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California Zephir

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Chapter 1

Joel Vincent surveyed the lounge car of the westbound California Zephyr. He smiled ruefully as he realized that fantasy rarely lives up to the realty.

While watching an old mystery movie about train travel in his hotel room, He had impulsively decided to take the train home. This Amtrak train did not live up to the storied opulence of the Orient Express, the fabled Paris to Istanbul train. There were no mysterious femme fatales prepared to jump into bed with the handsome stranger. There were no liveried servants obsequiously moving silver service carts to private compartments. Neither was the lounge car done in shiny oak and well polished leather.

On either side of the car were tan lounge chairs angled toward the large observation window. Between each pair of chairs was a small service table. The dominant theme was 20th century modern. The “leather” was actually leatherette. The tables were nondescript black plastic. The central aisle was just wide enough for passengers to walk through single file.

A semicircular service bar stood at the entrance to the car. A voluptuous African-American woman stood alertly behind the bar. She was approximately his age with dark chocolate skin and frosted blonde hair. In keeping with the duties of her job, she wore a broad smile and nodded to acknowledge him.

“Good afternoon sir! Welcome aboard! How can I serve you?”

“Thank you. Do you have Martell?”

“Yes we do! How would you like that?”

“Give that to me straight up with a Corona chaser.”

“Yes sir. Coming right up. Sir, why don’t you take a seat and I’ll bring your drink to you.”

Joel noticed the full hips of the bartender as she busied herself preparing his drinks. Then he glanced around the lounge car. There was only one other person there. She was an older white woman. Her half-empty drink sat in front of her as she sat in the lounge chair watching as the train moved through the industrial areas of Chicago.

So much, he thought, for mysterious femme fatales.

Joel nodded and moved toward the center of the lounge car. He took a seat that angled toward the older white woman but with two chairs and a table between them. When she looked up, he smiled and nodded.

Kathy noticed the young black man enter the lounge car. She watched as he ordered his drink. He was quite handsome with his shaved head, Fu Manchu mustache and goatee. His skintight jeans emphasized the fullness of his butt and suggested a respectable package. He wore gray T-shirt with the tail out. He wore no socks with his well-worn sneakers.

Kathy was returning from spending a month in Chicago with her daughter. The birth of her new grand baby had been difficult and Annie appreciated her mother’s help. Kathy enjoyed watching the affectionate interplay between her son-in-law and her daughter. They really cared for each other.

Now she was traveling from the hustle and bustle of caring for new life back to her prosaic life in California. Despite the fact that her John had to take early retirement at 60 because of heart problems, they lived the good life in San Mateo. On the downside, his illness adversely affected their sex life.

Restless for a moment, Kathy shifted in her chair and recrossed her legs. It had been difficult for her first. At 50, she felt like she was in the prime of her sexual life. However, over time, and with a liberal use of toys, she managed. However, she felt an itch for an adventure.

As she watched Joel take his seat, a faint tug of memory took her back 32 years to Derek and their baby. She shook herself. Now where did that come from, she thought. She smiled and nodded back at Joel.

“Really not much to see here, Kathy said just old factories and old buildings.”

“And thus it is around most train stations, Joel said waxing poetic, surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam of another era.”

“Oh my, Kathy tittered, you sound like a poet.”

“Oh my God no, Joel laughed, that one phrase exhausted my entire poetic repertoire.”

Joel surveyed the 50ish full figured white woman. She wore her grey streaked brownish hair in a tight bun behind her head. There were faint crow’s feet around her eyes and laugh lines around her mouth. Her chest was full and hung heavy. She wore a flowered button up the front knee length dress. As she recrossed her legs, he caught a glimpse of her full pink thighs.

“Well, since we are the only ones here and we have a similar interest in slum architecture, why don’t you join me?”

Kathy was a little surprised at herself for being so forward. However, he seemed harmless enough and the bartender was standing behind the bar not 30 feet away. Besides, she thought, he looks interesting. Kathy was not in the habit of picking up men. However, a month away from her husband and watching the affection between her daughter and her husband left her feeling a little lonely.

Joel was a little surprised at the sudden invitation but figured, what the hell, I am not going to do anything şişli escort today anyway.

For the next several hours, the two strangers chatted about their families, their travel preferences and the state of the industrial slums around Chicago. Kathy admitted to being a white knuckle flyer. After a terrifying flight from San Francisco to Chicago, she had elected to take the train home. A little embarrassed, Joel shared his fantasy of the Orient Express.

Feeling the effects of her third seven and seven, Kathy offered that there was no way she could be confused with a dark haired mysterious foreign beauty. She went on to say her hair used to be bright red and that freckles still covered a good portion of her body.

A few hours into their session, they were behaving like old friends. To make a point, they would lean forward and touch the other’s hand. When one or the other laughed, the hand would go to the other’s shoulder.

Kathy had not had this much fun in years. Despite the difference in years, there was a connection. Kathy even felt comfortable enough to do a little flirting. She turned her chair so that she faced Joel, and crossed her legs at the ankle. She knew that caused her skirt to rise and show off a little thigh. She imagined the stories she could tell her bowling team about flirting with this young black man.

Joel found Kathy interesting and personable. Their conversation was eclectic. He noticed that Kathy was flirting a little. She touched him a little more than was necessary. Her skirt had ridden high on her thighs. Rather than look away, he made a point of complementing her on her legs. His reward was a flirtatious giggle and a perfunctory tug on her skirt. Mentally, he tried to picture her as the redhead she said she was. He imagined her nude with red hair laying on the pillow and her pussy covered by a thick matching thatch.

Night fell as the two chatted. The train had picked up speed. The railcar developed a soft sway as the train moved through the darkened landscape. They could hear the soft moan of the whistle as it made its way pass the numerous rail crossings. The faint clickety-clack of the wheels on the rails provided the backdrop to their conversation.

“Look, I’ve enjoyed our conversation but this old lady needs to get some rest.”

“Same here, Joel said, perhaps we can have breakfast together.”

The last time Kathy was this high was after her bowling team won the championship. She felt all giggly warm. She looked at the young man speculatively. An image of a sweaty encounter with his dark skin on top of her white skin flashed through her mind. She mentally shook herself. Watch it girl, she thought, you getting ready to go off the rails. She had not packed her vibrator for this trip so it looked like it was her fingers again tonight.

“Breakfast sounds fine. About seven?”

“Seven works for me.”

Kathy stood to go to her chair car. “Whoa! I have had more of those seven and sevens than I usually have.” That devilish thought push itself into her mind again. ‘It would be interesting to spend some private time with this sexy young guy’. She glanced down at his crotch. That way lies danger, she thought. No sense letting this go too far.

Joel stood. The train hit a rough stretch of track, which caused the car to rock more. Kathy pitched forward into his arms. Joel’s hands accidentally encountered her soft breasts.

Their lips were inches from each other. Their eyes locked. Joel leaned forward and lightly touched his lips to hers. At the same time, he squeezed her soft breast.

Kathy groaned, flicked her tongue out and traced the outline of his lips. Unbidden her hand snaked between them and squeezed his cock.

Joel’s tongue played with the tip of Kathy’s tongue. Simultaneously, his hand cupped her ample ass. He moaned lustfully as Kathy massaged his package.

Kathy felt air blow across her bottom as Joel raised her skirt and grasped her pantied butt with both eyes. She glanced up at the wide eyed bartender staring at them. She brought both od of her hands to his chest and gently pushed him away.

“I’m going to give you about 15 minutes to stop that, Kathy giggled drunkenly.”

Joel smiled to himself. The old girl was just high enough to want a little action, he thought. Not this time, old girl, he thought.

“Only 15 minutes, he asked. I need much longer than that.”

“You are terrible, Kathy slurred.”

With that, she straightened her dress, turned and moved carefully down the aisle toward her chair car. She exaggerated the movement of the car, letting her hips sway. She could still feel the spot on her breasts with his hands had been.

Joel watched the exaggerated sway of Kathy’s large hips. Nice ass, he thought. Then he turned and made his way back to his bedroom. As he passed the smirking bartender, he nodded and smiled.


Joel was in the dining car at seven. He glanced around the car looking for Kathy. He waited a few moments, and then decided mecdiyeköy escort that she was a no-show. He asked the waiter to seat him.

As the waiter took his order, he commented that they were just outside of Denver and on time. As Joel watch the mountainous terrain stream by, he thought about the time he spent with Kathy last night. He realized that there was a connection. With a little extra effort, he thought, I might have had a chance to see if the carpet matched the drapes.

“Here, you go sir! Enjoy your breakfast!”

He sipped his black coffee and munched on his crisp bacon, soft scramble eggs hash browns and toast. He thought he might go to the observation car and check out the scenery. There was not a lot to do.

He glanced up and saw Kathy enter the dining car. He was shocked to see her rumpled appearance. She wore the same dress she had on last night. Additionally, the tight neatly pull back bun now was a straggly mass of flyaway hair. She had deep circles under her eyes.

Joel rose and waved his arm in the air to attract her attention. Kathy acknowledged his wave with a listless raise of her hand.

“My God, Kathy, what happened?”

“There are, Kathy said sharply, approximately 30 people in my chair car and two bathrooms. One of which is not working. That makes for a long wait to do anything!”

“That is intolerable.”

“Yes, Kathy nodded sadly, but what are you going to do?”

Joel mulled over Kathy’s dilemma as she ordered breakfast.

“Look, he said, I have a private bedroom. It has its own bathroom. You are welcome to use that.”

“That’s a generous offer, but I could not impose like that.”

“It would not be an imposition at all. Here, I’ll write down my room number. If you decide later that you’d like to use my bathroom, please feel free to come on down.”

Kathy picked up the piece of paper with Joel’s room number on it and stuffed it in her purse. She had no intention of going to this young black man’s room but she wanted to be polite. Last night, in the darkened railcar while the other passengers slept, she had masturbated to several orgasms thinking about this ebony skinned Adonis. In the cold light of day, and sober, she was ashamed of herself. she realized that it would be foolish to get involved with him.

They made idle chatter as they had their breakfast. Finally, Joel stood. “I’m going to my room. But the offer stands.”


It was nearly 11 AM and Kathy was still waiting to use the bathroom. The attendants were apologetic but were unable to help. Frustrated, she went back to her seat. Disconsolately, she watch the scenery slide by the window. The train appeared to be paralleling a major highway. Lines of large trucks moved up and down the highway. She can hear the faint clickety-clack of the wheels as the train move swiftly through the hills, heading toward the Utah border.

She felt grungy, her dress was wrinkled and she needed a shower. Her encounter with that young black man last night, left her aroused, and wet. Making out in a public lounge car and then masturbating in public was definitely not part of her repertoire. However, last night, sitting her seat, she had surreptitiously removed her panties. She laughed to herself as she recalled masturbating in the darkened railcar. The anonymity of the train was causing her to let her guard down.

Later, when she awoke, she was embarrassed that she had taken her panties off during the night. However, they had become uncomfortable. Being without panties was a little strange for her. At the same time, it was exciting.

She recalled falling into his arms and the soft squeeze of his hands on her breasts. She shivered a little. No hand but John’s have touched these old jugs or felt her ass in years, she thought. It did not feel half-bad.

Neither did that significant bulge she felt in his jeans. That she thought was a nice size cock. Kathy grunted. You old tart, she thought. One quick feel and you are ready to spread your legs. What the hell is going on with you girl? Less than a day on this train and you acting like a bitch in heat.

She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Jesus, she thought I am getting wet again! If I don’t shower soon, I’ll be smelling like a bitch in heat. With a resigned sigh, she stood and walked purposely through the chair car.

Joel sat on the coach/bed reading some reports for work. His impulsive decision to ride the train had left him with time on his hands. He glanced out the window. He guessed they were still in Colorado. He looked over to the unopened bottle of Martell’s sitting on the windowsill. Well, he thought, I will worked another hour and then reward myself with a drink. At that point, he heard a tentative knock at his door.


“UH… It’s… It’s Kate Caples.”

Joel rose and quickly took the few steps to the cabin door. He pulled it open and saw his new friend. She looked bedraggled and hesitant standing there with her small wheeled suitcase.

“I… I thought I might take you up on that offer!”

“Certainly! Come right in, Kathy.”

Diffidently, Kathy stepped into the small cabin. It was not lost on her that for the first time in 30 years she was in the bedroom of a man other than her husband.

“Wow, she said, this room is not much bigger than a large closet.”

In front of Kathy was a high back green cloth couch/bed. To her right was a large picture window that looked out on the passing landscape. To her left was a minuscule bathroom. A high back forest green cloth chair set next to the picture window facing the couch. Between the two was a fold-down table.

Joel laughed. “Yes it is compact. But you have all the essentials.”

Realizing that Kathy was outside of her comfort zone, he began a businesslike description of the operation of the shower/toilet in a Superliner Bedroom.

“Here, let me show you how this thing works. The button on the left flushes the toilet. The orange button on the right turns on the shower. You actually pull the shower curtain around the toilet to keep it from getting wet.”

Chapter 2

Kathy was acutely aware that Joel was barefoot wearing nothing but sweat shorts and a T-shirt. As she squeezed in next to him during his description of the bathroom’s operation, she glanced down at a noticeable bulge in his shorts. An image of his fat black cock in her mouth flashed through her mind. She mentally shook herself and turned to step out of the bathroom. As she did, her breasts brushed across his shoulder. She felt a shock rocket through her body. Jesus, she thought, what the hell is going on with me.

“Okay, I think I got it.

Kathy took her suitcase into the bathroom. She unbuttoned her dress and let it slide off her shoulders. Looking around, she spied the hook next to the toilet. She put her dress on the hook. Then she reached behind her and undid her bra. Her breasts tumble out. Idly, she scratched her breasts. God, she thought, my nipples are so sensitive. She looked down and ran her fingers through her luxuriant bush. About time for trim, she thought. When her sex life had been more active, she kept it trimmed close. She liked it shaved but John did not. He said it made her look like a prepubescent child. She shrugged as she thought about his comment. She thought it made he look hot, just a little wanton. I don’t know why he gets input about me shaving. The lights are usually out and he cannot see anyway.

She opened her carry on suitcase. In it, she had another dress, some jeans, and a blouse. She bought the dress for the trip home at her daughter’s insistence. It was a lot shorter and tighter than she was accustomed to. The material was like a cotton sweatshirt. However, Annie, her daughter, had insisted. She also insisted on these ridiculous heels. Annie called them “come fuck me heels.” In a moment of mother/daughter bonding, she told Annie that no one comes to fuck her anyway. So why do I need a special pair shoes?

They had laughed uproariously.

“Hey, mom, maybe you need a boy toy on the side.”

“Annie, the only man who was anything to do with your old fat mother is your father.”

“Oh mom, nowadays you are curvy, not fat.”

She thought now about her daughter’s comment. As she did, she reflected that there was a man just outside the door. All she had to do was open the door and…! She smiled and shook her head. ‘The last thing I need is to complicate my life.’

Feeling the call of nature, she sat on the toilet. After she finished, she wiped herself and she reached back and pushed the button. She was startled when the cold water of the shower washed over her. She jumped up screeching.

Joel returned to making notes on his files. He smiled quietly to himself as he thought about her breasts brushing his shoulder. Her breasts felt soft like large firm feather pillows. An image of his cock sliding between them flashed in his mind. He could imagine his black cock surrounded by mounds of pink tits. He could see her tongue licking out at the head of his dick as he stroked.

A scream from wake up from the bathroom caused him to jump up. He bolted for the bathroom and reached for the door. He stopped short, realizing that Kathy might be in some stage of undress.

“Are you okay in there?”

A stream of profanity issued from the bathroom. Joel smiled at its intensity and originality. All of this, he thought, from a conservative grandmotherly type.

“Don’t come in, Kathy yelled.”

In a panic, she glanced around the tight confines of the bathroom. She had pushed the wrong button. Now all of her clothes were soaking wet.

“I need a towel, she cried, and something to wear. I pressed the wrong button.”

Joel grabbed a towel from the closet.

“I got the towel he said, but there’s nothing here that you can wear. I don’t have a robe or anything. The best I can offer is a sheet.”

Kathy cracked the door and accepted the towel from Joel. Joel caught a glimpse of one large breast tipped with a coral pink nipple and a full thigh before Kathy quickly close the door. As she dried off, she realized that the sheet would get wet in the bathroom.

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