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Camilla Ch. 059

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On Monday morning, Mr. Holland went into the office unbruised, but emotionally shaken. Camilla saw the fear in his eyes as he sat at his desk, and she got up from her chair, locked the door, and went over to him.

“Mr. Holland?” she asked, sitting on his lap. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing,” he said. “We’d better get to work.”

“What did the Mrs. do now?” she asked, feeling his penis harden. “He’s still attached, so we know she didn’t make good on that threat, at least.”

“No, but she’s on the warpath. She’ll find out I cheated with you, and I’ll be dead.” He was shaking.

“She probably won’t be here for another hour; a half hour, at the soonest.”

“Come on, Camilla. My wife could be coming through the doors right now; you know that. She can’t yet prove we were together last Saturday and Sunday, but she’s determined to. Locking the door will only strengthen her suspicions.”

“You need to relax, sir,” Camilla said, removing her dress. Wearing no underwear, she was now nude except for her high heels. She unzipped his pants and got on her knees between his legs.

“Wait, baby,” he said with a shaking voice.

“Just let me take care of everything,” she said while pulling out his half-hard cock. She licked it underneath from the base to the knob, making him now fully erect. She played with his balls and looked up at him with salacious eyes. He leaned back on his chair and breathed heavily.

She kissed and licked his dick-hole several times, then put his manhood all the way in her mouth. Looking down at his virtuoso cocksucker, he could only be impressed with her perfect control over her gag reflex. As with Sunday morning at the hotel, his pubic hair tickled her face. After continuing to deep-throat him for several seconds, she pulled her head up, her wet lips sliding along his shaft up to his knob. She pulled her head back further, making a popping sound as his knob came quickly out of her mouth.

She kissed his dick-hole and licked his protruding corpus spongiosum, then wrapped her tongue around the bulging tube, hugging it while her lips came around his shaft. Up and down her mouth went on his cock, having it go in usually two-thirds of the way, then pulling back and leaving it about a quarter of the way in.

“Oh!” he panted. “I’m gonna blow! In your…mouth, OK?”

“Mm-hmm,” she said as she sucked. He came several copious bursts in her mouth; she looked up at him dutifully as she audibly gulped each spewing of his jizz, swallowing every last drop. She put his spent member back in his pants and zipped them up.

“Oh, yeah!” he moaned loudly, blissfully ignorant of the eavesdroppers on the other side of the door to his office.

LIcking her lips, Camilla said, “I’m glad to be of service, sir. May I go to the washroom, please? I’d like to gurgle with some mouthwash.”

“You go…right ahead, sweetie,” he panted. “I need to rest…and contemplate…how incredible…that was.”

Camilla put her dress back on and left the office. She tried to ignore the stares of all the gossips as she headed for the washroom. She could hear Sue say in a sing-song voice, “She’s got a surprise coming,” as she got to the washroom door.

She went in, and before she even had time to react to the angry face of Mrs. Holland, who had been waiting for her to enter, the jealous wife grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall, choking her.

“Listen here, you little whore!” Mrs. Holland threatened. “Miles is my husband; get your own Goddamn man!” She stared hard into Camilla’s eyes, which strangely started changing from blue to black. Camilla’s body was vibrating with the power of Nigrovum, and the vibrations pushed against Mrs. Holland’s body.

Camilla visualized tiny stars shining in her attacker’s ears; Mrs. Holland heard an ear-piercingly shrill tone, just under 60,000 Hz–if dogs had been in earshot, they’d have been barking at the noise. Because of Camilla’s use of Nigrovum, Mrs. Holland was the only human capable of hearing that loud, painful ringing.

Her ears in agony, Mrs. Holland let go of Camilla to cover them, however useless it was to do so. She fell to the floor, and Camilla looked down at her with the face of the wild woman that had terrified Alex in Queen’s Park a week before. “Don’t ever fuck with a goddess, bitch!” she threatened with an eerily hoarse baritone voice. “And if you Gaziantep Escort ever, ever hurt him again, I’ll kill you.” Camilla stopped the loud ringing in the ears of terrified Mrs. Holland, who remained lying on the floor, stupefied as to what had just happened to her. As though she were alone in the washroom, Camilla then gurgled with some mouthwash she had in her purse, and left.

As she walked down the hall from the washroom back to her boss’s office, she saw Sue and the others staring at her, worriedly wondering about what had happened in the washroom. Sue was especially shocked to see wild-looking Camilla’s eyes, still black. “What the hell did you do to her in there?” Sue demanded.

“This!” Camilla answered in that same frighteningly bestial voice; she looked at Sue and visualized those tiny stars in the gossip’s ears. That same piercing ringing sound knocked Sue off her feet. “Get your gossip elsewhere!” She stopped the ringing in Sue’s ears and went in Miles’s office. She sat at her desk and tried to calm down.

Miles stared at her in shock, noting her dishevelled, somewhat darker blonde hair and eyes, which slowly changed back to blue as she calmed down. “Camilla, are you OK?”

“Mr. Holland,” she said with her back-to-normal voice. “Maybe I should quit. The gossip here is getting to me. Tomorrow will be my last day, OK? Sorry.”

“I understand,” he said. “Maybe it’s all for the best.”

I’ll get a job stripping at Club Ritz. You can see me there, and we’ll do whatever you like in the private rooms.”


Indeed, she did become a stripper at Club Ritz that afternoon as soon as she finished her day in the office; she even started that very night. Candice was thrilled to be able to see her lover again, all night and every night.

Camilla decided simply to wear her secretary dress that night; Candice lent her some light green underwear. For added props when she went onstage, Camilla got some glasses, a pen, and a notepad for when she danced to her first song, always in the role of the note-taking secretary and looking at her male oglers as if they were clones of Mr. Holland. She’d hoped he would come to see her, as he had promised just before she left the office, but he never showed. She could only imagine what his wife was doing to him that night.

When she was nude for the third song of her first stage show that night, Camilla saw Candice crawl onstage to join her. Candice, also nude, wanted to celebrate having Camilla back stripping with her in a way that would be entertaining for everyone. The girls got into a 69 position with Camilla on top. The men watching went wild.

“Hey, weren’t they muff-diving here last week?” one man shouted.

“Yeah, I remember,” yelled another. “Whoo!”

When the girls were licking each other, they’d positioned themselves to make sure their pussies were visible to as many people in the audience as they could. Candice put her index and long fingers in Camilla’s vagina while licking her anus.

“That’s it!” shouted another man. “Jam your fingers up her cunt. Alright!”

“She’s eating her butt!” screamed another man. “That is so hot!”

Candice’s fingers tickled Camilla’s G- and A-spots, while Camilla’s tongue flickered against Candice’s hard clitoris. Camilla slid her finger inside Candice’s pussy and fingered her G-spot. Both girls were moaning audibly enough to compete with both the music and the cheers of the audience. Soon Candice came, and Camilla greedily lapped it all up.

Then Camilla gushed all over Candice’s face, soaking it. As she licked the come off her lips, the men yelled wildly. The song ended, the girls received yet another standing ovation, and they took a bow before leaving the stage.


On Tuesday morning at 11:10, Camilla went into the office to get her things out of her desk and say good-bye to Mr. Holland. The hatred of her co-workers there was so palpable that she didn’t even want to do a day’s work. She’d hoped to see at least his appreciative face when she got there, but he wasn’t in.

She left his office and went over to the cubicles, confronting all the gossips. “Where is Mr. Holland?” she asked.

A man in his late twenties walked up and said in a smart-ass tone, “Oh, dear, she misses him already.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t provoke her, Tom,” Gaziantep Escort Bayan Sue said nervously.

“Why not?” Tom asked. “Suck my cock instead, bitch. It’s your fault he’s in hospital with a broken leg. When his wife heard your sucking skills by the door of his office yesterday, she–“

Camilla psychically got his cock and balls in a tight death grip. He fell to the floor, writhing in pain; his balls felt as though sharp steal wires were wrapped around them. Her eyes were black again, and some of the hair in her done-up bun came loose. “Which hospital?” she demanded in that demon voice.

“Toronto General Hospital,” Sue said. “Don’t hurt him.”

“You shouldn’t have let her hurt him,” Camilla growled in reference to the Hollands. She released Tom, calmed down, and regained her breath. Sue and the others watched in horror as Camilla’s eyes slowly changed back to blue. “And oh, Tom,” she said in her normal voice. “I’d never suck your four and three-quarter inches.” (This was an accurate measurement of Tom’s dimensions, thanks to the insight of Nigrovum.) “I don’t like small snacks.” She then left for the hospital.


Camilla hadn’t worn only her secretary dress onstage at Club Ritz on Monday night; she’d gone through all the clothes in the change room and found a nurse’s outfit, which she wore for her last few dances onstage.

Since she was going to see Miles in the hospital, she decided to get that outfit to entertain him in during her visit. She also brought a large bag with her, in which she had a ghetto blaster, a sponge, a basin, and a tube of soap.

When she got to the hospital and learned where his room was, she found a washroom near his room and changed into the nurse’s outfit. She was glad to know it wasn’t visiting hours, because she figured that would minimize the possibility of her visit being interrupted. To ensure the absolute impossibility of being disturbed, she used Nigrovum to distract the real hospital workers so they wouldn’t come into the room and stop her; she visualized an energy barrier blocking the door to his room.

When she went into his room and locked the door, she saw him lying on his bed with his right leg in a cast. “Oh, you poor man,” she said.

“Camilla?” he asked. “Why are you dressed like that?”

“I’m your nursie,” she said in her giggling ‘Dolly’ voice. “Do you like the outfit?” She turned around for him.

“Yeah,” he said. “Very sexy.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I wore this a few times during my floor show at Club Ritz last night. I waited and waited for you to come; now I know why you didn’t. What did she do to you?” She put her hands on his cast and focused on where the fracture was.

“She hit me with a baseball bat. She heard you giving me head yesterday; she was eavesdropping with Sue at my office door.”

“Those bitches. Please give me a few minutes of silence so I can concentrate.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Please, sir. Don’t say a thing till I say you can, OK?”


The Nigrovum, with its millions of ‘microscopic eyes’ pinpointed the precise location of the fracture within a minute. Then she used her psychic power and visualization to imagine the cracks in his femur disappearing. His leg vibrated for a while as the cracks slowly sealed up, and the pain–just as slowly but surely–faded away.

“The pain’s gone,” he said in amazement. “What is that power you have? Some kind of witchcraft?”

“I told you before, sir; I have friends in high places. I have a fun idea, now that you’re feeling better. Lemme give you a sponge bath.”

“Alright,” he groaned in lust. She put a blanket under him to stop the bed from getting wet; then she filled the basin with water from the bathroom sink. “One thing; why give me a sponge bath if my leg’s OK now? I could just take a shower.”

“Well, you could do it the normal way, but while you’re here, and I’m in my nursie outfit, why not have a little fun?” She stripped him naked (except for the cast, of course), then she began washing his chest. Her fingers tickled his nipples and belly button; looking in his eyes, she grinned and giggled lasciviously as she worked, and his lecherous smile was a mirror to hers. Then she washed his left leg and stared at his hardening penis while licking her lips. After that, she put her hands Escort Gaziantep under him and washed his buttocks and anus; he moaned and grunted with pleasure at the sensation of her sensitive hands. The best, however, was saved for last: now she got her soapy hands on his rock-hard cock and balls. Sliding her sudsy hands up and down his long, thick shaft, she gave his genitals especially thorough attention. His erection flipped back and forth as her fingers rubbed the lather all over his scrotum.

Finally, she rinsed and dried him off, keeping his penis hard, but not so hard as to make him come.

Putting the sponge bath supplies to the side and getting the ghetto blaster out of the bag, she then said, “Now for the entertainment.”

She plugged in the ghetto blaster, set it to CD, and pressed play. Britney Spears’s song ‘Toxic’ began to play, and she started dancing: shaking her tits, hips, and head to the beat, she would often turn around and push her behind out towards his face, and he’d give it a spank from time to time. Shortly before the end of the song, she took off the nurse’s dress, letting it drop to the floor. With the nurse’s hat still on, now she danced in white lace underwear to the Rihanna song ‘SOS’: halfway into the song, she removed her bra with a joyful wiggle of her breasts; three quarters into the song, she pulled down her panties and let them drop to her ankles. When the song ended, she’d taken off the nurse’s hat and her high heels, leaving her now totally naked.

He’d been jacking off the whole time, but not so much as to make him come. She got near him so he could fondle her tits; she took his erection in her hands and brought her mouth down to kiss the tip. She licked his shaft, then put it halfway inside her salivating mouth. Her fingers tickled his balls as her wet lips tightly embraced his hard cock. He ran his hands through her hair, which now, indeed, had even more wisps of black intermixing with the blonde; he moaned and grunted his thanks to her talented lips and tongue.

She’d been standing by the right side of the bed as she was blowing him; she wanted him to come on her face, so when she felt him on the verge of ejaculating, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked the shaft just under the knob. He splashed his come in her left eye, on her nose, on her left cheek, and on her lips. The remaining come that dripped down his cock she wiped on the right side of her face. Then she raised her head so he could see his painting of it. He grinned, and she giggled.

“You’re too kind, Camilla,” he sighed.

“The pleasure’s all mine, sir,” she said. “So, when do you expect the bitch to be here? Visiting hours are supposed to start at 2 PM.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Knowing her, she’ll be here right at that time, as soon as possible so she can tell me all her ‘good reasons’ for hitting me with a baseball bat. I’ll be dreading that.” He looked up at the clock on the wall by the door. “It’s 1:54 now. You’d better go.”

“I will, in a minute,” Camilla said. “I’ll need you to be quiet again for a few minutes, OK?”

“OK,” he said.

She used Nigrovum to find Mrs. Holland. Though she planned to be violent again with her psychic powers, her wish to protect Mr. Holland made her feel completely assured she was using Nigrovum for good. Her body vibrated in a circle radiating outward, and again, it felt as though millions of infinitesimally small eyes were searching all over Toronto to find his wife. After a few minutes of intense concentration, Camilla psychically sensed the wife, enraged as usual, driving in a hurry to the hospital. Swelling with hatred for this horrible woman, Camilla used the Nigrovum to make one of Mrs. Holland’s car tires suddenly blow, and the car spun out of control, crashing into another car. The cars exploded, killing everyone in both of them.

Camilla cold feel Mrs. Holland die, and–aware of other deaths, but unconcerned with them–she was glad to have rid Miles of his awful wife forever. Camilla might not have felt so glad, however, to know that the other people killed were a young woman and her three-year-old twin daughters.

Having finished her meditation, Camilla washed Miles’s come off her face, put the nurse’s outfit on again, and smiled. “What happened?” he asked. “What did you do?”

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “You only need to know one thing; you’re free.” She then said goodbye to him and left the hospital.

As she walked outside in search of a taxicab to drive her home, she looked at her hands. The sponge bath she’d given Miles had washed off some of her red nail polish, and she could see some of her nails completely uncovered; they were completely black.

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