jewellery.”

Rick’s words made my heart pound. I thought nothing of stripping off in front of the lads in the changing room every Saturday but this was way, way different. Leaning forward on the chair while I was untied I wished that the ground would swallow me up. After taking off my watch, shoes and socks I stood up feeling very self conscious. I couldn’t hope to match the girl’s bravura performance so I just played it straight as I took off my outer clothing. However, I made sure she got a good view as I straightened up after removing my briefs. I had never seen my prick look as stiff and swollen as it did now. The sight of it standing up ramrod straight, the head bulbous and already glistening with pre-cum somehow gave me courage, and when the girl saw what was coming to her she let out a long low moan through her gag, which encouraged me even more.

“Male will put on footwear provided,” Rick continued.

I had really been looking forward to this bit. As I sat on the floor, naked and still gagged, my whole body trembling with sexual excitement and nervy anticipation, I could hardly keep my hands steady enough to pull on the new white ankle socks. Then as I felt the gorgeous feeling of pushing my feet into brand new white plimsolls, always a fantastic turn-on for me, I almost passed out as my heart pounded within my chest.

Rick went on.

“Male will be retied and can choose to be shaved.”

“Fantastic!”, I thought. I’d often wondered how it would feel to be shaved ‘Down South’. I nodded and grunted my acceptance.

My wrists were retied behind my back and my arms fixed to my sides with cord again. The cord they used was a special woven type that spread itself on the surface of my skin instead of biting into it as it was tightened. So although I was securely bound I was in no discomfort. I was made to lie on my back and my legs were spread apart. I began to regret my decision when Number 3, after putting on a new pair of gloves, produced a cut throat razor. But I needn’t have worried because with amazing skill she removed every last pubic hair I had. It felt fantastic. Electric shocks shot through my body every time her latex covered fingers took hold of my prick to keep it way from the blade and I moaned into my gag in deepest pleasure. I moaned again as she rubbed baby oil onto areas of skin that had felt nothing like it since I’d been in nappies. The girl, her own experience very fresh in her mind, resumed her kitten mewing through her gag in the solidarity of shared sensations.

“Male will be fitted with condom”, Rick continued.

Again I winced with pleasure as Number 3, with deft assurance, took hold of my now hypersensitively swollen prick, wiped my throbbing head clean of pre-cum and rolled a ribbed condom the full length of my shaft. Then she took a length of thin surgical tape and expertly wrapped it round the base of my shaft and the neck of the condom circling it and then tied the ends around the neck of my ball sack, so the condom was fixed in place and couldn’t slip off. I moaned continually through my gag and the girl, who could see everything from her prone position tied down on the bed, mewed along with me. Then I was made to lie back and my ankles and upper legs were rebound.

Now I was ready. I had a few seconds to review my situation. I was naked in white plimsolls and ankle socks, with my pubic hair all shaved off. I was tied up and gagged, with my prick tied up inside a condom. And waiting for me was really fit girl, also naked in white plimsolls and ankle socks, also tied up and gagged, with a shaved pussy, tied down on a bed with her legs apart and her cunt wide open, dripping and hungering for my fat, swollen prick to fill it up, literally gagging for me to fuck her arse off.

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