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Camilla Ch. 007

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Back in the apartment that evening, Candice sat on the sofa and thought about Camilla, whom she expected to see come home anytime, but was also wondering–and worrying about–why she hadn’t come home yet. She knew Camilla wasn’t stripping at Luvlee’s that night, so unless she was out with that man she’d been with the night before, she should have already come home by now.

Candice was debating in her mind whether or not to make her sexual feelings known to her roommate: through Camilla’s constant nudity in their apartment (getting dressed only immediately before going out, and stripping naked immediately after coming in), as well as her often allowing Candice to touch her, it seemed obvious that Camilla was encouraging Candice to initiate a sexual encounter. Candice certainly felt an inexplicable pushing of her will, making her feel almost compelled to tell Camilla how she felt. Still, Candice, always afraid of rejection, even if the chances of rejection were small, was resistant to that pushing, nervous about taking the risk.

She thought about gym class with Camilla that afternoon, when they were in the shower area. It was so tantalizing having Camilla’s delectable nakedness standing right beside her and not being able to feast her eyes on it, for fear of the other girls knowing she had lesbian feelings for her best friend. What made the torture worse was how Camilla delayed putting any clothing on for as long as possible, always smiling sweetly as she chatted with Candice. If only Candice had known that Camilla–not having a homophobic bone in her body–would have been perfectly willing to let her friend’s eyes pour all over her naked body, freely looking up and down and appraising Camila’s delicious breasts, her freshly-shaved pubic region, and her bubbly buttocks. Camilla even gave Candice a chance to get another good look at her vulva when, facing Candice, she sat down and spread her legs to remove the ring from her pierced clitoris before they went for their shower. While many of the girls were annoyed with Camilla’s immodesty, two or three of her classmates–other than Candice–also had homosexual feelings for her, and enjoyed the show by getting as many quick sneak peeks as they thought they could get away with. Seemingly psychic Camilla secretly knew of their desire, too, and enjoyed pleasing them.

Finally, at around 9 PM, Camilla unlocked the front door and walked in the apartment. Anadolu Yakası Escort Not two seconds passed after closing and locking the door, and Camilla predictably started undressing in front of Candice.

“Hi,” Camilla said as she started unbuttoning the blouse of her school uniform.

“Hi,” Candice said. “Why are you only now coming home? It’s so late. I was getting worried. Where’d you go after school?”

“I got another job.” Camilla pulled her blouse off and unbuckled the belt to her plaid miniskirt.

“Did you quit Luvlee’s? I thought you liked it there.”

“I do,” Camilla said as her miniskirt dropped to her feet. “I’m not quitting Luvlee’s. They’re closed today because of repairs. The electrical wiring is all screwed, apparently.” Camilla turned around, bent over so Candice could see the pretty light-green panties that clung to her bottom, and unlaced her shoes.

“What do you need another job for? You already make loads of cash at Luvlee’s.”

“I don’t need the job, I want it.” Camilla took her shoes and socks off. “I’m moonlighting as a masseuse. If the men pay extra, I’ll give them hand-jobs.” She turned around and unclipped her bra.

“Don’t you think your nymphomania is getting a little out of control? Honey, don’t get into prostitution. You’ll get diseases.”

Revealing her breasts with a wiggle, Camilla dropped the bra on the floor. “I’ll only jerk the guys off. Don’t worry.” She pulled off her panties. Completely nude now, she continued. “I’m feelin’ blue.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” Candice got off the couch and walked up to Camilla, who started crying.

“That guy I was with last night, remember? He dumped me. Please hold me, Candice.” Though happy to embrace that beautiful nude body, Candice hated to see Camilla sobbing.

“Men are such pigs,” Candice said as her trembling hands roved around the soft skin of Camilla’s back. “They fuck you, and leave you when they’ve had their fun.”

“Actually, he had a good reason to end it with me.”

“What good reason could he possibly have to leave a beautiful girl like you?”

“He’s a teacher at our school, and if people knew we were…”

“He’s one of our teachers?” Candice let go of Camilla and looked in her eyes with astonishment. “Who?”

“Mr. Grisham.”


“Don’t say that. I like him. I think he’s hot.”

“Really?” Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Candice sneered in disbelief. “Well, hot is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.”

“Don’t tell anyone, OK?”

“I won’t. Look, just forget about him. I’m sweating. I wanna take another shower.”

“So do I. Let’s save water again and shower together, OK?”

“Sure.” Candice found it increasingly difficult to hide her enthusiasm.

They went into the bathroom, and Candice got naked while Camilla got in the stall and turned on the water. When Candice got in, Camilla was completely wet with her back to Candice.

“Could you rub some soap on my back?” Camilla asked.

“Sure,” Candice panted while lathering the soap. Her foamy hands roamed all over Camilla’s permissive back, soaping her shoulders, the back of her neck, the small of her back, her spine, and her sides, down to her hips. She didn’t dare go any lower, but oh, how she wanted to! To Camilla, her back was being sensually massaged; she moaned with pleasure. To Candice, her hands were making love with Camilla’s back; Candice kept her moans as inaudible as she could.

Camilla turned around and said, “OK, your turn.” Candice turned around and let her back receive Camilla’s soapy hands. Camilla’s hands soaped a larger area of Candice’s skin than vice versa, hoping to encourage Candice to do the same the next time they showered together. Camilla’s hands even touched the top of Candice’s anal cleft: Candice let out a light squeal of delight.

They finished their shower, got out of the stall, dried themselves, and went to the bedroom. They were both tired and ready for bed. Though Camilla got under the covers completely nude as always, Candice shyly put on her nightgown before turning off the light and getting in bed (their shared bed was a queen size bed).

Though Camilla knew she’d get over Grisham soon, she was sad because she lacked a lover, so she continued her subtle seduction of her best friend. “Candice? Sweetie? I’m still sad: can I have a hug?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Candice wrapped her arms around Camilla.

With only Candice’s sheerest of nightgowns separating their naked bodies, both girls sighed in amazement at the softness of their flesh. No wonder men like us so much! Camilla thought. Their breasts, pushing against each other, would make the eiderdown of the best Escort Anadolu Yakası pillows seem like tree bark in comparison.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Camilla said, kissing Candice’s cheek.

“My pleasure.” Candice kissed Camilla’s cheek, but closer to her mouth. That pushing of Candice’s will was now overwhelming; she couldn’t hold back anymore. She pressed her lips against Camilla’s and plunged her tongue inside. Camilla completely allowed her friend to continue what became an almost twenty second kiss: she wanted to open her mind to the enjoyment of lesbian love. She got some pleasure from it, but the absence of a penis was something she needed getting used to. Both girls moaned in alternating waves of ascending and descending pitches.

Finally Candice let go, ready to face Camilla’s reaction.

“Wow, I was wondering when you’d do that,” Camilla said with a smile.

“So it’s OK with you?”

“Of course. You’re my best friend. Why do you think I’m always naked around you? I like pleasing you.”

“Is it OK if I eat your pussy? I really wanna do that.”

“You’re gonna give me head? Alright!” Camilla grinned from ear to ear.

Candice moaned as she went down Camilla’s body: first sucking on each breast for a while, she felt like a child in a candy store, and the treats were all free! Camilla enjoyed the sensitivity of her friend’s lips and tongue, a sensitivity no man had ever given her. Then Candice came to Camilla’s vulva: her lips and tongue embraced that large clitoris, and sucked on, licked, and tickled it in a salacious frenzy. Camilla squealed, sighed, and screamed with ecstasy; no man had ever given her pleasure like that! It was obvious to Camilla why: only a woman could intuitively understand female anatomy well enough to stimulate it in the best way. Candice’s lips, tongue and fingers explored the whole area: the labia, vagina, perineum, and even her anus. This last area surprised Camilla–she thought only men liked that. Still, it was thrilling, and her clitoris was the hardest it had been in a long time. Candice put her index finger about three or four inches in Camilla’s vagina, touching the wall that her vagina and urethra shared, to stimulate her G-spot; she put her pinkie in Camilla’s anus to stimulate the wall both her anus and vagina shared; all the while, her lips and tongue practically devoured the clitoris. Sometimes Candice blew on it and hummed to give Camilla a buzzing sensation. Just when Candice had moved her face down so she could lick Camilla’s anus, Camilla, squealing in the whistle register, finally flooded Candice’s face with her come.

They sat in silence for a few minutes afterwards.

“Candice,” Camilla panted. “You can…eat me out…anytime you want.”

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