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Camp Encounter

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Please note that although essentially a true story, I almost always carry condoms (just in case) and on this day it was no exception. No condom, no anal. But for the purpose of this story I have omitted their use.


If I were to score myself on a scale of 1 to 10 as to how gay I am, I’d be around the 11 mark. Not in terms of camp or compensatory butchness, just in terms of same sex (and indeed opposite sex) attraction. No interest in women.

I think that’s what puts people at ease with me. Or us, my boyfriend Dave is about an 11 too. So nothing is hidden and nothing is flaunted, what you see is what you get.

Not long after we moved to northern France, Dave had to go and sort some business out in London. He could get there the same day as his appointment but couldn’t return until the following day so he was going to sleep at the house of some friends of ours. I had worked until 14h00 and it was an unusually mild and sunny afternoon for mid March so I cycled to Le Touquet, about 4 miles from our house. The morning had been dull, indeed it was supposed to be grey all day but as often happens at the coast, the weather can change quickly.

I took my backpack, empty except for a bottle of water, to buy some provisions after a walk south down the beach. It was an area I had never visited before, as previously we had only ever been in the town centre. And if the weather was really nice, there were better beaches close by. But just out of town there used to be a naturist beach, closed by the Mayor some years ago. And I was curious to see the location. I headed away from the promenade and passed the last hotel and apartments. The beach was a lovely yellow soft sand and became a little more hilly, the dunes eventually backed by a pine forest at the other side of which was a holiday village, still closed until the 1st of April. It seems the campsites, caravan and mobile home parks can only open for exactly 6 months of the year, and close again on the 30th of September. Often it stays warm in October, usually my favourite month as if it is nice weather then you aren’t queuing, being hassled or fighting for space anywhere.

I found a little dip and the slope of the sand faced the sun so I sat a while just listening to the waves and the birds overhead and in the trees behind me. It was pleasant, almost warm enough to bathe as the dip offered protection from the breeze, so I removed my light jacket and lay on it, with my top as a pillow, leaving me wearing my t-shirt and jeans. I closed my eyes and thought how lucky we were, after the cold spring, to be blessed with such a fine day. I heard voices. Men’s voices. I opened my eyes and stood up. Just a few metres in front of me were 2 guys, both carrying medium sized rucksack, wearing three quarter shorts and good quality sneakers. One guy was shorter than the other, gaziantep escort about mid 30s, very slightly stockier, and had facial stubble and tousled hair. His companion was younger, perhaps mid 20s, slimmer and seemingly smoother. I would have guessed everywhere.

They introduced themselves as Antoine and Louis, Antoine the older of the two. They had caught a train from Paris to the stop before Touquet, and Antoine’s wife and 2 children had stayed on the train to Boulogne where she was being met by her parents. Antoine and Louis had spent the day hiking up the coast and were to pitch their tent illegally on the beach once the sun went down and then continue to Boulogne tomorrow where they would all meet up for an evening ‘en famille’ before returning together to Paris by train the following day. They explained that they were work colleagues and Antoine had a tent from his days at college.

We chatted a while and it transpired Louis had just been dumped by his girlfriend, hence they were getting a break away from his miserable existence and Antoine’s in-laws, at least for tonight.

“Wife and or kids?” asked Antoine.

“No, I’m gay, neither wife nor kids” I told him.

“Cool,” he said, “which of us two would the guys go for? Louis doesn’t have much luck with women.”

It was a playful remark, probably designed to embarrass Louis more than anything but I glanced immediately at Louis, probably more my type and looked him over. He seemed a little embarrassed by this attention too and in turn I did the same to Antoine, checking him out. Good muscles, nice waist for someone not a standard slim shape, and with the stubble and hair I could see at his collar, although he wasn’t my first choice, I bet there are just as many guys would go for him than the smoother of the two.

“Draw” I said, and explained my reasoning regarding their build, facial and body hair (or lack of) and their ages, which I had correctly guessed.

“You’re both good looking guys, so you would be in demand” I confidently told them and they both smiled and seemed pleased.

Then Louis said, overcoming his shyness, “No, I’m pretty sure Antoine would win as he gets more glances from the guys when we swim.”

A small but friendly banter followed and Louis said he thought Antoine had the bigger package, which apparently he’d never seen as was basing this scientific fact on the bulge in his colleagues Speedos, it being larger than his own.

I acted as referee, telling Louis some trunks were padded and not to have an inferiority complex. And Antoine added, for good measure, that he just had big balls.

“Still a draw then guys” I said. “Unless you want me to check them out.”

Now that was meant as a joke but Antoine turned and looked at Louis.

“Come on then Mr BigDick,” he said and unbuttoned his trousers. He pulled down the front of his branded boxers, revealing a huge nest of pubes, a flaccid but reasonably impressive cut cock and indeed, from what I could see (and I took a damn good look) a really handsome pair of big balls.

Louis’s eyes widened and he followed suit, and as I had suspected he had no pubes at all. Which made his length look even bigger than it was and his balls, small as they were, even cuter.

“Still a draw?” Antoine asked, a flaccid cock either side of me.

Now in truth, it was. I’d go for Louis everytime but I can’t claim to speak for cock lovers everywhere and I know from experience, having once had 3 bears in a wood in south London and feeling like Goldilocks, that many guys prefer hair. So I did what any self respecting dick eater would do and stroked the 2 of them at the same time. Real slow, just to gauge a reaction.

Louis reacted first. His cock swelled and hardened almost immediately. I smiled and he seemed to flinch, perhaps again in embarrassment of the whole situation. Antoine played it cooler but I saw and felt the shaft grow and so I gripped it gently and tugged slowly. I had 2 hard cocks now, one in each hand, and fell to my knees. “Let me take a good look at these,” I said.

Now to be fair, they were as near as dammit the same length although because Louis wasn’t cut and Antoine was, his appeared slightly longer at first, and it was slightly less fat than Antoine’s. I looked up and think the two of them were bemused by the unexpected turn of events that afternoon as much as I was judging by the way they were looking at each other, seeing if the other was enjoying it as much as they were.

By now they were both fully erect, each a good 7 inches, and not objecting to the dick massage they were both getting, so I moved in and licked the slit on Antoine’s, tasting the first drop of leaking pre cum, before turning and doing the same to Louis, once I had slowly pulled back his foreskin. As they’d been hiking for a god couple of hours, they’d obviously both stopped somewhere up the beach for a piss like guys do, and both tasted slightly of that which was cool by me.

I continued to alternate licking their coc ks which both hardened more and then I took Louis’s head in my mouth and sucked on it like a kid would a lollipop. He loved it and I did the same to Antoine before taking as much of his shaft as I could manage in to my greedy mouth whilst still wanking Louis. I knew I couldn’t fit both cocks in my mouth at once but I pulled them closer together and managed to get my mouth round both heads at the same time. As I did so, it freed up my hands and allowed me to drop my trousers.

I stood up (or at least straightened my legs as I remained bent down sucking their cocks) so my clean and just shaved arse was naked and accessible. Antoine took the bait and I heard him spit on his fingers before sliding the end of one around my crack until he found my ring. I relaxed until the first inch or so was in and then clamped down hard so he knew what his cock would be getting if he took up the invitation, which he did quite quickly. He moved behind me, rubbing more spit onto my cock-hungry hole and I continued to suck-serve Louis.

I felt the tip of Antoine pressing slowly against my wet opening and knew some of his pre cum, when it came, would lube me further, so I reached back and gently stroked his ballsack until it arrived. He entered me slowly and gently, just how I like it, and I felt his tip slide past my prostate, at which point I clamped down again so we both benefited from my muscle control. At that point, he withdraw by about half an inch and then pushed forward an inch, repeating the move rhythmically as his knob caressed my man spot. I also swayed gently back and forth so Louis’s cock was riding my mouth, and again I teased his smooth and pink little bollocks, knowing it wouldn’t be long until they were emptying, and hoping I could swallow all they had in them.

Antoine stared to ride me rougher, I suspected he’d done this before although perhaps with his missus, what did I care? I was enjoying it, both mentally and physically as nobody had touched my cock but it was dripping and leaking gluey pre cum which, if I hadn’t been so busy, I would have gobbled up or used to lube myself. Sadly, it was going to waste.

So I was being roasted like a pig on a spit and wondering who would come first and whether they’d be happy to shoot down or up the respective orifice when both of them started panting faster. And faster. And faster. I grabbed one of Louis’s butt cheeks, pulling him in further and signalling that I wanted him to shot down my throat whilst tightening and relaxing my sphincter so that hopefully Antoine got the same message.

And simultaneously they both cried out, I’m not sure what nor did I care, I just tasted and felt Louis ejaculate a good half dozen spurts of warm wank juice into my waiting mouth and at the same time, a good four more controlled pumps and thrusts from Antoine, again warming me within as his hairy bollocks emptied their contents. Feeling Antoine shooting up my arse sent me in to overdrive and, without so much as touching my own cock, I shot my bolt, fortunately missing all of our trousers which were round our ankles. Wow!

Both tools plopped out of either end together as I pulled up my pre cum covered trousers and briefs. They looked sheepishly at each other, and I smiled at them both.

“Sorry guys,” I said, “Still a draw.”

I picked up my belongings and ran back to my bike smiling like the cat who’d got the cream… Twice… Leaving them sorting their affairs out and probably wondering what the fuck had just happened or who they had just happened to fuck. And wondered what sort of conversation they’d be having that night… And whether the tent would be the only thing erected.

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