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Can’t Sleep Tonight

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The noise was loud enough to wake him up. Dennis opened his eyes and waited for the sound to repeat. A few seconds later, he heard a much different sound. This time, he recognized it. It sounded like the back gate opening and closing. It usually made a creaking noise whenever he himself would open or close it. He lifted his head up from his pillow. Now fully awake, he could only suspect that an intruder had entered the backyard. He turned to see that his wife didn’t wake up just yet. He suddenly paid attention to another noise originating from the backyard. It almost sounded like one of the patio chairs sliding across the floor.

Dennis knew he had to do something. The thirty-two-year-old husband checked the digital clock on the nightstand. It was almost four in the morning. Dennis slowly got out of bed and crept out of the bedroom. He hoped that the intruder didn’t hear him wandering around the inside of his house. He tried to be as careful as possible when walking down the stairs. He entered the kitchen and looked out the window. So far, he couldn’t see a man or a woman roaming around in the darkness. He flipped the switch to the patio light. With a much clearer view of the backyard, he still didn’t spot anyone that would be classified as a burglar.

He still needed to be certain that he and his wife remained safe and secure. He slid open the patio door and began his brief but thorough investigation. First, he checked if anyone hid behind the bushes. When he found nothing unusual, he checked the gate to see that it had been closed. The entire backyard appeared normal as usual. He felt glad that he didn’t find anyone who had planned to steal from his home.

He let out a long sigh of relief. He could only assume that the noises he heard came from a burglar that fled the scene. He looked up at the sky to see the full moon floating directly above him. The city of Fountain Valley had grown silent and cold at this time. Even with summer approaching, the famous June Gloom had already made its mark all over Orange County, and the rest of Southern California. Dennis could see an endless row of stratus clouds that formed in the south. It would soon reach Fountain Valley and give its residents an unseasonably cold morning before lingering until noon. Dennis began to shiver. He couldn’t wait to go back upstairs and sleep alongside his wife. He walked back inside the house and closed the patio door.

He turned off the patio light and closed the blinds, but before he could leave, the lights in the kitchen suddenly turned on. He quickly looked to see a man standing near the light switch. Dennis almost gasped, but instead of embracing fear, he felt surprised to see a man he had met before.

Edgar, a forty-three-year-old entrepreneur, looked different than before. Instead of wearing a suit and tie, he wore blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

He whispered, “It’s nice to see you again.”

Dennis could only assume that Edgar had entered the kitchen when he started examining the backyard. But after a few seconds of surprise, he had some questions for the genuine intruder.

He made sure he kept his voice at a low volume. “Edgar…what are you doing here?”

Edgar kept a blank stare on his face. “You know what I’m here for.”

“Actually, I don’t.”

Edgar took two steps forward. şişli escort “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all night. I kept remembering the time we shared a hotel room together.”

Dennis cleared his throat. “That’s nice, but I’d like to forget what happened between the two of us. You see, I don’t like it when I have to keep dirty secrets from my friends and family.”

Edgar gave a little smile. “Oh, but didn’t you like it? Didn’t you enjoy the things we did behind closed doors?”

Dennis had to be honest. “Yes…yes, I did. But that’s just one time. I already forgot which one of us started it.”

“It doesn’t matter now. I finally found you again.”

Edgar stepped even closer.

Dennis took a deep breath. “What do you want from me NOW?”

“I need you now more than ever. I want to take you. I want to fuck you again.”

Dennis could see the fierce determination forming in Edgar’s eyes. “Oh, you really ARE serious.”

“You know it’s going to happen.”

Dennis couldn’t escape from the other man’s soothing whisper. He had heard it before in the hotel room, and it certainly helped him be courageous for their first secret pastime. But then, he remembered the other things he had in his life.

“I’m sorry. I’m going back to bed. You should go home.”

Edgar suddenly grabbed him by the arms. “It’s too late. I’m here to control you for the second time. You can’t stop me.”

Dennis’s eyes widened. He had trouble keeping his voice to a whisper. “But I have a wife. She’s sleeping upstairs. She’ll hear everything.”

Edgar brought him closer and whispered in his ear. “Why should that matter to either of us?”

Again, once the intruder used his peaceful but authoritative tone of voice, it made Dennis weak in the knees. Edgar wrapped his arms around Dennis’s back and locked him in his tight embrace.

“Just forget whoever is upstairs and just remember what I’m here for.”


“Just shut up. I still got some juice left in me, and you’re going to enjoy it.”

Edgar wasted no time in giving the other man a long affectionate kiss. Dennis didn’t escape it. In fact, he didn’t want to escape it. The sudden nostalgia made the slender husband submit to Edgar’s demands.

“I remember how you fucked me so hard.”

“Well, get ready to feel it again. Get down on your knees.”

Edgar’s alluring whisper made him shiver. He obeyed him by getting down on his knees and watching as Edgar loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans. He pulled out his long hard cock already ready for use. Dennis was previously awestruck by how beautifully erect it turned out to be, and now, the same feeling returned at this very moment. He licked his lips with anticipation.

Edgar looked down with fierce determination. “Go ahead. Cram it in.”

Dennis already understood. He obeyed him by grabbing his hard cock and sticking it in his mouth. He already recognized the taste and warmth of human skin. He didn’t find it insufferable at all. He wanted more of it in his mouth. He licked it, sucked it, and shoved it deep down his throat, anything to persuade him that he should have been attracted to the same sex to begin with. Edgar helped him by grabbing hold of his head and pushing his cock deeper into his open mouth. Dennis almost choked mecidiyeköy escort on it for a few seconds.

Edgar whispered, “That’s right. You love my dick, don’t you?”

Dennis couldn’t say anything. He could only mumble a few words owing to the big dick being shoved inside him. But despite imbalanced communication, he gladly took his role. His more submissive side had emerged. His appetite for Edgar’s cock grew stronger. He let Edgar control him in any way he could.

“You’re a pro. You should suck more cocks for a living.”

Edgar moved his prey in and out at a quickened pace. Dennis experienced a swifter insertion form within his mouth. He knew what would happen next, and he waited for the time he would swallow everything that he received once again.

“Fuck, yes. Here it comes.”

Edgar squeezed Dennis’s head, showing him that the eruption had arrived. The man below him could feel the incoming projectiles flooding his mouth. He had to devour fast before any of it could spill right out of his mouth. Every squirt counted. The taste of man-made cream made him satisfied with this unexpected visit.

Edgar finally pulled his cock out of Dennis’s mouth. “I bet that you’re a better cocksucker than your wife.”

Dennis grew short of breath. “That sounds about right.”

He wiped away a small ounce of cum off of his lips. He had swallowed all of it. This had been the second time that it happened between him and Edgar. The current situation was an improvement, since he now knew how to please the man.

Edgar brought him up from his knees. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Dennis could see a big mischievous smile forming on Edgar’s face. “So it’s gonna last the entire night?”

“Just shut up and see for yourself.”

Edgar ordered him to take off his clothes. Dennis took off his shirt and shorts, all the while watching his friend do the same with his own apparel. They tossed their clothes aside. Now, both men stood naked and willing to attach themselves to each other.

Edgar chuckled. “Oh, I’ll never forget how handsome you are.”

Dennis would have blushed at that statement, but he didn’t. He turned around and grabbed hold of the edge of the granite countertop. He could feel Edgar’s hands seizing his waist. He closed his eyes and waited for the insertion that he longed for. He shivered once the tip of the cock touched his tight hole.

He still whispered to avoid being heard. “Yes…fuck me. I’m ready for it.”

Without a moment to lose, Edgar shoved his hard cock right inside him. Dennis gasped. The shaft had already touched his weak spot. He almost cried out with joy, but kept it quiet because of the woman upstairs. However, he couldn’t stop letting out soft and delicate moans supported by the slow thrusts made by the man behind him. Edgar locked him in his embrace and kept his dick strong and secure.

Dennis had changed his mentality for the night. With his trespasser demonstrating his authority over his favorite companion, the thirty-two-year-old husband gained confidence for his submissive behavior. He felt like he was ten years younger, with more delicate features than in the present. His moans almost grew girlish because of this treatment. Edgar’s forward motion grew swifter and more aggressive. With this attitude, istanbul escort Dennis’s submission made more sense.

Edgar held him tight as he released his tension through his voracious beast between his legs. Dennis enjoyed every second of it. Being dominated by a trustworthy acquaintance surely equaled good company on his part. He gave Edgar a long and wet kiss. Being held by his captor felt like being a subservient heroine in a romance novel.

“You are a master, man. I love it when I’m being used by you.”

Edgar’s hips made a smacking noise when colliding with Dennis’s ass. The sound, as well as the feel of the collision, made Dennis’s own cock fully erect. His exhilaration reached maximum levels. He forgot about his wife for a moment. His behavior now matched her own whenever he took her in their bedroom.

The kitchen grew warmer and more humid. Even June Gloom wouldn’t ruin this night. Higher temperatures became permanent both inside and outside the human body.

Edgar didn’t finish here. All of a sudden, he brought his secret lover down to the floor. He lay right on top of Dennis and now thrust his cock downwards. Dennis lay on his stomach and didn’t move. He just let it happen. The smacking noise grew louder as Edgar’s power lasted longer. With the trespasser pinning him on the floor, Dennis could only assume it would last for the rest of the night.

He could feel the minutes passing by. He didn’t escape from the pounding that made his asshole feel red-hot. A drop of sweat formed on his forehead. He could feel a few more dripping down his neck and chest.

Edgar whispered, “This is the way you were meant to be.”

Dennis took deeper breaths. “Oh, yes it is.”

Edgar’s fast pace didn’t stop, and Dennis didn’t want it to stop. He knew that it would end eventually. But until then, he indulged himself with this historic moment. His cries of pleasure grew louder. He squeezed his eyes shut. The explosion from within would soon commence.

“Oh, Edgar! It’s fuckin’ amazing!”

The climax was complete. Dennis almost screamed. Edgar’s final thrust was the strongest. As soon as the thick warm cum made its way inside the tortured passageway, both men finally relaxed.

Edgar fell right on top of him. And now, both men breathed hard after a rigorous but passionate workout that benefited both of them.

Edgar whispered, “This is why I choose you to be mine.”

Dennis chuckled. “Yeah…I’m really good, aren’t I?”

He could feel Edgar kissing him on the shoulder. The warm and moist touch made him shiver even with his trespasser still on top of him. Edgar finally dismounted him and lay beside him on the floor.

“Thanks for being there for me.”

Exhausted, Dennis closed his eyes. “…No problem.”

At first, he wanted to get up and leave the kitchen. But his fatigue overtook his senses, and soon, everything went black.

* * *

As soon as he opened his eyes, Dennis found himself in the exact same spot as before. He lay on his stomach on the kitchen floor. He looked up to see that, judging by the dim light from the window, morning had arrived. He was still naked. He could feel Edgar’s dry deposits still on his legs and ass. He knew that Edgar had left the house. He felt glad that it was done with.

But then, he looked behind him to see his wife standing with her arms folded across her chest. She didn’t look too happy.

“Care to explain what happened last night?”

Dennis tried to smile, but failed. Now would have been a good time to tell her the absolute truth.

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