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Calliope’s Daddy Ch. 05

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Author’s note: Thank you so much to my readers that have commented and sent me such wonderful feedback on past stories. Please feel free to comment or email me through the feedback link on my home page. I try my best to get back to everyone who leaves an email for me to respond to. Thank you once again for your continued support. ~ellie


Padraic and Calliope sat in his study talking about the contract she was to sign. He was going over each detail carefully explaining it to her, so there were no misunderstandings after the last time.

“This part here, I wanted to ask about that this morning,” Callie spoke up for the first time in a while. “You don’t want me to work?” She questioned.

“Well there is no need,” he explained, “I will be paying a generous allowance into your bank account, and I earn more than enough to sustain us, not that I am mega rich or anything, but we don’t have to worry about the extra income.”

“But if I wanted to work I could?” Her mind was working quickly.

“Well no, I would rather if you didn’t, particularly your last line of work,” he chuckled. “In reality I do not want someone else imposing on your life, making you work when Daddy wants to play with you. I don’t want anyone to tell you what to do or to have any sort of power over you, that is my job now.”

“Oh, but going to school or University would be okay?” She looked up at him with probing eyes.

Padraic considered his answer carefully, “Yes because we could negotiate what you did, and the classes you took to make sure the workload would not be too much for either of us to bear. Plus if you went to University with Carl I would still have the control I needed over your interactions there, to keep you safe from all those nasty men who want to get into your pretty panties.”

Callie picked up her pencil and scribbled on the contract as she had seen him do when he changed something and added, ‘Calliope can go to school with Grandpa if she wants!’ Padraic laughed happily and cuddled her close, “Yes she can.”

Padraic checked the time on his computer screen, it was getting to be late afternoon and Bea would be here soon, but they had almost finished. So he worked quickly through the final few clauses. “There we go baby, see it doesn’t say I own you, it just clearly defines my responsibilities toward you and your responsibilities toward me because our relationship is a little bit different to most peoples. We have obligations and consequences.”

Callie grinned, “I will make you some rules too Daddy, like um, Daddy must always cuddle Callie even if she is a little bit naughty.”

“We will talk about rules for Daddy,” he laughed and hugged her tightly, “Bath time for you baby, it is getting dark and I need to think about something super healthy for dinner after all that ice cream you had today.” Callie pulled a face at him, and he squeezed her bottom, “You’re not being cheeky are you,” he chuckled.

“No, Daddy! It’s just that I am not really dirty,’ she tried to hedge and smiled sweetly at him.

Padraic smacked her ass and murmured in her ear, “I know exactly what a dirty little girl you are.” He chuckled and let his fingers drift between her thighs as he held her. His fingers delved between her wet pussy lips, and he stroked her clit making her squeal in delight. “Such a dirty girl,” he murmured as he brought his fingers up to her face and rubbed them on her lip. Callie’s little pink tongue snaked out around them, and he smirked, “Just the way Daddy likes his little girl to be.”

She smiled sweetly and kissed him. Padraic carried her to the bathroom, helped her undress and ran her bath, squirting in lots of bubbles. “Daddy?” Callie asked quietly. She watched as he lifted his head and raised an eyebrow at her waiting for the question, “Well, it’s just that, I like having a Daddy and being little again, I do. But, can I be an adult baby girl sometimes and not have bubbles all the time.” Callie chewed her lip before hurrying on, “I mean their fun and all but they aren’t meant for a grown up girl’s skin and I love some of the different types of bath oils or salts or bombs. Please Daddy, can I have some?”

Padraic watched her, his expression blank as she danced from foot to foot nervously asking him for the small change to her bath time routine. He grinned, “Callie after yesterday you know you don’t have to be nervous about asking me for the things you want.” His grin was infectious, and she smiled up at him as he continued, “Most girls I have known love bubbles if you don’t that’s okay we will pick up some non-stinky girlie stuff next time we go shopping.”

“Thanks Daddy, your the best!” She hugged him tight, and he picked her up and put her in the bath.

“Now clean up while I start dinner I will be back soon,” he smiled and closed the door as he left.

Callie lay back in the bath and thought about her day. Being in court had been scary and though she was treated as an adult by the judge and others in the Giresun Escort room she found that she didn’t want to be like the other women who had been arrested with her. She didn’t want to go back to the dancing and the creepy old men and the way she had earned her own money. She liked being looked after and spoilt and loved by Padraic. She was still getting used to exactly what it all meant for her and she found herself happy to be coddled and spoilt and have things done for her while maintaining a cute sexiness that made her Daddy look her with a deep desire.

‘Yes,’ Callie thought to herself, ‘I am happy.’ She giggled and splashed water peering through the bubbles at her freshly shaved bald pussy and smooth legs. She had never had so many baths in her entire life as she had taken in the last week and she called out loudly, “Daddy! I am getting old and wrinkly in here!”

A minute later he opened the door smiling, “And what’s wrong with old and wrinkly,” one eyebrow shot up and he looked at her.

She giggled, “It’s very handsome for a Daddy, but girls aren’t supposed to be old and wrinkly,” she held up her hand for him to see her pruned up fingers.

“Okay baby out you come, then,” Padraic picked her up wrapping a towel around her and drying her down walked with her to the bedroom. Placing her on her feet and grinning as he watched her Padraic stepped out of her line of vision. There was an enormous box tied with a pretty ribbon on her bed and her eyes lit up.

“A present? Can I open it now?” Callie’s voice was hushed with excitement and she wriggled itching to tear the bulky box open. She was mindful of Daddy’s rules though and she wasn’t actually sure about present etiquette.

“It’s not from me, so I don’t know,” his face was split by his wide smile as he watched her edge further toward the box before looking up at him in surprise. Padraic burst out laughing, and tightened the towel around her chest letting it hang like a fluffy dress, “Stay right there.”

He disappeared out the door, and Callie lifted her hand to the bow on the present, snatching it back as she heard voices approaching. The tall rounded figure of Mama Bea crowded Callie’s doorway, “Go away Paddy let me help her get all dressed up, trust me, you will love it.”

Callie could hear Padraic grumble and his footsteps walk away from the room. “Look at you precious, all clean and smelling like roses,” Bea beamed at Callie. ‘Now lets open your surprise,” she winked and added, “It will be a lovely surprise for your Daddy too.”

Callie pounced on the present and pulled the ribbon loose. Discarding the lid she pulled apart tissue paper to reveal a sequinned and embroidered corset style top with spaghetti straps. She picked it up from the box and a skirt held wide by several stiff petticoats appeared. It was like a ballet dancer’s costume all done in a myriad of pale pastel colours. Mama moved forward and unzipped the dress pulling it over Callie’s head and pulling her towel away in the same swift movement.

Callie couldn’t help swing her hips and feeling the skirt swish around her thighs as Mama scolded her softly to stand still while she did the zip back up. Once she was free, Callie wriggled and danced around. “I can see your bare bottom when you swing around like that come back over here and put some panties on before I smack it,” Bea laughed and Callie blushed holding the skirt down.

Callie took the matching frilly panties from Bea and wiggled into them. “Thank you Mama Bea,” Callie said softly, “It’s lovely.” She smoothed her hands over the fluffy skirt and swayed her hips. “It’s beautiful I feel like a fairy princess. I love it,” she grinned.

Bea gathered the girl into her arms and cuddled her close, “You’re such a sweet girl. You’re Daddy is very lucky.” Pulling Callie into her large comfy lap Bea gave Callie faux ballet shoes which she slipped onto her feet. “Would you like me to help you with your hair?” Bea asked with a smile.

“Can you make it like a princess’s hair?” Callie looked up at her not actually knowing what princess hair looked like herself.

“Let’s see what we can do,” Bea sat the girl before the dressing table and picked up a brush. Within minutes, her hair was softly pulled back on the sides and tied with a ribbon which hung down her back with the rest of her hair. “There you go princess, wait here, I will go find your Daddy before he gets cranky and comes looking for us,” Bea kissed the top of her head and left the room, but before she could close the door, Padraic was there standing there still grumbling.

“Daddy!” Callie squealed, “Look I am a princess!” And she twirled around the room once before twirling into his arms.

“Of course you are baby. You’re always a princess to me,” he grinned at her, “You look decidedly regal.” He picked her up, “and,” he murmured in her ear, “absolutely adorable.” Padraic kissed her deep and long. “Now time for my surprise,” he grinned. “A few friends have come Giresun Escort Bayan by to congratulate us on the good job we did today, Grandpa Carl is here and Uncle Odin from the toy shop.”

Callie eyes went wide, she was suddenly nervous as the murmur that had been in the background registered in her brain. Anxious about meeting Padraic’s friends Callie tightened her arms about him as he walked up the hallway. As they walked through the living room to the back deck where people had gathered on comfy chairs and couches Callie hid her face in his neck, shyly.

A week ago, the brash and uncaring Calliope would have strutted into the room and sized the people up in a glance, but she felt different now. She had no colourful hair to hind behind. She didn’t have slutty clothes to draw their attention from her eyes either. She felt exposed and imagined people would look into her eyes and see how small and vulnerable she felt.

“Come on baby,” Padraic rubbed her back as she clung to him when he tried to put her down, “show Carl your gorgeous new dress while I go and get you a drink. Would you like a pink one or a blue one tonight?” Callie clung onto him harder, and he smiled and murmured, “Sit with Carl for a few minutes or would you rather have the super healthy dinner I was going to make you?”

Calliope heard the promise in his last words and relaxed her hold on him, “Okay,” she whispered, “I will be good.” Padraic bent to put her down, but before she took her arms from around his neck she said quietly, “I would like a pink drink, please.” Padraic chuckled and lifted her to sit beside Carl on a comfy sofa.

“Hello little princess, where is Grandpa’s kiss?” Carl grinned at her. Callie leaned up and kissed his cheek. Carl grinned and stroked her cheek and cupped her chin, “You are part of our very special family now Calliope which means I get proper kisses,” he leaned in a pressed his lips to hers softly.

Carl sat back, and Calliope looked at him all wide eyed and whispered, “Do I kiss everyone in the family on the lips?”

A chubby short woman with a cupcake in her hand appeared in front of them answering for Carl, “Oh yes. Everyone here loves kisses, and it’s my turn now,” the cherub puckered her lips toward Callie.

“Don’t you think you should introduce yourself first, Suzie, so she knows whom she is kissing?” Carl was chuckling.

The woman rolled her eyes at Carl and said dramatically, “Everyone knows who I am! My Daddy owns the toy shop!” Callie watched Suzie carefully, she seemed to be in her early thirties, but it was hard to tell with the way she was dressed. “Kiss me and you can have my cupcake,” Suzie wheedled.

Callie slid from the couch and kissed Suzie giggling as she pressed her lips to the woman’s. Suzie looked Callie over and narrowed her eyes. She licked the icing on the cupcake and then handed it out to Callie, “Okay you can have my cake.” Callie wrinkled her nose and sat back beside Carl who had frowned at Suzie. “What!” She exclaimed.

Carl didn’t answer as Odin approached and handed Callie a pretty pink cupcake and murmuring, “That’s one, Suzie,” under his breath at the girl. Suzie gasped and pouted.

“She didn’t want it anyway, did you Calliope?” Suzie gave her a murderous look before sweetly smiling as Callie slowly shook her head.

Callie smiled at Odin, “Thank you for the cake, but it was okay really.”

“Such a sweet girl, not like my little monster,” Odin laughed and tapped Suzie on the bottom admonishing her, “You be nice to Calliope.”

“I am always nice,” Suzie protested, and Callie turned as she heard Carl chuckle.

Padraic came back and handed Callie a drink with a long curly straw in it before picking her up and kissing her. “Been making friends baby?” He asked.

“Mm hmm,” Callie murmured as she sipped through the straw and nodded. Her eyes were scanning the room noting all the people she didn’t know, not that there were that many but enough to make her nervous.

Padraic put her on her feet, “Let’s go meet some new friends then,” he went to hold her hand realising they were both full. Taking the untouched cupcake from her he smiled, “You are sweet enough you don’t need that right now. We will leave it with Grandpa Carl for later.”

They walked around the room slowly stopping to talk to people as she was introduced proudly by Padraic. Each Daddy picked her up and kissed her, and the other little ones smiled and hugged her. Callie was unsure what to call them, uncle, sir or some other family reference so she smiled and didn’t say much giggling as she was kissed and cuddled.

There were six Daddies including Padraic and Mama Bea made seven. Callie tried hard to remember their names and that of their girls. Uncle David held Manthy’s hand. Manthy, Callie found out during the night was short for Samantha. Uncle Odin continued to chase Suzie around as she got in more trouble, but Callie could tell he was enjoying the chase. Uncle Escort Giresun Adam held Bree’s hand, and Uncle Don sat with Casey close by on the floor at his feet. Grandpa Carl hadn’t brought his little one with him, but Mama Bea had both her little’s, Jamie and Jessie, there so including Callie and her Daddy there were fourteen people in all.

They approached the kitchen where Bea was busy sending out trays of finger food with Jamie and Jessie. Padraic sat her up on a stool and said, “Eat something decent then you can have your surprises. Turning to Bea he asked with a grin, “Do you have anything disgustingly healthy back there.”

Callie’s eyes lit up at the word ‘surprises’, but she furrowed her brow at having to eat something yucky when Mama Bea had made so much yummy food. But Bea had just laughed at him and put a small plate with a few home made spring rolls in front of Callie and winked, “Everything I make is disgustingly healthy Paddy.” Her laughter was full of merriment and she winked at Callie.

Callie picked up one of the rolls and chomped into it. Adam brought Bree over and sat her beside Callie and began talking to Padraic. Callie pushed her plate towards Bree whispering, “Help me eat these so I can have another surprise, tonight has been better than Christmas!”

Bree giggled and peeked up at the talking men before taking one and munching happily. “We bought you the biggest present,” Bree said holding her arms out wide and grinning.

“You brought me a present? Really?” Callie asked, trying to work out why anyone else would care about her court date today. She considered the dress Mama Bea had given her and grinned. “This party is great!”

“My Daddy lets me have a birthday party with my friends every year,” Bree smiled at Callie. “This is better though cause its really for Uncle Paddy and has lots of grown up food and drinks,” she held up her pink cruiser with the curly straw and grinned, “Daddy only lets me have these on special days cause they make me all silly.” Bree giggled rocking on her stool and Adam automatically put out a hand to steady her smiling down at them both before turning back to his conversation.

“Suzie must have had like six!” Callie grinned, “’cause she is very silly.”

Bree wrinkled her nose, “Nah she is always like that, a true brat. She likes being centre of attention even if she has to be naughty to get it. You get used to her.” Bree whispered again, “If she gets really naughty Odin will spank her in front of everyone, I like watching that.”

Callie looked at Bree wide eyed, “No way!” Bree nodded and took another sip of her drink while Callie finished the last of her spring rolls. No sooner had she slipped the last bit in her mouth, Bree turned on her stool pulling on Adam’s sleeve until she gained his complete attention.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” Bree repeated over and over as she tugged his sleeve. Adam grinned at Padraic until she tugged so forcefully that he almost fell to the side, and Bree gasped wide eyed before bursting out in giggles.

“Yes baby?” Adam raised an eyebrow at Bree a smirk playing on his lips.

“Can I give Callie her present now, please?” Bree was wriggling excitedly, and Adam put a steadying hand on her small waist.

“You have to ask Uncle Paddy baby, Callie is his little girl, not mine,” he grinned as she turned the devastating smile at first drew him to her on Padraic. Padraic leaned over to check Callie’s plate, and she held it up showing it was empty with a big smile.

Walking around and taking her from her stool and putting her down beside him he chuckled, “Okay let’s go find a present for you,” he winked at Bree who squealed and wriggled on the stool causing Adam to swoop her up into his arms.

“No more cruisers for you young lady,” he laughed.

Bree wriggled out of his arms and took Callie’s hand, “Come on Calliope I know where there they hid them!” She dragged Callie behind her over to Casey and Manthy, “Come on Manthy present time! You and Casey get Suzie, we will get the twins.”

Manthy looked up at David who was smiling indulgently. “Why do I always have to get Suzie?” Manthy complained.

“‘Cause you’re the nicest, everyone loves you!” Bree explained patiently, and Suzie likes to boss Casey around, because she is too quiet to be bratty back.”

Callie wondered who would get the Daddies but realised they all followed their little ones at the least with their eyes if not physically.

When everyone had gathered in the living room Carl stood up, “I enjoy this family tradition because it gives me a chance to revisit one of my favourite stories while welcoming a new little princess to our family.” He smiled at Callie and held out his hand, “Come and stand up here with me while I tell you one of the truth’s we all know and believe in from this well known story.” Callie took his hand, and he stood her in the middle of the floor facing all the people. “You my sweet girl are a princess. All girls are. It doesn’t they live in tiny old attics, or if they dress in rags, if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses.” Carl kissed her on the head and handed her a book called A Little Princess. Then he went and sat back down leaving her standing there.

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