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Cameron Camping

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Its night time in the forest. Cameron and I are sitting next to each other at a dwindling campfire in a clearing. We’re alone for perhaps a mile in any direction. We’ve been sitting here for the last few hours. We watched the sun down and the stars come out. Now we’re sitting in silence, enjoying each others company. Cameron roasts a marsh mellow now and then. Presently Cameron gets up and goes our tent behind us to get another bag. Its his second in two days.

Cameron comes back and sits down as close to me as he can. I put my arm around him as he opens the bag and puts a marsh mellow on his metal stick. An hour goes by and the campfire has simmered down to just the coals. I look up up. The stars are in full view now. There are thousands of them, seemingly as many as the eye can perceive. There is less black in the night sky than I’ve ever seen. I point out the big dipper to Cameron then he points out the little one. Cameron looks at me and I look at him. He tells me he has an
idea then gets up and goes back to the tent. I look up and return to star gazing. In the darkness beyond the whats left of the fire I hear a voice. Cameron tells me to come here.

I get up and walk around the fire. My eyes adjust to the darkness and I can see Cameron lying down on a tarp farther in the clearing. I lie down next to him. He turns his attention to me and we stare into each others eyes for no less than a minute. Cameron moves closer to me and we kiss. He opens his lips and my tongue floods his mouth then his floods mine. Cameron climbs on top of me, straddling my waist. He puts his hands on my chest then grinds our crotches together before laying himself on top of me to continue our delightful kiss. My hands wrap around Cameron’s lower back. I dig under his shirt which is barely covering him and feel just barely his spine through his skin. I move down under his shorts to feel his ass covered by tight briefs. I kneed Cameron’s cheeks in my hands and he sounds his satisfaction into our kiss. Cameron leans back so that he once again he is sitting on my waist. He pulls his shirt off then as sexily as he can then gets up. I get up as well and start taking off my clothes kocaeli escort bayan while he takes off what remains of his own. I lay down. He stands over my head facing my feet then drops to his knees then lies on me so that we are in the 69th position.

I waste no time sticking both of my index fingers into my mouth and coat them with saliva. Cameron pulls my zipper down and is audibly surprised to find my cock bare of any undergarment. He pulls it through and strokes it shortly near the base. He puckers his lips and puts the head of my cock where they meet. My cock throbs. Cameron slowly opens his lips letting the head enter his mouth little by little. Once the head is in he circles his tongue around it twice. My cock twitches. He then slowly drags his lips off while moaning. Cameron lets my cock lay against my belly and then licks its underside from head to base. I moan. He picks it back up, gives its three long strokes and says oh yeah. Cameron once again puts my cock back at his lips and lets them sink down onto it slowly, this going as far past the head as he can. Then he hums.

Cameron starts bobbing up and down picking up a little speed as he does. I turn my attention back to his cock and ass. I put my index fingers back in my in my mouth and reapply the coat of saliva. I put my hands on Cameron’s ass and lift my neck off the tarp so that I can lick his asshole. I push my tongue into him and he voices his approval onto my cock. My tongue goes as far as it can then I lay my head back down onto the tarp and start to push both of my index into him. I push them in up to the second digit slowly then in as far as they’ll go. I pull one out and grab Cameron’s cock. I stroke it a few times before angling it back a little bit into my mouth. Cameron again moans on to satisfied cock. I circle his head with my tongue over and over while stroking the rest with my free hand. My other hand continues to fuck Cameron’s asshole. I hit the prostate as often as I can and each time I feel Cameron’s cock pulse in my hand.

My cock begins to twitch and move in Cameron’s mouth. I feel blood coursing through my balls and shaft. Cameron can feel izmit escort it too. He raises his head so that only the head is in his mouth and strokes me quickly and I, in turn, finger and stroke Cameron as quick as I can muster. Cameron’s cock begins to throb in my hand as I ejaculate into his mouth. I can feel a little bit of semen running down the side of my cock as Cameron’s ejaculation starts. I swallow as much as I can and pull my finger out of his butt. Cameron bobs on my cock, covering it with my cum as he goes down and then cleaning it as he comes up.

He got up and lied down next to me. I put my arm around him and he rested his head on my chest. I leaned over and kissed his forehead and then we both stared upwards at the stars.

Some time went by, half and hour maybe, before Cameron’s hand found my cock again. He had been, for some time before then, merely rubbing the area under my belly button but apparently had become bored. Cameron’s hand moved massaged my flaccid penis for only a few seconds before I felt my self grow. I looked down to see Cameron too had become erect. I leaned my neck over and pressed my lips against his. Cameron did not try to worm his tongue into my mouth nor did I into his but instead we contented ourselves to an affectionate peck. I reached down towards Cameron’s cock and took it in hand. I started stroking it slowly and turned my view back to the night. I found myself enjoying this simple act a great deal more than one might expect.

A minute or two has gone by. Cameron’s hand leaves me and he mounts my waist facing my toes. My cock is in between his butt cheeks. He grinds his ass on my up and down on my cock. Slowly at first but then he leans forwards, putting his hands on my calves to stabilize himself, and grinds faster and faster still. My cock is throbbing. I want him. Cameron stops. He leans back, his hands leaving my legs, and lifts himself onto his knees so that hes more than half a foot above my waist.

Cameron reaches a hand under himself, grabs my cock at the base, and angles it upwards. Cameron begins to lower himself. I put my hand on Cameron’s and guide my cock to his hole. escort bayan My head touches his entrance and he stops. He looks back at me and smiles then descends so that my cock begins to enter him. He gets a little more than half in and lets out a breath of air. He lets himself down further until hes finally resting on my waist. He grinds his ass a few times then leans forwards once more with his hands on my legs. Cameron raises his ass a little bit then slowly pushes it back down. He raises it even further then slowly back down it goes. Finally he raises so that only my cock’s head is inside of him. Cameron looks back at me. Then he slams himself back down onto me. I moan and so does Cameron. He starts bouncing on my cock, huffing and puffing as he does so. His face starts to redden as he exerts himself onto me. A bead of sweat rolls down his nose and stops for a second at its tip then falls onto the tarp.

I wrap my hands around Cameron’s belly then lightly pull back. He gets the message and lays back onto me. I kiss his red sweaty cheek and he smiles. I plant my feet firmly onto the tarp so that my knee are above them in the air and begin to thrust upwards. Cameron moans. I tell him to lift his legs. I grab them under the knees, one in each hand, and pull them back so that his knees are now near his ribcage. I thrust up as hard as I can over and over now that his hole is not protected by his cheeks. Cameron’s face reddens again. He moans with every thrust. I turn my head and we kiss, this time fully with tongue. I put Cameron’s legs down and he quickly sits up and returns to riding me. I sit up after him, pressing my chest to back, and grab his cock. I stroke him and kiss the back of his neck. I whisper his name in one of his ears. He turns his head. We stare into each others eyes for a second then I move my head to the other side of his neck and press my cheek is against his. Hes bouncing in my lap. I’m stroking him.

I came inside of him. As soon as I finished he came into my hand and onto his stomach. I put my hand onto his hot forehead and lied back, pulling him with me. Cameron lay on me as my cock shrunk and fell out him. I rubbed his semen into the skin of his stomach. We stared up at the stars for as long as we could that night. Occasionally he’d look over at me or I at him and we’d kiss. In the morning I found myself still on that tarp with Cameron at my side.

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