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Calculus Class

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Calculus class, damn! this class sucks Sam thought to himself as he walked through the door and took his seat. He was a terrible math student and he could never pay attention in this class. All he ever thought about in math class was how gorgeous his teacher was. This was her first year teaching. She had just graduated from college, and she was only about 23 years old. She was exquisite too. She was about five feet seven inches tall, with long blonde hair that fell softly on her back. She was thin with perfect curves and soft white skin. Sam’s eyes followed her long toned legs up to her small hips that were covered in a short black skirt. She had wet, full red lips, soft green eyes, and long black eyelashes, that annunciated the perfect features of her face. And the best part of all, she had a pair of enormous round breasts that were covered by a silky white blouse. I’d like to touch them so bad he thought to himself, they were perfect and round, and the dark hard nipples poked conspicuously through her blouse.

“Sam. Sam!” he heard a voice calling. “What’s the answer to equation three.”

“Uh….um I don’t know.” he stuttered, the question pulling him out of his trance.

“Sam maybe you should see me after class.” his teacher said irritated, “Your never paying attention. We need to discuss your behavior.”

Damn! He thought to himself. What was he going to tell her “Sorry Miss Hall I can’t stop staring at your huge tits long enough to pay attention.” He sat through the rest of Calculus class, not wanting to have to face his teacher. The bell rang and the class pilled out.

“Well Mr. Watson what seems to be the problem?” She asked. Walking over to the door and closing it. Even now he could think of nothing else but how badly he wanted to kiss her soft wet lips and caress her enormous breasts with his hands. She clicked the lock shut and walked over to her desk.

“Your not leaving until you tell me why you weren’t paying attention again.” she said. “Now come over here so we can have a talk.”

Sam stood up and walked over to his teacher his eyes looking at the floor.

“What seems to be your problem Sam?” she asked.

“N-nothing Miss Hall I…. I was just daydreaming.” he stammered.

“Well what are you day dreaming about? You sit there every day with that glazed look in your eyes.”

“Well….uh…..you know….this girl and stuff.”

“Maybe you should just ask this girl out and stop dreaming about it. Then maybe you can focus on your schoolwork.” his teacher declared.

“Yeah…..but you see she’s a little older than me and she’s so gorgeous.”

“You’re a good looking young man I’m sure she’d say yes.” his teacher responded.

“I don’t think so….I uh….I think she would just be insulted.”

“Insulted? What girl would be insulted by someone as handsome as yourself telling her she was gorgeous?”

“Well….I really just want to…..I uh don’t really want to go out with her if you know what I mean.” he said embarrassed.

“Oh so you just want to sleep with her.” she said forwardly.

“Um sort of.”

“Maybe you should just ask. Some girls just want to experiment and have a good time like you do.”

“I’m not sure about this one….she…she’s more mature than that I think.”

“Well who is this girl that is so damn gorgeous and mature that you have to dream about fucking her every day in my class!” she asserted.

“Well um…..”

“Come on now tell me, or your in detention for a week!”

“She uh…. she is…..”

“Hurry up! Out with it.”

“It’s….It’s you Miss Hall.” Sam whispered. Gazing at the floor.

“Oh” she responded blushing. “Well that’s not what I expected.”

“See I knew you would be insulted.” he said softly.

“Oh no! that’s not it. I’m quite flattered actually. Your very attractive yourself. It’s just that it wouldn’t be appropriate.”

“But Miss Hall your so beautiful I just can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Sam you know I just can’t go around sleeping with every horny teenage boy.”

“I know. But I think about you all the time, and how I’d like to kiss you and cup your big soft breasts.”

“Oh” She said with a small smile. “You like them.”

“Oh yes very much.”

“These made me very popular in school.” His teacher said pressing her large mounds together. “They’re natural….I promise.”

“Miss hall I’d like to touch them sooo badly. Please can I?”

“Sam you know you can’t.”

“Please Miss Hall it would really help me to stop dreaming about them every day.”

“Well….If it will help you get it out of your system. I’ll let you touch them quickly.”

She softly took Kuşadası Escort Sam’s hands in her own, and slowly she brought them to her covered breasts. Sam fondled the massive globes through the silky material of his teachers blouse, squeezing them in his hands. They were even better than he had expected!

“Oh Miss Hall. They are so big and soft.” Sam whispered, his cock now hardening in his pants.

“You like them?”

“Oh yes. very much.”

“Well I hope you feel better now.” she announced….. “Oh…well it appears I’ve just made the situation worse.” she said looking at the bulge in his pants.

“I’m so sorry Miss Hall. You just get me so turned on.”

“I had no idea I had this effect on you Sam.” she said stunned.

“Oh yes. Your so beautiful.”

“Well maybe you’d like to touch a little more.” she said with a smile.

She undid the first 4 buttons of her blouse, exposing the top of her milky white breasts that could barely be contained by her tight satin bra.

“Miss Hall they are exquisite!” Sam announced as he ran his hands under the soft blouse and grasped her soft flesh. Sam then leaned down and kissed the tops of the smooth skin with his lips.

“Oh Sam.” she murmured back. “Your lips are so soft and sensitive.”

His teacher unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and let it slide off of her shoulders. Sam worked his lips over the satin material of her bra, kissing the hardening nipples through the cloth. He then slid his hands over her back finding the clasp of her bra. He unhooked it and let the tan satin bra slide off her shoulders and onto the floor. Sam now stood mesmerized, staring at the milky double D breasts. They were incredible. They were like two massive melons bulging from her chest. He caressed the soft skin with his hands cupping the two fleshy globes in his hand. They were natural, and exquisite! He squeezed the soft skin, and rubbed the hard nipples with his fingers. He lowered his lips and took the right breast into his eager mouth. Sam sucked it hard running his tongue over the erect nipple. He then did the same to the left one.

“Sam that feels sooo nice.” she said lustfully.

“Oh Miss Hall they are incredible!” he exclaimed.

“Im glad that you like them. But I think someone else has something impressive too.” she said running her hand over the big lump in his pants.”

“Yeah.” he said embarrassed.

“Don’t be shy. I sure would like to see it.”

“He slowly unbuttoned his jeans letting them fall to the floor and then dropped his boxers. He stood there, a stiff 9 inch cock extending out.

“Sam I’ve never seen one so big in real life!” She exclaimed. “Can I touch it?”

“Sure!” he said happily.

She reached down and took the hard shaft in her small hand. She ran her hand up and down the smooth shaft cupping his testicles with her other hand.

“Miss Hall you’ve got me so hard I sure would like it if you sucked my cock.” Sam exclaimed.

“Sam I’d love to suck your big hard cock!” she came back enthusiastically.

She got on her knees, positioning her mouth in front of the throbbing cock. She leaned forward taking the bulbous head between her ruby red lips. It was so big. She spread her hungry mouth wide letting the massive organ slide into the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on the huge shaft sucking the plum sized head in her passionate mouth. Sam put his hand on the back of his teacher’s head running his fingers through her soft blonde hair. He helped her take his cock deeper and deeper into her waiting throat. As she rocked back and forth, her voluptuous breasts bounced up and down with even the smallest movement. She couldn’t believe she was sucking an18 year old student’s cock, and she was loving it too! She ran her tongue up and down the rigid shaft, licking the head at the top and then sucking his tight nuts at the bottom.

“Oh Miss Hall!” Sam moaned, “that feels soooo good!”

She let the hard cock slide down the back of her throat, taking as much of the young studs cock into her mouth as she could. Sam pushed his hands against the back of his stunning teacher’s head pressing her mouth into his cock. His teacher was overtaken by lust. She sucked his shaft ravenously, savoring every inch. Then slowly she let the hot meat slide out of her mouth, and she stood up.

“Oh Sam I’ve never sucked cock like that before! I’d like to know how that big cock of yours would feel stretching open my tight little pussy!” his teacher pleaded.

“Miss Hall that would be incredible!” he responded back.

His teacher cleared off her desk, and she laid on her back her soft fleshy breasts jiggling Kuşadası Escort Bayan at every movement she made.

“Come over here.” she commanded, motioning with her hand.

Sam stripped of the rest of his clothes exposing his muscular torso. He walked over to the desk his huge cock bobbing as he walked.

He climbed on top of his teacher, and kissed her passionately on her soft lips. Their wet tongues flirted in each others mouths as they embraced. He kissed her neck as she stroked his muscular back with her tender hands. He moved his lips to her breasts kissing each of the aroused nipples. He took each nipple in his mouth, he sucking it hard, feeling it get even firmer between his lips. Sam worked his way down her body kissing her navel passionately. He then put his hands oh her hips and slid down her tight skirt, exposing a tight little satin thong that covered her blazing hot cunt.

Her panties where soaked with her pussy juices, and Sam kissed her pussy through the damp material. He then slowly slid the soaked tan thong down her long soft legs and off her body. He couldn’t help but stare at the stunning site. His gorgeous teacher lay over her desk completely nude, her soft enormous breasts completely exposed. Her skin was smooth and white with no imperfections, and her wet glistening cunt was bare except for a small patch of black hair in a small inverted triangle above her sultry, pink pussy lips.

“Oh Miss Hall you look exquisite!” he proclaimed.

“Thank you.” she responded, gently stroking her hardening clit. “Why don’t you eat my pussy. Its so hot and wet! I’d love it if you’d to slide your tongue over my aching clit!”

Sam knelt over his teachers pussy, lowering his mouth to her full wet pussy lips. He kissed her pussy gently, tasting her sweet juices. Her pussy was unbelievable!

“Oh Sam! That feels sooo nice” She moaned.

Sam continued licking her moist cunt, running his tongue over the swollen clit and probing her tight slit. He couldn’t believe he was eating his teachers cunt! Sam slowly inserted a finger into the damp, tight little hole, working it deeper and deeper into his teachers pussy.

“Saaaaam!” she cried, “Please don’t stop!”

Gently he then worked a second finger into the tight opening, spreading her sweltering hot cunt. His teacher was moaning with pleasure now, working her pussy back and forth and rubbing her erect nipples. She put her hands on the back of his head, forcing Sam’s face into the soaked cunt.

“OOOOOOH SAM!” She screamed, “I’M CUMMING!”

Sam flicked his tongue as fast as he could over the swollen clit, and probed his fingers deep into her drenched hole. She came passionately, her fiery hot cunt gushing into Sam’s face. As he felt his teachers breathtaking body quiver in orgasm, Sam pulled out his fingers and slurped her sweet juices with his mouth.

“OH GOD YES!” she moaned, “DON’T STOP!”

Sam continued lustfully licking her sweltering hot cunt. Sucking her hard clit in his soft lips. She came again in a second orgasm, her body trembling, and her pussy throbbing. Sam happily lapped up all of her sweet juices, savoring the erotic taste.

“Sam I’ve never cum like that before!” his teacher said astonished.

She slowly released her hands from the back of his head, and Sam laid on top of his teacher pressing his lips onto hers. The embraced in a passionate kiss, his teacher tasting her own sweet juices on Sam’s mouth.

“I want your big cock in my pussy sooo bad!” she moaned.

Sam happy to oblige, positioned his swollen cockhead at the entrance to her aroused cunt. He slowly worked the head back and forth over the soft wet lips, teasing her pussy. He could feel the precum oozing out of the top of his erect shaft and onto her glistening cunt.

“Sam please put it inside me!” she pleaded, “I want you so bad!”

Sam slowly worked his cockhead into the tight little slit, savoring every second of the sexual experience. Her damp lips parted, accepting his bulbous head into her tight opening. He worked it inside ever slowly, feeling her pussy constrict around his throbbing meat. Gently the stiff shaft slipped into the waiting pussy inch by inch. He had it almost halfway in now, hardly believing he was fucking his own teacher!

“Put it in me! I want to feel you fullness throbbing inside my wet pussy!” she moaned.

Sam continued thrusting his cock inside her until he finally had it buried to the hilt in her drenched cunt. It felt incredible. Her pussy was so tight and wet, and it squeezed his pulsating cock. Slowly he worked his shaft back and forth, loosening the tight hole so he could fuck her hard. Sam eased Escort Kuşadası it in and out feeling the narrow hole begin to relax a bit. He pushed his cock in slightly harder each time until he was pounding his shaft into her soaking wet cunt.

“Sam that big cock feels so good!” she cried, “its spreading me wide open!”

“Oh Miss Hall your pussy is so nice and tight!” he responded back.

He slammed his hard shaft in and out of her delighted cunt, faster and faster, savoring every second. Sam kissed her hard on the lips, as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy. He groped her soft breasts with his hands, squeezing the fleshy mounds. They were fucking hard now, rocking the desk back and forth, and moaning with pleasure.

“Miss Hall I sure would like to fuck you from behind.” Sam implored.

“I’d love that!” his teacher answered back.

He slowed his strokes and gently pulled his pulsating cock out of her moist hole. They got off of the desk, and both stood naked on the floor. Sam bent his teacher over the desk holding her hip in one hand and his firm cock in the other. He positioned the head between her soft thighs and slowly began to work it back into her drenched slit. He eased the shaft deep into her pussy, burying it in the tight hole.

“Oh that feels so good!” she moaned, “Fuck my tight little cunt!”

Sam rammed his pole up her cunt pulling her ass into his body with his strong hands. Her butt was round and soft, and he took a hand off her hips to caress the smooth skin as he nailed her cunt. They were rocking back and forth hard now, and his teacher moaned each time he slammed his stiff cock all the way up her tight pussy. He took his other hand off her hip and placed it under her chest, fondling one of her large soft breasts. Damn I’d like to fuck those soft tits he thought to himself as he rammed his shaft up her tender pussy. For several more minutes they fucked, until her body began trembling as she climaxed.

“OH SAM FUCK ME HARDER!” she cried.

He obliged, ramming his cock up her tight cunt. She shivered as she came. Sam could feel her pussy clamp down on his swollen cock, as she moaned in pleasure. Then he decide he just had to fuck those soft milky globes. He pulled his throbbing cock out of her dripping slit and stroked the glistening shaft with his hand.

“Get on the desk.” he commanded, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She readily complied, laying on her back, her soft blonde hair flowing over the desk. She looked at him with a satisfied grin and said, ” You want to fuck my tits don’t you?”

“Oh God yes!” he answered happily.

She pressed her fleshy breasts together showing him her ample cleavage. He was stroking his cock hard now looking at his ravishing teacher fondling her immense mounds. Sam knelt over her sliding his cock between the two soft tits. He put his hands on the side of each one pushing them together, while he thrust his shaft into the tender crack of her bosom. It felt so incredible. He was fucking his beautiful teachers tits and she was loving it too. She moaned softly as he caressed her nipples with his thumbs, and forced his throbbing meat between her breasts. Each time the bulbous head of his hard cock appeared through the crack in her tits, his teacher would run her tongue over the velvety head and lick the small hole at the top.

“Oh God I’m going to cum!” he cried as he thrust his cock hard into the soft flesh.

“Oh yes cum on my face and tits!” she moaned back.

He drove his pulsating cock through her tits and unleashed a jet of hot sperm on to her face. He let out a moan and shot a second spray into her mouth as she licked up his sticky cum. He took his cock in his hand, stroking it ravenously, and let the third spray cover her tits with a sticky white layer. His dick was now throbbing and seeping cum. His teacher opened her mouth and he put his oozing cock between her cum covered lips. She sucked his cock hard letting the sticky discharge slide down the back of her throat, as she moaned happily. His teacher ran her tongue over every inch of his cock cleaning off every last drop of cum. He stood up looking at his gorgeous teacher laying on the desk covered in his cum.

“Wow Miss Hall you look incredible!” he stated, stroking his softening cock.

She laid on the desk licking her cum covered lips, softly stroking her pussy with her right hand. Her face and her tits were covered in sticky white sperm, and she smeared the cum over her soft tits with her left hand, still softly moaning. She scooped up a generous glob with her fingers and brought it to her mouth, savoring the sweet cream between her lips before swallowing the warm cum.

“Well Miss Hall I think I’ll be able to concentrate better now.” Sam said, pulling on his clothes and walking slowly to the door. He then opened it and stepped out, closing the door behind him, leaving his teacher still moaning and covered in his cream on the desk.

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