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Cam Girl Ch. 01

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‘How could this be, where did we go wrong? She’s too beautiful for this, too pristine, too young!’

‘Shut up pussy she is probably making a fortune, and she’s hot to trot, just as horny as her mother and yourself were at her age, only capitalizing on it.’

‘NO. I’m NOT letting my daughter become just another victim of the internet age. This is a gateway, she will soon start stripping or fucking for money, end up raped, on drugs, stripping, or worse.’

‘Doubtful. She just got into a good school, has aspirations. She just has a high sex drive and obviously gets off on being watched, why not get paid for it in the process?’

This was the jist of the internal debate going on in his head when he finally got up the courage to search his eighteen-year-old daughter’s computer to find that she had a membership on one of those webcam sights where girls charge subscriptions for men to view and talk with them doing provocative things. He had been growing more and more suspicious as she started going to bed earlier and earlier. A few times when he pressed his head up to her door he could hear things he wished he hadn’t. Well he sort of wished he hadn’t. The devilish side was putting up a good fight though and was very excited he had.

Soon enough he found himself creating an account, and checking out what she was up too. At first he just found her, of course named “Daddi3sBaby469”, then after curiosity got the best of him one night when his wife had gone to bed early, he saw that she was live. She had thousands of subscribers, one of the most popular girls on the site. He couldn’t help himself, he clicked subscribe, and Pandora’s box, Charlotte’s web, and his daughters superb legs all flew open at the same time, right in his face.

She was facing the cam, with a pacifier in her mouth, a headband with those little kitten ears on her head adorned with her platinum hair in two handlebar pony tails, her t-shirt pulled up over her breasts, their perfect shape and size holding it there, revealing two nipple clamps affixed tightly where they are intended to go. Her legs were spread wide with some overly sexy lace panties on, and she was teasing the hem of them as donations were pouring in. He slammed the laptop shut. ‘What the fuck did I just see?’ He felt like he had walked in on her, embarrassed but also ever so slightly turned on. After all she was stunning on a normal day, never mind how she just was. Is. In the room right next to him.

She was a star soccer player, very fun to be around, and absolute bombshell. Since she was a little girl he had always been in love with her, and she knew it. He was totally wrapped around her little finger. To this day she had never had a boyfriend, and he suspected she may be a “lipstick lesbian”, as she spent an enormous amount of time with her best friend, much of it behind closed doors since she had gone through puberty several years ago.

This was fine with him, he loved lesbians, he wished he was one! His wife seemed concerned about her orientation, but not overly. He knew she had experimented quite a bit with women, and fantasized about them even more so, judging by her browsing history and the way he would catch her ogling her daughter’s friends, her bestie being a ten out of ten in her own right.

‘I should break her door down right now and put a stop to this, throw her computer thru a window and tell her how it’s gonna be.’

‘You should calm down. She’s an adult now doing adult things. The world has changed since we where her age. She is fine. Very fine.’

He decided he needed more time to figure this out. Part of him said log back on, see how far she takes it, part of him tells him to delete the account to avoid any further images he can’t erase from his head. He did neither.

The following night Ashley, his daughters best friend, came over for dinner and after hanging out for a bit they retreated into Sierra’s room to “do some homework”. After about 15 minutes Dad got on his phone, lying to his wife that there was a problem with the server at work and he was just delegating the responsibility elsewhere so he didn’t have to go in. But he was really punching Merter Escort in his username and password eager to see if DaddiesBaby was live.

She was. Alive and kicking as a matter of fact, with Ashley sitting on her hips on her bed, both girls in their underwear, massaging one of her breasts over her sports bra with one hand, while her other has it’s thumb in Sierra’s mouth, Sierra holding it with both hands as she guided her thumb in and out, giving her thumb an amazing blow job. The comments were flying up the screen and he was sure they were making some great money, and as judging by the flush pink cheeks and closed eyes on both beauties, having a blast in the process. He instantaneously got hard and shut off the browser.

“Done. Honey why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?” She looked surprised. It had been a while after all.

“Did you forget the girls are still here?”

“Who cares?” He pulled his rock hard cock out of his tightened pants.

“ARE YOU INSANE? They could walk out here any second!” She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bedroom, his rather long and thick cock bouncing up and down like a long two by four hanging off the back of a short bed pickup going down a bumpy road. She slammed the door shut, getting on her knees while asking what had gotten into him.

“Not sure, it could be Ashley I guess, her nipples were showing thru her top, and she seemed horny or something tonight.”

“I noticed that!” she gobbled his rod between sentences. “She really is hot as hell!” Slurp, slurp, slurp… “Do you fantasize about fucking her? Cause I do!” her lips made a popping sound as she pulled his cock out of her mouth, then immediately pushed it back in, establishing suction again, and repeating the process. “Do you think Sierra is fucking her right now?” With that question he lost control and nut all over her face.

“OHH YEA!” he yelled, probably a bit too loud. “I’m sure she is.” he whispered. His wife jumped on the bed, rapidly ripping off her bottoms and masturbating furiously with both hands all over the place, in a state of obvious ecstasy. Dad returned her favor, imagining in his head he is Sierra, going down on Ashley. Then he was Ashley, going down on Sierra. He wondered which girl his wife was pretending she was, as his cock already began growing again, preparing to give her the greatest fucking she’s had in quite some time.


Work the following day was the usual mundane shit, except for the few distracting moments he thought about his daughter and her friend, and the text message from his attractive wife;

“Last night was nice. Sorry I’m such a perv. Kind of embarrassed about the things I said.” She really was a wonderful woman herself, it’s no wonder she gave birth to a minx. The things she had said made him realize he wasn’t the only one with lusty thoughts about these young hotties. Fuck, she had even admitted to fantasizing about her own daughter having sex, like he had started to. He found himself logging on to her site again, and she was somehow live, when she is supposed to be at school. He saw the view is just her phone looking up at her from a desk, while she appeared to be listening to her teacher intently, looking very beautiful as always.

There were actually a few people watching the stream, she seemed to have made over a hundred bucks today just doing this. He was actually proud of her in this moment, taking peoples money while she sits in class, doing nothing wrong at all. He impulsively typed in the chat box. “Are you thinking of Daddy?” She looked down at the phone with a smile and licks her lip in a not overly obvious way, and nodded slightly. He felt a tinge in his pants, and quickly logged off.

It took several long nights of patience but it all payed off one night when his wife was out with one of her girl friends, the one she usually stayed out late with, sometimes even spending the night. He was pretty sure she was having an affair with her and had been for years. He mixed a few strong drinks and waited until his daughter was home from practice. She came and sat on the couch after eating some leftovers, Merter Escort Bayan recently showered, wearing pajamas.

“How come you go to bed so early honey? Don’t you ever wanna spend some quality time with Dad?”

“Of course I do, I love you daddy. Since you’ve obviously had a few drinks, tonight may be a good time to talk about this. I’m usually in my room cause I’m working. I’m a streamer. I’m sure you’ve heard of YouTube, maybe twitch. People pay you just to watch you do whatever. Play computer games, artwork, I even have followers that watch me do almost nothing at all, they just like looking at me I guess.”

“Huh really? That’s interesting. What site are you on? I’ll have to check out your show.”

Her face turned instantly red, she swallowed hard, and he could almost see the wheels in her head spinning faster and faster, starting to smoke.

“Well I, uh, I switch up sites a lot cause I wanna be safe, you know stalkers and what not, they can figure out where you live with time-zones, maybe you wear a college sweatshirt by mistake, they look up year book pictures and stuff, who knows. I like to jump around a bit.”

“Well say if you were working tonight, what site are you on right now?”

“I’m not sure actually, I kinda just pick one when I sit down to stream.”

“Well maybe you should just stick to one and be careful. That way you could develop a following and word of mouth gets around how beautiful you are you could be internet famous, maybe even become an actress.” He wasn’t sure where he was going with this, but it sounded to him like what he would say if he were oblivious to her actual “job” maybe.

“Daddy! You really think I’m beautiful?!” She jumped up and pranced over to hug him by the neck and planted a rather sloppy kiss on his lips, maybe realizing he’s half drunk, but it seems like genuine love to him.

“You know I do Sierra, you will always be Daddies Baby.” When he said it he felt a bulge start to form against her, and it was so ridiculously fast he needed to evacuate the situation asap. “How about mixing Daddy another drink?” He held up his glass and clinked the ice around. She lingered, grinning.

‘God don’t kiss me again, please don’t.’ He was one hundred percent sure she had felt his swollen penis by now, it was too big and he could feel it against her pubic bone.

“Ok Daddy!” she pranced off, seeming excited, too excited for simply hearing him say she was beautiful for the seven millionth time. She slinked back across the room, somehow sexy even in oversized flannel pajamas, handing him his fourth drink of the night. “I think I’m gonna go play fortnite for a while, see if anyone wants to pay to watch. It seems like you may have something to take care of down there. Love you!” She looked straight at the large protrusion on the front of his pants, feeling like it was gonna rip the zipper open.

“Thanks sweetheart, I love you.” He was embarrassed but excited knowing that his daughter now knew that at least his body wanted to fuck her.

The second her door shuts he was online, and so was she. Already typing to people that her dad had just hugged her with a hard on and she was incredibly turned on by it. “Bring him in the room, blow him for us.” etc. Dozens of suggestions were popping up on the right side of the screen. She was getting worked up and it showed. Eventually she panned the camera down to her torso while she wildly played with it, hands under her bottoms and top. Donations were pinging in, $10, $20, $50, growing while the donors vie for attention in the form of a question answered. “Do you really wanna fuck your Dad?” ‘Yes.’ “Why?” ‘I don’t know, he’s handsome and he loves me.’ “Why don’t you do it, your fucking hot! He would surely fuck you unless he’s gay or stupid.” ‘I should’ she answers, ‘I want to. If he made the first move I would do it in a heartbeat.’

He brought his hands to the keys, and typed in “This is your Dad, I wanna come into your room and stick my throbbing cock in your lovely mouth.” ‘I wish, I wish so hard’ she typed back, hand strumming in her bottoms like she was playing guitar in a hardcore Escort Merter band. Biting her lower lip, he saw her glance at the bedroom door.

“Is your door unlocked?” The one hand not on his precum and saliva glazed shaft typed, trembling so hard he could barely hit enter.

“No, hold on!” she jumped up and ran to flip the lever, he heard it from the living room. She ran back to camera view, now completely nude, her hairless pussy soaked while she put her feet on the desk, and plunged three fingers into it, shoving a large pink Dildo into her mouth with her other hand.

DING DING DING DING the screen lit up with money deposited into her account, $200, $500, $1000. He slammed his drink, stood up and walked to her room, pausing for a brief moment to try to talk some sense into himself. He didn’t want to walk in, but something in him has to.

He opened the door, and startled, she jumped up, dropped the Dildo and glared at her Dad with a deer in the headlights look.


She complied, staring at his enormous member looking like it’s going to pop as it comes toward her, closer and closer. He grabbed her by her ponytail, and stuffed his aching cock in her drooling mouth, she grunted and took it all the way into her throat immediately. The computer had gone from dinging now to a sound more like the sound card had failed and it was just a loud hum. He glanced at the screen and saw crazy numbers flashing across the top, literally thousands of dollars a minute.

“Let’s make you some real money!” he pulled her head off of him, drool pouring from her pouty lips. She struggled to catch her breath. He lifted her by the pony tail and all but threw her on her bed, and she landed on all fours like the cat she pretends to be when her headband’s on, ass facing directly at the cam. He moved her chair so there was a full view and then began spanking her, a fist full of her hair back in his left hand. “Bad girl, you wanna put on a show, you’re gonna do it right!”

“Yes I do Dad, I’m sorry Daddy, please don’t hurt me Daddy!” He continued spanking her tight athletic ass, while slowly spinning her sideways to the camera by her hair. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

“You want your Dad to fuck you, little girl?” he stuffed two fingers in her totally soaked cunt.

“I’ve wanted it for 5 years Daddy, please, do it now!” she sobbed, nearly convulsing.

He slid his big dick into his daughters warm, wet, and incredibly tight hole for the first time ever. She collapsed her upper body onto the bed while keeping her lovely round ass high in the air, a true sight to behold. There must have been thousands of men cumming, or about to cum watching this, a Dad fucking his smokeshow eighteen-year-old silly.

He rammed her for as long as he could hold out, while she yelped and howled, begging him to never stop. He was doing different things to her in the process for the audience; Cupping both perfect tits, holding her by the neck, then shoulders, then wrists. He felt like if the camera weren’t there, he would have content just making love to her, but this was incredibly hot and he knew it.

After he felt her come on her father’s cock for a second time, and she started cooing and undulating her hips in a circle, riding his dick expertly like she wanted to shoot for a third, he pulled out and spun her like a top. He quickly stuck his dick in her willing mouth, her beautiful face swallowing it, just like her mother does, not gagging at all as he pumped what can only be an enormous load down her throat. She couldn’t take it all and some gushed out between her lips and pumping cock head. The bell on the computer again went as wild as it had yet, money coming at her from all corners of the globe, and lots.

He walked to the computer and shut it down. He then layed behind her in a spoon and held her for a few minutes before speaking. “I love you very much. That would have been a far different experience if it wasn’t on camera, I don’t know what came over me.”

“I do Dad, you are my dad and I’m your daughter, we know each other very well. You knew exactly what I needed and provided it tenfold, just like you always have.”

Her words brought a tear to his eyes, as he held her tightly and kissed the back of her neck. They rested, both knowing mom probably wouldn’t be home tonight, as she was at Sophia’s. At least not for several more hours.

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