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Can’t Remember What Happened

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Sally’s brain activated before her body. A switch came on inside her head, a rusty and disused one, like forcing an old circuit breaker back up. Must open eyes, she thought, but can’t, they’re too heavy. She felt her face pressed into the surface as if it had been in that one spot for years. She could feel the dents in her skin, the old pool of dribble at the corner of her mouth. Where was she, she tried to remember. Boom boom, throbbing in her head. Aah, came the quiet moan from her throat, her mouth as dry as sandpaper. What was she doing before this, she tried to remember but thinking was like running through water. Water…toilet, she must open her eyes and go to the toilet.

With an almighty heave, she lifted and pried open her lids without moving her head. Eek, daylight. Where was she? What time was it? What day was it? Was she meant to be somewhere? She had to lift her head to get proper bearings, her eyes were blocked and out of focus. With tremendous effort she peeled her face from her sleeping place, though for a moment it stuck in the grooves and lifted with her. She looked back down at it as it broke free. Cream coloured cross-weave…hmmm, it looked suspiciously like her sofa. A quick look around, and yes, this did appear to be her living room, but she still only had peripheral vision. Every direction she looked it was near impossible to focus straight ahead, it was almost as if…yes, there was a piece of something stuck to her forehead that was moving every time she moved, blocking her eyes. Sally pulled at it, it was stuck hard, but it came off. She threw it to the floor and lay back down.

Okay. Sally thought it through. Its daylight, probably morning, she was in her living room sleeping on the sofa and felt like shit. Why would her parents let her sleep out here, not wake her and tell her to go to bed? Because they are away, that’s right! They left Friday morning for their trip. 10 days away from home. She is an adult now, so she can be left at home alone, that’s what they said. So what did she do? That’s right, had a party! On Friday night. Which means this must be Saturday morning. Oh, that’s cool, if it was Saturday there was nowhere she needed to be, she could lay here and suffer. Oh, some slight relief, she thought.

But why was she asleep on the sofa?

Anyway, think later, toilet first. In pain of great exertion Sally lifted herself up, around the corner into the washroom, onto the toilet for a long, long pee. That was funny, though, she didn’t have to take her pants off. In fact, where were her pants? She looked at herself. She had been naked from the waist down. Completely naked. No pants, no anything. Laying there asleep on the sofa with nothing covering her…her…what was all that about? She felt to her breasts, there was no bra. Oh my god! But hang on, no, that was okay, she didn’t ever wear a bra with this top because it was halter. But no pants, why no pants?

Her head throbbing with both physical and emotional turmoil, she finished, flushed and ran back out to the living room. Where were her pants? She looked and looked throughout the room, the next room, the kitchen, the hall, all of the downstairs. No jeans, no underwear. Covering her front with her hand, she slid open the glass door to the back yard and pool. Obsessed with finding her clothes, finding a clue as to when and how they came off, she walked bare-assed around the yard and pool looking, all to no avail.

She walked back in and sat on the sofa, holding her fingers tightly to her temples to stop the throbbing. Her stomach felt sick and her whole body ached. Ech! What happened last night, she couldn’t think back to any of it. And what was this thing on the ground, the thing that had been stuck to her head? She picked it up. It was a note with a great amount of tape stuck to it, which had been why it was so hard to pull off. Sally un-crumpled the note and almost fainted.

“Sal. Thanks for that, you have great insides. Let’s just hope you’re not pregnant! Call me later on? F”

F? Pregnant? Who is F? Freddie? Were there any other F’s at the party? Think! She looked down between her legs, which was still naked. Oh my god! There really were small flakes of dry white powder in her hair. Oh no, she wouldn’t, she couldn’t.

Michael, Mathew, Martin…god they were all M’s there last night. Who else of the guys? Steven, Kiet, Johnson…was that his first or last name? Edwin. No, it had to be Freddie.

Oh dear, she couldn’t have had sex with Freddie, surely not him. She must have been drunk, she must have been raped!

She dug around for her phone in her bag in the kitchen. She couldn’t bear to speak with him right now, so she pulled out his number and sent him a text.

“You better get around here right now and tell me what you did to me. Etiler escort If you don’t I’m going to call the police.”

Angry, confused, tired, sore, worried, she sat back down. What to do now?

The phone beeped, “be there 30mins.”

That bastard better have a good explanation for this. Shower? No, she had better not wash away the evidence, they could match DNA from sperm couldn’t they? She trekked upstairs slowly and deliberately, partly because she had the dirtiest of hangovers, and partly because she wanted to avoid shaking off the evidence. In her mum’s room there was a big full length robe, a soft white one. Sally took off her stinky top, tossed it in the clothes bin and wrapped herself in the warmth of the robe.

Downstairs the place was a mess, an after-party mess. The stink of it all. People had been smoking inside the house, lucky her mum and dad would not be back before she had a chance to air it. No point in cleaning up now, too much to think about.

Back on the sofa she went. Oh god, pregnant, can you imagine? She knew she was drunk, she knew she did get flirty and kiss lots of boys when she drank…but she had never had sex with one. Egh, what’s the definition of sex, she thought? Someone had said in an old TV show that sex was defined as the moment the nipple made it’s first appearance, something like that. OK, by that definition she had sex with boys when she was drunk, but she had never let her pants come off, never had a boy stick himself up her and most certainly had never taken any sperm into her.

Pregnant? Oh no, not that. Please. She pulled the robe apart and again looked at herself between the legs. There was dry stuff caked to her thigh right near the entrance to her…oh no, this is a nightmare. She must have been raped, she must have been. But she couldn’t remember a damn thing.

She closed the robe and drifted off in her misery until the doorbell rang.

Freddie was there, apprehensive, having come around to the back entrance. She shoved the note in his face on the doorstep.

“What the fuck is this?”

Sally rarely swore, but she was more than enough in the mood right then. Freddie now broke into a grin.

“What are you smirking for, you asshole, this is serious.”

“Sal, look…”

“Look nothing! I was a virgin you dumb fuck, what have you done to me?”

Freddie’s face became serious.

“Sal, let’s go inside and talk.”

He made to go in, but Sally blocked him.

“You’re not coming back in here to get another chance to rape me, you bastard.”

“Sally, I didn’t rape you, now just let me in, people can hear you yelling like that out here.”

This time he pushed his way through inside. He walked his way into the kitchen, and looked around at the mess.

“You need to clean up,” he said casually.

Sally saw red, she ran at him with all her might. She took her right fist and belted him in the back of the neck.

“Whao! What the…? What are you doing?”

Freddie rubbed the spot where she hit him. Sally just squared off, fists raised. Freddie smiled and laughed.

“Look at you, all tough.”

Sally ran at him again, this time both fists flailing, trying to get at his face. Freddie picked her up and held her close so she couldn’t get a swing at him. He carried her over and put her back down onto the lounge where her day had started. He held her hands above her head and looked down at her body. The robe had fallen open. Damn, this girl was hot. All the right curves, just the right sizes, breasts that held shape no matter what the angle and the lightest of tufts on her mound. Whew.

“So you gonna rape me again, you fucking bastard?”

Freddie looked up at her, she was plain nasty with him.

“Just…shut up a minute.”

He looked back down at her body as it twisted against his hold. Ooh, it was tempting to take up her offer.

“Sally, let me explain what happened last night. You were drunk, we all were. You were dancing with all the people, guys and girls. You completely tongue kissed both Jasmine and Jennifer as well as about 4 of the guys. The straps on your halter were undone most of the night, all we boys took turns at your breasts, do you not remember any of that? At about 3 in the morning, for whatever reason you reached up, did your top back up but then started undoing your pants. You pulled your jeans and pants right off, in one go, in the middle of the room, in the middle of everyone. Then you went into the kitchen, got out a plastic supermarket bag and put them in there, you handed them to Jennifer and said can she put them out in the rubbish for you, you won’t be needing them tonight, that everyone can go home now except ‘him’, pointing to me. I’m not even sure if you knew it was me. Beşiktaş escort Being all a mess, everyone happily left, saying it was time to get a burger. You and I watched them file out, then you went over and bent over the arm of the sofa and stuck your bare ass out at me, looking around as if to say ‘come on’.”

“So you just took that as an opportunity to fuck me?”

“Well…yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well for a start because I was a virgin, you stupid ape.”

“Sally, c’mon, how was I to know that? Does explain why it was so tight, though…”

Sally turned away in disgust at the thought.

“And now I’m probably pregnant!” she said in a gentler voice.

“C’mon, we don’t know that. You really don’t remember any of this?”

Sally shook her head, eyes closed now.

“Gee. You were so…into it.”

They both stayed quiet for some time, thinking.

“I guess officially you can’t have lost your virginity if you don’t remember it happening,” Freddie tried to offer.

“I had always hoped it would be special when it happened,” Sally spoke quietly, disappointed in herself.

“Well…it still can be…maybe. You could say this is still the same session, that you are still right now in the process of losing your virginity…we could still make it something to remember.”

Sally looked up at him, trying to figure if the logic worked.

Before she could think too much Freddie moved down and started sucking her exposed breast. Ooh, Sally had this from a lot of boys before, and she did love it. Once you let one boy undo your bra, after that you tend to let everyone in pretty easily. Of course with those boys she wasn’t laying on a sofa with her pants off. She tried to pull the robe back a bit to cover her…her…self, but Freddie pulled it away again, sweeping his hands around to her ass.

Ooh, the breast thing was great. The ass thing, though, was weird. No boy had gotten into her pants before, let alone fondle her naked. It would take some getting used to. But, she was a woman now, she guessed. Now that button had been switched on, she expected there would be lots of boys that would find their way into her.

Freddie’s fingers made their way to her entrance. His effort on her breasts had done the job, she was wet. Two fingers went in deep. Sally’s body buckled, not in pain but in extraordinary pleasure.

“Wow. Wow. Unbelievable.”

Never had she dreamed that such a feeling of euphoria could rack her whole body, all by having something go up her…up her…up inside her.

“Wow. Wow, don’t stop doing that! Wow.”

Freddie worked her cunt frenetically. He took the fingers deep, contorting her womb, he squeezed his hand around her bones, he slid in and out making slopping noises, all of which had her in raptures, screaming not to stop as her body twisted over the sofa. Wow, she was a wild little thing.

When Sally came, she leaked. Neither of them knew exactly where it came from but suddenly she sprouted liquid into Freddie’s palm as her hips gyrated like she were having a seizure.

In the end she collapsed back into the sofa. Freddie went to take his sloppy fingers from her and wipe them on his jeans. The sofa was a mess.

“No, no, don’t take them out.”

“Just wait Sal, I’ll replace them with something better.”

Freddie stood and pulled down his jeans, his boxers twisted from the protrusion inside. Sally gulped. She’d not seen a penis before, not a live one, not that she could remember anyway! Freddie pulled down his boxers and stood there to let her look. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Come, come,” she said, laying back and opening her thighs further, watching that thumping great penis with amazement all the way to the lips of her…all the way to her entrance. Then she lay back, looked up and braced herself.

Suddenly she thought. “Shit, wait. Don’t you have a condom?”

“C’mon, a bit late for that isn’t it Sally?”

“But I might not be pregnant right now, and you get me pregnant this time.”

Freddie pushed the head of his penis into her, just the head. She gasped. He moved in small circles, making slopping sounds.

“Oh god.” she said

“You hear that?”

Sally nodded.

“That’s your juice, your cunt juice. It’s all over my penis, some of it is getting into me, its covering my skin. Later it will dry there and stay there all day. You want that?”

Freddie pushed further in her. She nodded and kept nodding. She was super wet.

He wanted her in one hit. He grabbed at her hips and lined her up. Without giving her any notice Freddie jammed his whole penis, full length, into her young and inexperienced insides. Sally screamed like a pig.

“Oh, oh, oh, that hurt. Oh, it Taksim escort still hurts, go slow, go slow. Jeez, that’s big in there, feels like I’ve got stuck on a post,” all the while instinctively trying to back up the sofa and get it out of her.

“Its okay, just bear with it, you’re still a rookie.”

“Oh, it hurts, can we take it out and try again later?”

“Hold on, I don’t think I will last long anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going to come, I can feel it.”

“In there? Again? Do you have to?”

“Oh yes, in there. The first fuck you can remember, this one, yeah? Well you gotta remember what the sperm felt like.”

Freddie knew it was coming, he tried his best to fuck her madly as it rose, and then bam! He drove deep into her.

“Look at me, Sally.”

Sally looked up at him.

“I’m filling your cunt with sperm, girl. Right now, do you feel it?”

Sally nodded, she could feel a warmth spread through her insides. Freddie collapsed on her. She pulled at his t-shirt and he helped her get it over his head. Now she could feel human skin laying against her bare breast, a shrinking penis still lodged in her…in her body, with all sorts of stuff leaking from her where they were joined, running down over her ass. She really didn’t even like this boy, what made her choose him last night of all people?

“Do you love it Sally?”

“I love it,” she replied. And she did. But she didn’t love him. How strange that she should allow him to get her pregnant, well maybe pregnant.

“Shall we do it again?” he asked

“Sure, we’ve got all day.”

Freddie was pleased. But truth be told, Sally was more keen to try this out with other boys, ones she liked better.

Well, with her parents away, the rest of the day turned into the rest of the night and the next day. Sally lost count of the times he put sperm in her, all she could remember is that no time lasted very long, he would always lose it as soon as he got in her. She wished he could do it for longer, she loved the hardness, the stiffness inside her. She wished she could ride it to ecstasy as she could with his fingers, but it was never hard and stiff for long enough.

It was great to explore sex with a man, to have showers together, sleep naked with a man in your own bed, not wear any clothes for 36 hours, have a naked penis to hold whenever you feel. But eventually Sally tired of Freddie. She just didn’t like him very much. As an excuse to finish the tryst, she sent a text message to one of her friends telling her to call and say she is coming over. As Freddie finally pulled on his clothes and put away his tool, she could tell that Freddie knew this is the last he would have of her.

They kissed affectionately and she stayed naked for him as he walked out of the house. She pulled back the curtain and let him look at her as she waved goodbye, but there was no sadness, not for Sally. She had a new toy to play with, and there was plenty of holiday left in which to use it. Mum and Dad were more than a week away from coming back home.

Her friend arrived not long after Freddie left. Sally still hadn’t cleaned up the house and was not yet properly dressed, only having put the white robe back on. Her thighs were all crusty with muck, she would need to shower before putting on any clean underwear.

“Hi Mary.”

“Hey there Sally. Ooh, this place is a mess!”

“Yeah, well…”

“You been asleep for 2 days?”

“I’ve been busy.”

“Girl, you smell of man.”

Mary leaned in closer, sniffing.

“You smell of sex!! Who you been hiding away with?”

“You guys should know, you left me alone with him, you miserable so-called friend.”

Mary was raiding the fridge.

“Nothing but orange juice? How old is this?” she said, holding it up to the light. “What are you talking about, I left you alone with who?”

“On Friday night. You guys all left and Freddie stayed behind.”

“Freddie? Freddie Richards? He didn’t stay behind anywhere.”

“Yes he did, he stayed here and you all went to get burgers.”

“Sally, dear, Freddie was the one who drove us to burgers.”


“We left you asleep on the sofa.”


“You were blind drunk and you tried to pee in the clothes basket, damn well wet all your pants. Jennifer took them home to wash. We lay you right there on the sofa.”

Sally’s eyes rolled circles in her head, she staggered slightly.

“The boys of course were all trying to get a peek at your snatch, and someone managed to stick some thing to your head which I think Jennifer left there, but we rallied the boys out of there and let you be. Your party was over, girl. So what are you talking about?”

“I had white stuff dried all over my…on my legs and stuff, the top of my legs, in my…you know.”

“Ah, that would be Jasmine” she said, holding up a tube of condensed milk from the fridge, “having a bit of fun with you.”

Sally rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

“Sally? Is something wrong?”

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