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Captain Cook’s Cruises Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This is a five part story and, although each part might be read without reading the others, reading all parts gives a little better understanding of the whole story. I wish to express my profound thanks to Literotica’s most gracious (and lovely) Copperbutterfly for her time and effort in editing these stories to make them more enjoyable reading.


Friday dawned mostly clear and sunny with light breezes predicted for most of the day. I got to work early cleaning the boat and replenishing the water supply. I was in better than usual spirits this morning. I had opened Trudi’s envelope and found the exact same amount that Ellie had given me earlier in the week. My concerns about meeting this month’s payments on the boat were gone.

It was just after noon when I heard a hail from the pier.

“Hello, the Lady A. Can I come aboard?”

“Yes, please do.” I hurried to the gangway to help the lady.

“Are you the Tom Cook?”

The voice came from a sort of petite woman. I guessed that she barely cleared five feet high but even with the sunlight behind her, I could see that she was very nicely built and had a very pretty face wreathed in long curly blonde hair. She was dressed in pink walking shorts and a pink bikini top. She carried a long-sleeved white blouse slung over one shoulder that seemed to push her well-rounded breast toward me.

“Yes, ma’am, I am the infamous Captain Cook,” I responded cheerfully.

Her laughter sounded like the tinkling of a fine bell. “Hi. I’m Claire Davis. I’d like to hire your boat today, if I may.”

“Of course, ma’am. I would be delighted.”

Unlike her two predecessors, she didn’t wait for me to give her the tour but strolled ahead of me, down the steps into the salon, where she checked out each of the staterooms. She looked over the galley and came back to the salon, where she turned to face me.

“Very nice boat, Captain.”

“Thank you, ma’am. Please call me Tom.”

“I will if you call me Claire. ‘Ma’am’ makes me feel so old.”

My turn to laugh. “I will, m.. Claire. Where would you like to go today?”

She put her hands on her hips and stared into my eyes. “Look, Tom. Let’s be honest. The boat ride and the sunset sound nice but both Ellie and Trudi told me about services you provided them that aren’t part of most cruises. I want to know if those services are available to me also.”

“Well, uh … do you mean …?”

“Oh, you know what I mean. You can call it whatever you want. You fucked them, screwed them, made love to them. Whatever. The fact is they finally got laid and both of them said it was as good as they’d ever had. How about it?”

I pulled her to me, lifting her onto her tiptoes and kissed her flush on her ruby red lips, shoving my tongue down her throat when her mouth opened. She was just a half step behind me in responding … with darting tongue and a hand that rubbed the crotch of my shorts.

After a couple of passionate minutes, I pulled back and asked “Do you want to start now or after we get underway?”

“Oooh, Tom! I think I’m going to love today. Why don’t we get on the water first? You can set whatever course you think best, as long as we don’t get back too early.”

I think I set the course into the computer in record time, heading southeast, then southwest, then north among the chain of small islands the last couple of Gaziantep Escort hours. I started the engines, flipped the mooring lines free, and backed us out. Claire stood by me as we motored to the harbor mouth but when we had cleared so that I could raise the sail for the first leg, she disappeared.

Underway and on coarse with full sail in a modest breeze and no other boats near us, I let the autopilot take over and went looking for Claire. I found her in the master stateroom, stark naked and spread-eagle on the bed, her arms stretched out to me in supplication.

Two features struck me immediately. Her jugs were disproportionately large for the rest of her body, still held up nicely by their supporting muscles and topped by bright pink areolas in the shape of Saturn’s rings and a large erect rose-colored nipple in the center of each.

The second feature was her totally bald pussy. I had thought I could determine if she really truly was a blonde but she had no pubic hair to compare. However the puffy rose-colored lips had spread enough to let the tops of her lacy dark inner lips show off. It was a luscious sight.

I shucked my shorts and shoes and eased myself over her, where we hugged and kissed for a long time. Finally unable to stand it any longer, I kissed my way down to her big hooters and lavished every square inch of them before settling on her hard right nipple. I shifted to the left one and then back and forth while she urged me to “suck me harder, honey.”

Claire began to moan softly and ran her fingers through my hair, holding me to her breast for a bit. Then when her hand relaxed, I licked back and forth across her stomach, slowly heading downward, until I covered her hairless abdomen with my kisses. I trailed my tongue along one thigh and back, repeated the process on the other and as she shivered in delight and anticipation, I dove face first into her cunt. She was wet and sweet and tart and wonderful.

I licked up and down her crease, washing every bit of the soft flesh I could reach while avoiding her mound. I found her opening and let my tongue slither into it, lapping at her soft flesh to get every taste I could. Her fingers were roving through my hair, her eyes closed, as she mouthed gentle encouragement to me.

Then she grabbed my hair and gave me a none-too-gentle tug. “Hey, honey, let’s make this a two-way. Turn around so I can play with your cock.”

So I pivoted 180 degrees until my probing member was above her head. She captured it in one hand and guided the purple mushroom to her mouth while the other hand cupped my scrotum. I dropped my head back into her pussy and resumed eating, although I now had to bow my head to reach her. But the minor irritation to my neck was worth it to get the attention my cock and balls were receiving from her tender fingers and sensitive tongue.

She was working so frantically on my knob that I was sure I’d be lucky to get her to climax before me, let alone try to give her multiple orgasms. As it turned out, just as she started quaking and screaming about cumming, I shot a load into her mouth that nearly choked her. To Claire’s credit, she gulped down the long strings of my cum and licked up the overflow … just as the autopilot began to sound the horn in steady blasts indicating that we were on a course to come near or perhaps collide with another vessel.

I Gaziantep Escort Bayan grabbed my shorts and ran up to the pilot station. We were still more than a mile away but by the time I had hopped into my shorts, we were fairly close to a sport fishing boat. Although the law of the sea gave the right-of-way to the sail-boat, I modified our course since we weren’t trailing gear in the water.

As we came alongside about 50 yards away, the crew and passengers on the fishing boat (all men) turned and stared at us, then whistled and clapped. I turned to see why and there was Claire, standing naked on the sun deck, doing a sensuous little dance for their delight. I had to laugh.

We were soon past them and out of sight after a of couple of short toots on the horn to acknowledge their appreciation. By then Claire was standing beside me, still naked. She checked the horizon all around and, seeing nothing except the receding fishing boat, said, “Let’s go up on the sundeck, shall we?”

With the autopilot again in control, I followed her swaying bottom up to the sundeck and by the time she lay on one of the mats in partial shade of the sails, I was rock hard and ready. Claire lay back, spread her legs and guided my throbbing member into her bare opening. I felt a little odd, as if I were screwing an underage girl but one look at her confirmed that she was really a mature woman.

I started with her legs against my chest and while my cock roamed in and out of her velvety soft pussy, I found her toes in my mouth, one by one, as she squealed in delight. My hands alternated between massaging her big boobs and her little round behind. I had just run my stiffened tongue along the sole of her left foot when she bucked upward, screamed “I’m cumming, baby, fuck me NOW honey!”

I tried but she was so stiff I could barely move my cock inside her. As it turned out, I think the words were sound effects for her own benefit anyway, because she shook like an autumn leaf in an October wind for several moments and then collapsed back onto the mat, relaxed and gulping for air.

I let her recover and then folded her legs over so that she rolled onto her side. While I kept driving my piston into her cylinder, I worked her leg up and down and out and around, watching her get good vibes from every change. It didn’t take long for her to again scream out “Oh, damn, I’m cumming again, babe!”

When it had passed, I turned her again on my fulcrum, putting her on her hands and knees. While I pounded her ass, I slipped an arm around her waist and eased my hand between her legs to finger her clitty until she climaxed again, too exhausted to scream.

This time when she was breathing normally again, I turned her to face me and very carefully picked her up. I walked up and down the length of the boat, jogging her up and down my shaft as we walked. I was concentrating on my own climax and when it came, it felt like I shot a pint of hot cream into her, at least half of which seemed to be pushed right back out and down my legs. Something about that seemed to set her off for one more time and we collapsed onto a bench in the pilot station as they faded.

A few minutes later, we approached a chain of small, uninhabited islands and on a whim, I disengaged the autopilot and steered the boat among them to a small cove on the leeward side of one. The Escort Gaziantep water in the cove was very shallow and clear as the sky. I dropped anchor and Claire and I dove into the water, swimming up to the very small sandy beach for an afternoon of fun and frolicking.

The afternoon passed oh-so-wonderfully. We spent time talking, getting to know each other, eating snacks and sipping an occasional drink which I had retrieved from the boat. We wrestling intimately whenever we felt the urge … which was all the time for me and every couple of hours for her.

Claire told me that she came from a well-known family, met her husband at one of the many society social events and was married right out of college. She had envisioned an idyllic marriage, which it had been until they had two children who were still-born. After that her husband paid her lip service, moved into another bedroom so he wouldn’t feel obligated, and threw himself into his work, where he was happiest. That had happened over 20 years before.

Now it seemed to me that she was starved for love and was looking for it in my bed (or at least my boat), in the form of as much sex as I could provide to her. Not that I minded giving her as much cock as I could muster. She seemed very grateful and took everything I had to offer, including one long session near the end of the afternoon where I sat in the captain’s chair and she sat on my lap with my erect and flexing cock deep into her pussy while I fondled her tits and nuzzled her neck. Her juices dripped constantly down between us and formed a puddle on the cushion beneath me.

By the time we separated, it was long past time I had intended to turn back to the marina. After steering us back into open water, I changed the computer to reflect a direct course home and turned on the autopilot.

While I was getting us under way again, Claire chose to grill some fresh shrimp from my fridge, which I had skewered with pepper chunks and pearl onions, for our dinner. It turned out to be a light but delicious and filling meal.

I dropped anchor just outside the harbor mouth with the sundown light show in full display. Claire asked me to lay down on one of the sundeck mats. She fondled me until I was sporting a new erection and then she straddled me, lowering herself carefully until I was fully engulfed in her insatiable pussy. She spent over an hour rocking back and forth or making little circles with her bottom, feeling my cock roving around her soft pussy walls and watching the beautiful sunset. I had a handful of her bottom in each hand and smiled when I thought that a lot of the red in my mind was from the lust I had developed for Claire’s magnificent … magnifi-cunt? … body instead of from the sunset.

After making herself cum several times, Claire finally began to bang her ass up and down my dong until I shot another load of jism into her pussy. Hastily she lifted herself off me, put a hand between her legs, and ran below to dress.

When Claire came back up as we were docking, she said that she had wanted to keep as much of me inside her that night to remember our great day. I noticed a tear in her eyes and asked her why.

“This is the kind of day that I had always hoped to have with my husband,” she said with no little bitterness. “But it doesn’t look like that will ever happen again. And I’ve finally decided that it is not fair of him to ask me to do without.”

Since there was no watching chauffeur, she kissed me passionately before handing me an envelope and dashing off the boat.

She was almost out of hearing when she turned and said “Same time next week, Captain?”

“Absolutely!” I replied eagerly.

End of Chapter 03

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