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Camping with the Sister In Law Ch. 03

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And the saga continues. Fan fricking tastic.

Emma and I did continue the night Sarah stayed in that hotel. We continued well into the early hours of the next morning. I think both of us knew it was over after that. We couldn’t keep doing that to each other – it wasn’t fair to Sarah.

We both love her too much for that. But god the sex was good. And every time I see Emma’s ass I get to think back to that night. That’s good enough right? Right? Okay. Who am I kidding. I’d love to sleep with her again if my god-dammed conscious would allow it.

Cue – today – when – you guessed it – my conscious will once more fail me. Sorry to ruin the ending but don’t worry I’m sure there’s some twists and turns you’ll enjoy. You’ll enjoy them a hell of a lot more than I do.

You know that feeling you get of panic and anxiety that’s somewhere between your gut and your neck and just sits there when you know you fucked up? That’s how I feel, but enjoy. Enjoy my total state of regret and misery.


“David are you ready?”

Am I ready? Am I ready she says.

“Of course. It takes me like five minutes.”

“And yet, we’re always waiting on you in the end.”

Sarah pokes her head out of the bathroom as she says this. I’m still in bed and most certainly not ready.

“Well, I’ll be ready by the next time you check if I’m ready how about that.”

The toothbrush goes in her mouth and we air shake on it.

A few people are coming over. Emma (whom you’ve met already), Alli (a childhood friend of Emma and Sarah’s), and Jess (the only college friend of mine that Sarah likes).

It should be fun. It should be a fun game night. We’ve each got a game planned and hopefully I don’t end up fucking my sister in law again! Jesus. What have I become?

Ding Dong (not my dick, the doorbell).

“Babe! I’ll get the door! Hurry your pretty ass up!”


A lot of nervous chuckling for me. It’s been that way since it happened… And then since it happened again… And then again… And…

At the door is Jess! I breathe out a sigh of relief as Jess launches forward to hug me.

“David! Long time no see! I found someone else wandering around your front yard too. Some stray.” We laugh as Alli walks into view, and shyly hugs me.

Just a moment to objectify these two gorgeous women, Alli is the definition of a petite hourglass figure. Her black hair drapes over her C cup tits to her hips. Her ass is to die for too. Her face is probably her worst featutre, but even that’s at least good looking. She’s the whole package. Today she’s wearing tight blue jeans, and a loose blue plaid shirt. Then theres Jess, her face is easily her best feature. Any time you’ve ever seen a gorgeous girl pull off a sexy scarecrow costume for Halloween? She was made for that. Her straw blonde hair gingerly tickles her B cup boobs. Her ass is bigger than Alli’s but smaller than Emma’s. She’s truly just a gorgeous young woman. Today, she’s wearing a purple frilly dress that clings to every inch of her body.

“Come in come in!” I exclaim as I drool over these gorgeous girls. God I’m not the hero of my own story am I? I’m the villain of theirs. “So what games did you two bring?”

“I brought a trivia game!” Alli beams as she presents a well worn box.

“I brought cards against humanity.” Jess lazily flops the new box onto the table, she’s not a huge fan of games that aren’t drinking games.

“I brought Twister!” What the shit? When did she come in? There’s Emma standing in the door frame with a loose flowing mini skirt and a tank top. Ugh I wish she’d wear something that hugged her ass… I mean

“Hey Emma. Twister huh?”

“Oh yeah. So limber up bucko.” The mini skirt really shows off her legs. Her thighs are perfectly plump and lean. The kind that get nicely squeezed by thigh highs. Below her calves are perfectly shaped from working out everyday for years. God I want those legs wrapped around me instead of sitting across the coffee table.

“Oh! You’re all here?!” Sarah walks down the stairs as she finishes putting her hair up into a ponytail. “David why didnt you get me?” She teases, while going into the kitchen. “Give me a hand in here will you?” I head in, and see she’s prepared some cocktails. “I figured we could start the night off right.” She hands me three drinks to hand out, and brings two with her. We sit down, and start in on the cards against humanity. It starts off pretty benign for all my worries. We’re all sitting around, and laughing. I get up to go to the bathroom 3 drinks later (never a good idea to break the floodgate) and when I get back I’ve been kicked off the couch to the floor.

“No. No. Don’t move back over, I’ll just sit on the ground. So not a problem.”

“Good, because Sarah and I need room, we’ve got hips ya know?” Jess smiles cockily as she jokes. I mock being put out, and get ready for more of the game.

“Maybe we start the trivia now?” Alli speaks up, and giggles. She’s already getting tipsy, and you can tell by the faint pink underlining of her eyes.

“Only Silivri Escort if it’s a drinking game!” Jess says, but starts putting away the cards before we agree to the new terms. It wasn’t a suggestion I guess. Still, I stand up to get Alli some water in between games.

“Anybody want some water?” All hands shoot up.

“I’ll help you!” Emma swings off the chair, and bounces after me into the kitchen. “Ugh, I wish we could just skip to the twister. You know?”

“Heh. I mean, at the rate we’re going we’ll see if we even make it to that game.”

“Oh we will, and hopefully after a good amount of drinking. Even if it’s just you and me left conscious.” Emma winks, and bounces out with two of the glasses. Oh Christ, why was I still holding hope this could go by without event… And why am I kinda happy I was wrong. God, I’m the absolute worst.


“The teams are David, Jess, and Sarah against Emma and Alli.” Again, Jess commands. She doesn’t suggest. Those two are way better at trivia so we get the advantage of the extra head; though I doubt that’ll end up actually helping.

Yep. That was beyond fast as I find myself chugging my drink because I lost. Then, of course, Emma pours the rest of her drink evenly amongst the losers. “Don’t forget you finish ours too!” Oh, so she wants to play that way? I mean… Ain’t no thaaang… I think I’m tipsy now, and when I bring fresh drinks for the group I notice Emma’s moved to the ground with me. I think my horny sister in law might be about to be obvious about us… I’m a schmuck. Why am I happy about that? This could ruin my marriage if I let it. But I take the bait, I ignore the now empty chair, and sit right next to her on the ground.

“Let’s change teams! I’ll be on David’s team! You’re welcome. I’m willing to take the loss here.”

“Great, thanks Emma. Good morale boost.”

“Oh you know I’m teasing.” She flourishes her hand, and runs it on my thigh.

Gulp! Fricking gulp! I. Am. I. Trouble.

I blush and cringe and pop a chub all at the same time. As I adjust my sitting to hide my growing… I see Jess giving me a curious smile. Oh shit. Did she notice? Does she think it was weird. Am I over thinking barely a moment with barely an interaction?

Shit tune back in to the conversation, and let’s play some trivia.

We trade points pretty evenly at first, but it’s still pretty clear Emma and I are gonna lose. Sarah’s ecstatic, and Alli doesn’t seem the least bit surprised. Jess is barely playing as she spends the whole time chatting and laughing.

Emma, and I start to win out of left field, and with every point she gets a little touchier. On another losing streak, we finish our drinks first so I stand to get more.

“Ooooh bottoms up ladies!” Jess is encouraging a lot of excessive drinking as per usual. We laugh and she joins me in the kitchen to get the next round. Her dress riding up to her near perfect ass as she struts into the kitchen. I feel like a cartoon character floating after some delectable dessert as I follow her beautiful form. Oh, so it’s not even just Emma? I’m just kind of a monster.

“Enjoying the view?” Jess whirls on me when we’re alone in the kitchen.

“Um… Uh… Wait… That’s…” Shit shit shit shit shit

“I do wear the fuck out of this dress, don’t I?” She gives me a twirl. Is she flirting with me? Now I know I’m drunk. Not everyone’s as depraved as I am. “Well? Don’t I?”

“Um… Yeah…”

She pouts like I just insulted her. “Well. I guess not well enough for a real compliment.”

“Oh quit fishing. You wear the fuck outta that dress.”

She kicks up a leg as she walks by, “I know. You should see me without it.” Am I in the twilight zone?


When I step back out. It’s my wet nightmare, twister is being set up. I immediately sit on the couch and grab the spin wheel. No way in hell am I contorting with my sister in law in front of my wife. That’s a disaster waiting to-

“Hey babe. I’m not feeling super well. I’m gonna go to bed for a little okay?” Sarah says her goodnights and drunkenly goes upstairs. Oh no. This is bad. Without her something might happen here…

“Okay you all know the rules. But there’s a twist. Every time we spin we sip. No matter where we are on the map. Got it?” Emma announces this as she takes a drink and gleefully stands over the dotted sheet.

“I think I’ll sit this one out. Cool?” Alli walks over intent on taking the wheel, but Jess steers her back.

“Nope. Not cool. Everyone’s playing. Including you, David. I see you trying to weasel out and just stare at our asses while we play.”

“Better I stare than…” I cut myself off mid joke and blush. “Oh fuck. whatever I’ll play.

The first commands go by smooth sailing, but once all four limbs are placed for everyone, that’s when Emma starts having her fun. “Right hand Red!” Emma snakes her arm over my leg and runs her hand across my crotch, “Oh damn. I forgot to drink first!” She does the same backwards, drinks, and repeats. Only now she leaves her face breathing on my crotch. “Well this Silivri Escort Bayan is awkward isn’t it David?”

Alli and Jess just laugh as my sister in law’s hot breath warms my dick.

“right leg red.”

Oh shit! Instead of just sliding it under my body, Emma now swings over me so we’re basically 69ing! I can see up her mini skirt, and she has on a lace black thong.

“Liking the view? Lucky boy.” Jess is on one as she naughtily whispers in my ear.

“Oh shut up. I won’t lose just because she plays dirty.”

“What if I play dirty?” Jess lifts a finger and inches it towards Emma’s pussy. “What do you think?”

Gulp. “That’s not really part of the game…”

“Hmm.” She mutters as she pulls away just before contact. “Shame.”

This girl is so weird! And my dick is way too hard for this game!

We fall here and there, but no one ever thinks of stopping, we just keep resetting as our bodies touch and brush and intertwine. Most of it’s just a blur, but there is a lot of precum in my underwear. The final game ends with me falling right on top of Jess when Emma reaches into my pants while no one’s looking. She just traces her finger lightly on my dick before removing her hand.

“Oh. So you do take what you want?” Jess asks in my ear as her legs wrap around me for just a moment pulling me closer.

“I gotta go to bed!” I yell, but I can’t move. If I stand they’ll see how absurdly hard I am. Teasing aside I’m pretty sure Jess would kill me.

“Good luck with that. Emma and I put Alli to bed in your bed when you got us more drinks.”

“Ha! Looks like you’re on the couch tonight buddy!”

Ugh. They always do this when they drink together. I get kicked out of my own bed by whoever gets drunk enough to pass out first, then the other two claim the guest bed.

“So might as well keep playing. Cuz I don’t want to go to bed yet.” Jess sticks out her tongue as her legs release me.

“I’m bored. What should we do next?” Emma stands flips her skirt playfully and crosses her legs on the couch. Oh god. If Jess went to bed right now, I don’t think I’d be able to keep myself off of Emma’s beautiful tight figure.

I plop down next to her, and I must be drunk as hell because my hand just lands gripping Emma’s thigh.

Jess hops to the other side of me and leans on me, “How about a movie drinking game?”

“I don’t know Jess. I might be done drinking for the-“

“Great! I’ll go pour the drinks.”

As she walks away I can’t help but stare at her ass. But I shouldn’t have because she turns and catches me with a wink.

I barely register Emma removing my hand from her leg as I’m filled with shame, lust, and self loathing.

Suddenly I feel Emma’s hot breath in my ear, “Tonight, I want you to choke me David.” As she says that she pulls a blanket over us, and I feel her taking my cock out under it. She fishes it out, and wraps it in her hand, and in… Are those?

I look down, and see I was right. She took off her panties, and is using them to jerk me off.


She smiles from ear to ear as she whispers. “Get the movie going so Jess doesn’t think anything’s weird.”

“Emma! Sarah’s upstairs, and Jess is gonna be out any minute!” I hiss at her, even as I get the movie ready. Her hand, and panties, wrapped around my shaft is one of the best feelings of my life. I’m the worst husband in the world, it’s official. Because there’s no way I can stop this train from leaving the station. Not at this point.

I look at Emma, and she’s just staring at my lap. The way she absentmindedly bites her lip makes precum drool out of the tip, and moisten the whole process. She’s in no rush as her hand ever so slowly moves up and down in a fluid motion. This isn’t about making me cum, it’s about turning us both on.

When Jess bounces back in and plops on the couch I expect Emma to at least pause, but I am one hundred percent incorrect in that assumption. Even as she takes her drink from Jess her hand never stops its movement. Even as Jess pulls some of the blanket onto herself, and cozies up to me! What the fuck! This is incredible and horrible!

The movie drags on, and every once in a while Jess has to remind us the rules of the drinking game she made up on the spot. I can’t move or breathe as this torture and pleasure drags on for the first half of the movie.

Maybe this won’t actually turn to shit… Maybe-

My line of thought is cut off when I realize I’ve got one of my hands on Jess’s thigh. I look at her when I realize what I’ve done, but she’s focused on the movie. I start to take my hand off, but she firmly grasps it with her own and keeps it on her thigh with a couple pats. What in the world. She doesn’t even look at me as she does this. I turn to Emma, and see her face is extremely flushed. I don’t think it’s the alcohol causing this. Call me a psychic, but I think it might have to do with the fact that her hand has been arduously gripping and stroking my cock for the last hour! This is heaven and hell collided isn’t it.

Well, I’m not caught Escort Silivri or screwed yet. Maybe tonight could just end with a hand job, and me not getting-

Once again my mind racing is cut off by reality. Jess moves my hand, while smiling at me and starts to lift the blanket off of us. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

She stops for a moment, then full flips the blanket off. It’s the first time Emma’s hand stops moving.

We all freeze, and I look from woman to woman in panic.

Emma’s looking straight ahead at the movie. Slowly her hand starts up again as she huskily says, “I’ll have a beer this time, instead of a cocktail.”

This woman is bold, she is brave, she is insane.

“Well. You don’t seem to have trouble getting what you want do you?” Jess retorts, I can’t tell if she’s being playful or angry, but I’m fully frozen.

“Aren’t you getting up to get the next round?” Emma’s face doesn’t say anything, but her hand picks up the pace. Oh shit! This feels good. Jess’s eyes are glued to my dick as she does this. Jess lingers for a moment before going to get the drinks.

“Um… Emma… This is wrong. Jess…” I try to raise issue but Emma begins fingering herself as she jerks me faster. “Fuck! Emma I’m gonna-“

“Cum for me David!” Emma whispers in my ear as I cum into her panties.

When Jess comes back into the room I’m putting my pants on, and Emma’s putting her cum soaked panties back on.

“Oh…” Is all Jess says as she gives us our drinks.

“Soooooo… Are we finishing the movie?” I ask.


The rest of the movie is pretty above board. And suuuuuuuper uncomfortable. I have zero idea what to say. Do I beg Jess not to tell my wife? Do I let Emma handle things?

As the credits roll we’re all still just sitting there.

“Should we play another game?” Jess is wobbling, but she still wants to keep going.

“Here. I’m gonna go use the powder room to take a piss.” As she walks to the restroom, she turns on some music.

“Dance with me.” Jess grabs me up, and starts dancing around me. “So how long has this been going on?”

“Huh” Jesus I’m dumb.

“Don’t be dumb” Jess snickers as her face and hands travel down my body sensually.

“Um. This was the first time.” Wowza I’m a bad liar.

“You’re a bad liar. But that’s okay I’ll-“

“Enough.” I push her off me. I thought, but somehow I’ve pushed her against the wall. She raises her leg, and pulls me in.

“Are you taking what you want?”

Just then I hear some stumbling upstairs. I step back just as Sarah stumbles down the stairs.

“David?” Her groggy voice reaches for me.

“Yeah babe. I’m here. You need some water?”


Thank god she interrupted before I did anything I’d regret. I step away from the beautiful blonde in the tight purple dress, and get my wife some water. Hopefully she doesn’t get a hangover tomorrow…

Jess’s chest heaves as I return. I don’t know but I put my hand next to her face on the wall and lean in close, “Good thing she came down.”

“Why?” Jess asks, biting her lip.

I look down as her chest rises and falls with each breath.

“Do I have something on my dress?” She’s toying with me, but I play along. My fingers trace the seams of her dress. from her hip to her chest, along the hem of her clavicle and back down to her hip. “David…” She exhales my name softly.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Emma comes out of the bathroom to find us… In each other’s space. Emma flips me around, and pushes my back into Jess. “David! Your wife. My sister! Is upstairs, and you’re down here flirting with this hussy?”

What? Your panties are soaked in my cum…


“Jess! Your Sarah’s best friend. How could you do this?”

Jess just sways with her finger in her mouth. “I guess I’ve been bad.”

I can’t take this. I push Emma onto the couch, and attch her face with my mouth. My tongue probes her lips, and hers explores every centimeter of my own mouth. I explore her body with my hands as I feel her tongue go from the back of my mouth to the roof of my mouth to my teeth.

As we go at it I can feel her skirt is completely exposing her body. Her shirt rides up, and put of the corner of my eye I see Jess take a seat with a better view of us. What the actual…

“David?” My heart stops, and so does Emma. Once again, we hear Sarah’s voice at the top of the stairs. “David?”

I feel Emma cautiously undo my belt, and fly. My voice cracks, “Yeah babe?”

“Can you turn the music down?” Emma now has my cock fully out in the open, and the shadt is perpendicular and pressed against her pussy.

“Sure thing babe.” Emma starts not so dry humping to press herself against me, and feel all along my cock with her pussy opening. This is just the ultimate tease. I wrap a hand around her neck, and her face lights up as I gently squeeze while matching her grinding.

“Do you need anything else babe?”

“When are you coming to bed?” She calls back.

“I thought Alli stole my spot in bed?” I say as I drag my dick down and off. Leaving the tip at her entrance, I tweak her nipple under her shirt while I squeeze her neck. Her smile broadens and the dimple on her cheek deepens as I slowly press inside my sweet sister in law. I lean forward and look into her eyes as I yell back up, “Babe? You still there?”

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