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Camp of Blessing Ch. 08

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“Look over there, dear. I’m checking this side.” Sister Beth instructed as she looked over dusty, old book shelves. Valery searched the other side of the room, going through equally old shelves. They were at the archives, but not the main ones. These were the “really old” archives, mostly containing documents that weren’t relevant anymore or somehow outdated. It was an abandoned room in the basement, no one ever went there, Sister Beth was the only one that had the keys.

Valery hated the dust, or the fact she had to look for some old document among horribly decayed folders. She was sure she had seen some bugs between folders here and there, creeping back into darkness to avoid her. An expression of disgust was permanently stuck to her face during the search. “There is nothing here, we should just go back upstairs.” Protested the girl. Sister Beth responded without even turning to look at Valery. “Keep searching, we were told to find out more about that room and what is going on in this school, and that is what we’ll do.”

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Valery continued. She was now Sister Beth’s personal assistant, as requested by the nun herself. After the incident with Mary in the locker room it became clear Valery, Julie and Renata needed close supervision. All the Sister had to do was convince Mother Grace and the other nuns to keep Valery under her watch all the time. Now, after lunch each day, Valery was stuck with Sister Beth, helping her with the shores.

While searching the old archives Sister Beth reflected on the task Kristanna gave her. The room from last night was indeed strange. It had always been locked since Beth joined the school years ago. Then there was the unusual layout. Soundproof walls, no windows, and that hole in the wardrobe with handles above it. According to the most current version of the school blueprints nothing stood out about that room. But it was clearly different, which meant someone hid it on purpose. The cover-up only enhanced the nun’s curiosity, admittedly she hadn’t been excited about anything in a long time. In fact, if one thing the contact with Kristanna had reignited in Sister Beth a passion she had forgotten was even there.

Now the nun patiently searched for the old blueprints of the building. Maybe an older version would contain some relevant information. However, finding anything in this mess was proving itself to be harder than she thought. The last hour of inspection through the archives had been unsuccessful. The nun knew she didn’t have much time before having to return to her regular activities. But she was determined to at least bring something back. She couldn’t disappoint her angel!

A few minutes passed, they were almost giving up the search. Raising a hand, Valery called Sister Beth over. She placed a folder on the single small table at the center of the room. “Is this what you wanted?” The folder was labeled “School layout and Plans”. As they opened it, several papers were glued to each other, this hadn’t been opened in a long time. The paint was feint and the sheets had that distinct yellow tint indicating their age. One of the sheets contained a map. It wasn’t exactly the blueprint they had been looking for, clearly it had been drawn by hand without exact measurements. It was more like a detailed sketch of the entire school.

Looking over the map Sister Beth could see the common areas, the courtyard, all the hallways, the orchard. Details on the map that were wrong or had changed revealed its age. The main chapel label was placed on what now is known as “The Old Chapel”, a much smaller and simpler building. The current main chapel was already in the map, but labeled as “New Main Chapel”. Seemed like it was in the plans to be built when the map was drawn.

Several other areas were mismatching the current layout of the Camp, but Sister Beth had no time now to focus on them. Her eyes were drawn to the room labeled “Headmaster’s office” where Mother Grace worked currently. Also the room that was today Sister Beth’s office was branded “Grace’s office”. It seemed like before becoming Headmistress, Grace had the function Sister Beth has now. She checked her own room in the map and confirmed that it was branded “Grace’s room”. Next to it was the room she was looking for. The title curiously said “My room”. Intrigued, the nun’s eyes went to the edges of the document in search for the signature of an author to this map. At the bottom right she found “Father Graham.”

“Who is Father Graham?” Valery asked. It was as if the girl had simply given a voice to Beth’s own thoughts. She shook her head. “I don’t know, but I think I know who might.” Sister Beth rolled up the map taking it with her. They left, locking the door to the old archives behind them. For the next few hours they went back to their routine, general maintenance of the school, assisting teacher nuns with logistics, making sure everything was ready in the kitchen for dinner tonight.

Sister Beth displayed true leadership skills. She was gentle, listened to all the nuns and Muğla Escort novices under her command. Valery watched all of that and felt a newfound admiration for Sister Beth growing inside her. She had seen only the more punishing side of the nun, especially last night. But now there were no signs of that. That whole persona she displayed the night before seemed to have been buried deep, together with those soulless eyes and the inverted pentagram marked on her forehead. How she was able to repress those desires so easily was beyond the young girl’s understanding. But somehow she did, the good Sister during the day, and the “cleanser” at night.

Just before heading off to dinner, Sister Beth went to the main chapel, Valery followed her as usual. They walked on the outer side of the benches, now empty. Their steps echoed through the high ceiling of the mess hall, reflecting on the marble and glass acoustic chamber. “Wait here”. Sister Beth commanded, asking Valery to stop several feet away from the confession booth.

The nun went inside and knelt. She could see through the wooden fence the outline of an elder nun. Sister Beth blessed herself and spoke quietly as usual. “Sister Fatima?” The voice from inside the confessionary then responded, with a clearly tired voice, showing her age. “Yes, dear. What afflicts you today?”

“Today I don’t come here to confess, Sister. But to ask for guidance.”

“I can see that whatever it is, it troubles you deeply. If I can have a hand in calming your thoughts, then I am all ears.” Sister Fatima was always kind, the thought brought a smile to Sister Beth’s lips. “Thank you, Sister. I just… I wanted to know if you knew a Father Graham?”

There was some silence from the confessionary before Fatima finally answered. “Graham, now that is a name I haven’t heard in years. But yes, I knew him. Father Graham was the Headmaster of this school before Mother Grace. He passed about seven years ago, may God bless his soul.” Both nuns blessed themselves again out of respect.

Sister Beth continued her questions. “What can you tell me about him? Was he as good for the school as Mother Grace?” Sister Fatima nodded behind the fence as she recalled old memories, the nostalgia was obvious in her voice. “Well, Father Graham was a great Headmaster, he was inspiring, he taught Grace all she knows. He absolutely loved these kids, he really believed in his mission. But he was also… a troubled soul. Few of the nuns knew, but in his youth and before he worked here at the Camp, Father Graham was an exorcist. He specialized in getting rid of demonic possessions, even heard him call himself a “demon hunter”. Of course this is a part of the church we don’t talk about anymore, it was a controversial topic even back in the day. I can only imagine the evils he must have seen. No soul would come out unscarred.”

For a moment Sister Beth took the information in. “An exorcist… that is different. And how did he die?”

“He was sick, very sick for several years. I think it was some kind of cancer. At first he had to stop teaching. Then he stopped acting as the Headmaster, mostly stayed in bed, delegating everything. Grace had to do most of the work at that point, she was a darling, so dedicated. The way she took over for the Father, and she was so understanding of his wishes at the end.”

“What wishes?”

Sister Beth felt like she was getting where she wanted. Fatima’s tone changed from nostalgic to being almost sad. “Well, Father Graham was very… paranoid at the end. I think he knew he was going to pass, and all the fears from the early days came back. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he was still very generous to the Camp and all of us. He donated most of his personal funds to this place. He invested thousands here, with renovations and infrastructure. But he also requested a lot of… unusual things. I am not one to judge, but his room… it was like a fort. I only went there a couple times to assist with him, as he insisted Grace did most of the work. But it had those reinforced walls, and felt so dark. No wonder Grace had it closed after he died. The Father was also obsessed with the abandoned mines south of the orchard, there was always a construction crew there, some shady men.”

There was a pause from Sister Fatima, perhaps she realized she was rambling, reliving memories of the past she had buried now. She cleared her throat and concluded in a much happier tone. “Like I said, the man wasn’t making much sense. But through it all, Grace was always beside him. She earned her spot as Headmistress, she was born for this; a truly blessed woman.”

Sister Beth nodded, she looked at the time, dinner had started. “Thank you Sister Fatima. These answers have brought me some peace. May God be with you.”

“With you too, Sister.” Both nuns blessed themselves as the Sister walked out of the booth, back to Valery who patiently waited outside. “Let’s go, dear. Don’t wanna miss dinner.” Valery followed the nun, trying to keep up the pace she reluctantly asked. Muğla Escort Bayan “W-what did you ask her?”

“You will know, when I tell Kristanna.”

Half an hour later, Kristanna met with Valery and Sister Beth in what they now knew as Father Graham’s room. After being caught up in the discoveries from Sister Beth, Kristanna paced around slowly, pondering. “Well, if this Father Graham built this room, with that hole and the handles. And the room next to it used to be Mother Grace’s, I think they were involved.”

Sister Beth looked uncomfortable, she stared at the floor, her reverence for Kristanna was such that she didn’t want to look up at her unless asked. “You’re saying that they were engaged in… carnal relations.” Kristanna frowned, it was still surprising how the nun could act shocked by these things, given the kind of activities they were up to in the past week. Regardless, to keep Sister Beth on her side the redhead would have to play along a bit. “Well, Sister. I cleansed you of all your sins through that hole, didn’t I? Maybe Father Graham was trying to do the same.” The nun nodded repeatedly. “Of course! But… he wasn’t divine like you…”

Kristanna smiled as she heard that. “Yeah, he was likely just a pervert, who couldn’t resist his impulses. Like you before I met you Sister Beth.” The nun turned her face away in shame. She remembered how she used the black dildo before, the thoughts she had with other teachers and students. As she came back to the present Sister Beth did her best to be useful. “Well, in that case we need to ask Mother Grace! She could be innocent in all of this. A holy woman who… who just didn’t want to say anything out of respect for the Father. I’m sure that’s the case!”

Beth was so naive, the amount of self deception going on her mind was almost scary. Not surprisingly her suggestion was also naive. Kristanna didn’t want to involve more people, especially not the Headmistress. “No, we need to first know Mother Grace’s involvement in all of this. Have you thought that maybe this entire school is under the influence of someone corrupt?” Sister Beth gasped, the thought haunted her mind. If that was the case, she had been blind for years! Kristanna continued. “We should go check the mines you spoke of, the ones he was so obsessed about. Get the map.” Valery promptly took the map from the bed and opened it for all to see. Sister Beth examined it one more time. “Well, we would have to walk past the orchard and look for the entrance. There are guards though, they patrol around to make sure students don’t wander off at night. But once past the orchard we should be ok.” Kristanna looked at the nun with a wicked smile. “I’m sure you can temporarily get them off our back, right? Assign them to something else maybe?”

“I can try, anything for you my dear.” Said the nun as she immediately began to move out of the bedroom. “Give me a few minutes, I will come to the door when it is safe.” Kristanna nodded watching the door slam behind the nun. Valery looked up to the redhead. “What about me?” Kristanna opened her mouth to answer, but was interrupted as the door opened again. Aisha walked inside with a smile. “Hey! I thought you were gonna leave me out of tonight’s fun until I saw Sister Beth leaving.” The redhead smiled at the great timing of her friend. “Well, I will go check on something, you can stay here with Valery until I’m back.” Aisha seemed disappointed, but shrugging she sat on the bed, bouncing on it on purpose. “Sure, whatevs.”

A few minutes later Kristanna was following Sister Beth through the school. With the guards out of the way near the orchard it was easy for them to get out the fence. The moon shined bright in the night sky, allowing them to move through the orchard following the map. They approached the entrance to the mine, a tunnel blocked by several wooden planks. On the ground there was a rusty plaque that said “Danger”, taken down by the wind and corroded by time. It seemed like a dead end. “I can’t see anything, just some old mine.” Kristanna said in frustration.

Behind her, like a savior, Sister Beth turned on a flashlight, pointing it at the ground. “I… I thought we might need this.” The redhead smiled, using the light to look around better. Kristanna was able to spot what was next to the plaque. A huge footprint in the dust, the obvious trail lead to the entrance of the mine. “Someone was here.” She whispered to herself, walking closer to the entrance, Sister Beth right behind her.

Inspecting the planks blocking the entrance, Kristanna found that several were loose, merely positioned to look like they had been nailed together. She began removing the loose planks to the side, revealing the entrance. The inside was pitch dark, nothing but their flashlight showed the way into the tunnel. Sister Beth hesitated. “A-are you sure you want to go inside, my angel? What if we fall? What if something happens to us?” Kristanna walked in as if she hadn’t heard the nun’s words. The nun had no choice but to follow, she Escort Muğla wasn’t gonna stay outside by herself.

Walking through the tunnels Kristanna continued to search for traces of a break in and recent disturbances. The entire place was covered in a layer of dust, the air smelled of mold. So it was not so difficult to see the multiple tracks on the floor revealing recent activity. A few turns and sets of stairs going down the redhead spotted a curious thing. Another source of light in the room up ahead. She turned off her own flashlight and turned to Sister Beth, telling her to remain quiet. As they approached, they could see shadows reflected on the ground, moving occasionally. A female voice echoed in the chambers.

Soon it became clear the sounds were moans as well as cries of pain. Being naturaly more silent then Sister Beth, Kristanna gestured for the nun to stay back and began moving towards the light that came from just after the corner ahead. She stopped at the end of the tunnel wall and used her aura vision to try and see how many people there were and how far. She saw two auras, both standing a few feet away. One of them was swinging her arm repeatedly, hitting the second one with something. The receiving aura had her arms above her head, wrists probably tied to the ceiling as she received the strikes.

Making sure the two figures inside were looking away, Kristanna quickly peaked around the corner for just a couple seconds. She didn’t have time for a detailed look in the room, but it seemed to be a better cleaned and more well lit part of the mines. Unlike the dusty and cold corridors she had been walking through for the past minutes, this room emanated a warmth that touched Kristanna face the second she looked. One of the women had a whip in her hand, a cat of nine tails. She was big, very tall with short black hair and dark skin, clearly the dominant one in this situation. She was wearing a uniform like the one the guards of the school had: black pants and boots with a light brown shirt.

The woman who was tied and receiving the strikes was much smaller and had much lighter skin, Kristanna could for a moment glimpse a lock of copper red hair on her. She also noticed that woman was blindfolded and hanging from ropes attached to the ceiling, her toes barely touched the floor. The room clearly looked like some kind of dungeon, there were torches on the wall, some candles at the corner, and all kinds of instruments hanging from the walls such as other whips and pads. And was that a cage she saw at a corner?

Kristanna pulled her head back, leaning on the wall behind her she felt her heart pounding with adrenaline. The mere glimpse of that scene was already turning her on, she could feel her pantyhose becoming tighter, the pulsating dick growing against her thigh. Shaking her head to regain control she peaked a second time to make sure she saw correctly. She confirmed, a school guard, and a big one at that, was relentlessly flogging a naked redhead in a dungeon. This place was weird, but now it had just escalated to another level. Sister Beth stared at Kristanna from the dark corridor, no clue of what to think, hearing the moans and cries as well as whip swing noises echoing through the chamber.

Just as Kristanna was about to move back she heard another voice speaking from inside. “Too eager, Jeana. You are just hurting her this way, you are missing the point. Controlled, precise strikes. Don’t break her skin, take pauses, make her anticipate it. Give her time to wonder when and where the next one will land.” Both Kristanna and Sister Beth recognized the voice, it was Mother Grace! Using her aura vision once more Kristanna saw a third person had walked in the room, her aura also burning with desire. The redhead just signaled to Sister Beth to be quiet, leaning tighter against the wall so she wasn’t seen.

“For the Lord’s sake, Jeana! You left the door open again! How many times have I told you to pay attention and be discrete? Some wandering girl near the mines could hear us!” As Mother Grace spoke she walked towards Kristanna, who braced herself and prayed the nun wouldn’t come out of the room. Her prayers were answered as Grace stopped right by the passageway, but on the inner side. She pressed something on the wall and a big chunk of rock began to move in front of the opening, blocking the light coming from inside. Kristanna felt a rock shift under her palm on the wall, she quickly pulled away in fear, noticing the rock was bulging out of the wall as the door closed.

With a thunderous sound, the door closed completely, the hallway was once again pitch black. Kristanna fumbled around with her flesh light turning it back on and walking towards Sister Beth. “Was that Mother Grace?” The nun asked, as if in disbelief. Kristanna just nodded. “I think so”. They were whispering to each other trying to prevent their words from echoing on the corridors. With the light aimed back at where the opening was, Kristanna could see the wall looked seamless and natural. She wouldn’t be able to tell there was a passage there had she not seen it open. “I think that tiny rock over there opens from this side, it shifted when they closed the door.” Sister Beth looked at the beam of the fleshlight and nodded.”What were they doing in there? I heard screams!”

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