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Can I Get A Ride? Ch. 01

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Tommy was in his third year at the University of Missouri. It was April, early on a Friday afternoon. It had been raining all week, but today there was finally a respite. The sun was shining, birds singing, flowers blooming in bright colors. Tommy and his friend Chris, a sophomore who still lived in the dorm that Tommy had lived in the year before, had been jamming together on their acoustic guitars for an hour outside in a park next to the dorm. They decided they wanted to smoke a little pot and then continue jamming, so they went back to Chris’s dorm room to puff a bit. Tommy produced the weed and Chris had a small glass hash pipe. They smoked a couple bowls and decided to jam in the common room of the dorm.

Tommy hadn’t really missed living in the dorm. He liked having his own space, he liked not having to be wary of the RA whenever they smoked some pot. Chris made sure the pot smoke was blowing out the window, so no worries today. While Tommy was happy he didn’t have to live in the dorm any longer, he did miss all the young college girls. Since it was a nice warm day, and the first one in a while, the girls going to and from class were all wearing short shorts and tight little tee shirts. Tommy sat back on the sofa and watched the girls come and go through the common room. Some of them were really cute, a couple were really sexy, and there was one girl that was drop-dead gorgeous. She was talking on a cell phone as she walked through the commons. “Who was that?” Tommy asked Chris after she had passed.

“Lauren McCain,” he said. “She’s nice enough. She’s got a boyfriend on the other side of campus. She’s a freshman.”

“Interesting,” Tommy said. He played a little riff, and Chris played it back at him. Tommy hit a couple E chords and Chris played that riff again, over it. They jammed it out for a few minutes, before Lauren walked back through the commons, still on the cell phone. She was visibly upset. A few moments later, they heard her yell.

“Fine! Do whatever the fuck you want!”

Tommy and Chris looked at each other, shrugged. Lauren came back to the common room and sat down on a sofa near Tommy and Chris. “What’s going on, Lauren?” Chris said.

“My boyfriend is an idiot,” she said.

“What did he do?” Tommy asked her. She looked at him. He looked right back at her.

“I’d rather not talk about it right now,” she said, crossing her arms across her chest, just below her perky, full tits. She was wearing a tank top, black and tight, and tiny denim shorts, cut off with ragged, torn hems. “You guys keep playing. I was enjoying hearing you. I’m Lauren, by the way,” she said, looking at Tommy.

“Tommy Orion,” he replied. Chris played a riff, and Tommy recognized it from a Grateful Dead song they knew. Tommy played the next riff, and Chris played the one that followed, and then Tommy hit the E chord, followed with an A, and they started singing “St. Stephen.” Lauren didn’t seem to know the song, but she enjoyed watching them play it. Suddenly, without stopping playing, they flowed from St. Stephen into a Buddy Holly song she did recognize, called “Not Fade Away,” which was all about being in love and thinking it will last forever, and she sang along with them. They changed it up in the middle, breaking into a song, singing about “going down the road, feeling bad… don’t wanna be treated this old way,” before rolling back into “Not Fade Away” to finish it all off.

“That was really cool,” she said.

Chris shrugged. Tommy said: “The Dead do it better.”


“The Grateful Dead. We’re just ripping off them.”

“Well you did a good job. That was really cool, how you went from one song to another,” she said. Tommy smiled, shrugged, played another little riff. “So what are you guys doing tonight?” she asked them.

“I’m going to a show at the Blue Note. Split Lip Rayfield is playing,” Chris said.

“Who are they?”

“Kind of a honky-tonk garage-rock punk string band. They rock.”

“Cool. What about you, Tommy?”

“I don’t know yet. I was thinking of driving to St. Louis to meet some friends of mine for a jam session.”

“Oh yeah?” she said. She was suddenly excited. “I was supposed to go see U2 tonight in St. Louis at the Savvis Center. My boyfriend was going to drive me, even though he didn’t have a ticket to the show. Anyway, he’s an idiot, like I said, and he forgot and he’s getting drunk with his buddies right now, so I don’t have a ride anymore. I’m supposed to meet some friends at the show. Tommy, I’ll pay for your gas if you would take me with you to St. Louis tonight.”

Tommy didn’t have to think twice. “That’s a deal,” he said. He checked the time on his cell phone. “We should probably leave in a couple hours.”

“Oh shit, what time is it?” Chris asked.

“Almost three,” Tommy said.

“Shit, I have to get to class. Thanks for the weed, Tommy, we should kick it this weekend.”

“Sure,” Tommy said. Chris ran off, taking his guitar back to his room.

“So,” Lauren said, moving to sit next Gaziantep Escort to Tommy on the sofa, “do you have a girlfriend?”

“Nah,” Tommy said, shaking his head.


He laughed. “No, I don’t have any groupies, either. Why, do you want to start a fan club?”

Now she was laughing. “Maybe. Play another song.”

“Okay. Umm, this one is called ‘Sugar Magnolia.'” He played it for her, an upbeat, fun song about spring and love and youth. She loved it. After he finished, they realized they were hungry and should get some food before they left for St. Louis. They got some dorm food and enjoyed each other’s company. After dinner, it was nearing time for them to leave. Tommy walked back to his apartment to get his car while Lauren got ready to go to her concert. Tommy stuffed his guitar in the trunk, next to his electric guitar and his amp. He never went anywhere without a musical instrument or two. He drove back to the dorm and parked right in front. Lauren had given him her cell phone number, and he called it to tell her that he was there and she should come down when she was ready. She came down a few minutes later.

Tommy’s car was a mid-80’s Mercury Grand Marquis. It was a big car, totally made of steel, with a big engine to move it. The front and back seats were quite spacious, and the front seat was a bench seat, and three people could sit across the front if they wanted. Lauren got in the front seat on the passenger side. She had changed clothes for the show. She was wearing a bright flowery skirt that had a lot of bounce to it, and a tight white tank top under a little white blouse that she left unbuttoned. She had put on a little make up but Tommy knew she didn’t need any. He was wearing baggy jeans, sneakers, and a tie-dyed tee shirt. He wore aviator sunglasses. They stopped at a gas station before they got on the freeway, and Lauren paid for enough gas to fill the tank. “Thanks again for the ride,” she said.

“My pleasure. Really,” he said. She crossed her legs, causing the skirt to ride up her thigh just a bit. The sun was beginning to set behind them as they left Columbia, heading east. It was a little after five in the afternoon. Storm clouds could be seen rolling in from Kansas behind them, blocking the last remaining light of the sun.

Tommy and Lauren chatted as they drove eastward. Lauren shocked herself after awhile, realizing that she was really happy right now, for the first time in months. Then, Tommy asked her what she had been hoping to hear: “Do you smoke weed at all?”

She had taken notice earlier when Christ had thanked him for the weed. She had smoked it a few times since she’d arrived at Mizzou, but her boyfriend didn’t approve, so she hadn’t had many chances to smoke since she started going with him in November. “I haven’t in a while,” she said.

He told her to grab his backpack, which was on the floor behind her. She grabbed it, and he told her to go into the left side pocket. She unzipped it and found inside a plastic baggie full of crumbled green leafs, a cigarette lighter, some cigarette papers, and a metal cigarette. It looked like a cigarette, but was made entirely of metal. He called it a “battie.” He told her to fill the end with some weed, just stick it in the baggie and push some in the end. Then he told her to put the “butt” end to her lips and light the end with the weed with the lighter, and suck in the smoke. She did as he told her, breathing in the warm smoke. She remembered from previous experiences to hold it in for as long as she could. She rolled down the window a bit and breathed the smoke out, letting it blow out the window. She hit the battie again, getting another hit, held it in, breathed it out. She already felt really high, off just two hits! She tapped the ash out the window. He told her to pack it for him. She did so, but slowly now. He smoked it, ashed it out the window, handed it back to her. He told her she could smoke as much as she wanted, because he had plenty more weed where that came from.

“Thank you so much,” she said to him. He put a CD in the car’s stereo. He didn’t turn it up too loud. Lauren packed the battie with weed again, smoked it. Now she was pretty well stoned. She lay off the weed for a while, until they got closer to the St. Louis. They chatted for a while, and then she decided she wanted to be really stoned for the U2 show, so she started taking hits from the battie again, and just kept taking hits until Tommy got her to the Savvis Center, where U2 was playing. She kissed Tommy on the cheek, left the weed with him in his backpack. He told her that he wouldn’t be far from here when the show was over, and just to call him and he’d pick her up in no time.

Dazed, confused, thoroughly, totally stoned, she wandered into the arena for the concert. She wandered, searching for her seat, getting help from probably half a dozen different ushers. She was on top of the world. Totally high, out of her mind, trying to find her seat, happy and giddy and without a clue. She had Gaziantep Escort Bayan nothing in her possession she could be busted for. The drugs she smuggled into the show in her bloodstream. She finally found her seat. Her friends were already there. When the show started and the lights went out, one of her friends gave her a beer to drink. Lauren had a wonderful time. She was still totally stoned by the time the show was over and Bono said “goodnight.” She was also really drunk, having consumed three large beers. She called Tommy as she stood in the crowd, slowly moving through the exits. It was raining outside when the show ended. Lauren couldn’t see over all the people. She had to go out in the rain to find Tommy. She knew she shouldn’t have worn a white top. Oh well. It wasn’t raining very hard, but it wasn’t drizzling either. Finally, she saw his car, and he waved for her. She ran over to him as best she could, stumbling through the passenger side door, fell into the front seat. It took her a few moments to sit up so she could close the door.

“How was the show?” he asked her.

“It was awesome! Thank you so, so, so much!” she said, slurring her words. She leaned back into the big, cushy bench seat. “I had so much fun. It was great to be so stoned and experience all that.”

“How much did you get to drink?”

“My friends kept giving me beer!” she said. “I don’t know, two or three, I guess. They were big though.”

They stopped at a stop light. There was a lot of traffic trying to get on the freeway, and it was slow going. “You don’t have a towel, do you?” she asked him. She peeled off her soaked white blouse and tossed it into the back seat. Her tight little white tank top was pretty wet, too, and her skirt. She was very aware that her lacy white bra was visible through her shirt. Tommy turned on the hot air when he saw she had goosebumps. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the lacy bra and thin white tank top. Tommy did his best not to stare.

“No towel, sorry. I’m pretty wet myself,” he said.

“Oh well,” she said.

“Here, this will help warm you up.” He handed her the weed and the battie. They each took a few good hits while they waited at the light to get on the freeway. Suddenly, she surprised the hell out of him by yelling: “Sex!”, hitting the roof, and pointing at a passing car that had only one headlight.

“What?” Tommy said. “What was that all about?”

“Have you never played ‘Sex?'”

“No. Not in the car, anyway.”

“Well, whenever you see a car that has only one headlight, you call out ‘sex’ and hit the roof and then you get to pick somebody in the car who has to take off an article of clothing. I pick you.”

“Well, alright,” Tommy said, kicking off his shoes. They drove for a while through the rain, puffing on some weed and playing Sex. Tommy lost his socks and his belt before he got a piece of Lauren’s clothes. She took off her shoes. Tommy lost his tee shirt and then he went on a roll. Lauren was Sexed out of her socks, and then Tommy got her again. She unhooked her bra, while still wearing her wet white tank top, and managed to pull her bra off and out. She tossed it in his lap. He looked over at her, saw her nipples pointing through the thin material. Her breasts were pressed tight against he wet shirt, and it clung to her skin in the sexiest way. Tommy managed to keep his eyes on the road. They smoked a little more of his weed. The rain came down harder. Lauren called “Sex” and Tommy was forced out of his jeans, sitting now in just his boxers. Lauren was sitting right up next to him now, still smoking the battie. She gave it to Tommy and he puffed on it. They were both really high now. Tommy called “Sex” and Lauren quickly unzipped her skirt in the back and slid it down her smooth shapely legs, and then leaned against Tommy. It started to rain really hard. Tommy couldn’t see very far. He decided to turn on his flashers and pull over and wait a while for the storm to calm a bit before continuing. They were about halfway to Columbia. It was past midnight. Other cars were pulling over, too. Some drove past them, but slowly.

Tommy finally had a chance to get a good look at the sexy young woman next to him. She was rubbing her hands on his legs and belly and chest. He had a visible erection. “Hi,” she said, quietly. Her eyes were half-open, bloodshot, glassy. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this fucked up,” she said, taking another hit from the battie, slowly.

“You’re not uncomfortable, are you?” he asked her, easing an arm around her slender body. She leaned into him.

She laughed, placed her hand on his boxers, on his upper thigh. “I’ve never been so comfortable, either,” she said. She leaned up and kissed his cheek. She started kissing up and down his neck. He grabbed her ass, pulled her closer to him. She was wearing a sexy little pink thong with stars printed on it. He was looking out the front window, and he saw a car pass them with just one headlight.

“Sex,” he said.

“No Escort Gaziantep fair!” she pouted. He looked at her. “Fine,” she said, and peeled off her wet tank top, finally exposing those two beautiful breasts and their hard nipples. He leaned in to kiss her, and she kissed him back. Suddenly, she broke the kiss and called “Sex,” pointing to another passing car with just one headlight. “Here, let me,” she said, and pulled down his boxer shorts, exposing his erection. She grinned wickedly, and grabbed it.

“Wait, Lauren, your boyfriend, what about—” Tommy protested.

“Mmm, you’re at least three inches bigger than my boyfriend,” she said, and started moving her hand lightly up and down the length of his cock. She played with his hairy balls for a bit before she grabbed hold of him tightly and started jerking him up and down, faster now. She saw the precum on the tip of his cock, and licked up his thick shaft, and then licked around and over the head, tasting his precum. “Yummy,” she said, and then she started sucking on the head, taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Tommy moaned, ran his hands through her long wet dark blond hair. She sucked hard on it, and jerked his big cock up and down with her hand, as she took more of it into her mouth. His hands were running all over her body now, and she loved his touches. His hands were rough on her smooth skin.

The rain started to let up. Soon it was only drizzling. She was still sucking on him. He put a hand on her head, forcing her to go down on his cock even further. He started the car, turned off the flashers, turned on the defrost, and once he could see, got back on the road. He kept his cock in her mouth, using his grip on her hair to move her head up and down. He was getting his cock down her throat. She was moaning, and the vibrations in her throat felt amazing on the head of his dick. He turned on the cruise control and took his foot off the gas. She continued sucking on him, and moaning into his cock. She started playing with his balls again, and then it was all over. He was coming at seventy miles an hour! She took his cock out of her throat and sucked vigorously on the head while he came, sucking the cum out of his cock, gulping it down greedily.

They spent the next hour getting to Columbia. She had soaked her pink star thong all the way through, from being so horny from sucking on him. She sat next to him, pressed against him as he drove, and masturbated, her small hand inside her pink star thong, rubbing on her clit, a finger pushing inside her pussy. She made herself come three times before Tommy got off the freeway in Columbia, Missouri, headed back to Mizzou. They started putting clothes back on again, but it made them sad.

“So…” Tommy said, as he pulled on his tee shirt when they were stopped at a light. He pulled up his boxers, stuffed his hard cock back inside. “I guess I should take you back to your dorm…”

“I guess so,” she said. “What are you doing tomorrow? I’d like to see you again.”

“I don’t know. We should hang out and kick it,” he said. He pulled his car around onto campus, drove down to her dorm.

“Oh my God,” she said, ducking down, her head in Tommy’s lap. “My boyfriend is over there, waiting for me.”

“He looks totally drunk.”

“I’m sure he is. Park over in the back. The dark corner. Yeah, over here,” she said. Tommy did as she told him, parked the car. “Turn it off.” He did. She started unzipping his jeans.

“Lauren! Your boy—”

“Shut up and fuck me already! Let’s make this car bounce!”

She didn’t have to tell him twice. They each reclined their front seats and started kissing each other passionately. They rolled over the seatbacks into the back seat. “I’m so hot for you,” she said. “It made me so wet to suck your big cock.” His pants were down around his ankles. So were his boxers, and his cock was big and hard. “I want it to hurt my tight little cunt,” she said in his ear. He was on top of her, and she pulled up her skirt. He was between her legs, her legs spread wide for him. She reached down and moved her thong just a bit, so it no longer blocked her wet entrance, and grabbed Tommy’s cock and guided it home. The head found her wetness, and it slid in easily, the first few inches. He had to force it after that, and he did, pushing it into her, hard, stretching her pussy in depth and width; she had never had anything so large inside her. He began to slide it in and out. Her pussy grew accustomed to its new size, thanks mostly to how wet she was. He held her by her ass and used his strong arms to move her, hard and fast, around on his cock. It was impaling her, and she was experiencing a level of ecstasy she never knew existed. The car was rocking back and forth now. Lauren was hoping her boyfriend was getting horny watching the car bounce. She knew he was. “I want you to come inside me Tommy, I want you to shoot your come—oh my God I’m coming!” she cried out, and bucked her hips on his cock, driving it further inside her, and then she felt it growing inside her, and then he was coming, shooting his hot juice deep into her! It felt so amazing. When she came, she was using her pussy to grab his cock and pull the semen from him. It felt so dirty to let this man she had just met shoot his seed unprotected inside her, but she didn’t care, it all felt too good.

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